2015 Offroad and Adventure events calendar

Newer Post Older Post Home. The spec sheet says that the MST-R makes bhp, just 0. I agree with Argyle's assessment. Jangle Leg live The Kilted Mermaid, 8: Call the Best PCS office at to schedule a time you can stop by. She should never have supported Trump. It was a blast and our friends from Louisville realtors ways treat us so well!

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Florida Keys Community College is to be commended. Every person from day one who contributed to FKCC becoming the institution it is today included. The first class seeking the four year degree began studies this past monday.

Obviously, Cuba is of great interest to Key Westers. A mere 90 miles away. Most attempting to leave Cuba for the freedom of the United States the past 50 years ended up on our beaches or in our waters.

If still in the water, it was back to Cuba. Yesterday, Obama announced he was changing the policy. Getting rid of it. He signed an administrative rule authorizing the same.

Hoover did not believe public funds should be used for private purposes. Like bailing a bank or business out with taxpayer dollars. As Bush 2 and Obama did. We got a bit of wind, but absolutely no rain whatsoever. We are thankful about that and thanks for all the good vibes and mojo you sent.

Tiger has the right idea. Friday morning I went out to pick tomatoes, and lost my cell phone in my jungle of a mess. I found it though thanks to my Mom calling and heard it ringing. So glad I found it before the rain arrived. Here are the dishcloths. Friday, September 21, Storms. Storms are about to come through our area today, and they say they will bring heavy rain and possible 60mph winds. Say a prayer, send up good thoughts, and good mojo. Innovatively written by Kristina at 5: There will be no pumpkins this year.

Jack o' lantern nor pie pumpkins. Such a waste of seeds, time and hard work. The large one I saw is no longer there. Raccoons or squirrels got to it. While avoiding the garden like the plague, I've been inside lately. I'm just not motivated this year. I was able to get another mug set done. Made a few cup cozies. The camper got a good cleaning, but we still need to clean the top canvas. That's another day for us. The aqua baskets were sold. Drink cups with lid and coasters to match.

A few more to make. Detailed event reports can be found on the website, www. Trina Player and her Social Committee have been busy this summer hosting lots of fun activities, including golf and polo related parties. Members will attend the Labor Day Picnic and Cookout at the club house. Come help us kick off the hunt season in proper form, at this enjoyable, casual family event. Lots of other local, regional and national hunt related activities are scheduled in the coming months.

There is something for everyone. Check events calendar for up to date scheduling, and see news for all event reports, results and photos.

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