Presque Isle Downs fined for blackjack problems

Couldn't happen to a nicer casino sarcasm detector going off. I then dicked around with some of the slot machines that I found interesting, like Slotsky and Miss Kitty. The casino attracts many retirees who like to play the slots. Dec 17, Threads: The payouts for certain combinations of cards are higher, as indicated below: The VP rates were not to your liking but you did win money.

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There are pricier special buffet Friday and Saturday. One Club cardholders receive a discount on all buffets:. Brew Brothers offers casual food such as burgers and pizza , a choice of 30 beers, and live entertainment. Sunday afternoons during football season, sports fans can watch the NFL action on big screens while enjoying various food and drink specials. On Friday and Saturday nights, there is live entertainment starting at 9 p.

Every Wednesday night between 8: Mondays are called Mish Mosh Mondays because every Monday, starting at 9 p. You never know, the casino might like your act enough to give you a paid gig there. If not, you still get a burger on the house! There are no hotels on the premises, but guests who wish to stay overnight in the area have multiple options:. The hotel is located less than half a mile from the casino. It offers all of the following amenities:. In addition to offering complimentary shuttle service, both hotels are connected to Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park.

Visitors of any age are permitted in the racetrack area, but only those age 18 and older are legally allowed to make horse racing wagers. The PGCB is the agency that is responsible for licensing and regulating all 12 currently operating legal brick and mortar casinos in Pennsylvania and making sure that each one abides by its rules. Compared to lots of slots, there are only a few table games, however.

The casino attracts many retirees who like to play the slots. Presque Isle Casino is home to 1, slot machines. Frequent slot players will recognize many familiar favorites, but there are also newer slots for those who would like to try something different. In addition, there are lots of progressive slots , where some lucky players can win huge jackpots spending very small amounts of money.

Some of the low-cost progressive jackpot slot machines at Presque Isle Casino include:. There is a separate high limit room for those wishing to play slots for large amounts. Unfortunately, as much as players apparently like the variety of slot games at Presque Isle Casino, many of them dislike the smell of smoke , which at this place is described as everywhere, including the nonsmoking sections.

However, like the smoking problem, this type of complaint is neither new nor unique to Presque Isle Casino; it has been going on for some time at all of the Pennsylvania casinos. According to the regulations set forth by the PGCB, as long as slot machines in the state have a return to the player RTP of at least 85 percent , they are in compliance. The bottom line for players is that it is tough to come out ahead playing slots at any casino in Pennsylvania.

Because of this high tax rate, it is understandable if they are tempted to hold back on what the machines return to the player. Since there is no indication that the slot payouts in Pennsylvania are going to change for the better anytime soon, if you still want to play, you should do the following: Also, if you are lucky early on, keep in mind that the longer you stay at any machine, the more chance you are giving it to take back what you won and more. There are only 42 table games at this casino, which means you are not going to have a choice of many different variations of the games being offered, but you can still find the most frequently played games.

The table games at Presque Isle Casino include all of the following:. All of the casino poker games offer a progressive jackpot. Table game players can choose from a wide range of betting limits, but if you are a small player, keep in mind that on weekends and holidays, the table minimums, particularly on blackjack, might be higher than what is in your comfort zone. During high traffic periods, high-end players should have no problem at all finding a suitable table.

The same room that contains high limit slots also offers high limit table games. Players at Presque Isle Casino will have to be content with basic roulette. There are two forms of basic roulette: American roulette and European roulette. If this casino gives you both options, your best bet is European roulette, with just a single zero on the wheel and a house edge of 2. If you love action and excitement, the Presque Isle Casino dice tables offer plenty.

In addition to all of the usual craps bets, this casino offers four special bets:. The bet wins if the shooter rolls all of the numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in any order before rolling a seven. The bet wins if the shooter rolls all 10 possible numbers in any order before rolling a seven. In order to win any of these bets, the player has to avoid the seven altogether, including on the come out roll. Blackjack is a popular choice at Presque Isle Casino, and understandably so.

As many casino players have come to realize, this is a game where not just luck, but also their own skill, can have a big say in the likelihood of winning.

In addition, when using proper basic strategy, the house edge is much smaller than on many other casino games. Different rules exist for blackjack, which vary from casino to casino. This can alter the house edge either way. But you can maximize your chances by mastering basic strategy, which will reduce the house edge all the way down to. When played according to basic strategy, the Pennsylvania blackjack game is one of the best in the country.

Here is a summary of the rules:. In addition to the required regular bet at the start of each hand which must be at least the table minimum , Presque Isle Casino offers blackjack players four optional side bets.

All of these bets are good for the house rather than the player due to a higher house edge than simply making standard bets using correct basic strategy. So keep that in mind, and if you make these side bets at all, do so for minimal stakes and only occasionally:. The amount won depends on the card spread. But the payout is even higher when all three cards are the same value, which is called a triple match. On all other hands, the bet is a loser.

These are the payouts:. All winners pay 9 to 1. The possible winning hands are:. The payouts for certain combinations of cards are higher, as indicated below:. In order to win, at least one of the first three cards dealt to you needs to be a seven. But two sevens pay more than one and three pay even more. So the correct strategy for Blazing 7s is never to stand with your first two cards if one or both is a seven, which in some cases will be contrary to basic strategy.

Always hit, double, or with a pair of sevens, hit or split , in the hope that your third card will also be a seven. The Blazing 7 payouts are as follows:. Tournaments vary in structure and cost. All the lower denomination paytables are significantly worse. I first stopped at the players club to get a card.

The dealers seems friendly, upbeat, and competent. I fear they may still be in their "honeymoon" phase, but these dealers beat the pants off anything I've seen in Vegas or AC.

I found I was the only one invoking the surrender rule, and a lot of people asked me about it while I was doing it. They didn't even know it existed. The only snag was the first time I surrendered I made the wrong signal, and the dealer gave me a hit card.

The pit boss was very understanding, however, and let me surrender anyway. Drink service was friendly and fast, and you could use your comp dollars for drinks. There was no mid-shoe entry for some but not all of the blackjack games, which is a confounding rule, and just seemed to irritate most of the players. I hate playing inferior paytables, so I cashed out after hitting a 4-o-a-k on the JOB and a wild royal on the Deuces. Sorry, I didn't keep track of how many points I earned or the cashback rate.

I don't think I earned very much, however. I then dicked around with some of the slot machines that I found interesting, like Slotsky and Miss Kitty. I almost never see pit bosses lower minimums midstream. I rolled the bones for another few hours, and people got on some really hot rolls.

The dealers were also very attentive and by and large good. Looks like the training process that AZDuffman described really worked. I didn't even bother spending my meager amount. I left and stopped at McDonald's on the way home: I don't think I'll be returning to Presque Isle, even though I had a winning trip.

The atmosphere is decent and the service is good enough, however, if you just want to scratch the gambling itch. The comps are horrible, but the drinks are cheap, and good. I think I've seen the future of locals' casinos. Not bad, but not great either. Oct 19, Threads: December 31st, at 5: Wish I could get Maine out of my mind every time I hear Presque isle.

Did you tell them they were wrong? That is a real good beginning for the casino. That too is good. Two dollars but fast and friendly. Probably beats a tiny plastic cup every now and never. I don't see why they simply can't just adopt one rule and follow it. Do they like answering the same question over and over all night long? They may have noticed that and changed their minds. Somehow, I assumed that all took place in Arizona.

Particularly in a newly opened casino that is still working some of the kinks out, I would have waited around quite a bit for your rated play to get into their computer system properly. Do they have an online way for you to check your account balance? Well, at least you didn't have to fly for hours to get there and go through security screenings and pat downs. The VP rates were not to your liking but you did win money. It is possible that as air travel gets more frustrating that locals casinos will seek to improve their quality rather than just focus on being sheep shearers with an attitude.

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