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Apps for behavior management: Analysis

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Some are very comprehensive and some are more basic. Those that are more complex have usually been developed for use with ABA therapy. There is a rigorous data collection component in ABA that is used to guide therapy usually with data collection forms and graphs so these apps require more of an investment to learn to accurately analyze behavior. These apps can be useful as therapists or parents can have the ability to collect data and access it quickly. In addition, many of these apps analyze the behavior in the form of graphs or summaries, so it is easier to come to conclusions about antecedents, behavior and consequences.

More basic apps are those that tally behavior so parents or teachers can see a pattern. Behavior Tracker Pro was designed by a board-certified behavior analyst. Quite comprehensive and with multiple functions, it requires training. Parents who are working with ABA therapists closely would probably benefit most from this app. There are essentially four options: Within these options, you have the ability to collect data and then analyze it. This app can also accommodate multiple student profiles, making this ideal for ABA therapists.

It even allows parents or therapists to record video within the app. Another bonus is that this app is available on iOS and on Blackberry devices- more information can be found on the Behavior Tracker Pro website. Behavior Assessment Pro allows users to answer a series of questions surrounding a particular behavior antecedents, consequences, etc essentially allowing for more intensive analysis of the behavior. We like the fact that the questions are scripted which allows for consistent analysis — but we also wish that we could customize some questions as well.

This would be a great addition to the app. Symtrend ADL is an app that focuses on daily living skills such as getting dressed or eating. Unsure as to why a child is having that tantrum every day at the dinner table? Following a step-by step process, it allows the parent to enter data and then provides charts to analyze the patterns and possible causes of the targeted behavior. A nice feature of this app is the strategy section for parents and it is designed to work on both the iPhone as well as natively on the iPad.

Tallymander is very basic app and not really designed for behavioral intervention. There is something to be said for simplicity… essentially, this is a counting app. Need to track how many times your student is performing a specific behavior negative or positive? This might be useful tool for teachers as part of the analysis phase, but overall, not really a large part of a behavioral intervention plan. We like that last point. Often the reward is delayed until a child demonstrates the behavior consistently over a period of time ex.

For example, a child might receive a sticker every time he brushes his teeth. Use of apps for behavior management charting and rewarding is somewhat controversial. But incentive systems can work for some children if implemented correctly and consistently. Its important not to target too many behaviours at the same time. And remember that praise and positive feedback can be used as a reward.

Chore Pad HD was originally designed for chores around the house, and parents could use this app to target a specific behavior. However, it is quite limited, designed really for families who are specifically targeting chores around the house. So we would probably choose another app to target behavior. However, if you want an app specifically for chores, then this might be the one for you.

ChorePad is quite easy to use; it allows you to select a targeted chore and then tracks the chores on a daily or weekly basis by allotting stars pre-selected by the parent when the chore is completed. The iPhone mom and iAutism both have reviews of ChorePad. This app allow parents to create targeted activities for their child, then assign stars once those targeted activities or behaviors are completed.

The goal is working towards a specific reward. Goal-setting is very important, especially when setting up rewards and charts. Instead, set manageable goals. Aggressive behavior is one thing. Picking up a sweater that was thrown on the floor is another.

We have not yet found any apps for behavior management that focus solely on teaching goal-setting. In the meantime, we have found some basic resources to provide some guidance on goal-setting:. Rewards are great motivators. If possible, allow your child to select the reward that they would like. Greater involvement in their own behavior intervention plan means greater ownership over the behavior which leads to greater success.

I have mine set to automatic colour codes depending on what numerical grade I give them for the lesson. This creates a quick way to see if your students have understood what you taught them in the lesson. As well as being able to set pretty much any mark parameters, iDoceo has a very handy annotations feature.

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