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Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, when he fell through himself and drowned. Meanwhile back in Genoa City, Abby and Colleen, concerned that Brad never showed for his dinner date with them, got J. Colleen and Abby were both devastated by the news, and Victoria and Ashley commiserated over the loss of their former husband.

A Jewish service was held with the immediate family, his daughters Colleen and Abby, and his ex-wives Traci, Victoria, and Ashley. Brad's mother was unable to attend, and former lover Nikki was out of town. In the Jewish tradition, a headstone was not laid until a week later.

Victor called in J. Victor suspected Jack was behind it, and he was, although Colleen wanted to do it for Brad as well. Victoria made a deal to meet him with the cash and he left, then she notified the real Agent Aucker. When Daniel asked who shot him, the guy said that it was Daniel and died, so Daniel fled.

When Victoria arrived, the masked person knocked crates down on top of her and took off with the briefcase of money. The masked person was last seen planting the briefcase in the office of the coffee house, which the Feds found, and Daniel was arrested. Phyllis made his bail, but Jana as his accomplice, was denied bail due to her criminal record. Daniel and Amber were intent on finding the real killer to clear them both. But Victor did ask Victoria to rebuild the Newman art collection that he had sold after Sabrina's death.

As a favor to Victor to get Colleen off the Newman Board, Gloria and Jeff arranged for Aiden, the Athletic Club bartender and an aspiring actor, to get Colleen drunk at Jimmy's Bar, where Jeff took video of her dancing on a table baring her breasts. Meanwhile Victor gave Ashley the news that she would be getting the board position. Colleen brought Billy along and refused to sign, accusing Victor of arranging the setup. Victoria told Colleen that they would have her removed, and Colleen said she would sue.

Victor and Victoria were also furious with J. Meanwhile Victoria and Deacon closed an art deal with champagne in his suite, and were getting cozy when Amber interrupted. But within days, after an argument with J. Victoria eventually admitted her fling to J. After Victor recovered from a heart transplant, he insisted Adam have a place at Newman under Nick's purview as a Junior Vice President. On Adam's first day on the job he gave the SEC an anonymous tip that Victoria had not disclosed the gravity of Victor's condition to the recently acquired Savaneur company stockholders, and the SEC began investigating.

Adam continued to pull tricks on both Nick and Victoria to get his foot further in the door at Newman. Then Victor and Nikki said their goodbyes and left for a cardiac rehab center in Belgium. But Victoria caught him at the airport and they left for New York together. Victoria told Nick the company was his, that her marriage and their child were more important. A few weeks later, they returned, J. What began as an amicable divorce was complicated when J.

Although they were sworn enemies, Billy Abbott was spending a lot of time bantering with Victoria, especially since she and J. One day Billy grabbed and kissed her and got a smack across the face for it. Victor saw Victoria and Billy getting along too well at the annual charity masquerade ball and threatened Billy, so Billy left and returned in another mask, and they continued to spend the evening together.

They eventually ducked upstairs to a room and were making love when a gas explosion rocked the Athletic Club. They quickly dressed and made it outside separately. Because a fancy European pen found at the crime scene was determined to be the murder weapon that had stabbed Adam in the heart and was traced to Victoria, she was arrested for the murder of Adam.

Meanwhile Jill was reporting the latest Newman scandal on the Restless Style website, and was Twittering updates, for which Billy later fired her. The murder charge against Victoria was later dropped. To top it off her divorce decree arrived later, so to get away and forget their problems, Victoria and Billy took the next plane to Kingston, Jamaica, with no luggage or plans.

Deliriously drunk, they got married too. Back in Genoa City, Mac, J. They began to realize they had more in common than ever before, and the old spark was still there. On his arm was his new boyfriend, Tyler. Billy and Victoria attended but kept their distance. Victor was furious when he was informed and got Michael on it.

Michael discovered a Jamaican law that invalidated the marriage because it had occurred after 8: But, unable to resist each other, they continued to meet for fun and sex, and finally admitted that they loved each other.

After returning to Genoa City, Billy found on the Internet that the gift, which he had peeked at, was a priceless antique gun. Tucker confronted Victor with it hoping he could leverage Victor into giving up the Newman cosmetics line, but instead Victor went to the authorities and explained the illegal gift.

Billy fired Jill when he found out what she had done, and he and Victoria made up once she realized it had not been him who told Tucker about the gift. Victor threatened to let her take the fall for the illegal gun gift, and made her choose between him and Billy.

Victoria chose Billy and handed in her resignation. Victoria pondered where to go after she moved out of the ranch, Billy asked her to move in with him, and she accepted. Later when Victor saw it, he paid another tattoo artist to finish it. As much as Victoria was committed to her new life with Billy, waking up that first morning and realizing that she was living in a double-wide with no room for her stuff, not to mention her son when he visited, she and Billy decided to go house hunting.

They called the realtor and were assigned a new agent, who turned out to be Gloria Bardwell. Gloria showed them a house that was redone exactly like the house in one of their favorite old television shows, Father Knows Best.

With rooms for both Delia and Reed, Billy and Victoria fell in love with it, and bought it on the spot. Mac overheard his circumstances and sent him home to Victoria.

Then the spirit of his dead father, John, made him realize that he really loved Victoria. So Billy went home and presented Victoria with an engagement ring before even hearing the results, and she accepted his proposal.

Nikki was thrilled for them, but Victor was livid. Billy and Victoria wanted to get married the next day, but since they could not get a license, they planned a trip to Las Vegas. When Nikki heard, she pulled some strings with her friend, Judge Anderson, and got them a license. But just as the vows were being exchanged, Victoria was arrested for violating the laws governing foreign gifts.

As she was being dragged to the police car, Judge Anderson quickly finished the vows, and they were officially married. Vance Abrams took her case, but Victoria spent her wedding night in jail. Vance got Victoria released on bail, and Victor finally relented and admitted to the authorities that Victoria was delivering the gun under his orders, but Victoria refused to forgive him.

Victoria was offered an executive position with Jabot by Tucker McCall. The newlyweds sealed their marriage by having wedding rings tattooed on their ring fingers.

Following another shouting match with Victor, Victoria had some pain and lost her baby at seven weeks. Mac accepted, and Reed was thrilled. After Victoria learned that they were living together, she decided to fight for custody of Reed again.

Abby hired Vance Abrams to sue Victor for mismanagement of her trust. Victor tried to dissolve the trust but Vance had put a freeze on it.

Abby dropped the lawsuit when she saw how Victor had Victoria arrested on her wedding day to get what he wanted. When she told Victoria about it, she joined Abby in the lawsuit, but Nick refused. He asked Victoria to return to Newman and offered to let Abby create an entertainment division for her reality television show. Saying they could not be bought and wanted to be independent, they turned down the offer. They went into mediation, and Victor made them another offer for half of what they had asked.

But Victoria decided she wanted Beauty of Nature instead, Abby went along with it, and Victor turned them down flat. At a stalemate, the judge ordered an audit of the Newman books to decide how much money had been mismanaged and if Beauty of Nature was a reasonable settlement. Victor refused and was about to be hauled off to jail, when they were stopped by Heather Stevens, whose campaign Victor was financing. Heather said the case was being reheard by a higher court, and later confided in Victor that she hoped this favor would not reflect badly on her career and campaign for District Attorney.

Unfortunately for Heather, Billy Abbott found out and accused her on the Restless Style webzine of using her office to grant Victor favors, and she dropped out of the race in disgrace.

Victoria let Tucker know that she was hoping to get Beauty of Nature in a settlement with her father, which she would sell to Tucker if he allowed her to be CEO of the company.

Victor later lost the appeal, and his company financial records were seized. Nikki began drinking again, so Victor checked her in to Solidarity house, putting Victoria on the banned visitors list. But Billy told Nikki who gave Victor hell for daring to bar her daughter from seeing her. Mac received a job offer from a non-profit in Washington, DC, and they decided it could be a new start for them both with J. Victoria threw a fit and J.

Victoria conferred with both Michael and Vance, who told her she had no right to stop them. Hearing the news, Katherine decided J. Paul was the best man, and Lily the matron of honor. Billy and Victoria attended the ceremony, ironically each extending their ex-husband and wife good wishes for a happy life together.

Then after Victoria bade a tearful goodbye to her son promising that he would come to visit a lot and they would video chat, J. Billy and Victoria continued to try to have another baby, but were disappointed month after month. Christmas arrived, and Victoria looked forward to a visit from Reed. Victoria was devastated when told by her doctor that there was little chance that she would ever have another baby, so Billy was determined to get her one.

He contacted Primrose DeVille, niece of infamous baby broker Rose Deville and paid two million dollars for a newborn baby girl who unknown to anyone, was the abandoned child of Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti. Torn as to whether or not to tell anyone, Daniel grabbed a misplaced pacifier to find out for sure.

Daniel continued to see her, looking at her in awe and calling her the tiny girl with the big secret. After Kevin asked Jana to move out of his apartment, she found a better job as Lucy Abbott's nanny, and moved into the garage apartment behind Billy and Victoria's house. Even after Nick confronted Victor with evidence that he was responsible for Skye's death and the mother of his children being accused of Skye's murder, Victor claimed that he was not involved.

Bad timing for Victor, as Nick then decided to join his sisters in their lawsuit against Victor for mismanaging their trusts. So Michael attempted to pressure Abby to drop out of the lawsuit while Victor worked on Nick.

Victor told Nick that if they won their lawsuit, Victor would be forced to take Newman public, and they would only get a one time settlement with no future profits, and they would no longer be a part of the company.

Victor threatened that their legacy to their children would be that they destroyed Newman as a family business, and that hundreds of people would lose their jobs because of the greed of his children. Desperate to make sure he did not lose the lawsuit, Victor made a deal with Adam. Adam was to claim that he had forged their new trust agreements during the time when Victor was supposedly dead and Adam had control of Newman. In exchange, Victor drew up a new trust agreement for Adam, and Victor guaranteed Adam that he would not be prosecuted for the forgery, and that Sharon would be freed from the murder charges.

Adam testified at the arbitration hearing, but Sharon later talked him into backing out of the deal. When Victor found out, he threatened to expose that Adam had been making it look like Skye was still alive in an attempt to clear Sharon.

Then Nick talked Adam into leaving town instead to both avoid Victor, and to reunite Sharon with her daughter Faith. The next day, Neil testified that when Adam was in charge at Newman, Neil had kept Adam from accessing anything that would have made the forgery possible.

The judge awarded Abby, Victoria, and Nick five hundred million dollars each, and ordered Adam arrested for perjury. Victor left with Michael, demanding that he find a way to overrule the judge's decision. The Newman children left to celebrate, but found it difficult when they realized and felt guilty that the verdict had come down on their father's birthday. Victoria and Nick both went to Victor and tried to make amends, but were rebuffed. After Victor quickly married Diane, and a few more altercations with his father, Nick decided to join Victoria in acquiring and running Beauty of Nature.

Victoria and Billy chose Abby to be godmother to Lucy, and unable to decide between Nick or Jack as godfather, they asked both and all three agreed. At the last minute the priest discovered that Lucy's birth certificate was not the original, because it was missing the state seal.

Billy went back to Primrose who stamped it with a Wisconsin stamp, and the Christening went on as planned. Victor even showed up but stayed out of sight. Instead of accepting his children's settlement offer, Victor held a press conference to announce that he was taking Newman public.

The Abbotts and Newmans, plus Tucker and Kay, watched the television at Victoria's house in shock, knowing that Victor had always promised that would never happen. Katherine was there, and denounced them for causing it, saying she was ashamed of them.

Nikki just wanted it all to stop, and left too. Billy left for the press conference, and arrived in time to ask if Victor had done this rather than give his kids the settlement they were granted. Victor replied that he loved his kids, but they were influenced by some unsavory characters, and that he was saddened that they were not there to enjoy the new era of Newman. In the end, Tucker fired Jack for not bringing him Beauty of Nature, as promised, Victoria and Nick were arranging to buy up stock, as were Jack and Ashley.

Abby just wanted her settlement in cash, and Tucker asked Kay to buy stock with him to stop the kids from gaining control. Kay called it a scheme, said she was not a fool, and would have no part of it. Then Kay went to Victor offering to pool her funds with his so that none of them could seize control of Newman from him.

Although Daniel wanted Lucy to stay with Billy and Victoria, he and Billy agreed that they needed to stop Jana who was getting too close to discovering the truth. The next morning, Billy and Victoria awoke to discover that Lucy and Delia were missing, and so was Jana. Alerts went out that the children were kidnapped, and all the Newmans, Abbotts, and Chancellors joined the police search and prayed for Jana and the children.

Chloe tore into Billy about the many times she had warned him about Jana's instability and danger to their children. Jana called Kevin to meet her at an abandoned daycare center. When he arrived, Jana handed Lucy to Kevin and informed him that she was his niece. Once Kevin understood that Billy was the person who had bought Daisy's baby, he was relieved that she was in good hands. But delusional Jana told Kevin that Lucy belonged with them, that they could reunite, leave town, and become a family together.

Kevin calmly praised Jana for her devotion to him, and told her that he wanted to be with Jana and start their own family, so they needed to return the children.

Jana agreed to take the children to St. Mary's church, and Kevin texted Billy with their location. But when Kevin refused to leave the children alone there, Jana realized that Kevin had tricked her and pulled a gun on him. So Kevin left with Jana to keep the children from being harmed. Murphy and Kay were at the church praying for the children's safe return when they heard Lucy's cry. They found the children as police sirens were heard approaching. Chloe, Victoria and Billy arrived with the police and reclaimed their children.

Once home and safe, Billy confessed to Victoria that Lucy was bought on the black market, and that Daniel and Daisy were her real parents. Billy had to get Daniel to assure Victoria that Lucy would always be theirs. Once Phyllis found out that Lucy was her granddaughter, and remembering what it was like living her life without her child, Daniel, she decided that Lucy needed to be with her real family.

Lauren and Daniel both objected, fearful that Daisy would hear about it, return, and demand her parental rights. So with Michael and Rafe's legal help, they arranged a private meeting among all parties, and Phyllis was convinced to agree to let Billy and Victoria keep Lucy, provided that she would see Lucy one weekend a month, that Lucy would know Daniel was her father, and that Phyllis would be involved in major decisions in Lucy's life.

Meanwhile, Chloe sued Billy for custody of Delia, citing the fact that Billy had bought Lucy on the black market. As the private meeting was coming to a close, a CPS social worker arrived, having found out Lucy was a black market baby through Delia's custody paperwork. Although the adoption papers that Billy gave the social worker appeared legitimate, there had been no background check or social worker involved. Even though Daniel claimed to be Lucy's father and substantiated Billy and Victoria's right to his daughter, Lucy was taken from them until Daniel's claim could be verified with a DNA test.

When the test came back positive, due to the ongoing pressure from the Abbotts and his mother, Daniel left to get Lucy, promising them that he would decide what to do once she was safe. Daniel finally decided to allow Billy and Victoria to adopt Lucy, he relinquished his parental rights, and the adoption was made legal.

Phyllis was livid, and wrote a Restless Style blog about Lucy and condemning Daisy, hoping to smoke her out. By doing so Phyllis had disobeyed the court's gag order, and she was fired by Billy. Daisy returned, and Phyllis hired Leslie Michaelson to arrange for Daisy to turn herself in and petition the court to get back her parental rights. Leslie pointed out that Daisy was only accused of the crimes, and that both Victoria and Billy had recently been arrested as well, that Victoria had lost custody of Reed, and Billy's ex-wife was suing for custody of Delia.

So Daisy was given back her parental rights, although Phyllis was given temporary custody of Lucy. Feeling guilty, Billy moved out leaving Victoria in tears, and camped out drunk at Jimmy's bar. Reed, who was staying with Victoria, received ironic news of the birth of J. Nick went to talk some sense into Billy, and found him living in his mobile home again, drunk and gambling on horse races. Billy said he was through with being an upstanding husband and offered to sell Restless Style back to Nick.

Nick had papers drawn up and bought it back, then offered Phyllis the opportunity to work with him again, and she took the job. Chloe and Billy's testimony about Billy's bad habits and run-ins with the law left Billy without a prayer of keeping joint custody of Delia. Then Victoria testified on Billy's behalf about what a devoted father he was. Billy went to thank her afterward, but she let him know that nothing had changed between them. Later Billy was finishing a drink at Jimmy's Bar, and was propositioned by a hooker.

Billy turned her down, she begged for a ride home, so he gave her a hundred dollar bill to take a cab.

But outside Jimmy's, as the hooker joined him in the street, Billy was arrested for solicitation. Chloe was awarded sole custody of Delia, and Billy was given only limited supervised visitation.

Victor was later seen paying off the hooker for a job well done, as Billy went home to Victoria's loving embrace. They talked, and Victoria expressed her fear for Billy and his self destructiveness, and her regret for what had become of them.

Billy got drunk, wrecked his car, and ended up in the hospital. Jack brought Billy home to a birthday party at Ashley and Tucker's, and Ashley tried to convince Victoria to attend and give him the vintage painting she had commissioned of the two of them. Ashley made Billy his favorite cake, and gifted him their father John's ring in hopes that it would be a reminder to lead a better life.

Victor forgave Victoria for the lawsuit and convinced her to return to Newman as COO and as a board member to keep her from dwelling on the loss of Reed and Lucy. Genevieve Atkinson gave marketing ideas to Victoria and Abby for Beauty of Nature, then she offered advice to Jack to counter the marketing with Jabot. Victoria told Abby they couldn't legally use her ideas though unless they hired Genevieve. In an attempt to foil Victor and escape her mounting number of enemies in Genoa City, Diane agreed to help Adam frame Victor for Diane's murder; meanwhile she would be alive and rich in Switzerland.

Victoria found out that Nikki had disappeared from rehab after discovering Diane's photo of Victor and Nikki in bed on the front of a tabloid with the headline "Once a Stripper, Always a Slut". So Victoria paid Diane a visit and threatened that the Newman family would make sure that Diane got what she deserved. After Diane received a message that the funds from Adam had been deposited in her Swiss bank account, she sent a text message to everyone who had threatened her to meet her at the footbridge in the park.

The next morning, viewers saw those same people looking suspiciously like they had just killed someone. Meanwhile Diane's body floated face down in the stream in the park. Murphy went there to fish, discovered the dead body, and called the police. The autopsy results were that Diane had been hit over the head ten times with a blunt object, an impression of a Harvard ring was found on Diane's arm, and a small key was found in Diane's mouth.

Billy returned home to pack his things and found the painting of himself and Victoria in her playboy bunny outfit and its dedication to him for "bringing out the goofy" in Victoria.

Victoria walked in and they talked about how much they needed each other and ended up making love. But while she was making coffee, he left, and was seen on a plane flying out of town. Victoria was devastated when she learned from Ashley that he had left her and was back in Hong Kong. Sam refused, then moved into Victoria's garage apartment and began helping around the house. He brought home a dog from the animal shelter, and Victoria took an instant bond and called it Keely.

Billy's daughter, Delia, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, and needed a bone marrow transplant to recover. Everyone in Genoa City was tested with no matches, and Victoria and Jack were intent on finding Billy to help, hoping that he could save Delia's life. Meanwhile, Victor had found Billy in a jail cell in Asia, and offered Billy a deal to negotiate his freedom if he promised to never see Victoria again.

Billy told Victor to go to hell. Victor got Billy to agree by telling him about Delia's condition, and that Billy might save his daughter's life if he were a match.

Victor returned Billy home to his trailer and coerced Kevin to agree to pose as the donor of Billy's blood sample. Billy snuck into the hospital unrecognized, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, to see Delia. Delia told Chloe that her daddy had been there, but everyone assumed it was a dream. The blood sample proved to be a match for Delia, so Victor arranged, with Michael's help, for a doctor to harvest the bone marrow from Billy and lead everyone to believe it came from Kevin.

Meanwhile, Victoria continued to believe in Billy, and emailed him that she loved him and would forgive him if he would just come home. Billy received Victoria's emails on his laptop at his trailer, and wanted to go home to Victoria, but Victor kept him in hiding by threatening to reveal Billy's crime that had gotten him thrown into prison.

Victor planted the seed in Billy's mind that Victoria was moving on with Sam. Billy went to see her, arriving just after Victoria had injured her ankle, and witnessed Sam carry her upstairs. Billy poured out the booze that Victor brought to him, and told Victor that Delia needed him, so he wanted to keep himself the best that he could be to save her life.

Billy snuck out of his trailer to see Katherine who was unconscious in the hospital after having a stroke. Cane saw him leaving and followed him home, but Billy made him swear not to tell anyone that he was in Genoa City.

After Delia had chemotherapy, Victor arranged with a doctor for Billy to donate the bone marrow for her transplant, and they prepped Kevin to know how to act as if it had been him. The transplant was successful, Delia was expected to make a full recovery, and Victor arranged for Billy to be gone from their lives for good. Meanwhile circumstances kept happening which kept Victoria from signing the divorce papers that she had Michael draw up.

When the time came to leave, Billy refused to go until Victor showed him a damning video. Billy led Victor to believe that he had left town, but instead he holed up in a room and convinced Cane to help him clear his name so that Billy could get his life back. One evening, a text message was sent from Ronan's missing cell phone to all the Diane Jenkins murder suspects except Adam, telling them to meet him at a warehouse. The suspects gathered and the surveillance tape of everyone's encounter with Diane in the park began to play, revealing everyone's secrets from that fateful night.

They hid the tape before Ronan arrived. Adam arrived at a pumpkin patch and surmised that Patty Williams had summoned him. Meanwhile, Genevieve's housekeeper, Myrna Murdock, who had been badly burned when Genevieve's house exploded, lay in the hospital covered in bandages except for a cat tattoo; the same tattoo as Patty Williams.

Patty had apparently been posing as Myrna, had been tormenting the suspects with information she had gleaned from the stolen park surveillance tapes, and the explosion at the mansion had kept her from joining them at the warehouse. Victoria threw the annual Halloween party at Jimmy's bar in Billy's absence and got very drunk. Meanwhile Billy showed up at the hospital dressed as Santa Claus to see Delia.

Delia did not recognize him, and he enjoyed some time with her. Billy then showed up at Jimmy's Bar, in time to see his drunken wife thank everyone for coming, although she knew it was not as good without Billy, like everything in her life. Nick took her home, and after he left, Billy helped her get inside and to the couch where he kissed her.

She recognized him and passed out. Billy was disappointed to find the signed divorce papers on the coffee table. Victor shocked Adam by asking him to come back to work for Newman.

Adam was suspicious, but accepted so long as he could get an equal role to Victoria, then taunted Victoria that he was back working at Newman. Victoria complained to Victor, then returned to tell Adam that she would be watching every move, and would get him fired.

Afterward, Victor smiled and said that Adam "fell for it. Victoria became convinced that Billy was in trouble and unable to contact them, so she and Jill decided to go to Myanmar and find him themselves. Inquiries and bribes at the American consulate disclosed that Billy had been imprisoned for illegal drug trafficking, but was there no longer. Then a guy at a bar told them that Billy was in hiding, to follow him to the dock in back, where he attempted to abduct them, but they were rescued by Cane.

Cane told Jill and Victoria that he had followed them there, and they boarded a plane back to the U. Meanwhile, Billy befriended Tank, the guy that Victor was paying to accompany Billy and make sure he stayed at a monastery in New Deli, India. Victoria and Billy found themselves both waiting in Finn McGee's airport pub.

Victoria spotted him and hugged and kissed him, excited that he was alive, and asking where he had been since his release. Billy told her that he was setup in Myanmar, and admitted that it took him awhile, but that all he wanted was to come home to her and Delia. Victoria said that he never should have left, and Billy admitted that he didn't feel worthy of her or Delia. With all flights grounded, they found themselves in a hotel with adjoining rooms. Unable to stand it any longer, they each opened the doors between them, embraced, and ended up making love.

Billy admitted that he had been the Santa who had kissed her, and had donated the bone marrow that had saved Delia's life; and told her about the deal he had made with the devil - Victor. Meanwhile Kevin was admitting the same to Chloe. Flying home together, Billy anticipated seeing his daughter while Victoria was readying herself to give her father hell. Billy tried to confess to about the girl in Myanmar, but Victoria told him that it if he truly wanted to be with her, they could get past it.

Fearing it would only renew Victor's vendetta against him, Billy tried to convince Victoria not to cut ties with Victor again. Billy and Victoria arrived at the Chancellor estate just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone was overjoyed to see him, as Billy picked up and hugged his daughter Delia, then turned around to find Victor there as a guest. After Victor hastily excused himself, Billy told everyone that he had been setup and imprisoned in Myanmar, then had trouble getting back, leaving out what Victor had done.

Later, Victoria confronted Victor who claimed that keeping Billy from her was for her own good, and that perhaps she should ask Billy what he had done in Myanmar.

Victoria told Victor that she had forgiven Billy, and that their love was something Victor would never understand, the way he had never forgiven Nikki or his children for anything. Victoria resigned from Newman and told Victor she was done with them both, for good. Billy and Victoria celebrated his homecoming by hanging over the fireplace the painting which Victoria had commissioned of her and Billy in their "Heff" and playboy bunny costumes.

Victoria received the paperwork showing that their divorce had been finalized, but they promised each other they would remarry. Victoria and Nick decided to start a company of their own. But after Victor confessed to killing Diane Jenkins and was arrested, to protect Nikki who had confessed the same to him , Nick agreed to go back to Newman Enterprises to keep Adam in line.

Nikki was drinking again and suddenly ran off to Vegas and married Deacon. Nick and Victoria concluded that Nikki had killed Diane and Victor was sacrificing himself for her. When Victoria went to try to help Nikki, Nikki drunkenly told her not to worry, that she and Victor would protect Victoria for killing Diane. Shocked, Victoria swore she had not killed Diane.

Meanwhile Nick physically attacked Deacon for taking advantage of his mother at the athletic club bar. A Newman board member saw it all, sealing Adam's election. After Victor pled guilty and was sentenced to 25 years to life, Adam convened a board meeting to decide the new Newman CEO. Tucker McCall held the deciding vote, and although both men tried to persuade him to vote for them, Tucker went with the Harvard graduate, and Adam was elected.

Everyone was waiting at the church for the groom at the Christmas Eve wedding of Kevin and Chloe, with Victoria as matron of honor, Michael as best man, and Delia the flower girl.

Kevin phoned Chloe and called off the wedding. Rather than waste everything, with Chloe's permission, Victoria and Billy decided to get married again instead, with Chloe as maid of honor.

Kay sent Nikki a text message to join them, and she left Gloworm drunk. Nikki arrived, remarkably sober, just in time for the wedding and was welcomed with open arms. Chloe gave them her honeymoon too, which was coincidentally in Jamaica, where Victoria and Billy had been married the first time. Meeting Sebastian and Rene in Jamaica, the couple whose wedding they had crashed, they were surprised, and saddened for themselves, to see that the couple already had had a baby.

Later, after Victoria got a call that the adoption agency had a mother who had chosen them to adopt her baby, they left for home. Chelsea showed up just after they arrived home on New Year's Eve, claiming that Billy, going by the name Liam, had raped her in Myanmar. She showed them that she was pregnant and claimed that it was his. Billy told Victoria that he was picked up by Chelsea in a bar where he had gotten very drunk. He admitted that they had danced together with him dreaming of Victoria, and that they had kissed.

Then Chelsea had spiked his drink, and he woke up surrounded by police with heroin planted in his bag, and had been taken to prison. Billy claimed that he and Chelsea did not have sex, and that she was just trying to con him. Chelsea wanted a DNA test as proof. Victoria said that she believed him, but realized the adoption they had come home for was not going to happen.

Chelsea began parading her belly around town to anyone who would listen, including Adam, and showing up a Jimmy's bar in front of Billy and Victoria and their friends. Billy booked her a hospital room and arranged a DNA test, which proved that Billy was the father. Chelsea admitted to Billy that she had worked in Myanmar helping the police fill their quotas, and claimed that she and Billy had had consensual sex. Luckily Billy thought to tape her confession, and played it for Victoria. Billy proposed that he fight for custody of the baby, and Victoria agreed that she would rather raise a child who was Billy's, since she didn't seem to be able to have one herself.

When they saw Chelsea ordering a burger and a beer, they asked her to live in their garage apartment where they could make sure ate right to look out for the baby. Chelsea readily agreed, then made a phone call assuring someone that the rich suckers had taken the bait. Ronan subpoenaed all the Diane Jenkins murder suspects, and he and the DA questioned them about the evidence that still did not add up after it was discovered that Nikki had killed Diane in self defense.

When no one would confess to taking Deacon's stash of stolen evidence or having any knowledge of the embroidered pillows found in Diane's room, the DA arrested them all for obstruction of justice. But they were all released later that day. Patty Williams was later discovered to have been the missing link in the Diane Jenkins murder, all charges were dropped against all suspects, including Nikki, once Ronan was able to convince the DA that Nikki was not responsible.

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Does it still go on? The answer is probably very little. The security on these machines is getting far too good. Even though Phil Ivey is clearly guilty of cheating, this because he successfully enticed the dealers to alter the way they dealt their baccarat game so that he could read the defective edges of the playing cards , he will never be convicted of anything All 3 are absolutely required.

Over the years, I found many people who had 2 of the 3 prerequisites but rarely ALL 3. What most lacked is the lack of greed. The most important thing after getting the money via a casino-cheat operation is knowing when to stop! If they want to protect their bottom line! Look for low-check casino and poker cheating to be on the rise in light of the recent spate of huge high-tech poker cheat and casino cheat scams. Casinos are slowly but surely forgetting about skilled low-tech cheats who are beginning to take advantage of their lack of notoriety.

Read more about this on my blog. Well, let's say you walk into a casino with a billion dollars in cash. Let's also say that the casino has a billion-dollar betting-limit on all their tables. Possibly to your surprise, probably not, at least not any more than the general population. More accurately, I can only speak for myself: Although I have performed thousads of casino cheat moves, all of which are highly illegal, I have never stolen a cent from either a friend, family member or enemy But that doesn't mean that all or most of casino and poker cheats are generally honest people either.

You've seen the basic ideas in the movies. Could this be done? You bet, but it is highly sophisticated and possible for only the best of the best. So which way does it usually go? Don't get misled by the Phil Ivey Casino Cheating case. Usually casino cheats, and other cheats from other walks of llife, figure out that cheating poker games including home poker games is a lot easier than cheating casino table games and slot machines.

It is also much less riskier. That's a different story as far as big-money scams go. They might come from anywhere and attack any form of online gambling or gaming.

Well, I would say so Well, the economy is still bad and there are more casinos and poker rooms in than there were in So just do the math. However, I will say that the increase percentage-wise will be more felt at the poker tables. This is because poker collusion remains the fastest growing form of all poker-room and casino-cheating tactics as well as it remains the least risky as far as punishment when getting caught is concerned. Well, if you can still find it in its original form, it is.

At least that's what blackjack card-counting expert James Grosjean said when the game hit the casinos a few years back. However, I haven't heard much about baccalette lately and wonder whether it can still be found in gambling casinos.

First of all, what is it, a cross between baccarat and roulette? Are you kidding me! That is the dumbest question of all-time! It is by far the best night to work the casinos. With all the crowds and action, you can do the biggest cheat moves and just think how easy it is to disappear into the crowd if you have a problem and have to get out quick. All things being equal, I have always been inclined to say no, it's impossible. But I have been receiving e-mails from a very educated guy who says he has developed a way I call it a "way" because I don't know if it is a system to win money from slot machines legitimately.

One thing I forgot to mention: According to officials at the ritzy Crockfords Casino in London, there is a distinct possibility of this. They have concluded that Ivey must have somehow cheated even though he never touched the baccarat cards in play. What do I think? Why would Ivey risk a penny playing anything other than poker when he has such a keen edge at that game?

That alone makes me think he was somehow cheating That means that there is less time to do any cheating move. Read more about that here. They happened when dealers wanted to protect their false shuffles and then dump winning fixed hands on their cohorts playing at the tables. If you want to read more on Shuffle Master cheating, click here. No doubt it's Foxwoods in Connecticut. I was there last weekend and within three hours I saw four different cheating incidents from the outside, all of which were successful.

I did not get the chance to check out the poker room for cheats but would be surprised if they weren't there. What was I doing at Foxwoods? No, I was not cheating myself! I was simply driving through the area and decided to check out the new MGM facility there, inside of which I did not see anything cheatworthy go down. Maybe, but maybe only to see if he's fatter now than when he won the Main Event in Probably not because he's not gonna talk about his alleged involvement in the scam, of course on the advice of his lawyer.

Probably the best bet here, and probably what most people, victims and non-victims alike, will do. Only if you're involved in certain blackjack cheat scams. First base is the position to the immediate left of the dealer. The player occupying it is the first to receive each card of the two-card deal.

Some blackjack scams that utilize first base are the "peek and deal" scam and the "cut and steer" scam. As far as card counting and other legitimate play go, there is no advantage to sitting at first base on a blackjack table. A blackjack cheat does generally make a good craps cheat. Even though the mechanics of moves are different on casino blackjack and craps tables, the basic fundamentals are the same, and a person with the skills to cheat one casino table game will usually be able to shift those skills to cheat all table games.

But cheating slot machines is a completely different animal, and slot cheats usually have no serious table-game cheat experience. Poker cheats generally do not make good casino cheats, but casino cheats can convert their skills to poker tables. And, casino cheating takes lots more balls than poker cheating! Because you just might be the beneficiary of a cheat scam you know nothing about!

So you never know, you might one day stumble onto an inside casino scam where you can make a few bucks following the shoe! Remember not to confuse this with the false shuffle scam where cheats keep track of the cards dealt from one shoe and then have the dealers false shuffle in order not to change the order of the cards. In this scam, streaks are not pre-arranged. Well, don't drink and drive either, as we all want to stay safe on New Years Eve. But I just couldn't resist the "don't drink and connive" line!

While I'm at it, don't drink and be snide either! As a player, no. I have not heard any reports of casinos rigging automatic card-shufflers in any way to rip of the players. Yes, unless the dealer's in on it! No, I'm not kidding. Crooked dealers can shut off, disable or not properly use the shufflers, although it very rarely happens. Or unless the cheats somehow sneak into play rigged automatic card shufflers. Yes, this has recently happened on a very big scale in Macau.

Read about it here. The exit doors, man! You wouldn't believe how many casino and poker cheats get caught because they didn't know the quickest route out of the casino when security was coming to grab them up. When you're gambling and losing and running to ATMs to fetch more cash, you're usually in a hurry to get back to the action and thus often careless.

Many people after they get their cash simply leave the machine without punching the answer to the final question "Do you want to make another transaction?

The term shoulder surfer comes from the act of looking over someone's shoulder to peek at the info on the ATM screen. Their big giveaway is that they're often on their cell phone while standing behind you to give the impression they're busied and not looking at the screen to steal your PIN.

To avoid becoming a victim, just make sure to be patient and properly close out your ATM transactions. Is it the set-up? Is it the actual move itself, switching, pressing or pinching chips? Is it the psychology cheaters use to convince the bosses they're legitimate high rollers?

Or is it the cover plays made after the cheating move to stave off the heat? Just like when robbing a bank, the robbers have to get out of the bank with the cash. So do the cheaters out of the casino after their moves. A marked box of playing cards would surely make a bad Christmas gift, especially if you're the one receiving it!

Here's a guideline how to acoid falling prey to such a scam:. Examine the cards and the box: If you play for money you should always insist that a new deck be used. Before and after the box is opened every player should have the right to examine the cellophane wrapper, the box, and the cards.

Keep in mind that if the box has been tampered with you will most likely not discover any traces of tampering on the security seal.

Boxes are usually opened from behind, or from the side where the flaps are glued together without being secured with a seal. If the bow was tampered with you may be able to discover some traces there.

The cellophane wrapper is as important. This doesn't look quite the same as a factory sealed cellophane wrapper. Upon close examination it is possible to discover the inconsistencies. So don't just throw the wrapper away. Keep it, and if you lost too much money have another look at it. Thus far there a two distinct claims for how players can cheat online casinos at blackjack.

The first is via blackjack bots, which are the same as poker bots, keeping track of the cards already played and aiding with hand-strategy deciisions. Both these methods, and all others I have heard of, are bogus. The biggest scams in your home poker games are marked cards and cold decks. A cold deck ringer is someone who, when no one is looking, switches in a deck with the cards prearranged to give either himself or his partner at the table a huge winning hand, usually fixing up the pot's eventual losers with full houses getting beat by higher full houses, four of a kind or a straight flush.

Ringers efficient at this won't even care if you're looking because they can make the switch right under your eyes. And of course the backs of the switched-in deck of cards are identical to the backs of the one switched out. Not unless he's got a laptop on the table!

If you notice Russ Hamilton sitting next to you at the poker table, or at any seat at the poker table, or even simply inside the brick and mortar poker room, there is no need to worry.

Hamilton may have also been a brick and mortar poker cheat before his infamy as an online poker cheat at UltimateBet. Hamilton already has millions stashed away from his Ultimate Bet booty. He plays poker in cardrooms now strictly because he loves poker and has nothing else to do.

While playing craps, you might be unwittingly losing money not to the casino but to fellow opportunistic players at the table.

As craps is by far the most complicated table game in casinos, with all its lay, take and proposition bets, it's very easy to get confused and not realize when your bets actually win. The most glaring example of this in when the come bet wins when the dice "seven out. What they forget is that the come bets they had just made before the roll have won. These winning bets left on the layout by players leaving the table are called "sleepers" because they are left their to sleep until someone picks them up.

That someone is usually a professional casino cheater working the crap tables for that exact occasion. It is very low risk for them becuase casino bosses do not watch to see who picks up which winning bets.

Remember, a come bet is the exact same bet as a pass line bet. The only difference is it's made after the come-out roll when a point has been established, and can be made any time between the come-out roll and the eventual seven-out.

The come-out roll is the roll after a pass line winner or loser. Bill is as full of the wind as they come. To see why click here. You might simply assume that the best shift to cheat live casinos is the swing shift because that's simply the busiest shift for casinos. While that is indeed true it doesn't always mean that professional casino cheat teams prefer to work the swing shift as a priority. Although it is usually best for cheat teams to work busy casinos simply to blend in better and camouflage their cheat moves, sometimes the busy casinos prove burdensome for organized cheat teams, especially when they consist of three or four members working to do the moves.

They may find it nearly impossible to secure their places at the tables. Other slower times such as the graveyard shift offer cheat teams a more relaxed atmosphere where pit personnel and dealers are friendlier and less on-guard for cheating. When moves are very strong and don't require more than one or two team members to pull them off, the graveyard can be the ideal shift. If you have to get the hell out of "Dodge" on the quick and bolt across the casino, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb and have a heck of a time getting away!

Unless you are top-shelf casino team that can figure out a way to make casinos disbelieve what their RFID monitors on the tables are telling them, you best avoid working these casinos.

However, if you are ingenious enough to accomplish what I just said, then you can kick their asses How do you do that? You've got to use psychology to set them up. Well, how do you do that? That, my friends, is VERY valuable information! Can wearing sunglasses help a poker cheat?

Well, if you ask Daniel Negreanu, he'll tell you that poker players wearing sunglasses is outright cheating. But does wearing sunglasses really help a poker cheat?

You bet, especially if he is part of a collusion team. However, since all players are permitted to wear sunglasses, I don't see this as poker cheating. See my blog entry for more about this. Protect yourself against these scams where you get seemingly legitimate emails from a popular online company, such as eBay, PayPal or Neteller, that ask you to follow a link and enter your account information. There are a wide variety of excuses used in these false emails to get you to click the links within them.

However, these links will bring you to a false website which looks just like the real one. And once you give them your personal information, they will wipe out your accounts! Remember that true professional sites like eBay and PayPal will never request information in this manner. If you ever receive an email from one of these "companies," simply forward the email to the real company that supposedly sent it, expressing your concerns and hopes that they will investigate it.

NEVER click on the link as it may also contain a virus! Did you ever get a chat box message like this? It starts out with a player asking you to do a favor and trade money with him from one site to another.

You decide to help out and the transaction goes smoothly… until your account and funds are suspended for being involved in money laundering!!! The innocent player who now has the laundered money in their account is left in a mess of trouble, while the crook simply cashes out of the other site. The scammer starts with a small amount and gets dozens of people involved. He'll gain your trust by sending the promised money back promptly the next day, chatting with you, and becoming buddies.

But once he has many people involved, he starts asking for a little more cash while still promising high returns. Then you can kiss that grand goodbye! Beware of the old Ponzi scam.

Well, more than training your face to reveal nothing, avoid eye contact with people whom you're trying to deceive, as your eyes are the biggest giveaway. But when you have to look 'em in the eye, best is to exaggerate the look. By this I mean stare at the person direct and hard, to the point that he or she ends up breaking the eye contact first.

This look on your face and in your eyes lends to credibility and trustowrthyness while you're pulling down their pants! Ever seen this type of promise on a Google tag line? Can you really make serious money cheating at online poker?

Well, you certainly can, but NOT from anything you're gonna get from these bogus sites. They're all full of crap, so don't get hooked! Don't think for a second that whenever you see blackjack being dealt from a card shoe you're in a legit game.

Although finding a cheater's shoe in a legitimate casino is extremely rare, I have seen them on blackjack tables in many "semi" legitimate casinos. Be careful when playing at so called "casino nights" or other chartiable events.

Sometimes the people running these games are more in business for themselves than donating your losses to charity.

Gaffed shoes allow the dealer to perform many tricks, including holding out the top card and dealing seconds just as skilled card mechanics do from handheld decks. I would say edge-sorting--but only when the edge-sorters somehow alter the dealing of the game, which in that case would be cheating. In the old days of Las Vegas, casinos generally did not share information about cheats plying their crafts inside their casinos for various reasons, two of which may have been that they didn't want to be embarrassed by being a victim or kind of liked when other casinos were the victims.

Today, however, that has completely changed. Casinos everywhere across the world communicate and update each other on organized cheating scams and exchange digital photos of the cheats and advantage players entering their properties. That is somewhat in dispute. Believe it or not, some do. Only in unlicensed and illegal games. Although there was a Poker Analyzer cheating incident in a supposedly aboveboard casino in Scotland, this is a very rare event.

No doubt about it He's playing blackjack, of course. But is he still counting cards? Because that's where the money is. But it depends on one thing? I bet you can guess it Makes sense, doesn't it?

Right up there with the best of 'em! I just found out! Two ways to look at it. They seem to be equally good at hacking into slot machines as they are at hacking into worldwide elections! But beware of the Bulgarian slot-cheat teams.

They are very good as well. That casinos in Las Vegas certainly need to do more in order to protect their patrons. Casino executives need to consider the people inside their casinos at least as important as the profit margins generated by their gaming operations. Note that I didn't say "more than. I have just opened up my poker and casino-cheating blog to guest posts from casino personnel who either work or have worked in the trenches of the casino green-felt jungle.

I posted the first guest artilce today! It is a doozy! I think you all already know the delicate balance that is the response to that question. Well, it may be waning a bit in baccarat, but the ol' false-shuffle scam is certainly alive and well in poker! In a short answer: No Just like the reality that no matter how hard we try to predict who might blow up a building or train station, we will never be able to predict who might shoot up a casino--no matter how angry or depressed that person may seem at a blackjack table losing their money.

Because it's still very active despite casinos worldwide having knowledge of exactly how the scam works. You can say it's somewhat like the Russians meddling in Western elections.

We all know they're doing it except maybe the American president yet we can't stop them from doing it over and over again. Why roulette of course! I believe it has. People in poor financial situations tend to get depressed as Christmas time nears, especially if they have no money to buy their loved ones gifts. So some of these people who live near casinos rob them out of desperation. Some get away with it and end up having a merry Christmas while others end up throwing their entire lives away on what should be happy times.

It certainly is making its fair claim! Petersberg have had their share of cheating incidents and scandals the past few years, some of which include Ponzi schemes and even tournaments where the prize money never even got distributed. I do think so. Read more about Cryptocurrency here. They're so damn easy for casinos to stop. Read it and you might not believe it! I don't think any casino will ever quite rival Singapore's Marina Bay Sands as far as cheating goes, but I do think the new Wynn Boston Harbor Casino will be hit hard by casino cheats when it opens in It will be a giant casino with lots of action and high-rollers, just perfect for professional casino-cheat teams.

And it is happening elsewhere--in all types of online poker games. So keep your hand-tracking software going and be alert! Whatever court makes the final decision, it is very unlikely that Ivey and Sun will get to keep their baccarat-cheat winnings. To the best of my knowledge, the last time a Nevada casino was actually closed down for cheating its clientel was in A dealer was found with five sets of mis-spotted dice tucked in his apron.

In , the Silver Slipper casino on the Las Vegas Strip was shut down on similar dice-cheating charges. Dealers do not properly case their layouts Yes, but Cambodia is catching up fast! There is one now! That title belongs to Eliot Jacobson. Because casino craps personnel practically invite the dice-sliders to their tables. They don't enforce the simple rule that both dice have to tumble and not slide, and both must hit the back wall and tumble back on the layout naturally.

Nothing more to stopping it. Cheating fellow poker players, be it in brick and mortar poker rooms or online, is pretty downright low! There are so many more advantage players than cheats in today's casinos, but the cheats make much bigger scores than the advantage players, albeit with much less frequency of pay-days.

Given the huge scams like Phil Ivey's edge-sorting the baccarat tables vs the constant winning grinds of blackjack and derivative games advantage players, it is really hard to say which group does more damage, so I am going to say that I just don't know Believe it or not, they are actually quite similar.

Like everybody else who has an angle to make serious money, casino cheats sometimes go too far. They don't know when to quit or they don't know how to keep their edge under the radar.

Phil Ivey, who perhaps took his edge-sorting baccarat cheat scam too far too quickly, might understand what I'm saying. A lot of this online casino-cheat and advantage-play information is good and accurate. A lot of it is not. One major online casino-cheat and advantage-play blog that is highly questionable is the blog. I'd say it's Pennsylvania followed by Ohio, both in outside cheat scams and casino employee-engineered cheat scams.

In fact, just this week a 7-year prison sentence was handed down to the mastermind of what was perhaps the biggest counterfeit-chip scam ever. It's called growing pains. Like all new casino jurisdictions, Pennsylvania casinos and their staffs will go through the casino-cheat attacks and will eventually wise-up to how casino cheats operate.

One is that all the heat is on inside baccarat scams with dealers colluding with players on false-shuffle and other baccarat scams. Another is that craps is a very fast and crowded game when the dice are rolled, so sharp dishonest dealers can find room for quick cheat moves. And payoffs can be confusing, even for boxmen and floor personnel watching the action. They may be doing more than that! Most of them do, but not all. Everything and nothing, depending on who you ask.

With the Phil Ivey Edge-Sorting cases, you can get a dozen completely different arguments supporting that it is either advantage-play or cheating. Generally this is not a good idea. Perhaps one or two percent. I certainly think so. First off, boxmenless craps tables will see dealers who make mistakes on payoffs not get corrected. Also, dealers who want to partner-up with agents to cheat the casino will have a much easier time doing so.

A crooked craps dealer passing off chips to an agent, overpaying and not taking losers can easily get away with all three without a boxman's eyes on his side of the layout. Cheat scams from the outside would also be easier to pull off.

These cheat moves are too easily seen due to lack of player-activity on the physical tables. Well, I guess they have to in order to get casinos to enlist their services. You bet it is, although casinos are getting more hip to it. What started in Singapore has developed into perhaps the most organized international slot machine cheat scam in casino history. Hundreds, if not thousands, of casinos have been hit in the US and many others have been hit in Europe and Asia.

Outside the US, the legality or illegality of dice-sliding is less clear. The recently deceased Robert "Bob" Griffin certainly was the number-one casino-cheat-catcher in his day, and he certainly was a royal pain in my ass! The high-tech war between casino cheats and surveillance departments inside land-based casinos will continue just as the cyberwar between the US and Russia and China will. But remember that the bulk of effective casino cheating will always be carried out by professional low-tech casino cheats.

It's the Super Bowl of casino cheaters! Like all new major casinos in young jurisdictions, the MGM Grand in National Harbor, Maryland is quite vulnerable to professional and amateur casino cheating, but I have heard they are taking pretty good countermeasures to minimize it. Slot cheating against players by operators, either online or land-based, is virtually nonexistant. The only complaints I have heard about slot integrity are related to false advertising concerning payoff return percentage or bonuses.

This happens infrequently both online and in real casinos. Home poker-game cheating evolves just like public cardroom poker-game cheating. And home-game cheating is always attractive to cheats because there usually is no criminal risk to the cheats. Most of the home-games scams are elementary but from time to time they get sophisticated.

I highly doubt it. After all the publicity surrounding Phil Ivey's edge-sorting cases involving tens of millions of dollars taken from casinos worldwide, I think casinos have certainly wised-up to this one!

But you have to put in the work reading, studying and practicing whatever advantage play tactics you're going to use against the casinos. It's still 3-card monte as foreign tourists keep falling for the same old con.

And some Americans fall for it as well! Not as important as accuracy! In fact, you don't have to be that fast when counting the cards. There is plenty of time even when the dealer is speedy. But are these lists any good? Are they really informative? The simple answer is yes You bet they do! They are able to do this when claiming their cheat moves and during their bet-back procedures as they sell the casinos to the sham that they are legitimate high rollers whom the casinos want to see come back to the tables.

Because he keeps getting away with it. Every time he gets caught he gets a temporary ban from the site, but he eventually comes back for more. What he needs is a harsh penalty, something like forteiting funds in the misrepresented accounts he uses, to finally teach him a lesson.

So is this practice of storing cards right in the baccarat room a bit careless? Yes, in casinos with weak internal controls on examining their playing cards before they are brought to the gaming tables. The poker cheat mastermind who engineered the cheat scam, Christian Lusardi, is now serving five years in prison. That is a difficult question as the newer ones tend to be at the top of that list, and every month there are new casino-openings.

For a long while it has been baccarat with all the digital camera scams tracking the shuffles and deals, but as more and more of these scams hit the baccarat tables, casinos are reacting in their efforts to curb them.

The result is that more high-tech scams are now aimed at slot machines. I always found that there floorpeople were sharp and lots of them were skilled in detecting casino and poker cheats. In fact, back in the day, I considered it a challenge to do my best casino cheat moves in London's casinos. I had a lot of success but it was always hard work! Most do but some don't.

In fact, card-marking poker cheats are as popular as ever. Today's card-makrers have generally gone high-tech and use invisible or disappearing ink and infrared lenses to see the markings. But old-fashioned card-marking methods such as daub and sandpaper are still being used. Picking up sleepers occurs most often on roulette and craps layouts. A long and prosperous cheating career or one huge scam that earns millions, like Phil Ivey's baccarat edge-sorting scam. Mostly the way legitimate professional poker players do: I used to meditate to prepare myself for a casino bombardment!

Only in online casinos Not only have I been getting lots of emails asking me this, I have been getting a bunch promoting it The sharp ones do not. They know how to stay below the radar. By far it's poker collusion at poker and hole-carding at blackjack.

Because both are virtually risk-free. Even though casinos and poker rooms consider both methods to be cheating, the courts do not. This is due to the large crowds and huge action that can be seen throughout the casino world and especially in Las Vegas. I do not want to encourage anyone, but the answer is yes.

They tell me it's great stuff! I bet it could!

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