Price 64, gp; Aura strong conjuration; CL 17th; Weight 1 lb. New body slot dentures What magic items would you make for dentures false teeth? Price 3, gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Weight 1 lb. Now I know what your going to say, nonproficiency penalties. The Law Is Here! It can accept other, armor modifications I like a pair of oil chambers Dungeonscape 30, 1, gp; 0 lbs.

New body slot( dentures )


Added size categories for damage, instead of base damage. Then have the exclusive item enhancements relate directly to stuff that comes from Bites. Poisons and diseases applied by Bites getting DC and effect buffs, as a very basic example.

As well as Breath Weapon stuff, including a Metabreath setup that lets you apply whatever you feel like from basically all the meta-whatever things to the Breath Weapon. Also bite-related stuff like temp HP as a Vampirism thing or improved Wight creation methods.

Also, demiliches have soul gems in place of their teeth. Functions as the spell. Provide a bonus to the social skills?

I don't really do Magic Item Creation so I will stop here. Originally Posted by Gray Lensman. I had a player that asked for a Tongue Stud of Glibness.

So cheap but so powerful Thursday, 17th October, , Hydra - snake body or dinosaur body? Monday, 16th April, , Friday, 16th June, , This is a very open-ended question -- essentially you're asking "what is a good custom magic item for a divine caster? They will know what they want better than we do.

A general guideline for [determining the market price of] other kinds of [items that grant] feats is that they cost 10, gp, plus another 5, gp to 10, gp per prerequisite.

That's a very good deal for a character with Kgp to spend, but maybe it's balanced by taking up an armor slot. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Here is the rule: Acceptable answers are Any pre-crafted light armor listed in an even exotic official source that has a special property related to divine casters that you could not obtain by applying armor creation rules. I am looking for a " Robe of the Archpriest " I believe that question about lists of objects are not exactly welcomed here, so if there are a lot of candidate items, just tell me where I should look.

Eldebryn 2, 18 Epeedefeu 12 Since the answers did not meet my expectations, I asked on meta the question Did I really asked how to get around Healers Armor limitations? Voting to close as your edit has made it entirely opinion-based.

So you don't agree that your suggestion about using blue ice is a loophole that gets around the rule? Epeedefeu what you want to do is ask for the best 'Specific Magic Armor' for a Healer, which is the category of item you're having trouble describing. You would then need to compare the answer to that to your own 'not-specific magic item' research. There are numerous solid non-metal armors: KRyan k 23 Don't bother over price considerations, the PC has more than , gp to spend.

About your " Technically you can wear it without that, but the penalties involved are just not worth it " statement are you sure? I only see a -1 to reflex and -1 to init. Also, I prefer the chain shirt because of the reduced ACP, not because of the money savings. Would be much more interesting than the Cold Endurance feat don't you think? I recommend a continuous endure elements on the armor itself, so that it automatically protects the wearer from itself plus various other uncomfortable conditions.

I like a lot that nightscale suggestion! Probably the monk's belt is the best bet Note that the torso body slot and the body body slot are different; wearing armor prevents wearing another body body slot magic item but not a torso slot magic item. Hey I Can Chan k 11 I agree with KRyan. Actually before he spoke about blue ice I was more thinking about using the monk's belt, because there is absolutely no dexterity limitation and having a big dexterity is another way to get AC and it stacks with monk's belt WIS-to-AC.

But losing soulfire is a problem. Epeedefeu Unless the healer is the typical target of the optimized-for-initiative wizard's enervation or similar effect at the beginning of combat which seems unlikely , the talisman is a more comprehensive and economical defensive measure than soulfire. Further, a level 15 healer could instead cast a quickened death ward to get the same effects as the magic armor special ability.

Should the question be updated to include a campaign reason that makes soulfire this important when the character already possesses via spells a way to deal with such effects? Soulfire is not that important. How to fill it cleverly? A healer is a spontaneous caster, and thus can't use quicken spell I assume there's a workaround but it's probably an expensive one.

Even after that is solved, the quickened-death-ward solution works for only one combat per day, takes up the caster's only L8 spell slot, and consumes a swift action which could have cast some other quickened spell.

I don't think quickened-death-ward is a good substitute for soulfire. The talisman still seems viable, though. Another graft from the Fiend Folio is the Strong Leg. How about a Wand of Rary's mnemonic enhancer? It's not a magic item, but a Bullseye Lantern. Combine with pyrotechnics and blind your foes in a ' cone without blinding your team. Oh, and a Tinfoil Hat. Originally Posted by Lycanthromancer. Ring of the Darkhidden: Originally Posted by Koury. Also, what is the price of the wing graft, if you know.

Thanks And do grafts take slots, or are they filed under 'Other'? A lot of the others only have 1. So, if you were a level 10 wizard, what would you fill your arm slot with? A level 15 fighter looking for a face slot?

Rogue with nothing in his head slot? Helm of Glorious Recovery helps me out too with melee guys. And the best part is that they don't cost a single copper piece. Oh, and Ring of Forcewall is pretty key to my late game fun if I'm not a caster. Narrativist, wacky builder, and dancer. Bracers of Armor, Greater Bracers of Archery. Originally Posted by DragoonWraith. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Scott The New World, Part 9:

Body slots