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Poker night 2 heads

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Well since I botched the Krieg saves I figured this might make it up. Since not all of us are tech savvy, how would one go about loading these onto the ps3? Aren't the heads and skins associated with your Profile Data? Can't really make them consumable items to put in your backpack.

Even if you buy it on PC? There is new community version of gibbed that was just released that now allows you to drop consumables. The poker night and goliath heads and skin can be added through item data under the raw tab.

When you load your save the heads and skin will appear in your backpack as droppable items. It doesn't alter the game in any way. It wasn't though it was an actual Poker game. I'll hook you up, can care less about comments you make I help anyone. Are you implying poker is fun? What I mean is you have to spend money and buy the game in order to get the costumes normally. Which I don't agree with since costumes are only aesthetics. Saint0war "Why aren't my fingers in someone's eye sockets right now Yeah, maybe i'll do it later if no one sees it, but I hate to clutter up forums with 20 threads saying the same thing ;.

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