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Raw series are moving away from complete customization, preventing players from playing female characters such as Cute Bruisers in the story mode, and blocking any attempt to add custom patterns or objects near the crotch and chest of female characters. The announcement of Forza Motorsport 6: The crowdfunding campaign itself broke previous records and at the same time, broke Kickstarter due to the number of people going on board to fund the game. Unfortunately, this was subverted by many fans, who were too outraged over the exclusion of the Four Horsewomen from the game to celebrate Joe's debut. Massive overhaul of material properties and damage rules, modelling combat at a ridiculously detailed level! Even more rejoicing when it turns out that there will be a sequel called Dissidia Duodecim , which features Lightning , fan-favorite Kain Highwind , Tifa , Yuna , Vaan and the unexpected appearance of Laguna Loire! Mehdi Abid Charef Algeria.

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Other examples:

Sheesh, look at those impracticable clothing; they're farmers for Pete's sake.. You can have Patchwork Children? More than one child?! You can marry the Gods?! It's funny though, because Animal Parade has since become very divisive within the fandom.

The 3DS game was well-received due to its character customization. Speaking of Harvest Moon A Hatoful Boyfriend remake We can romance Tohri Nishikikouji?! Hellsinker getting an english patch? Blizzard just announced the newest hero to grace the nexus in Heroes of the Storm And he's in his Dragoon form!

Fans of Hitman are very pleased with the latest news from IO that the sixth entry in the series will go back to the series roots, rather than continue on with the gameplay and setting of Absolution. This has been met with near unanimous praise from the fans who were let down by that game's more linear gameplay and Splinter Cell: Conviction -esque Instinct mode.

Relic buying back the rights to their classic, name-making RTS game Homeworld after losing it in a company buy-out saw fans weeping with joy and looking forward to a new game, which Relic have said should eventually appear.

Not only is the English version of When They Cry being released on Steam, but the sloppy translation is going to be revised! You know what I haven't played since I was I kid? Those games made by Humongous Entertainment. It's a shame that I can't find anymore copies of those games , and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to play them on my new computer.

They're being imported to Steam? I've got to open a Steam account, NOW! The announcement that Hyperdimension Neptunia was getting a sequel was already awesome by itself. The better gameplay , more characters, and the Share system being easier this time. And then they announced they were going to release this to the US. Oh, the site updated again. What's this, another Izawa video? Meh, give us some news alrea- wait, is Nobuo Uematsu and his band Earthbound Papas going to create the soundtrack of the game!?

Cue the Flying Pigs. The announcement that Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection will have an English release gave fans two reasons to rejoice: Neptunia V II was announced and the first scans showed adult Neptune. No, not Purple Heart, adult Neptune! The fans went nuts to say the least.

More of the original actors are stated to make their return to voice their respective characters. A new Kane and Lynch game? Wait, you get to play as Lynch? And Square Enix is working on it as well? The game might actually be quite good. Square Enix and Eidos the original game's publisher are the same company now, so the latter doesn't really count that much E3 saw an announcement that sent old-school fighting game fans and the FGC in general into a frenzy: And while it may be for the oft-maligned Xbox One and not directly made by Rare, the fact that Double Helix not only has some of the original Killer Instinct crew either directly or indirectly helping with the project to keep it as faithful as possible, but has noted KI fans on its payroll was assurance to many old KI fans.

They'll just screw it up just like they did with XII Hey, those gameplay vids look pretty solid actually, but i paWhawhawha is that you Mai!? Can't wait for summer. Hm, I wonder who the last members of those teams are Only time will tell if he can avoid this fate. Aw crap, SNK has really given up on consoles. At this rate, XIII shall only be an arcade only We love you, Atlus! SNK Playmore hasn't been active in a while, and they just got bought out by a Chinese company.

Looks like it's gonna another death for them - wait, what? Actually stating they're going back to consoles instead of mobile and pachinko? But the graphics look really ugly and last gen, though.

Even with the updated graphics and online, nobody's playing the game still. Looks like the silhouettes are all filled out - wait, there's a fourth one hidden in there? And KOF14's not done yet! SNK has announced that there will be four more characters added into the game.

The first one they announced? And the second one? And the fourth one? The Promised Land before it, there was a lot of whining. Sting was just milking their success with the DS version again, the gameplay would be completely untranslatable, nothing would make this game any fun. When the game's website first went up, Sting revealed the game's most closely-guarded secret: The PSP version would include the Yggdra route that had been planned for the original game but cut at the last minute.

While this hasn't been able to shut all the wankers up what ever can? Oh hey, more news about Kojima okay The PC version's still coming out? Activision is releasing a Legend of Korra video game? This might not completely suck. LittleBigPlanet 3 is a thing?! Doubly when its new features were revealed. It doesn't take much imagination to think that they're just doing it to cash in on the hype of the Olympics for a quick bu- Wait a minute On a home console game for the first time since Sonic Heroes , no less!

SEGA, consider it sold. Not to mention the remixes of many classic Mario and Sonic themes, including a fantastic remix of Bowser's Road and Sky Sanctuary Zone. I really wished this game had Omega, King Boo, etc Oh look, another Olympic Games Not only that, but Espio and Cream are being upgraded from referees!?

That's it; I'm buying this game! The general reaction to the reveal that you could romance Tali and Garrus in Mass Effect 2: In Mass Effect , fans were slightly disgruntled by the perceived low quality of the DLC, plus the fact that there were only two DLC missions available. Though now some people are complaining that Bioware has sold out with the DLC. The Mass Effect 3 trailer.

And the rejoicing continues: Many fans were nervous about the rumored inclusion of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, fearing that BioWare was trying to win over the Call of Duty crowd. Well, the announcement's out, and while there is multiplayer, it's only co-op — with player-customized characters from several races, who have nothing to do with Shepard's squad. Furthermore, while the co-op missions can affect the single-player campaign, it's still possible to get all possible endings, even the perfect ending, without playing multiplayer.

Both fans and detractors of the third game's ending rejoiced with the announcement of the Extended Cut epilogue which aims to address the lack of closure and clarity in the ending while keeping the storyline intact. Upon its release, the majority response was overwhelmingly positive.

So, the "Resurgence" DLC is not only free, but includes six new classes? Vorcha, Quarian males, and Cerberus defectors With the announcement of the Mass Effect Trilogy comes the satisfaction that PS3 users finally get to play the original Mass Effect and import save files straight through to 3.

Not only does he return in all of his magnificent hammy-goodness , complete with epic speeches , but he's bringing the Collectors with him. Snake Eater remake for Nintendo 3DS got the fans super-excited. And they were even more overjoyed by the fact that Peace Walker would be included with reworked controls, an online versus mode, and more.

And then when it was announced that they were porting the HD Collection to the Playstation Vita Peace Walker not included though , fans were even more happy, because now they can take those games on the go, with touch-screen controls and a feature that allows you to take screenshots of the cutscenes. That's not all, fans! Looks like Big Boss is back for one more job! Naked Snake isn't going to be voiced by David Hayter this time! The series has been Ruined Forever! There's just no way anyone could voice him just as well as—- Wait Kiefer Sutherland is going to be his new voice actor?!

You mean to tell me the man who plays Jack Bauer is now going to be Snake?! You know, maybe this'll be pretty cool after all. It's coming to PC! Metal Wolf Chaos is no longer too American for America! They're making a Mistborn video game?

Meh, it'll probably be some dumb FPS with a lousy story ——wait they're letting Brandon Sanderson write the script for it personally? Great, another FPS game with huge jiggling boobs and And then the game proper came out and crapped all over our hopes and dreams. They canceled Mega Man Legends 3 and Universe. No appearance in Marvel vs. Things have been looking bleak when, Inafune announces that he's making a Mega Man-esque platformer starring a Mega Man-esque hero with a bunch of people who worked on Mega Man games in the past and Inti Creates , the company behind Mega Man 9 , Mega Man 10 and the Mega Man Zero series He's making progress on a rerelease.

Certainly a moment to rejoice for fans of a series that has been historically Screwed by the Lawyers. Mushihime Sama Futari on Xbox ? I don't have a Japanese Minecraft In Minecraft 1.

No more double-tapping the move-forwards-button to sprint. Suddenly, running away from endless hordes of monsters, running towards your enemy, and running back home after finding the diamonds you always wanted, became fun. Now there's massive temples with minibosses. The Update Aquatic , or just The Aquatic Update, implies that it will update the oceans, and it sure delivers. This time it's much more than a mere ocean boss that only shows up pseudo-rarely. Coral, kelp, real and tangible fish, and underwater monsters are among some of the additions to this huge change of pace from the old design of oceans, which they generated in for years.

As of this update, oceans are interesting no matter which shore you've swam away from. You know what else is great? They removed the block limitation from the code! Now there can be way more types of unique block added to the game, from here and on and on into the future.

Wait, it's actually set in River Heights? You'll get to play as Ned and Bess? Those who completed Ransom of the Seven Ships also had a moment of this. It was no surprise who the culprit was- there was only one other person on the island to begin with.

What players didn't know was that that person was actually disguising himself. He was really Dwayne Powers, the culprit of a previous game. Also, Dwayne escapes capture at the end of Ransom. I think I smell a cross-game Story Arc on the horizon The revelation that Sonny Joon will make an official appearance in The Shattered Medallion surely counts. Clash of Ninja Revolution 3? Probably just gonna be a rehash with some new features , not planning on this- Wait, Chiyo?

Huh, maybe this won't be so- Wait, characters after the Rescue Gaara Arc? Well, that's kinda- Hidan And Kakuzu? Completely one-upped by Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. In order of things that made fans go Squee!

The most recent Wii game earned some fans, with the announcement Ino makes her first playable Shiipuden appearance, Killer Bee and the Raikage being playable, as well as Minato, they'll also be doing the Sage Mode Naruto and Sasuke one as well.

And now we have Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Yeah, maybe that's milking the Sonic Generations hype Cue the Big "YES! Even Generations paled in comparison to Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

Boss battles are back? The other six jinhuriki and Madara are playable? The Need for Speed racing series fandom has been solidly broken ever since a switch in focus from exotic cars to tuner cars, with a majority considering the Hot Pursuit games to be the best.

Then Electronic Arts announced that the Burnout crew at Criterion Games would be making a new Hot Pursuit game, with the focus back on the exotics, and a major emphasis on "race and chase" play. That was enough to get most of the NFS fandom on board. Then the reveal trailer was put on Youtube. Most everyone else was sold on the game with the Bugatti Veyron cop car.

For the expansion pack of Neverwinter Nights 2 , Mask of the Betrayer , look no further than the suddenly halted wank over the details on the female PC romance option, Gannayev. Guys get a bald-but-still-completely hot Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter , but we get a friggin' hagspawn?

I don't care if the guy who writes his dialogue is totally awesome, it's just not fai—Wait, that's Gannayev? Naw, that can't possibly be I'll be in my bunk.

Attack of the Toybots? Another lame Nick game? Stimpy and Rocko are playable? Wow, Nickelodeon still remembers that they exist!

As for the following game: The original Saturn graphics can be used as well?! Fans of these classic arcade games who had been holding out for anything rejoiced. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle has several of these. Where to even start? First, there's Santa Destroy becoming more compact in response to complaints about the city being "too big" to navigate. Next, there is the side jobs not only having their entry fees getting reduced, but the side jobs themselves becoming 8-bit games!

Among other things, there's also optional dual beam katana-wielding , the side assassination missions getting tied into the plot, more interaction with Jean the cat , 50 bosses including multiples and successive ones and, last but not least, the opportunity to play Shinobu and Henry.

Unfortunately, the final product was littered with the remains of What Could Have Been. The music, however, was more of a straight And the Fandom Rejoiced moment for the fanbase.

Quite a few people were worried about the lack of Masafumi Takada NieR is getting a sequel, and Taro Yoko is still at the reins.

Oh and it is hammered out by PlatinumGames. That's nice but it doesn't sound like anything specia-wait, did you just say that it's being made by the same people behind the Bravely Default series?

Okage got a re-release on the PS4 in HD after over a decade of nothing, Stan, it's great to have you back. Amaterasu isn't the protagonist?

And now the first game is being remade in HD for PS3. Capcom, all my money! A sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors so soon after the first?

I don't know, sounds kind of rus- Post Timeskip Straw Hats?! Playable Kuma, Perona, and Smoker?! Take my money Namco! This was basically the entire Overwatch fandom's reaction to Roadhog's Chain Hook getting fixed and Hanzo's Scatter Arrow being removed.

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. The first trailer of the game was met with negative and skeptical response, most criticism directed towards the ugly 3D modeling, and the fact that it looked like a generic action game when actually it turned out to be an RPG. But upon seeing this trailer , fans immediately wanted in. And then after poor sales of Episode 2, and Hothead Games turning their attention to Deathspank , development of Episode 3 was ceased and the story had to be continued in written form, which pissed off fans Aside from the fact that the next episodes won't be released for PS3, fan response has been highly positive.

After a lackluster Spiritual Successor , and its successively better ports and expansions in regards to Phantasy Star Universe to Phantasy Star Online , finally in late we will have Phantasy Star Online 2. PlanetSide 2 has been announced , it's rumored to be free-to-play, and PC Gamer's distributing beta keys in their April issue? Level-5 just announced Professor Layton vs. Those who knew one game but not the other went "wut". Those who knew both games? This , and this. Even people who had no idea what exactly Professor Layton is about went gaga when the news came up on the Ace Attorney -centric Court-Record Forums.

This may have something to do with the fact that the game will feature voice-acting and full-motion-cutscenes, something Ace Attorney fans have been begging for for years. The fact that Phoenix and Maya are returning after 3 years of absence doesn't hurt, either. Solving puzzles and listening to hilarious and informal statements. I guess Chuggaaconroy was wrong after all The fact that Obsidian Entertainment will be doing Pillars of Eternity without a traditional publisher means it will be safe from the Executive Meddling that plagued many of their earlier titles, especially Knights of the Old Republic II.

Many fans were disappointed to hear the news and pleaded with Overkill to include team AI. After months of speculation and asking, Overkill announced that the game will have friendly AI. However, in Update , they announced they were removing the microtransactions, and this gained peoples' trust back.

There's a new start-up gaming company called Playtonic Games? While there's always a need for a new name in the industry, I'm not sure that they'd have anything interesting to offer They're a band of employees from Rare 's hay day? It's difficult to overstate how good this game's story, music, and mechanics are and veterans are not only getting an even bigger and gorgeous second dose, this also represents another chance at marketing to newcomers.

After years of RayForce fans yearning it to be playable in any shape or form, the prototype of R-GEAR , the lost sequel to RayForce , has been unearthed and will fixed up with the help of an ex-Taito programmer that held onto the prototype to be fully playable but No Ending though!

A PC version of Rayman Origins? Oh brother, they'll probably shit all over it with draconian DRM A new Rayman game that's actually a 2D sidescrolling platformer and not a Rabbids game? Characters and enemies from the classic games returning, including Polokus renamed to Bubble Dreamer, but still , Globox, Teensies and MR. Due to being overshadowed at released due to major games like The Legend of Zelda: And three months later, during Gamescom, four words hit everyone over the head that made Nintendo fans cry with joy: Xbox and PS3 Rayman fans wept with joy when the title was announced to be multiplatform Nintendo Rayman fans just wept.

Time to replay some of the Mega Man Legends seeing that Capcom has given up it and they don't care about 3 anymor—wait is this " Red Ash " about?

After 6 years and a few false starts, a sequel to Red Dead Redemption was finally announced! It says something about the anticipation for a game when all you need is a single piece of artwork. The Guardian said it best: Big companies pump millions of dollars into events like E3 or Gamescom to ensure a huge audience for their meticulously designed teaser trailers.

They set up hashtags, get prominent YouTubers onboard, roll out pan-global campaigns from hour command centres, then obsess over every column inch of coverage. Rockstar changed its logo colour. Reiko Nagase became a much beloved character in the Ridge Racer games, but in 5 she was dropped for a new model. Fan grabbed the Torches and Pitchforks and the game tanked. Seeing the error of their ways Namco tried to make amends with the similar Rena Hyami. The game still sucked.

Rise of the Triad is getting a remake? It'll probably be ruined like Duke Nukem Forev -wait, it has all the weapons, all the powerup modes, the original sounds and music if you don't like the new ones, the Ludicrous Gibs are even more ludicrous , and it still has giant floating coins and Scott's Mystical Head?

Robocraft is getting an update yet again. New carbon 6 tier 10 SMGs, which is nice since we already had the megabot version. New carbon armor cubes classed as cosmetic items, meaning they'll probably have to be bought using the premium curren— Wait, it's available in free currency?

And we have all the electroplates shapes added to tier 10, and they get overclocking?! Classic mode set at overclock level 4? When " Guitar Hero " got its fans rejoicing, rival series Rock Band pulled this off as well. Harmonix managed to secure the approval with two Queen songs, the Ghostbusters theme, and " The Final Countdown ", among others.

And the announcement that its songs can be exported to the main Rock Band games. For the last, they have full recreations of the places The Beatles themselves performed at, and the Sgt. Pepper uniforms were pure want.

The Rock Band Network. Simply put, you get to download the same software that Harmonix use to make Rock Band songs, and an artist can use it to make charts and program character animations for one of their own songs, or they can pay for a charting company to do it for them. If it's good enough, it gets released into the store, and you get a cut of the profits.

The Rock Band forums went insane at this announcement. For Rock Band 3 , the announcement of the keyboard peripheral, the announcement of the Pro Guitar mode, three-part vocal harmonies, compatibility with the whole song back catalogue, and an epic setlist which included " Free Bird ", " Bohemian Rhapsody ", " Crazy Train ", " Rainbow in the Dark ", " Break On Through To The Other Side ", and " Crosstown Traffic ", kicked up a storm.

Combined with earlier surveys containing questions about bringing back Rock Band circulating, and some interviews where Harmonix employees expressed interest in continuing the series, rumors of a new Rock Band being in the works began floating about. Come March , Harmonix finally sets the record straight — Rock Band 4 is indeed in production, and will be out later in The time to form a band and rock the world once more is coming soon. The new tracks coming to Rock Band 4 have generated some hype as well.

And every song makes it — there are no cuts for any reason. A Scott Pilgrim video game? Meh, even with the source material, it's still a licensed game The Game will add Scott's roommate Wallace Wells and, finally , some much-needed online multi-player for only Microsoft Points roughly two years after its initial release. Every Scott Pilgrim fans' prayers are finally answered. Okay, they already did a dub of the anime of Sengoku Basara , and they're bringing the game to western countries too.

Let's hope they won't name it Devil Kings agai—they're actually calling it Sengoku Basara now! Now that it's confirmed, let's hope they won't mess up the voice acting agai— Wait, what?

Reuben Langdon is cast as Masamune?! My guns are already on! There's backwards compatible version for Xbox One, but it's a missed opportunity to really show what the eighth generation consoles are capabl—you're gonna re-release the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC after all, with updated graphics and new content to boot?!

Another Shadowrun video game? It's just gonna be another bland FPS- What? Jordan Weisman's running the show? And it's gonna be a turn-based RPG? Damnit - where'd I put my credit card? Hurry up and vote for this game's PC release! Jake "virt" Kaufman's track record was already amazing. There was no doubt that he would make sure that the soundtrack for Shovel Knight was also amazing.

However, the announcement that Manami Matsumae, best known for her work on the first Mega Man game, would compose two tracks for the game assured in the minds of many that what they once thought would be only an amazing soundtrack, would actually end up being LEGENDARY! Or at least, they were This was pretty much what happened when fans of The Sims learned that Sims 3: Pets would include unicorns. Rejoicing grew even louder when it was revealed the player could actually control the pets directly, something players had wanted since Unleashed and Sims 2: Originally, there was groaning at the notion that the game featured all the same animals as 2: Even more so when it was revealed there were no werewolves in this one.

The Sims 4 is getting a vampire pack? Well, it looks really cool, but we still don't have toddlers - wait, there was a free patch? They're not part of a paid pack? Haven't heard much from Sin and Punishment. It's a shame only Japan got that game and - what's this? Treasure are making a sequel?! Store or sell plorts? You name it, they'll do it for you so you can explore away from your ranch for longer than two days at a time.

They're absolutely adorable —they're basically little wind-up worker bees that sleep on flowers. And you can make them even more adorable by dressing them up with fashion pods. Okay, the pitchforks will be on standby.

Yeah, I'm definitely getting it but I hope we get a good guest character this time— wait. Is that Ezio Auditore leaping at Nightmare with his hidden blade!? Soulcalibur V has officially jumped to day one purchase! To put it another way, in a series where all guests barring Link in the GameCube version of II are divisive mostly for not matching the atmosphere of the series, as seen most famously with Star Wars characters in IV , the announcement and even the hints , in the form of a leaked character select screenshot of Ezio led to a massive Just Here for Godzilla reaction.

As it turned out, this was pretty much why Ezio was picked — he had runaway popularity and had yet to suffer from Sequelitis when Namco Bandai first cooperated with Ubisoft on this in the West and is probably the only guest character who so completely fit the atmosphere of the Soul games, thanks to his own native setting of Renaissance Italy.

News of the August 6, update, which includes more options for battling with friends, the ability to make teams, new clothes, a raise to the level cap and top score on battle mode, and new weapons like a bucket and an ink gatling gun , has caused many people to be excited. A Squid Girl costume? Aw, that'll never come to America So what's the theme for the fourth American Splatfest? And the shirts use their faction symbols?! Transform and roll out! The announcement of the Octo Expansion.

A second story campaign with an Octoling protagonist, as well as allowing Octolings as playable characters in multiplayer, were both features that fans had wanted since the release of the first game especially since datamining hinted at the latter in the previous game. New weapons, new stages, old stages. Business as usual, ho-hum— Callie's coming back?!

This tweet about sums up the fans' reaction. Internet Backdraft coming in 3, 2, And after a last-minute delay, the trilogy is finally coming. After the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy , people were hoping that the original Spyro trilogy would get the same treatment.

Looks like should be a good year for them. That is just perfect! A new SSX game? Eh, that's not that impressive. Wait, is that "It's Tricky? And he has his dreadlocks back?

Blizzard has recently announced that Robert Clotworthy will be reprising his role as the Terran hero Jim Raynor in Starcraft II , after an earlier announcement that he would not. What do you mean they changed Kerrigan's voice actor?

What is this— wait, Tricia Helfer is now voicing her? It was confirmed that the sequel would pick up on all the plot threads left dangling from the expansion, even that one that only appeared in a special bonus mission you could only access by performing an arcane ritual at 3am on the vernal equinox or something. Hell, the announcement of Starcraft II period counts as this. Tychus Findlay said it for millions of StarCraft players worldwide when it happened: Battle for Atlas is a toys to life space combat game.

He can be used for the entire game, and even has his own missions?! Let's rock and roll! Michael Dorn voicing Ambassador Worf in "Sphere of Influence", and the updated face model for Worf that now actually looks like him since Dorn gave Cryptic permission to use his face.

Even more rejoicing occurred when people discovered they'd also had him rerecord the existing voiceovers for Worf. In one of the latest trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic , it's revealed that one of the Empire missions will be investigating Darth Revan's secret facility. And at the end of the trailer, before the title, the shadow of a cloaked figure is looking over a familar mask And then then someone else appears after the title.

Strife is back , and better than ever!!! One of the developers also happens to be the developer of Doom 64 EX and its features has been implemented to The Original Strife: So DICE is making a new game. Snow, first person , yeah yeah Star Wars Battlefront 3!! The Utopia expansion for Stellaris , bringing in such often-requested features as mass Mind Uploading for entire interstellar civilizations, true Hive Minds , a soul-devouring hyperspace realm full of horrors to bargain with , and even the ability to eat conquered and enslaved xenos complete with a "Delicious" trait for species!

Even the most cantankerous corners of Paradox's eccentric fanbase is feeling the enthusiasm. Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki are going to be in it? Guy and Cody too? After years of clamoring for this matchup to happen, you can finally flatten Balrog's punk ass Going back even further, the announcement of the original SFIV was a massive moment of Fandom Rejoicing because they never expected to receive another entry in the series. At long last, after years of absence from the series and only appearing in obscure crossover titles, Karin Kanzuki makes her triumphant return to the SF series, older and wiser but no less haughty.

And it doesn't stop there. And the best part? All of this DLC can be unlocked for free simply by playing the game when the characters are completed and released. Well, the game's been out for 9 months now. There's only 22 characters, no Arcade Mode, questionable netcode, and certain iconic characters haven't been revealed yet. Season 3 is going to feature the return Blanka, Sakura, and Sagat, the latter two of which have been highly requested since launch.

Cody is also coming back, and seems to have ditched his prison clothes and been elected as mayor. Related to Sakura, she has now ditched her schoolgirl sailor uniform in favor of an arcade worker uniform, relieving those who feared that she would never grow up after Ono's infamous "Always a highschool girl" statement. After years of absence and only having to depend on a fan-remake While details were still scarce, the fact that it was made by the creators of the remake of the Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap was enough to send the fandom into a mass Squee!

Sigh, guess we'll never Pretty much every time the Smash Bros Dojo updated the site with the profile of a new character, but particularly the two third party characters, Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog because they were complete with character trailer videos.

Sonic's in particular stands out because even if you expected it, it was still a huge deal to finally have Sonic in Smash Bros. If anyone tells you they didn't go nuts when they saw his announcement, they are lying. Hell, Brawl's first trailer was a long string of these: After all these years, Pit's back! Mega Man Classic in the upcoming fourth game. I just got something in my eye Alas, even as popular as the anime is overseas, there's no way this game will find its way in the west It's coming to the US and Europe?!

Better save up for a Vita! Syndicate is getting remade as a FPS? They're ruining our childhoods! Hey wait, it actually looks and feels like Syndicate , unlike that other strategy game getting a remake?

As in, Saints Row 2 Shaundi. In addition, Keith David the voice of Julius Little from the first two games returns as Also, he's the Vice President of the United States.

It's a shame that Senko no Ronde never got a chance in the West. Many reviewers put it down due to their lack of understanding the shoot 'em up genre, and the console games have been Xbox exclusive with a sequel that remained only in Japan and region-locked at that , yet it was an overlooked gem Up until that point in time, most people in and out of the industry thought that Shenmue III would never happen, ever.

The crowdfunding campaign itself broke previous records and at the same time, broke Kickstarter due to the number of people going on board to fund the game. Oh, cool, the first Dangan Ronpa game released in the US, but I hope it sells well enough for its se- wait, literally two days after the release, we have confimation of Super Dangan Ronpa 2?! Cool, but who's going to be voicing wh- they're having the same person who voiced Naegi come back to voice Komaeda, like they did in the Japanese release?

We haven't heard much about it since they confirmed it coming out, I wonder if they- holy hells a trailer came out. What a shame that sora by pick-up an internet scumbag who purposely botched the translation and forced DRM down customers throats with it.

Bandai Namco wants to know if your soul still burns. That's right Soul Calibur VI is scheduled for Also Mitsurugi is young again and Sophitia's alive, too. Tales of Monkey Island. Some fans were hesitant, seeing as the last 3D installment of the game was And who's this Telltale Games , anyway? Wait, it's Dave Grossman? Dominic Armato and Alexandra Boyd are back?? Michael Land is composing new music?!! Several episodes had their own mini-And The Fandom Rejoiced moments as well.

Denny Delk as Murray is back in Chapter Three! Stan is your opposition in Chapter Four! Needless to say, there was much rejoicing. To make matters even more wonderful we have an advert for their newest game, The Last Guardian. We are so very pleased. Now that it's over, E3 recently gave fans a trailer that - wait a minute, that fortress looks familiar. Those landmarks aren't actually-?

And that character can't really be—?! Holy shit, Shadow of the Colossus is getting another remake with completely new graphics?! Considering that the game is primarily based on the film and TV series , it took a spotting of the Technodrome from the '80s cartoon in the Comic-Con trailer to raise back their optimism.

They're still complaining, but an improvement's an improvement. The composer of TTT 's soundtrack? Is it possible to smell win? Fans went insane after getting a mere glimpse of some of the new Tag Combos. The AOU Trailer. Speaking of which fan opinion of the first Tekken Tag went like this. Jun's one of the playable characters. I am getting this game. And she has the same mission as The Hero? Awesome, but since he returned after appearing in the first Tag game shouldn't Kunimitsu and Michelle Chang?

All 3 haven't been appeared since the first Tekken Tag, as well. An all new Mushroom Battle mode? Play with the Game Pad , no TV required?

It looks like Tekken 7 will get an update subtitled 'Fated Retribution' which was like 'Bloodline Rebellion'. Well that opens up for the new character.

Okay we're seeing that movie about the one Kazumi talked to about killing Heihachi Wow he actually speaks? But if it's Jinpachi, both his seiyuus are already dead , so maybe it's The Other Darrin Another DLC character coming to 7?

We're basically getting SNK vs. Terraria was thought to be unsupported, with Redigit seemingly abandoning the game after the console versions came out The official forums exploded with glee, and on April 3, , he confirmed the game was in development. Even missing the projected July release date hasn't dampened fan enthusiasm. The Grand Master 4. One news story for Sega's Amusement Machine Show later, fans were, flowery graphics aside, excited to find out that it's a proper TGM game.

Torment , and it is being made by at least one of the original creators, and all signs point to it being awesome. If you're interested, take a wander over to Torment: Creative Assembly has announced a new Total War title. Fans of regular Touhou danmaku acted harshly towards the announcement of Hisoutensoku. Can we just get to 13 already It's a shooter with Cirno? And you freeze bullets? Oh boy, Touhou And now Touhou 14 has been announced, and Sakuya is playable again!

North American fans rejoiced when Anime Weekend Atlanta announced that ZUN was going to be at the convention, which was his first public appearance outside of Asia. War for Cybertron ; Well, the previous Transformers games haven't been that great an- wait! Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime again! It's taking place entirely on Cybertron! It's not based on any previous movies or TV series!

Further rejoicing also came about after the reveal of this awesome trailer. Alright the sequel Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will be out in But wait there more? They've managed to make Grimlock even more badass. How this is possible I don't know. In T-rex form, he chews his opponents and breathes fire. Okay, first we had Grimlock, now Bruticus, who's next on the list? Okay, Grimlock, Jazz, and Dinobots hashing it out with Bruticus, that's pretty cool.

Hang on a minute Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta , are making a brand new Transformers title, Devastation! And most of voice cast from the 80's cartoon is coming back for it! Furthermore, fans got really giddy when they saw that the Transformers had their G1 appearances to match the return of the G1 VAs.

A new Twisted Metal game for PS3? A nice big-budget arena shooter should do nicely to break up the monotony of all the modern military shooters. Hooray, Maximum Tune is relevant in North America once more! And it's not just exclusive to Round 1 locations!

That's the big change, a name? Oh you're rebooting the entire series THQ, whatev Create an Arena, you say? And you've fixed Universe mode? I still can't change champions at will. Exhibition and Universe are separate? Pfft, bet it's someone crappy like Michael Cole or something. Here Comes the Pain! Ok, so what can we expect from WWE 13? Meh, it's probably just a money making ploy Ok, that's actually pretty good We can change the stage on Create an Arena now, and create Bingo Hall sized arenas?

Ok, this is shaping up well. Well, let's see what they've got on DLC. A few belts, some superstars they left on the cutting room floor, not much too spec- wait, is that Too Cool? Shut up and take my my money, THQ! Lita is back in the game? Oh my god, is that Okay the DLC has been announced. Let's see, the Bella Twins?

Unfortunately, this was subverted by many fans, who were too outraged over the exclusion of the Four Horsewomen from the game to celebrate Joe's debut. After all the backlash over their omission in 2K16, all Four Horsewomen have finally arrived! WWE 2K18's pre-order has been revealed: New original mythical characters like Kaguya, Shuten-Douji and Nezha?

Other-timeline characters like Jeanne d'Arc and Achilles!? Not just my money. No SW Chronicles 2 newbies too? Damn you K— Wait, Kasumi finally made it!? Wow, Guest Characters have been going good for Since when are Tecmo-Koei and Bandai Namco are shaking hands together!?

Whatever, this is gonna be awesome! It's kind of hard to enjoy the great game known as Warriors Orochi since a lot of the newer cast from Dynasty Warriors 8 and Samurai Warriors 4 would never be unique there and the story seemed to end on a good note. Dynasty Warriors 9 turned out a radical mess of good and bad, Warriors All-Stars is a mixed bag and toned down massive crossover.

Well I guess we wouldn't see those previous guys enjoy the mystic crossover—Wait, is that a new WO game!? Warriors Orochi is back with WO4!! Shucks, they removed the Guest Characters. We're not going to see the likes of Hayabusa and Kasumi again. And the newcomers from DW9 and Spirit of Sanada might not make it Whoa, we're getting the Greek Myth!?

Zeus is the Big Bad!? We may get the Olympian deities like Athena and Poseidon!? Wow, almost a worthy exchange! Altering the statistics of your character in relation to the game the character is in. It could either be altering the stats of an existing character, or it could be making one from scratch. This has been around at least as long as Roleplaying Games , and became a Video Game staple well beyond that genre.

The exact statistics depend on the game, but there are some general ones: Name Personal information age, family, background Physical information height, weight, hair and eye color Equipment and clothes the character is wearing Attributes, often including at minimum a Three-Stat System or on average The Six Stats Skills and abilities The character's job often means more how they fight rather than a profession.

These are chosen either arbitrarily , from a list of presets, or randomly such as rolling dice , but can also be a combination of the three. Sometimes these can be changed later on if the game allows it like when a character levels up. Expect Guide Dang It! Super Trope to Special Snowflake Syndrome. Overlaps with Gaming Stat Tropes. Armored Core allows the same thing: Or Fokker's Valkyrie in Gerwalk mode? Difficult, but Awesome , go to it. Ragnarok Odyssey allows the player a great deal of customization: The only limitation to the customization is gender.

Firstly, you may choose to customize your in-game internet-based avatar from a wide number of various pre-rendered appearances, ranging from simple humanoid polygons on up to photorealistic humans. Secondly, you may purchase an AI chip to help you in your fighting and join in on your conversations in the course of the game. There quite a few of them, all of them being some kind of animal and possessing individual personalities. Finally, you may also customize your SV, first by picking a company to buy the core body from, then putting your Mini-Mecha together from a combination of limbs, weapons, additional gear, paint jobs, decals, and enough Elite Tweak options to make your head spin.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows Link to be customized with a different cap, tunic, and pants which can even be dyed different colors. Some outfits are needed to properly equip Link for certain areas of the game. Gundam Breaker has a lot of customization involved. The following features are all customizable on any given Gunpla you build in the game: Your suit's basic parts head, torso, arms, legs, backpack, and shield and each part's specific stats Your suit's standard ranged and melee weapons Optional Builder's Parts that enhance your suit's performance or grant it new weapons or abilities The color, paint quality, patterns, decals, and cosmetic damage level of each body part The special abilities, attacks, and equipment that it can deploy The nature of your Limit Break focusing on attack, speed, health recovery, or time manipulation and even what that attack is such as the Heavyarms' More Dakka special or the Freedom's Beam Spam attacks Your Super-Deformed Robot Buddy 's chassis, colors, and special skills Your choice of personal avatar based on the flight suits worn in the animes.

Incidentally, most of the player-made cars can or will be better than most of the stock vehicles. The Mario Kart games have been using this progressively more throughout the series. While later games dropped the two-character gimmick, interchangeable karts remained. Starting with 7 , the karts themselves can now be customized, with different options for the chassis, wheels, and glider.

Twisted Metal 4 is thus far the only game in the franchise to offer an actual creation mode, allowing you to pick from among some vehicle body types and special weapons, then name and save the result. A few of the options harken back to past vehicles which aren't offered in the actual game.

Being able to modify cars and paints in racing games is certainly not unheard of but this is what Forza is known for. Want any of Dom's, Letty's or Paul Walker's cars? Want police paint jobs? You can get Tasmania police paint jobs, standard, hi vis, forensics, for different vehicles. More customization options and car sets are unlocked as rewards in the game. The Create-A-Legend mode in the Legends Of Wrestling game series was an interesting experiment, allowing any move whatsoever even a regular punch or snapmare to be a finishing maneuver and allowing the loading of an in-game wrestler as a physical template.

And since Fire Pro has 2D graphics, a lot of the programming that would have gone into the graphics instead went into being able to fully program the behavior of the created wrestler, making it big for simulators as well. Final Bout on Super Nintendo: However, only Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium on the same console would be the milestone for the later installments. Some wrestling games have actually tanked due to an insufficient create-a-wrestler mode.

Yes, we're talking about you, Rumble Roses XX - a dozen different pre-made templates and pre-made movesets doesn't cut it anymore. Sadly, later games especially in the Smackdown vs. Raw series are moving away from complete customization, preventing players from playing female characters such as Cute Bruisers in the story mode, and blocking any attempt to add custom patterns or objects near the crotch and chest of female characters.

Got to keep it PG , after all. Averted in WWE 2K16 and it allows the Difficult, but Awesome method of going to 2K's site and import face photos and logos to use on your characters.

You can have the real faces of anyone you can think of and paint the clothing they wear over the outfits in the game, paving the way for endless options for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Armageddon had this feature applied to almost every aspect of the fighter, including moveset and endings.

The bad thing is, only one character per profile is allowed, and you may need to kill some time on unlocking additional attire and moves. The sixth installment of Tekken , as well as the Virtua Fighter series starting from part four, allow the player to change the already-existing fighters' costumes.

Not to mention that VR has this also incorporated for the arcade-going player character himself. Tag 2 has a deeper customization mode that has just included emblems.

All the playable characters will have customizable special moves. For the majority of the characters, these are mostly variations of their default special moves. For Mii Fighters and Palutena , however, their customizable moves are completely unique. Speaking of Mii Fighters, they are based on your Miis who on their own are customizable , they can be Brawlers, Gunners, or Swordsmen all three having their own sets of special moves and they are able to have customizable clothing.

Neither customizable moves or Mii Fighters are allowed in anonymous online battles. In addition, there are equipable items that, like the Stickers in Brawl 's Adventure Mode, affect certain attributes of your character. Ultimate Tenkaichi is the first DBZ fighting game to feature character customization, allowing players to create their own characters albiet limited to Saiyan males of three body types. Dragon Ball Xenoverse goes a step further, borrowing from two other DBZ games Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Heroes to give players the choice between male or female Saiyans, Earthlings, and Majins as well as Namekians and Frieza's Race , with a fair bit of customization including height, build, skin tone, voice, and every aspect of their head and face.

Injustice 2 allows players to customize their favorite heroes and villains in the game, which not only affects how they look, but also how they play. All the changes are completely cosmetic, though dialog will change slightly depending on chosen gender. This is especially funny since the original Halo: Combat Evolved was infamous for having everyone play as identical Faceless Mooks , in contrast to most FPSs where all the character models are default options for MP, and typical servers are full of custom player models.

Brink has a very large customization system in which outfits are unlocked as you level up. Many modern military shooters do this by providing the choice of equipment and perks in lieu of premade character classes. Modern Warfare is quite robust in this area. On the wackier end of the scale, Team Fortress 2 now allows players to customize their characters with a diverse selection of cosmetics, weapons, and emotes.

Notably, none of the items that are available for sale affect actual in-game stats; the stock Medic on the left is just as capable a support class as the bedecked Medic on the right. Also, because its revamped battle system contained several characters with 'cloned' movesets characters sharing weapon styles save for single 'EX' moves and Musou attacks , DW7E allowed for further, limited customization of your characters' combo strings and special attacks.

Another of DW7E 's unique features is allowing you to set your creations as 'stand-ins' for the many, many generic officers in the game. You can't make everyone unique, as there are more generics than there are creation slots, but you can come fairly close.

DW7E also allowed for one to create characters with one of six "Fame" types that provide bonus stats and abilities: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires expands on the customization options of the previous game, allowing the player to also edit their troops, steeds, and banners.

Koei's other mainstay, Samurai Warriors , allows players to both copy existing character weapons or use a generic spear, katana, or naginata moveset. The greatest distinction from the canon characters was the use of alternate skill sets, which might not quite completely mesh with a standard moveset. Fortunately, few Game-Breaker combinations happened as a result. Due to the obvious multiplayer focus of the genre, this is done for players to make their own characters be unique to them instead of choosing from presets.

Final Fantasy XI allows you to use any of the game's jobs classes as a sub-job to the main job being used, at half the main's level, provided it's been sufficiently leveled up before.

There's also the option of earning Merit Points for boosts in stats or abilities, but those are only after you reach the level cap. Final Fantasy XIV gives players a choice between one of six races, either gender, and a fairly robust variety of options for further customizing your character's appearance.

In addition to the series's Job System allowing players to take on any class in the game, the Glamours system also allows players to project the appearance of any gear over their equipped armor and weapon. Not to mention your choices in skin color City of Heroes by Paragon Studios had, as one of its main selling points, a robust character creator, and the complete separation of costume and powers. This allowed for absolutely freaking ridiculous levels of customisation, and it was no exaggeration to say you would never encounter two identical characters that weren't made so deliberately.

To elaborate, There were 3 Body types, 8 sliders to adjust that body type's individual "build", 4 different areas of the costume with each around 6 subzones which you pick a item for, which was then color customized with 2 colors and a pattern for those colors, and even the attacks were customized. There were also colors you could customize and for weapon-users you could change and recolor the stick you swing around or shoot people with.

Then comes recoloring everything. The Mission Architect feature allowed you to create custom missions and also allowed you to use the same character creator to make custom enemies as well. Star Trek Online has a massive amount of this. You are fully capable of customizing the race and appearance of your captain, of all your bridge officers, of your ship, your ship's interior well, the bridge at the moment, with more coming , as well as the names, biographies, and abilities of your captain and all your officers.

So long as you want to be a humanoid biped. The developers said this might be amended in expansions. The Multi-User Dungeon New Worlds Ateraan allows complete customization, from all the general ones mentioned to far more personality traits, accents, and more; since the game itself is based on roleplay, with players able to write their own characters within certain guidelines , this results in a wide variety of characters.

For instance, the available clothing and jewelry is nearly all player-made, running the gamut from concise to incredibly detailed. Though there are rules set in place to prevent immersion-breaking items, there's still a gargantuan amount of text describing all sorts of outfits and garments.

Similarly, tattoos and piercings are described by players in text, as is the sight, smell, and taste of food. May just be face, skin, and hair, but then you realise it has 8 and counting races with 2 genders, all of which have 3D models. You can make your character wear just about anything and have the final gear stats.

While this isn't unique to the WoW , we are talking about a game where weapons are as varied as lightsabers to your plain old insanely large sword to a tentacle to a fish. Phantasy Star Online 2 has an extremely extensive character creator that in addition to allowing customization of basic features like hair style, skin tone, and eye color, allows you to fine tune your character's physical features like the shape of their eyes and face, arm and leg length, and muscle mass.

The armor also doesn't obscure your character as in some other games simply being small attachments on their costume that can be hidden if the player wishes , so your efforts won't end up feeling wasted later. Episode 4 also introduces "Layered Wear" which allows players to mix-and-match different costume parts. In addition to the standard selection of eye color, hair, etc. All of this is done via clicking and dragging. See the trailer for it here.

This allows for combinations of characters. In Sonic Battle a Fighting Game spinoff , Emerl can be customized with skill cards, changing his moveset, power, and appearance. Sonic Generations allows you to customize either Sonic with skills, which alter the gameplay in various ways.

Sonic Forces features a customizable original character , with the base animals being a bear, wolf, dog, cat, rabbit, bird and hedgehog, each with their own inherent abilities.

They can be further customized with cosmetic clothing and gadgets called "Wispons". Considering the reception it got from the fanbase due to the reputation Sonic OCs have gotten over the years, that's mostly all that we're going to mention for now.

They all come with some basic clothes and instruments; new ones have to be bought later, using money earned in Tour mode. However, due to memory limitations and pre-recorded song scenes, the Wii and PS2 versions of the first Rock Band feature pre-made characters, similar to those in Guitar Hero.

While the Wii version of the second game has character creation, the PS2 version still does not. In Guitar Hero which, starting from World Tour , included a character creation engine to help it compete with Rock Band , you can also choose the moves your character uses before the gig, after they have played the song, or if they got booed off the stage. The faces and hair in We Cheer , and even more so in the second game. This doesn't effect how the characters think of you, however.

At least not during Social Links. Further, later releases' fusion and skill card systems let you make teams of Guardian Entities with customized skills and stats. The Original Generation games, though, are a little freer in the availability of mechs, and at least half the weapons can be freely distributed among any Real Robots on your team, making it much easier to alter various pilots to fill a needed niche in your forces.

Super Robot Wars Alpha allowed you to choose from eight starting characters and then customize their name, birthday, blood type, and other details. The birthdays determine which Spirit spells your main pilots get. All eight of the default characters featured in the Original Generations series. Depending on the origin of the character in question, and the various plots surrounding them, you can even customise what they pilot.

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