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They may consist of actual money, free play or free spin vouchers. The Million Dollar Heater. Still, no deposit bonuses are more favorable to slot players than they are with other games. There's a huge variety of different types of slot bonuses, and it's important to understand how bonus slots work to know exactly how much of an advantage they're giving you. The casino may offer this to all players during a limited window, or may only make the offer by email to members of their loyalty program.

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Total Events , events. Casino Le Phoebus Gruissan, France. Diamond Palace Casino Zagreb, Croatia. Regency Airport Hotel Dublin, Ireland. Grosvenor Casino Westgate Leeds, England. Citywest Hotel Dublin, Ireland. G Casino Blackpool, England. Rendezvous Casino Brighton, England. Casino de Namur Namur, Belgium.

Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Casino de Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco. Holland Casino Utrecht, Netherlands. Petersburg, FL, United States. Sep 29 - Oct 7, Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham, England.

Sep 29 - Oct 8, Casino Yellowhead Edmonton, Al, Canada. DeepStacks Poker Tour - Edmonton. Sep 30 - Oct 13, Oct 1 - 7, City of Dreams Manila, Philippines. Oct 2 - 7, Genting Club Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland.

Oct 3 - 7, Oct 4 - 7, G Casino Coventry, England. Gran Casino Aljarafe Sevilla, Spain. Super Stack Red Series Spain. Oct 5 - 15, Oct 5 - 11, Cocobay Resort Da Nang, Vietnam. Oct 5 - 14, Oct 5 - 21, Aria Short Deck 10K Oct 6 - 20, Palace Poker Club Steyr, Austria. Oct 6 - 14, Oct 6 - 7, Casino Cosmopol Gothenburg, Sweden. XL -Series Main Event. Poker Pinktober Poker Open.

Oct 7 - 14, Mohegan Sun Uncasville, United States. Oct 7 - 17, Opera Casino Minsk, Belarus. G Casino Luton, England. Oct 8 - 14, Oct 9 - 14, Oct 9 - Nov 2, Oct 10 - 14, Casino Hanover, United States. Holland Casino Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Grand Casino Luzern Luzern, Switzerland. Poker Circle Open Oct 11 - 23, Crown Casino Melbourne, Australia. Oct 11 - 22, Oct 11 - 14, Genting Club - Sheffield Sheffield, England.

Casino Torrequebrada Malaga, Spain. Oct 12 - 21, Oct 12 - 14, Oct 13 - 14, Oct 15 - 21, Oct 16 - 21, Olympic Park Casino Tallinn, Estonia. Send a private message to Rapini. Find More Posts by Rapini. Find Threads Started by Rapini. Send a private message to Rincewind.

Find More Posts by Rincewind. Find Threads Started by Rincewind. Send a private message to LucianosDoll. Find More Posts by LucianosDoll. Find Threads Started by LucianosDoll. Poker Players - Streaming Live Online. Still, no deposit bonuses are more favorable to slot players than they are with other games. It's important to note that some sort of deposit may be required for this type of bonus, but the player may still receive it even if they deposit only the smallest possible amount to activate their account.

Since a deposit isn't required, this is usually a fixed amount of free spins or rolls rather than a sum of free play. As the name suggests, online slot bonuses are rewards offered to online slots players. An opt-in bonus requires the player to take some proactive action in their account for it to activate. This may involve following a link in an email offer or responding to a pop-up while playing.

A pay line is any line in a slot that gives you money if you get winning symbols across it. Casinos sometimes offer a bonus for using a specific payment method to fund your account. This is often due to a direct relationship between the casino and one particular e-wallet service. A type of deposit bonus that offers a specific percentage of the deposit amount in free play.

Some slot machine bonus rounds will give you the option of choosing certain tiles or doors, but in some cases, the bonus you're going to get is already predetermined and your choices don't actually matter. The only way to tell for sure is if the regulations governing that particular casino require that the results not be predetermined.

Progressive jackpots get larger as players make wagers. A portion of each wager is contributed to the jackpot until someone hits it, at which time it reverts to a smaller amount and begins to build up again. A progressive may be tied to one specific game, or a number of different games may feed into it.

Some casinos will pay out a bonus when you refer a friend. You'll get a unique referral ID that is put into a link for your friends to follow to the sign-up page. You can either send them the link manually, or some casinos will generate a referral email to them for you. These rarely pay out simply for getting the friend to open an account, however; they'll most likely have to meet certain deposit and play thresholds before you get a referral bonus.

This is a type of bonus that applies only after your initial deposit. These can be either an ongoing permanent bonus or a temporary promotion, and the amount may increase with your status in the casino's loyalty program.

With reload bonus rewards, the biggest bonus is the initial deposit, but a lot of casinos give smaller bonus every time more funds are deposited. Since the amount is smaller, wagering requirements to withdraw winnings from this free play are smaller. Some casinos don't set any minimum requirements at all. A special promotion is usually a one-time offer. The casino may offer this to all players during a limited window, or may only make the offer by email to members of their loyalty program.

It's the basic principle by which free play works. A timed bonus will allow the player to basically have unlimited free play for a fixed amount of time, often one hour or so. Various limitations are placed on these promotions to keep every player who comes along from cleaning out the house. They will often require that some amount of the free wagers be covered by any winnings, for example, or they may not allow you to withdraw winnings until you have made additional wagers after the timed promotion period is up.

This is a bonus given as a welcoming gift when a player signs up. It may be contingent upon making an initial deposit of a certain amount. These bonuses also usually have a limited shelf life, often they must be used within 24 hours or they will be forfeited. The most common bonus of this nature is an amount of free play matched to the deposit amount.

An alternate term for a welcome bonus. As it's very rare to see a welcome bonus presented in actual cash, it's also relatively rare to see casinos use this term. If they do, expect they are referring to free play rather than actual free money deposited to your account.

Welcome bonuses are the most common incentive. The player receives a reward for the first deposit made to an account. It's usually an amount of free play matched to the deposit, with a multiplier of up to 4x attached. But welcome bonuses usually entail significant wagering requirements before any winnings can be recouped.

This policy keeps players from site hoping just to take advantage of the initial bonus. It is overly restrictive to players who only want to wager a small total amount, but it can be a very effective tool for players who make a large initial deposit and then wager a significant amount of money within the first 24 to 48 hours; the standard time limit before any free play from the welcome bonus is forfeited. The best odds come from making smaller wagers more often.

When it comes to slots, one enjoys the best odds by playing the maximum amount of coins, focusing on machines that have smaller pay lines and wagering higher amounts on each line.

Slot players have less to worry about in this area than players of other games, as long as they're playing at a reputable and certified casino with a good reputation.

Online casinos generally want to encourage slot play, as they see it as one of the games that cannot be exploited by betting systems. Still, it's important to carefully check bonus terms, and also to understand how slot bonus games work.

So how do you know if a bonus is a scam? The first thing to verify is that the terms don't actually put you at a disadvantage. If you can't verify this, it's probably best not to risk accepting the bonus. These are the main things to look for to determine if a slot bonus will actually be helpful to you:.

Slot bonus policies can vary wildly from one casino to the next. Ideally, online casinos would post a clear link to their policy on their main page, but you'll find this is rarely the case. The most common place to find a link to the bonus policy is on a casino's FAQ page, but many have them buried too deeply to find. There's a great trick for finding a casino's bonus policy, however: Winnings from the bonus may be deposited into a separate bonus account.

A good bonus policy should list any maximum amount as well as the cash out minimum. This is the percentage amount that wagers for each game type contribute to the cash out total. These are usually presented in a table format somewhere on the bonus policy page. With so many types of video slots appearing both in real casinos and online, you'll see land-based casinos using many of the same bonus structures described here. Land-based casinos generally do not offer the same welcome bonuses, however, and of course, the deposit bonus is a non-applicable concept there.

Some casinos may offer new players a small amount of Freeplay or free spins, but some instead offer free t-shirts or a deck of cards!

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