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At the origins made of simple cloth cushions, they are today in rubber. The restoration of an antique billiard table is doubly satisfying: Initially the word billiard was employed for the staff, used to push the ball, before its meaning was extended to the game itself, the table, and then to the specific room, the nobility playing in their castles and mansions, the middle classes in their houses and the others in any public places as numerous at the time as cafes today.

Louis the Thirteenth became a fervent of the game in his early years, so much so that, in his childhood, he even lent a hand to the joiners who constructed the tables. It was shrewd and advisable to let the King win and many Government Ministers of whom Chamillart, both Finance and War Minister, knew how to accomplish this with diplomacy and efficacy.

The King would often play between the hours of seven and nine in the evening. Louis the Fifteenth, although he did not completely ignore this noble game, as the years went by, his interest and application for it diminished. He had however been a devoted player from a very early age. Louis the Sixteenth did not keep all of the apartments of his Grand-Father; he partially renounced to those of the second floor, transforming them into accommodation for his Prime Minister and personal servant.

When the King had need of the next door dining room, the billiard table and couches in the buffet room were covered, and served, to set, and disencumber the dining room. To this figure it was necessary to add all the trimmings, extra-thin pure wool cloth from Spain, gold braid, gold-plated nails for the cushions, etc…. There were also twenty wrought iron strips on which candles were placed, these strips were held in place by four vertical clamps, the unity thus assuring comprehensive light cover of the full playing surface fig.

The value, all included, worked out at more than pounds, the auction sale price was knocked down to only pounds after the Revolution and was won by a Citizen named Rouger on the 19th of March This was about the only curious object in the room, a room very simply decorated, as its principal function as that of antechamber required, The Masculine and Feminine Court Members who did not practice the art of playing billiards disposed of cards and dice for distraction, in an adjoining games-room, capable of receiving thirty-six players.

The first contact between the Versailles Castle and the Chevillotte Company dates back to It was during the fitting of a billiard table and its lighting system at the Grand Trianon that we first met Valerie Bajou, Curator of the Versailles Castle.

From this moment on a reciprocal confidence was formed. This was a meeting that I, as a young Company Director, will never forget. Christian Baulez, accompanied by Mr Pierre-Xavier Hans, provided documents going back to the reign of Louis the Sixteenth mentioning a billiard: The soul at the heart of this project, which was to last a year, four months of which being spent in our workshops, was to construct this piece of furniture, not only in an identical fashion from an aesthetical point of view, but equally with the same materials and manufacturing techniques as those dating from the original epoch.

What a pleasure it was to touch, compare and admire so many iconographical reproductions dating from the eighteenth century, our Company only possessing one, showing Louis the Sixteenth playing on his table.

By cross checking with a billiard cloth manufacturer, founded in , as well as with the Billiard Museum in Vienna, we were able to determine that the colour of the cloth was blue-green, the copies of the invoice dating from only gave us the composition of the cloth. We also studied the invoices pertaining to the annual upkeep of the table between the years of and We found that the yearly maintenance consisted of re-levelling the table, of having to plane the oak playing surface and changing the cloth, because, at that period, there was no question of either slate being used for the playing surface or of rubber for the cushions of course.

Billard de Louis XVI — plans Roubo Be it, the construction plans, the wood-working of the fifteen legs, the colour and patina of the wood, the width of the gold coloured braid or the diameter of the gold plated tacks, nothing was overlooked by the expert eye of the Curator during his numerous visits to our workshops in Orleans and Bordeaux whilst the table was being constructed.

In spite of the fact that he demanded that we absolutely respect to the letter the known techniques of assemblage, he showed great humility towards our efforts. Thus, we were able to decide together whether we should gold-plate the specially re-created assembly bolts, and how to go about fixing the cloth to the interior of the six holes in the playing surface. Que trouve-t-on dans cet espace de jeux de casino en ligne non-payants?

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