2018 World Series of Poker: Main Event Final Table Is Set

The best of PokerListings video from strategy tips to pro interviews to full-on poker documentaries. Don't Shoot The Puppy. Super Soccer Star 2. There's only one problem: Win the Button is a tournament format that awards the winner of each pot with the dealer button. It can be less expensive to enter a satellite than it would be to enter the main tournament directly.

Just 2,786 Remain Entering Day 3 On Saturday

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Hope you stick with this schedule now, looks very solid. Originally Posted by mecantplay. I like what you have done with new buy ins and added more tourneys to make schedule more different. I still think there needs to be more mtts in-between the hour slots, waiting an hour each time is no fun and is the sole reason i am not playing on the site. I really don't want to reg mtts at 5pm and by 7pm i am only on my 4th tourney of the night, its too long sessions for how little games we can play.

Is there a way to hide these new satellites from the main lobby? This has just been removed from schedule and obviously no ticket refunded. Spoke with live chat who obviously wouldn't refund me with my ticket.

After much arguing managed to get the issue escalated to the 'relevant department' so should now get a response on what should be a trivial instant refund within 72 hours Always the same delightful customer service that puts its customers on tilt Originally Posted by OurSurveySays. Hey guys There have been changes over the last years that IMO are industry defining and the progress of the MTT part of the site from to now is more than any of us could have imagined.

However there is changes happening in the next couple of months that will be the biggest of all time IMO. More news coming very soon about them. Last edited by Soepgroente; at Hey mate, I think its very unfair to say that our site is where it is at now because of overlays or because of other sites incompetence. There are plenty of sites out there trying. You can say we budgeted well as one of the small reasons perhaps, remember 2 years ago: In terms of changes there is a lot of them, I don't want to go into self praise or say everything is perfect.

About the schedule being "solid" thats what we wanted. Not gimmicks, lots of small gte 4 max and random win the buttons with low runners etc. We wanted quality tournaments throughout peak and to keep improving them constantly i. But most importantly I think which has nothing to do with structures or anything else is trying to bring back the player who likes poker but may not win.

We put a lot of time and effort in getting all of these people to like poker again, and for the live guys to like online poker again.

People gave up on poker booms and Moneymaker effects. I don't think there will be another Chris Moneymaker unfortunately, but if we can make mini Moneymakers who all get 20 friends to play on the site too then that makes the site bigger than we could ever imagine.

But you know what it doesn't work without? But busting my balls and making sure that we kept our word for our promises was very important.

Maybe it would have taken longer to put more mixed games in powerfests, maybe it would have taken longer to make tournaments finish quicker, maybe it would have taken longer to get more variation on buy ins, maybe it would have taken longer for the Oops nearly spilled it.!

So again, just wanted to say sorry if I didn't sound appreciative in my last post, maybe I was a little bit tilted or something, I'm human sorry, but without you guys the site definitely wouldn't be where it is now for lots of reasons.

Keep busting peoples balls, its good! Originally Posted by Gooner Originally Posted by Soepgroente. I know you're done with this thread but I'm going to reply to this anyway. Idiots are always going to be idiots and reading this topic gives me headaches too, but there are some legit things going on as well. First off, to be fair, with the latest updates the current schedule is in a pretty good spot. But the other months it was random change after random change and no clear uptrend, and "industry defining" is just bonkers.

The reason party grew is because of overlays, didn't improve at all, pokerstars got worse and party was the least bad spot to go to if you were sick of Amaya. I think very few people who don't work at party will disagree with me when I say "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king" is a much more accurate description of party's rise in market share.

Is that what you mean by industry defining? Ok, maybe a little bit. Your normal structures are already smooth. Just max confusion with no upside. The software is absolutely in a better spot than 2 years ago, but it's improved at a rate that seems extremely normal to me. Perhaps slightly below what I'd expect. Timofeev made the call. The board ran and Margets made a straight to double up. Margets raised to , from the small blind. Timofeev, in the big blind, shoved. Margets gave up her hand.

The turn brought the. Timofeev continued for , Margets check-raised for 3,, Her opponent went deep into the tank but proceeded to call. The river filled up the board and Margets doubled up again.

Denis Timofeev limped and Leo Margets checked. The pair checked down the entire board of and Timofeev won with for ace high. The pair checked down the entire board of and Timofeev won with for jack-high. Timofeev check-called a bet of , on the and the pair checked the runout. Margets showed and won the pot. Timofeev checked and Margets bet , Timofeev check-raised to , and took down the pot. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

User Account Sign in. Use your social profile to sign in faster. Or use your PokerNews account: Bad username or password Sign in. Leo Margets received a walk. Denis Timofeev received a walk. Team Pro is an exclusive club consisting of the best and most successful players on the site.

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Each hand you will be dealt 2 hole cards that are only visible to you. In addition, the dealer will put 5 community cards in the center of the table: The objective of the poker game is to complete the best 5-card hand using two hole cards and the 5 community cards. Depending on the strength of your hand you can raise, call or check during each of the four rounds of betting: Best hand after all rounds of betting wins the pot.

You can also win with a good bluff, if you make opponents to fold their cards. About In poker, timing is everything and every situation is unique. Do you have what it takes to make the right moves at the right time?

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