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What do you think of this idea? What is your favorite K-pop band mine is BTS? Is Korea also Japan? Do kpop agencies require your parents' permisssion in order to become a trainee? How do most Koreans convert Korean names to American first, middle, last? How much do I need to enter south Korea?

Fans found solace in not only their confidence and unapologetic badassery, but also their ability to connect with listeners. I was captivated by every performance — I grew an attachment to their vibrant stages, high-quality music, and colorful visuals over time. And while they opted not to maintain the conventional charm that other girl groups did, CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy showed that they were funny, loveable, and caring through 2NE1TV. From shopping trips to MV shoots, it was clear that they were hardcore onstage, but real, down-to-earth people offstage.

To this day, none of their Korean singles have ever charted below 4 on weekly charts, something that no other Korean girl group has been able to accomplish. During their most active years, through , they were the most nominated and most awarded artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. And despite not having been awarded since , 2NE1 is still tied for most awarded artist at MAMA for non-daesang awards.

To anyone who watches the charts or award shows closely, 2NE1 is legendary for being able to command such popularity and success in such a short amount of time.

Along metrics of public impact and numerical success, along with style and music, there is no other K-Pop artist like them. But the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. As an impressionable student watching their videos and performances, I was inspired, and my ambitions shifted. I was now more immersed in the 2NE1 aura that was so beautiful, strong, talent-oriented, and well-presented. I worked to emulate it in my own, not-as-glamorous life — from buying some nicer clothes and working harder at my own singing, to doing better in school and becoming a leader in my school community.

Watching 2NE1 on- and offstage has given me the determination to achieve the same level of quality and success in my life that they brought to every project they worked on.