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A tool is fabricated as shown in the diagram with the dimension specified. The A-MCB2 controller is designed from the ground up with powerful yet easy-to-use features. The museum is the one of a place where the ancient culture and cultural heritage exist, hence it is considered to make a smart museum. You said all work is custom! Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon.

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Introduction to Screw Pump

Use caulk and spray foam sealant to fill these gaps, cracks and holes. Seal around wiring and plumbing penetrations. Use caulk for small holes and expanding foam for larger areas. This will keep unconditioned air from entering the house or conditioned air from escaping. Chimney, water heater or furnace flues that penetrate your attic floor, basement floor or crawlspace have gaps around them, allowing the conditioned air in your home to escape into your attic and potentially increasing your energy bill.

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by sealing these leaks with metal flashing and high-temperature caulk. Sealing gaps around flues should be done by a professional. They can also allow air contaminants to enter the home. Using duct sealant — also called duct mastic — is the best way to fix the problem permanently. Consider having your duct system professionally sealed. Make sure the caulk and weather stripping around your doors and windows are in good shape.

If the caulk is cracked or the weather stripping is flat or peeling, replace the old material. Keeping conditioned air from leaking out saves you energy and money. Seal your outlets and switch plates with pre-cut foam gasket covers.

Although it doesn't actually lower the temperature of the room, a ceiling or area fan in the summer will make the air feel up to six degrees cooler. If you have a ceiling fan with a light fixture, use low wattage LEDs for cooler light bulbs and more energy savings. Also known as standby power, phantom load refers to the electric power consumed by electronic equipment and appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode.

Some common indications that you need a dehumidifier are musty smells, mold and mildew, rotting wood, condensation on windows, and increased allergies. You can use a small room fan or ceiling fan to circulate and distribute heated air. Ceiling fans, when reversed, can push the hot air from the ceiling to the occupied areas of the room.

Remember to set fans on low speeds during the winter months. Avoid using appliances that give off heat during the hottest times of the day as they will make your cooling system work that much harder. Cook your meals, wash your dishes and launder your clothes in the morning or in the late evening, when the demand on your cooling system is less. Repel excess heat by using light-colored blinds, shades and draperies on the sunny side especially the west side of the house. Make sure draperies are insulated or lined.

If you're leaving the room that's being heated or cooled by a window- or wall-mounted unit, adjust the temperature or better yet — turn it off. It is easy to feel the effects of a drafty door or window, but cold air can seep out of an air-conditioned home or into a heated home through several other surprising sources. The average un-weatherized home in the United States leaks air at a rate equivalent to a four-foot-square hole in the wall. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to 30 percent on their monthly energy bills just by properly weatherizing their home.

Weatherization is typically the first place for many home owners to concentrate for the biggest benefit with the least effort and expense. If you're looking for ways to get started weatherizing your home, the list of items below is a good place to start. The Department of Energy suggests R30 insulation for the attic, R for floors, and R for walls for the majority of the Mississippi Power service area. As a reference, the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness.

Even a well-insulated home can lose efficiency through air leaks, so locating and sealing those leaks can go a long way in reducing energy costs. Make sure all doors and windows are in proper working order. Inspect each door for cracks between the door and the wall. If you see light coming from the other side, the door needs to be weather-stripped. Broken windows are much harder to seal. Seals windows airtight, eliminates condensation, cold drafts and heat loss. Install window film over windows that seem to be allowing cold air inside.

Window film can be purchased at hardware and home improvement stores for little money. It is clear plastic that is sealed around the window using a hair dryer to shrink the plastic. Dryer vents and exhaust fans can whisk conditioned air out of a home and let outside air in. In homes with a kitchen exhaust fan, add a magnetic cover to prevent air from leaking in or out while the fan isn't in use. Bathroom exhaust fans should have an internal flapper damper to prevent air from coming in or out when the fan is off.

Dryer vents typically have a flapper to reduce air leaks, but if the vent becomes clogged with lint, it can prevent the flapper from working properly. Check vents periodically to make sure they're free of lint, or install a dryer vent seal. Place caulk or foam between the electrical box and drywall on switches and outlets located on exterior walls.

The Department of Energy recommends installing foam gaskets behind outlet covers and switch plates for a good, airtight seal. If you have an attic access located within your home, make sure the access door is insulated and seals tight, much like a refrigerator. Use weather-stripping and screen door latches for a snug seal. Add-ons like recessed lighting, mail slots and wall air-conditioning units may add convenience and comfort to a home, but they also add the potential for air leaks. Caulk any gaps around mail slots, and seal around leaky light fixtures.

If the insulation above a recessed light seems dirty, it's probably allowing air to escape. Remove window AC units before winter. Promote energy conservation and child safety by keeping drafts and your child's favorite toys away from unused electrical outlets.

A family of four each showering five minutes a day can use about gallons of water per week. Water conserving showerheads and faucet aerators can cut hot water use in half, saving that family 14, gallons of water a year. Control the amount of water used to flush your toilet, saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. Insulated pipes keep the hot water that exists in the pipes warmer, meaning you won't have to wait as long for hot water - reducing waste.

My Account Login Not Registered? Sign Up now to manage your account online. Constance Slaughter-Harvey George Watson. Savings Tips Find cost-effective ways to use energy more efficiently. Free energy checkup Check out our online Energy Checkup to estimate how you are using energy in your home.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the comprehensive report will show you specifically where you can save energy and money. Window to world of savings Storm windows or double-paned replacement windows can greatly reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Storm windows are relatively inexpensive, and they also help decrease the outside noise that enters your home. The image photographed is transmitted electronically to a video receiving means located at a remote distance from the camera.

The camera lens and the means for vertical and horizontal positioning of the still camera are connected by servo motor means to a means for receiving control signals. The control signals control the focusing of the lens and horizontal or vertical position of the camera.

A transmitting device located at the site of the video receiving means, transmits control signals for directing the servo motor means to move the camera's lens or change the camera's position.

This consists of a remote control that wirelessly transmits data using RF technology to the remote vehicle to move in any direction. The accelerometer will be mounted on a steering plate remote control , such that if the steering plate leans in some direction then the robot vehicle moves in that direction.

If the user wants to move the robot forward he can lean the steering plate forward and backward for reverse. To turn left or right user need to turn the steering plate toward left or right respectively. This project controlled the robot system in a new economical solution and as well as it is used for different sophisticated robot application. The control system consists of Touch screen and Zigbee modules, a microcontroller that collects and controls the robot.

Now Spying area in military ground where enemy stay can be took before taking any action. The Mini Spy Robot is small robot with a camera attached to it. The body of the robot consists of two wheels attached to geared motors. When we say voice control, the first term to be considered is Speech Recognition i. Speech recognition is a technology where the system understandsthe words not its meaning given through speech. Speech is an ideal method for robotic control and communication.

If we say that technology makes things very easy and provides the ability to think about and implement them then no one will question that because it is undoubtedly true.

One of the examples of rising technology is artificial vision; i. The scientists have navigated a way to detect anything with the help of machine by using computers. This is called obstacle detection. Using obstacle detection, we check if the space is free of obstacles so that we can cross it safely. Since mobile Robots are now becoming so common, obstacle detection is very essential so that we can help in the functioning of these mobile devices. The project aims in designing a system which is capable of controlling the boat directions and also the camera direction present in the boat intellectually using a wireless Zigbee remote.

The video images thus recorded can be seen live on TV. It is a very lowcost survey line system used to monitor a larger area using number of cameras.

The entirearea can be completely automated such the direction of the cameras can be controlled bya unique wireless remote. Since the frequency we are using is of radio band so that it can be also controlled from a very larger distances.

UnlikeBluetooth or wireless USB devices, Zigbee devices have the ability to form a meshnetwork between nodes. Meshing is a type of daisy chaining from one device toanother. This technique allows the short range of an individual node to be expandedand multiplied, covering a much larger area. Aim of the project is to monitor weather conditions, including temperature, atmospheric humidity, and solar light intensity though GSM modem. Local weather measurements are extremely important to a wide range of professions, from horticulturists to fire fighters.

It provides around-the-clock monitoring of various types of applications. For example, it can be used in a greenhouse to manage climate control and help promote favorable growing conditions.

In solar power applications, it can verify the performance of photovoltaic PV array systems by monitoring solar radiation, DC power, and other parameters.

On green roofs, it can help researchers understand performance by tracking air temperature, turf temperature, soil moisture. This project is a fine combination of analog and digital electronics. The project consists of parameters monitoring, parameter sending through SMS. GSM interface is one of the main features of the project in which various data like value of parameters, date and time are sent by the SMS.

The model of railway track controller is designed by using micro controller to avoid railway accidents. When we go through the daily newspapers we come across many railway accidents occurring at unmanned railway crossings.

This is mainly due to the carelessness in manual operations or lack of workers. And also the collision of two trains due to the same track. This model is implemented using sensor technique. We placed the sensors at a certain distance from the gate detects the approaching train and accordingly controls the operation of the gate.

Also an indicator light has been provided to alert the motorists about the approaching train. It is a robot that autonomously detect and extinguish fire. It use flame sensor for detection and arduino board for processing.

Fire extinguisher along with electronic valve actuator is used to extinguish the detected fire. Improving the quality of life for the elderly and disabled people and giving them the proper care at the right time is one the most important roles that are to be performed by us being a responsible member of the society.

Hence there is a need for designing a wheelchair that is intelligent and provides easy maneuverability. In this context, an attempt has been made to propose a thought controlled wheelchair, which uses the captured signals from the brain and eyes and processes it to control the wheelchair.

UAS, Remotely-Piloted Aerial Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or simply, drones are a hot topic comprising a diverse array of aspects including technology, privacy rights, safety and regulations, and even war and peace. Modern photogrammetry and remote sensing identified the potential of UAS-sourced imagery more than thirty years ago. In the last five years, these two sister disciplines have developed technology and methods that challenge the current aeronautical regulatory framework and their own traditional acquisition and processing methods.

Navety and ingenuity have combined off-the-shelf, low-cost equipment with sophisticated computer vision, robotics and geomatic engineering. The results are cm-level resolution and accuracy products that can be generated even with cameras costing a few-hundred euros. In this review article, following a brief historic background and regulatory status analysis, we review the recent unmanned aircraft, sensing, navigation, orientation and general data processing developments for UAS photogrammetry and remote sensing with emphasis on the nano-micro-mini UAS segment.

A robot is designed and constructed with associated electronic circuits to move into an unknown location and transport the details of that unknown area to a home place. The Robot will have inbuilt sensors and cameras to achieve this. The system is made more useful by introducing artificial intelligence to it.

By artificial intelligence, we mean designing the robot is such a manner that in situation which require decision making, the robot identifies the presence of the obstacle, alerts the user and moreover awaits instruction from the user for the further action. Other condition, which the robot can determine, is presence of fire. This project explores various vision methodologies to locate and return a user-specified object.

The project involves building an automatic robotic unit with an all-terrain chassis vehicle and integrated camera. The high level vision control system uses serial communication to direct the low level mechanical parts. The chosen approach for vision analysis is comparison of color thresholds. This solution provides generally accurate detection even in an environment which is noisy but has good color contrast.

Human discovery in an unmanned zone could be possible just by a computerized framework. The errand of distinguish person in salvage operations is laborious for the human operators yet it is straightforward for the automated specialists. This methodology obliges a moderately tiny number of information to be gained and prepared amid the salvage operation. The legitimate time expense of transforming and information transmission is significantly decreased. This framework can possibly attain to elite in recognizing alive people in crushed situations moderately speedily and cost efficaciously.

The discovery relying upon various variables, for example, the body position and the light force of the scene. In this paper, a voice guidance system for autonomous robots is proposed as a project based on microcontroller. The proposed system consists of a microcontroller and a voice recognition processor that can recognize a limited number of voice patterns. The commands of autonomous robots are classified and are organized such that one voice recognition processor can distinguish robot commands under each directory.

Thus, the proposed system can distinguish more voice commands than one voice recognition processor can. A voice command system for three autonomous robots is implemented with a microcontroller from Microchip PIC16F, a voice recognition processor RSC from Sensory and a set of radio frequency emitters- receivers.

The possibility to increase the number of robots to be controlled is also described. The Black Box in the cockpit is only been elemental in recording the audio part, happening in cockpit and apparently the control station at the ATC obtains the deferred data as explained by Pilot and thus there is no automated system to obtain the instantaneous reports happening there.

Here we propose a system of automated information to be available to the Base, and also the instantaneous Relay of the Alert Levels and the Replay of the course of journey, the pilot had covered till the time back to him. We split the project into 3 parts: Like a multi-story parking garage, an APS provides parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing land usage. The APS, however, utilizes a mechanical system to transport cars to and from parking spaces rather than the driver in order to eliminate much of the space wasted in a multi-story parking garage.

A robot is an electro-mechanical device that can perform autonomous or reprogrammed tasks. A robot may act under the direct control of a human eg. Robots may be used to perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for humans to implement directly e. This project aims at designing a robot, which has freedom of movement along all the 3 axes and its motion is controlled by means of wheels.

The user can control the movements using a Cellphone from a remote place. By artificial intelligence, we mean designing the robot is such a manner that in situation which require decision making, the robot identifies the presence of the obstacle, alerts the user and moreover awaits. This paper describes the system architecture for a navigation tool for visually impaired persons.

The major parts are: The sensory parts are described in more detail, and the first experimental results are presented. Due to the pending exhaustion of fossil fuels, it is crucial to develop alternative energy sources. Energy-converting windmills are capable of producing significant amounts of electricity worldwide, an attractive alternative because wind is a renewable resource. The technologies behind wind energy converters still have much room for improvement in efficiency.

Wind, as an energy input of windmill systems, can be given by two parameters: Because the energy output of the windmill is determined from the input, it is important to be able to understand the stochastic fluctuations in wind Wind behavior will be approximately constant over long periods of time, but for any given period wind can be extremely variable in speed and direction.

Parameters of the wind that is necessary for The Wind Turbine predicting turbine performance are mean wind speed, directional data, short-term variations gusts , long- term variations and height variations A windmill is an engine powered by the wind to produce energy, often contained in a large building as in traditional post mills, smock mills and tower mills. The energy windmills produce can be used in many ways, traditionally for grinding grain or spices, pumping water, sawing wood or hammering seeds.

Modern wind power machines are used for generating electricity and are more commonly called wind turbines. In this paper, a communication system is used based on signal languages, used by dumb people. A narrative hand gesture recognition technique is the basis of this paper.

This consists of a hardware module and software algorithm. In hardware module- The gesture recognition is done using a sensor glove which consists of a micro controller,accelerometer sensors which are positioned on fingers.

Here the glove designing and gesture decoding are studied. The acceleration values of a hand motion are transmitted to micro controller and these acceleration values in three perpendicular directions are detected by accelerometers. An algorithm of automatic gesture recognition is developed to identify all gestures in a sequence.

In this procedure the buildings in a satellite image are detected depending on roof color, and the search area is divided into a grid depending on the approximate cell decomposition method. The selected path is sent to autonomous robot via Wi-Fi communication as a series of set points for real implementation in an outdoor environment.

The mobile robot navigates its way to each point in the path using Global Positioning System GPS and digital compass, and 5 sharp IR sensors are used for detecting and avoiding all obstacles in its way.

Construction and maintenance automated parking. We mainly deal with the design and implementation of automated parking systems, and the renovation of existing facilities that have deteriorated over time or are technologically obsolete. Thanks to our team of skilled technicians, we are able to solve all kinds of problems, whether mechanical or electrical, and to develop custom software for each type of system.

Stepper Controller take control of your motion requirements, indexers or pulse generators. With several options you can select the right stepper motor controller for your project. With option of operator setting basic parameters related to job in this page, all 15 programs come with separate counters where one can reset counters individually.

The A-MCB2 controller is designed from the ground up with powerful yet easy-to-use features. It can drive two axes of bipolar stepper motors up to 2. An intuitive ASCII interface allows the user to easily communicate with the device through the Zaber Console our free software as well as third party terminal programs. Coordinated 2D linear and circular interpolation is a breeze, thanks to the built-in path generation algorithms that obey acceleration and velocity constraints. The user needs to only give it simple commands for drawing lines, arcs, and circles.

The A-MCB2 will automatically buffer the stream of commands and generate the 2D path with seamless transition between line segments. Its main advantage is to seek out a shortest path by use of automatic PCB drilling Machine.

It will be simply programmed to navigate to some extent with actual location and will be simply factory made and cheaper in value. In PCB drilling machines , the placement of the drill holes area unit fed into the machine and also the PCB are going to be trained at the corresponding coordinates.

This paper presents the look of a PCB Drilling Machine whenever the excavations area unit mechanically detected from a picture of the circuit eliminating the necessity to manually enter the drill hole coordinates. Alongside that the drilling machine uses an economical path designing formula, which is capable of estimating associate degree economical traversing path for the drilling bit minimizing the length of target.

The TSP formula optimizes the employment of the motors and alternative mechanical ways concerned within the method whereas reducing total time taken to traverse all the drill holes. Robotics can play important, intelligent and technical roles that support first response equipment in harsh and dangerous environments while replacing rescue personnel from entering unreachable or unsafe places. Solving and fulfilling the needs of such tasks presents challenges in robotic mechanical structure and mobility, sensors and sensor fusion, autonomous and semi autonomous control, planning and navigation, and machine intelligence.

Unmanned Aerial photography UAPs are rapidly becoming a key technology in the military domain and offer great promises are a useful technology in many commercial and civil applications in future. Development of a suitable lightweight system in which a sensor is airborne for carrying out surveillance. The ir transmitter transmits the ir signals continuously to the maximum level of 3 ft. When the ir signals are reflected back by an object then the signals is received by the ir receiver, thus the module senses the obstacle.

An embedded system has been developed which observes an a object, the system also send an alert message to the authorized user through gsm such that remedy measures could be easily taken.

In manufacturing industry, a large fraction of the work is repetitive and judicious application of automation will most certainly result in optimum utilization of machine and manpower, Here our ROBOT plays a vital dual role Our ROBOT is a Wireless, Artificial Intelligence based Mobile Robot with multi specialty approach. Basically it will have facilities such that it can move in any direction, say right, left, forward, backward etc.

Another main function of our multi specialty robot is fire security function — FireFighting, which is a system of putting together motors, solenoids, and wires, amongother important componentsOur Robot is used to extinguish the fire in case of Fire Accidents. The movement of theRobotics controlled by means of stepper motor, which is involved in the major application of Robotics field.

Our Robot also consists of a Solenoid, which is actuated to pour the water whenever itsenses the Fire. This project is divided into modules for better understanding of thecircuit.

Mankind has always strived to give life like qualities to its artifacts in an attempt to find substitutes for himself to carry out his orders and also to work in a hostile environment. The popular concept of a robot is of a machine that looks and works like a human being. The industry is moving from current state of automation to Robotization, to increase productivity and to deliver uniform quality. The industrial robots of today may not look the least bit like a human being although all the research is directed to provide more and more anthropomorphic and humanlike features and super-human capabilities in these.

One type of robot commonly used in industry is a robotic manipulator or simply a robotic arm. It is an open or closed kinematic chain of rigid links interconnected by movable joints.

In some configurations, links can be considered to correspond to human anatomy as waist, upper arm and forearm with joint at shoulder and elbow. At end of arm a wrist joint connects an end effector which may be a tool and its fixture or a gripper or any other device to work. Here how a pick and place robot can be designed for a workstation where loading and packing of lead batteries is been presented. All the various problems and obstructions for the loading process has been deeply analyzed and been taken into consideration while designing the pick and place robot.

The fire fighting has the micro controller that is the most important of the design , It acts as the brain for the robot , It interfaces all the sensors and the motors , It contains all the code for the robot operations. In this Project, we are combining the Tanker with the Robot, and RF Radio Frequency A range of electromagneticfrequencies above Smart tanker robot for security operations in the protected area with wireless secured communicat The firefighting robots can save a lot of lives some day , The lives of those affected by the fire disaster as well as lives of those people working as the firefighters , It can be useful in certain types of incidents where the environment will be very dangerous for the humans such as the hazardous materials , the radioactivity or the propane tank which can explode.

The robots assisting firefighters are not an often seen sight , There are robotic devices which can already be used for such purposes These include the bots that can be thrown into the fire site to inspect the situation , as well as the large remote controlled fire extinguishers. This project describes a new economical solution of robot control system.

The presented robot control system can use for different sophisticated robot application. The control system consists of a pc, a micro controller that collects data from pc and control the robot. The intelligent control software which has been developed using high level graphical programming language. A complete solution of a robot control solution is presented in this project. The robot is fully controlled by pc and the commands from the pc were it is received by the micro controller.

The wireless video camera which is embedded on the robot to capture video and it is transmitted and the image is viewed over the pc. This robot technology can be used in military application. Wired communication, also known as tethered communication is the easiest way to control a robot where the system is physically connected to a hand held controller or a computer through a cable or wire.

Most battle robots are wired control as most of the control is in the handheld device including the power source. This makes the robot less complex with tighter control. The disadvantage of wired control is the length of control.

The maximum length of control is equal to the maximum length of the wire. In this technique the robot is still physically connected to a controller with wires. However a micro controller on board receives the signal from the controller and subsequently controls other peripherals connected to the robot. The controller can be a joystick, switches, keypad or even your computer. There are different protocols for each of these controls, but most of them are easier to design and implement if you prefer a wired control.

Android controlled robot project make use of an Android mobile phone for robotic control with the help of Bluetooth technology. This is a simple robotics projects using micro-controller. Also many wireless-controlled robots use RF modules. The control commands available are more than RF modules. Smartphone controlled robot is superior than all these robots.

This project is a Bluetooth controlled robot. Then user needs to turn on the Bluetooth in the mobile. The wireless communication techniques used to control the robot is Bluetooth technology. User can use various commands like move forward, reverse, stop move left, move right. These commands are sent from the Android mobile to the Bluetooth receiver.

Android based robot has a Bluetooth receiver unit which receives the commands and give it to the micro controller circuit to control the motors.

The robots that are controlled by interfacing with a personal computer are called as computer controlled robots. A computer is an integral part of every robot system that contains a control program and a task program. The control program is provided by the manufacturer and the controls of each joint of the robot manipulator. The task program is provided by the user and specifies the manipulating motions that are required to complete a specific job.

The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle using RF technology for remote operation attached with wireless camera for monitoring purpose. The robot along with camera can wirelessly transmit real time video with night vision capabilities. This is kind of robot can be helpful for spying purpose in war fields.

An series of micro-controller is used for the desired operation. At the transmitting end using push buttons, commands are sent to the receiver to control the movement of the robot either to move forward, backward and left or right etc. At the receiving end two motors are interfaced to the micro-controller where they are used for the movement of the vehicle. In this paper, the authors extinguish fire using robot which is remotely controlled through wireless. The robot can move through any path whose motion is controlled through the Wi-Fi network using buttons interfaced by a software program.

When the robot faces a fire then it is made to extinguish the fire with the help of pump motor connected to a water tank mounted on its body. PC works as a remote to control the motion of the robot either to move it forward or backward and the motion of the water pipe up and down of the robot through which it throws water to extinguish the fire.

The project aims in designing a bombs displacing robot. The Robot has the provision of video camera through which the bomb location can be identified easily from a remote place.

The Robot displaces the bombs using a pick and place arm. In the near future, the usage of a mobile robotshould become a common practice anywhere and a spoken language is a convenient interface for commanding such devices. Therefore, the development of an interface between human and robot is vital.

An idea of this project is to construct a Robot which can be used for cleaning purposes. The robotic movements are controlled by a stepper motor. It has a blower unit fitted into it. It also has a Electromagnet fitted into it.

So when the electromagnet is energized it absorbs the iron wastes and after moving to another area the it drops the wastes by demagnetizing the elelctromagnet. The movement of the robot is done with the help of the stepper motor for cleaning purposes. The robo will also have a sensors fitted into it for automatic obstacle detections and abnormal conditions. This paper introduces an intelligent parking guidance and information system with ARM7 microcontroller.

The parking problem in big cities, especially the mega-cities, has become one of the key causes of the city traffic congestion. In general parking systems are designed by using different sensors like IR or ultrasonic sensors. By using these sensors they identify whether parking slot is free or it already contains car. But actually these sensors are not used for detecting particularly car they can detect any object.

In this paper we also introduce an important feature like fetching the above said status of the parking slot on the web or Internet and status can updated for particular time. In this way the car parking system is more easier and flexible for the person to view and book the slot from anywhere. The main objective of the project is to design a Unmanned aerial vehicle for the surveillance purpose using high resolution video camera.

This project is mainly focused on the UAV applications. The analysis of the existing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is done for the purpose of implementing for the augmented reality purpose. The video camera is implemented in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to capture the video at which area need to focus on. The video captured by the camera is then transmitted to the PC with the use of the RF Transceiver system.

Here the gyro sensor used for the interfacing purpose of the UAV with the remote control unit. The control signal for the controller is transmitted by the use of a RF Transceivers.

So the required components are selected for the design of UAV with minimum weight and also camera in small size.

By the thorough analysis this can be design, as the UAV with low cost and it is very useful while using at the reality top view. In this implementation of Defense security systems.

When a person or motor vehicle enters a monitored area, PIR motion detectors are commonly used in conjunction with different parts of the war field. When someone enters secured places, immediately it will send an indication to the control room section through wireless communication and is indicated to the control room through alarm.

The concerned people can understand that an eventuality has happened in the host section. At the same time web camera connected to the microcontroller keeps on capturing what is going on there at the host place and saves it into the computer.

When the security people in supervisory room, get an indication to the host section by alarm, they log into the host section computer through wireless LAN, and view all information of the war field section images by PC and can operate the weapons if the entered people were opponent person.

A smart multipurpose human assistance robotic dog is designed to guide the visually impaired and elderly people to some predefined destination avoiding obstacles and traffic. It is also designed to act as an advanced multipurpose human assistance and service robot that is able recognize the words spoken by the user, talk to them and take action according to the spoken voice command. Voice commands are recognized by an android Smartphone and the information is transferred to the main MCU using a Bluetooth serial port that runs Bluetooth SPP protocol stack.

The robotic dog has the ability to follow a human when commanded with voice. Touch sensitive e-skin senses human finger touch and helps answering complex user requests such as time, date and weather conditions such as light and temperature.

The same can be asked using voice also. It even allows the user to set wake up alarm. A built in audio playback system can play music tracks in MP3 format. One of the music tracks is kept as the alarm tone. It also plays the role of a regular watchdog during night and barks like any normal dog if it finds any abnormal activity. During the day time it can charge itself by moving around within a given region in order to find the maximum sun light, intelligently avoiding the shaded areas, thereby freeing the user completely from maintenance issues such as battery charging.

The wireless control has been implemented with Zigbee protocol. Some of the main features of Zigbee protocol are to establish wireless communication medium between the arm robot and the PC controller. The user can send the control instructions to the robot from the PC by using the Zigbee Protocol.

In addition to the above qualities of the arm robot, its intelligence is further upgraded in this design by making use of a color sensor to identify and handle the required color objects. Infra red is used to sense information remotely.

Sensors are not affected by any environmental changes like temperature, humidity …etc. Hence the robot avoids the colliding from any object. This can be attained by connecting a Web-Cam to the robot so that we can control the movements of the robot wirelessly and from any desired place. Vast amount of energy is available within the core of sun.

The energy that is received from sun in an hour is more than that is consumed by us in a year. Efforts are continuously being made to capture as much energy as we can in order to store most of the energy which se are getting. In this paper a device called solar tracker has been discussed. Solar panels give maximum output when the plane of the solar collector is normal to incident radiations. The system discussed in this paper uses a PSoC device to control a small model of solar tracker.

Voltage across the solar panel and a photoresistor is fed as an input to the PSoC to be processed and the output is fed to the geared DC motor. A Proportional-Integral-Derivative PID controller is used to make the robot move in a straight line and obtains minimum perturbations to the goal by controlling the speed of each side of the mobile robot motors depending on the digital compass readings.

From the obtained results, the path of the mobile robot without PID controller deviated by up to more than 2 meters from the selected path, but when using a PID controller the deviations decreased to less than 1 meter. The mobile robot reached a distance of less than three meters from the final target, an error attributable to GPS accuracy.

In the rapidly flourishing country like ours, accidents in the unmanned level crossings are increasing day by day No fruitful steps have been taken so far in these areas. By employing the automatic railway gate control at the level crossing the arrival of the train is detected by the sensors placed near to the gate. Hence, the time for which it is closed is less compared to the manually operated gates.

The operation is automatic; error due to manual operation is prevented. Remove the housing from the carton. See Figure 1 3. Threaded rods may be used for overhead installation. Use all four mounting holes when installing the housing.

Single T'stat Control see figure 2 6. Connect panel to proper voltage. Check the motor rotation. Back to Product Category. How Air Curtain Works! Prices for Colors That are not Standard for the Series add these prices to price of electric heated standard air curtain. Prices for Colors That are not Standard for the Series add these prices to price of standard air curtain. Analog Thermostat - Remote-mounted. The first question is, do I really need a heated air curtain?

The answer is maybe not. Air doors effectively create an efficient insulation barrier between two environments. It does so by creating a stiff blast of air blowing down from the unit towards the floor. This blast of air create an invisible barrier separating the two environments.

If you have people working near or walking through this moving air, they may feel a breeze. This could cause a wind chill effect, similar to the cooling effects of a blowing fan during the summer.

Adding a heated air curtain unit will minimize this effect and make for a comfortable and more productive work place for your employees and customers. Should your facility be located in a cold weather environment creating significant temperature differences between the outside versus the inside temperature, a heated unit will signi- ficantly improve the work environment comfort level and help maintain consistent temperature control. In addition, it will reduce overall utility and maintenance costs by providing a more constant inside temperature.