You should spawn back on top with the bike, but with your parachute still deployed. However, it is very difficult to get bicycle to stay upside down. Relax and let the magic of Lake Superior weave its spell. Some evacuees fled hundreds of miles to escape the storm, and those crowds will soon come flooding back to the state. Enable the "CJ jumps higher" code.


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This evacuation order affects Zones A, B and certain portions of C. Swanson-Rivenbark said there have been no reported incidents in the Gables but opted to be proactive. The wait for food was long, with a generator running the place. Limited burgers, no more fries. But the Bud Light in their pitcher was cold, and couple has no electricity at home.

Across the street from the store and all across Northwest Third Avenue, just south of Northwest 14th Street, there were several large pieces of Styrofoam from a nearby construction site strewn about the street. Locals believe it came from the the St. Gates and Bryant, the head chef at the restaurant, said that they think the situation is another example of Overtown being overlooked when compared to areas like downtown Miami and Brickell.

Gates said she did think the historically African-American city did a solid job of informing residents about the latest with the storm but hopes they will be as active in the cleanup and recovery phase. Eddie Gonzalez looked out the window and was so scared by what he saw he grabbed a second belt, locked himself inside his bathroom and tied himself to a water pipe.

State Troopers drove down U. The debris includes fallen trees, pieces of wood, seaweed from the storm surge and even some Sea Doo boats. Ivan Abreu spent Monday looking for some food to buy in Miami. But with massive power outages, he was out of luck until he pulled into the packed parking lot of Publix on Southwest 27th Avenue and Coral Way.

He wanted some buns for burgers. At the bend, next to the coolers with the desired water and beer, the first line met the end of the empanadas and cafecito queue. More than 30, workers were activated to help restore power, Gov. The Florida Highway Patrol is also escorting utility trucks to expedite their access to affected areas.

With Irma downgraded to a tropical storm, winds in Tallahassee had subsided enough by midday that city utility workers were being dispatched there.

The American Red Cross has an agreement to operate shelters, but lack of staffing slowed openings in Miami-Dade and in some schools left principals scrambling to manage logistics tied to a sudden influx of more than 1, people looking for refuge and food. She did not immediately respond to an email with questions. He cited the Red Cross running out of staff and volunteers in Miami, as well as the National Guard arriving after the county needed troops to help open the shelters.

The National Guard arrived in force late Friday, county officials said. Mary Anne Boyer was walking the battered Coconut Grove waterfront Monday when she spied a Ziploc bag covered in grime. She picked it up for a look. One smiling face after another looked back at her. Boyer was biking with the bag of photos Monday, thinking about next steps. The pictures were in a bag with other seemingly important paperwork that appeared to wash off a boat during Irma. Boyer, a professional diver who cleans boat bottoms for a living, said she was glad to secure the mementos that were practically underwater themselves.

Nearly three out of four in the city are without power, according to Regalado. There are downed power lines, toppled fences, shattered bus benches and breached boats around different pockets of the city.

Some 16 crews are out trying to remove uprooted trees and other hazards. The city is also working with two general contractors to ensure that collapsed construction cranes in downtown and Edgewater are secured and the buildings structurally sound. Between the fallen cranes and flooding that so many saw in Brickell and Coconut Grove, scores of people were out with the sun surveying the damage. But City Manager Daniel Alfonso asked people, no matter how stir crazy they may be, to stay inside a little while longer until crews can safely handle hazards liked downed power lines.

Tensions ran high at the entrance to the Florida Keys late Monday morning as families waited in the heat to return home. Officials from the Monroe County Sheriffs Office said they were only letting utilities companies and a few contractors from the Department of Transportation pass. But after two unmarked cars went through the checkpoint, Keys residents waiting at a RaceTrac gas station erupted in protest. When a deputy sheriff approached him, the man put his hands behind his back and dared the official to arrest him.

What are they going to do? Miami-Dade and Broward public schools will remain closed until further notice due to recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma. Among the reasons, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said at a press conference Monday, is that the schools had to undergo safety inspections. Some restaurants, stores and supermarkets are beginning to reopen Monday after Hurricane Irma brought heavy winds and flooding to South Florida on Sunday.

The message was clear from Florida Keys officials Monday morning, the day after Hurricane Irma ransacked the island chain: As a downgraded Irma moved into Georgia Monday, some stranded Florida evacuees were already suffering from cabin fever. They want to go home now — to assess any damage and sleep in their own beds.

They were in a good mood Monday because the coffee kiosk in the hotel lobby was doing a brisk business on a day when all other stores in the capital city were closed. We left really quickly. Beth Haidet said her biggest worry was whether she could get gasoline on Interstate 75 for the more than six-hour drive home. The Haidets live on a lake.

They said their neighbors chose to stay home during the storm and reported only minor damage — two beloved lemon trees were destroyed — but they want to get back and see for themselves.

Even where roads are passable, the state does not yet want evacuees even asking when they can go home. The retractable roof at Marlins Park was designed to survive a hurricane. A portion of the roof at Marlins Park appears to be damaged based off numerous photos circulating on social media. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport remains closed and has not issued an update on when it will reopen.

Its unclear when the school will be operable. Morales could not specify which businesses were hit and when, but did say one of them was a pawn shop. Power is now being restored in a city that had gone completely dark.

About 90 percent of the city is still without electricity as officials prioritize re-powering Homestead Hospital, police stations, nursing homes and elderly facilities.

As far as blocked roads, the entrances to and from the highway are open. Southeast Eighth Street from U. Less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irma made landfall on Marco Island as a Category 3 storm Sunday afternoon, firefighters were still assessing damage. There have been no reports of storm-related injuries or fatalities. On Monday, local officials re-opened locked bridges connecting the barrier island to the Florida mainland just west of Everglades National Park. Marco Island residents were ordered to evacuate on Sept.

Bowden said that on first glance, Irma left behind extensive flooding, and lots of downed power lines and trees in most of the roadways. Jacksonville was hit hard early Monday when Hurricane Irma veered east as it roared up the state and arrived at high tide, and with extra moisture.

The effort is one of several reconnaissance and rescue efforts occurring around the state as Florida begins its recovery from the massive storm. Seeing people playing in water. Please don't Hide tide and more flooding coming.

Opening the ports was the first priority, Wiley said, as well as clearing the waterways for commercial traffic to bring in fuel and supplies. The Florida Highway Patrol cleared the roads into Port Everglades and the Port of Tampa to allow fuel truck to access gas to replenish supplies at gas stations along the evacuation routes.

Police blocked the entrance to the Florida Keys on Monday morning as they continued to survey damage and conduct search and rescue operations. So far, no answer. Other Keys residents had been able to get in touch with neighbors and knew their homes had only been slightly battered. Gibus said he was frustrated by the lack of information about when he would be able to return home and thought the police blockade should be farther south to allow the northern Keys residents to pass through.

That was a sentiment echoed by many waiting at the gas station. Marc Serota had decided to leave his home in Key Tavernier with his wife and two small children on Friday because he was worried about their safety. Residents in Miami Gardens made their way outside Monday morning to rake up smaller branches, cut larger ones and clear their yards of debris.

About a mile away from Hard Rock Stadium, Jesse Martin was working on his truck and looked out at a giant tree that came down in his front yard, along Northwest 12th Avenue near nd Street. Carlos Castillo pointed his camera and clicked. Castillo was walking outside the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts around 8 a.

Monday as the city slowly came out of a weekend-long slumber. Outside Bayfront Marketplace, large palm trees were downed in some places and street signs toppled, but the Miamarina behind the outdoor shopping center looked almost untouched, despite some damaged storefronts and the new presence of a lawn of seaweed and flotsam and jetsam.

They included a year-old-man who fell on a live cable while trying to take down a TV antenna in Havana, a year-old man who was electrocuted in Old Havana after stepping on a fallen electrical line, and two women who were killed when a fourth floor balcony tumbled on to the bus in which they were riding. Other deaths resulted from collapsed homes and an apparent drowning after the storm surge. Irma hit the northern coast of Cuba as a Category 5 storm. House of Representatives will not convene for votes on Monday due to Hurricane Irma.

The stadium, with its brand new canopy, is built to withstand Category 4 force winds. For news on curfews and closures across South Florida go here. On the day after Hurricane Irma, the question everyone wants answered is: When will my power and cellphone service be restored? Your cellphone should be working again relatively soon.

As dawn broke on Monday morning, 2 million of the 2. The vast majority of boats tied to docks and piers survived. But there were ugly exceptions: Sailboats sent to the bottom at Dinner Key Marina, their masts jutting skyward from the sea. A multi-ton cement dock lifted up onto the sea wall at the Grove Harbour Marina. Three Florida Fish and Wildlife search and rescue teams have been deployed to Jacksonville to help evacuate people stranded from record flooding.

The storm surge from Hurricane Irma combined with high tide and rain bands from Hurricane Jose to create conditions for the unprecedented deluge, officials at the Florida Emergency Operations Center said Monday.

As Venetian Islands resident Peter Warner stopped clearing large branches from his yard to clear them off the Venetian Causeway itself, shirtless Nathan Weiss stopped to chat on his way to his Collins Avenue home. The Miami Beach police blocking off the Venetian forced Weiss to make a hopeful decision: Weiss continued his walk home.

Warner continued to clear the Causeway block adjacent to his Rivo Alto home. In downtown Coral Gables, amazingly, the electricity was working and street lights were operational.

Both police and FPL crews were visible on the roads. In South Coral Gables, roadways were blocked by tree limbs and and the occasional fallen tree, including one blocking Lejeune Road south of U. There will be no garbage, recycling or bulky trash pickup in the city of Miami Monday.

The state will need to restore electric lines, put water back on, and make sure roads are passable. We have so much damage now around the state. He said everyone from the president to the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency are assisting and the ports are working to re-open to replenish fuel supplies.

Meanwhile, as the St. High tides, combined with the winds of Hurricane Jose, helped swamp Jacksonville with enormous amounts of rain early Monday. As most of Florida woke up in the dark Monday, with power out for 58 percent of the state, Gov. It was not immediately available if he would be landing in Marathon or Boca Chica, the two Keys airports open Monday. They urged people to be careful of storm surge. It was expected to cross into Georgia in the afternoon, leaving potentially dangerous storm surges in its wake.

Monday, Irma was about miles north of Tampa, with sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. A storm surge warning was discontinued from Flagler and Volusia counties south to Jupiter inlet, but a flash flood warning remains in effect for downtown Jacksonville.

Move to higher ground now. This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. In West Kendall, Southwest 88th Street was mostly clear of debris, but traffic lights were out and fallen branches blocked access to some side streets and avenues. One giant tree sprawled across th Ave. Law enforcement has asked motorists to treat inoperable traffic lights as four-way stops. That means each driver should come to a full and complete stop and check traffic in all directions before proceeding.

Some downed power lines were spotted and down trees, however, and additional first-in teams will not be going out until dawn. Signs of power on Anna Maria Island were observed at a distance, he said, but first responders did not go out onto the island.

Inescapable Irma, the hurricane that for a week tormented the entirety of the Florida peninsula unlike any storm that came before it, will finally find its way out of the state Monday. She will leave behind destruction from Key West to probably Tallahassee. In the end, Irma was not the feared Category 5 catastrophe she could have been, though the extent of her damage is still unknown.