Nevada Gaming Control Board

Many thanks — will use it for my assignment and in my teaching. Following up on Senator Hatch's actions in the Senate, in April the Attorney General of Utah announced that he would be initiating a class action anti-trust lawsuit against the BCS, despite the fact that Utah is joining to the Pacific Conference , which is an automatic qualifying conference. I love it it is really good and it really helped my project. Thanks so much, this looks great. Dileep 27 Nov at


Weekly Calendar Templates

The Calendar intents can return slot values to your skill. You do not include these slots in your intent schema — they are generated automatically from the intent signature. Note that not all available slots are returned from every intent. See the table in Calendar Intents to see which slots are applicable to each intent. The following table shows the slots the Calendar intents can return. For each slot, the table includes:.

Calendar is used in the following built-in intent library category:. Navigate to all built-in intents in the Built-in Intent Library.

See all available slot types in the Slot Type Reference. The built-in intent library incorporates material from Schema. You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http: For questions, please contact us.

Calendar Intents Introduction A calendar that contains a list of events. This functionality is offered as a developer preview and may improve and change as we receive feedback and iterate on the feature. Please provide your feedback in the Alexa Skills Kit forum. Approval to Participate in Pari-Mutuel Commission.

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