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All must have an equal opportunity to win. You are required to have a Gaming license to have any sort of gambling at your residence. Used Book Sale Fundraiser. The more it is advertised then the less "private" the game is, and the more it is open to the general public. Bettors can do arbitrage too, if they see that different bookies are offering different odds. Yes - the state of Louisiana web site. Is playing poker for money illegal in Illinois?

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I could be very wrong though, I live just outside of Atlantic City so the casinos there as well as the government want a cut of everything. The casinos want more business and the government wants more money. It does vary by state, but in general, if you do not profit from the game in other words, if you do not charge a rake, charge to enter, or make your guests pay for food or drinks it is legal. However, in most states that have some form of gambling i. Assuming you live in the US and without knowing the exact laws of the state you live in, I can say with confidence that it's most likely illegal for YOU to participate in any form of gambling, including a home poker game.

Here is A list of the gambling laws in the state of Kansas. Technically it is illegal. You are required to have a Gaming license to have any sort of gambling at your residence. However, people do this all the time, so don't worry about getting caught. My friends and I play poker weekly at our various houses and the police have never busted down our doors and taken us to jail. If you are playing for pennies or quarters and not stacks of cash, I really wouldn't worry about being raided!

If you are running a big operation with lots of unknown guests and lots of money changing hands, then it's probably going to be illegal! I don't know about Kansas specifically but I believe Matt is correct. As long as this is for fun not gambling for money , there is nothing illegal about it. Only when it is for money does it become illegal.

It is VERY illegal! I don''t think so. Have you ever sat in at an illegal poker game; if so what was the outcome? Is playing poker for money illegal in Illinois? Is it accepted to take a cut when hosting a poker tournament? Why is gambling illegal outside casino houses in America?

For example, if you see that a bookie is offering 1: You can arrange these bets so that no matter whether the Eagles win or lose, you will get money. This kind of opportunity is rare, especially since book makers use electronic networks to do this kind of things themselves so the opportunities are limited , and because book makers charge their fee, which lowers the payoff of an arbitrage strategy and can make the payoff negative.

Prediction betting This is what most bettors do. They try to predict the outcomes of games, and place bets on what they think will happen. It is possible to consistently win this way, but it is not easy, for similar reasons that arbitrage profits are hard to make. In short, if betting markets are efficient, then their prices reflect the "true odds" of winning a bet. But the betting markets are not quite efficient. You have to pay transaction costs, like the bid-ask spread.

So to even break even, you have to be at least a bit better than average at making predictions. That is definitely possible. But it takes commitment to knowing more about the sports you're betting on than average, and so on. And keep in mind that since this is a competitive activity, you will be competing against other knowledgeable bettors.

WePoker-Private texas hold'em poker with friend on the App Store. If you aren't taking a rake, charging a fee, fill in the blank, not charging players in ANY way to play, a reasonable exception may be: I'm not a lawyer. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Is it illegal to host home poker games in California? Want a CRM that does the data entry for you?

Stop spending time using tools that slow you down. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. In CA, gambling has to meet 3 criteria to make it illegal. We call it the 3 "C"s. Conspicuous open or done in public 2. Commercial profit making venture 3. Complained of somebody has to make a criminal complaint So if you are hosting a friendly poker game at home, there is no problem unless you are acting as the "HOUSE" and taking a cut for running it as a business venture, it is done openly to the eyes of the public by you advertising or whatever, and somebody complains to the cops about your gambling business.

Casinos have licenses and whatnot, that is a whole separate issue. BTW, I am not giving legal advice, and your situation may vary in many ways from what I described, so if you are worried, talk to your lawyer about how you can avoid the pitfalls of hosting an illegal game.

Thank you for your feedback! Why are card games like Poker illegal? What are good ways to run an illegal poker room? Updated Jul 5, What is the best way to shop for home insurance?

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