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Big Breasted Nudie Cutie from 40's. My cat has bad breath? We always have a large assortment of antique, new and classic cars, trucks, hot rods and rat rods. Morena Baccarin, Anne Hathaway Codes: Help us celebrate the end of the year as Jimmy challenges some of your favourite comedians and celebs to battle it out to win the coveted Big Fat Quiz crown. We'll be serving root beer floats and popcorn.

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If you are unable to stay until this time, please do not apply for this show. Think you know all there is to know about the past 12 months? Help us celebrate the end of the year as Jimmy challenges some of your favourite comedians and celebs to battle it out to win the coveted Big Fat Quiz crown.

We also have some of the year's most memorable names dropping by to lend a hand in this exciting review of the year. Although we have no details of further recordings of this show, if you would like to add your details to our mailing list here, we can email you with details of possible future recordings. Big names from the worlds of music, West End theatre, and comedy join Bradley Walsh for an evening full of surprises on the world's most iconic stage.

The last series was recorded at Elstree Studios. The shows were recorded at Elstree Studios. Previously, John's guests have included: The show records at London's world famous Comedy Store. The celebrity guests remain poker-faced while revealing personal stories, being put through their paces in a quick-fire lies round, and explaining their real or invented relationship with a mystery studio guest - all with the ultimate aim of filtering the truth from the fiction.

The show is all about stories, cross-examination and the ability both to talk nonsense and to pick holes in someone else's argument. This show records at Pinewood Studios. Once again The Chase 's Governess, aka Anne Hegerty , is in the hot seat as she puts another sixteen, brilliantly bright families, through their paces.

The show was recorded at Media City, Manchester with morning and afternoon recordings each day. You have to live in a motorway services for a year. How do you cope? You have to take a selfie with Nicholas Cage within 48 hours or die. How do you do it? You've been booked for the Royal Variety Performance with an hour to spare.

You can't do comedy. What do you do? It's a very silly, relentlessly funny new show hosted by two comedians at the top of their game and we can't wait to see you there.

He is a double Olivier Award winner, multi-platinum recording artist, top selling live concert performer and a hugely popular radio and TV presenter. They also collaborated with some special guests and enjoyed plenty of laughs along the way. It was time to get your glad rags on! Joe Lycett was joined by a special celebrity guest who aired their own consumer grievances and together they put the worries of our audience into action.

In a series of inventive and entertaining rounds, this is the quiz where you have to play the answer as well as say it. Songs played backwards, stripped down to their bass lines, or mashed up together to make completely new songs, two teams featuring well-known musicians and musically-minded famous faces, will be battling it out testing their skill and knowledge across all genres of music The show was recorded at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

The show features Frankie at his brilliant, satirical best doing stand-up, review, discussion and audience interaction - all in an attempt to make sense of this confusing and complex world we live in.

Joining him on the show are experts and guest comics who take him to task over his controversial claims. The most recent series was recorded at The Hospital in Covent Garden. Get ready for an irreverent and engaging evening of comedy.

Will they have to grapple with The Governess , Anne Hegerty? Could they be in a showdown against The Sinnerman , Paul Sinha? Perhaps they can out fox The Vixen , Jenny Ryan? They think they're clever enough so, The Chase is on! Deborah will be joined by guests and a house band as she questions the experts, drops some logic bombs, and initiates outrageous, cheeky stunts to highlight the important issues.

We are looking for audience members who want to ask Jack a question. These could be anything such as My boomerang Kids are driving me mad what can I do about it? My cat has bad breath? How can I get my builder to be reliable?

Let us know and Jack and his helpers will do their best to answer them. The show that unfolds is shaped entirely by what you, the audience, have written! It is a truly original panel show that allows the public to set the agenda. Hosted by Phillip Schofield , 5 Gold Rings sees pairs of players place their gold rings on a giant, state-of-the-art interactive floor in an attempt to win thousands of pounds.

It's the only game show where every pixel counts! The show was recorded at BBC Elstree studios. Expect a lot of laughs and lively debate as Romesh investigates how and why the news matters to you.

Can he make this antique silver lion as good as new? Thanks to his time travelling grandfather clock, the answer is always yes! Can he find the silver lion and get back to his shop before Christmas? Tesco Tesco in Hull has a huge half-price toy sale and it starts Wednesday Toys such as Lego, Disney, Nerf and more will be half the price.

Old Town The River Hull sculptures few people know exist - but are about to go in the spotlight. Hessle Road Furious residents blast 'disgusting' flytippers for making life in Hull street a misery. Hull Fair Hull Fair vouchers: The story of the night in pictures as City beaten. Bridlington The world's second largest shark spotted off East Yorkshire coast Daytrippers out on a cruise yelled in shock and delight when they witnessed the rare sight.

Channel Four Luke from Undateables reveals what happened after his date with Hazel. Melissa Ede Watch Melissa Ede make outrageous - and very personal - statement on Tattoo Fixers She will be appearing in an episode next month - but a short clip of her was shown on Monday. Parenting Fortnite dance classes for kids launch at this Hull gym. Special Features Fame The Musical comes to Bridlington Spa - And you can win tickets to the show The international smash hit sensation features an outstanding cast.

Beverley Road Angry Beverley Road boss says 'street-drinkers are scaring his staff' and he's had enough 'Enough is enough' plea to councillors.

Holderness Withernsea High School release statement after boy, 13, left in coma following 'altercation'. Things to do in Hull 21 things you can only do in Hull.

Holderness Mum shares heartbreaking images of boy, 13, left in coma after 'altercation' at school Oliver Whitehead was airlifted to hospital. Hull Magistrates Court Drink-driver now has to fork out hundreds of pounds after being caught. A63 A huge stretch of the A63 will be closed this week. Humberside Police Some sicko has shot, trapped and killed this magnificent bird of prey. Hull Fair This is how Hull Fair site looks five days before opening. Princes Quay Shopping Centre Princes Quay to host annual international photography festival - here's when.

Mary defies Jamie and insists he take her as well, saying she will scream the house down if he doesn't. As they leave down the servant's stairs they hear someone approaching. Jamie steps into the shadows but there is nowhere for Claire and Mary to go. The man who appears is Albert Danton and when Mary sees him she recognizes him and calls out in shock that he is the man from Paris.

Danton sees Claire and whispers La Dame Blanche in horror. Jamie grabs Danton and tells him that if he had the choice Danton would die a slow death.

He then slits Danton's throat and Danton's blood sprays all over his shirt and spatters his face. Mary is violently sick. They make it out of the house and meet up with Jamie's men.

Jamie notices Murtagh is missing and says he must have gone to look for Hugh Munro. Claire tells Jamie that Hugh has been killed when Murtagh reappears with a string of sausages around his neck, a large ham under one arm and a blood stained cloth wrapped bundle under the other. When they reach the far side of the park, they retrieve Hugh Munro's body and ride off. After riding through the night they arrive at Hugh's impoverished home and Jamie takes Hugh's body to his widow.

Jamie swears to Mrs Munro that he will provide for her family. Just as Jamie is about to leave, Murtagh steps into the house with Mary Hawkins and carrying one of his saddlebags. Murtagh bows to Claire and tells her he has brought her her vengeance. He then bows his head to Mary and Mrs Munro and says he has brought them justice for the wrong done to them. Mrs Munro opens Murtagh's saddlebag and draws out the Duke of Sandringham's head. It takes Jamie, Claire and their party several weeks to make their way back to Edinburgh.

When they arrive Claire and Mary Hawkins go immediately to visit Alex Randall whom they find closer to death. Alex asks Claire to return the next day with Jamie and she agrees. When Jamie and Claire arrive the next day, Alex tells them he is waiting for one more person. Claire and Jamie are shocked when that person turns out to be his brother Jack. Alex asks Jack to do one last thing for him and Claire realizes that Mary is pregnant and Alex wants Jack to marry her, and that Alex is actually Frank's ancestor and not Jack.

Alex performs the ceremony himself with the last of his strength, with Claire and Jamie as witnesses. He then fades away with Mary by his side. When Claire finally returns to her rooms she foolishly says to Jamie that at least they know that Frank is safe now. That comment is a touchstone to Jamie's taut emotions and he erupts, damning all Randalls and asserting that Claire is his, and his alone and he will not share her. Claire asks him to take her to bed and they heal each other sexually.

Claire wakes in the night to find Jamie crying quietly over the depth of his love for her. They find him close to starvation, lying in the hay in the stables.

Alec tells them that the Highland Army has run out of food, all the horses have been slaughtered and eaten, except for Donas who was kept for Charles Stuart to ride on his triumphal return to Edinburgh, and that Charles Stuart has ordered the Highland army to take a stand on Culloden Moor. While Jamie goes to see Charles Stuart, Claire seeks a place of refuge from the impending doom, and finds herself in a small room at the top of Culloden House.

Jamie arrives and angrily informs her that despite the fact that the men of the Highland Army have not eaten for two days and have no ordnance for their cannon, Charles Stuart is proceeding with his plans to take a stand on Culloden Moor. Jamie is defeated and in despair at Charles Stuart's pigheadedness. Reluctantly Claire suggests to him that there is one way left in which they might prevent the slaughter at Culloden - she could poison Charles Stuart. Jamie is shocked and appalled but does give consideration to Claire's proposal.

He tells Claire that he cannot do it and Claire is greatly relieved. As they comfort each other Claire looks up and sees Dougal staring at her with revulsion from the doorway. Dougal accuses Claire of being a witch and grabs her to kill her. Jamie frees Claire and tries to calm Dougal down but Dougal will not let Jamie stop him from killing Claire. Dougal rounds on Jamie with his dirk. Jamie is unarmed and they end up struggling together.

In the course of the struggle Jamie gets Dougal's dirk off him and stabs him in the base of his throat. Dougal dies in Jamie's arms, speaking words that only Jamie can hear. As Dougal breathes his last breath, one of his men, Willie Coulter , appears in the doorway and witnesses him die. Jamie asks Willie to give him one hour to see Claire safe and then he will come back and answer for what he has done. Willie is so frightened he agrees, and Jamie asks him to stay with Dougal's body until he returns.

Jamie is in shock, but manages to takes Claire outside and find Murtagh. He tells Murtagh what he has done and produces a document that he wants Murtagh and Claire to sign. The document is a Deed of Sasine, predated to July , before Jamie's signature appeared on Charles Stuart's declaration, making him a traitor whose property would be subject to forfeiture by the Crown.

The Deed cedes Lallybroch to Young Jamie , to be held in trust by his parents until he comes of age. Claire and Murtagh sign it as witnesses and Jamie asks Fergus to take it to Lallybroch.

He gives Fergus his ruby ring to show to Auld Alec and tells him to ask Alec to give him Donas to ride. Jamie then asks Murtagh to gather the Lallybroch men and wait for his return.

Jamie then takes Claire and rides to Craigh na Dun. Claire is alarmed to see where he has brought her and struggles as Jamie drags her up the hill to the empty cottage. Once in the cottage Jamie tells her she must go back. He is now both a traitor and a murderer and will be hunted by both the English and the clans. Jamie tells Claire that he will see her safe, lead his men away from the battlefield and set them on the road to Lallybroch and then return to Culloden himself. Claire tells Jamie that she won't leave him.

She will dress as a man and ride at his side into battle. Jamie is horrified and tells Claire she must go back because she is carrying his child , and that is all that will be left of him. He begs Claire to see the child safe. Claire's heart breaks but she agrees to do as Jamie has requested. Jamie tells Claire that he will find her through time and then they make love slowly and passionately. Exhausted they both fall asleep and wake near dawn. Claire asks Jamie to cut her so that she will have his mark on her forever, and they both carve their first initial into each others palms.

Jamie tells Claire to tell Frank that he is grateful and trusts him because he must, and also hates him to the marrow of his bones. He asks Claire to bless him and she starts to say a Celtic prayer but they are interrupted by the sound of the approaching English and Jamie pushes Claire towards the stones. Claire turns back to look at Jamie and he grabs her and claims her with his body in a brief, fierce coupling. With his last kiss he tells Claire to "name him Brian" and Claire runs for the stones while Jamie draws his sword to face the English.

Claire turns to look back, but an English soldier is in close pursuit so she flings herself at the stones. She is found and taken to a hospital in Inverness where she gives her name but refuses to speak further. Filled with terror and grief she wakes screaming and moaning after nightmares and desperately tries to hang onto the images of Jamie in her head.

One morning she opens her eyes to find Frank in the room. Claire immediately tells Frank she is pregnant, thinking he will leave then and she can be alone with her memories of Jamie. But Frank has already been told by the medical staff and is prepared for the news. He asks Claire to tell him what happened, and as she feels obligated to Frank she does so. Of course he doesn't believe her and reacts by picking up a vase and smashing it on the floor. Frank reacts to Claire's story with anger and suspicion.

He grabs her arm and snarls at her that she will tell him where she's been and what she's been doing. Claire tells him about meeting Jack Randall and marrying Jamie and gives him Jamie's full name when he asks. Claire says that she knows Frank won't want to have anything to do with her and tells him to go away but he says to her gently that he's not going anywhere.

Frank notices Claire's silver wedding ring and tries to take it off her finger, but Claire becomes upset and refuses to let him have it. The doctors sedate her and lead Frank away, but he vows that he will know the truth. The doctors think Claire is suffering from delusion and trauma. Frank has Claire vetted by a psychiatrist.

Claire spends a couple of weeks recovering in Inverness and then she and Frank move back to London. Claire's health is precarious and her pregnancy dangerous.

Claire tells Frank she will give him a divorce and he can return to the life he had begun to build up during her disappearance, but he refuses to abandon Claire and her unborn child. Frank is offered a position at Harvard and he and Claire move to Boston where no-one knows them and they can make a clean start. Frank and Claire are irritable and terrified as Brianna's birth approaches, not knowing how it will affect their relationship.

Claire's pregnancy is high-risk and she and Frank do not share a bed, sleeping in twin beds, they do not kiss, and Frank always dresses in the bathroom or closet so Claire does not see him naked. Claire continues to have sexual dreams about Jamie.

Claire notices that women cluster around Frank at cocktail parties like bees round a honeypot and is certain that he has been having liaisons with other women but notes that he has been very discreet and has never had lipstick on his collar and always comes home at night.

When Brianna is born, Claire tries to get Frank to leave them but he won't. Frank is smitten with Brianna from the moment she's born. Claire and Frank continue not to touch each other and the only conversation they have is about domestic arrangements.

Frank makes Claire promise that she won't tell Brianna that he is not her real father as long as he is alive. Claire cannot bear to be reminded about the Jacobite rebellion and refuses to read any books on the subject, including those written by Frank. In , Claire travels to Scotland with Brianna in April and seeks the help of Roger Wakefield to find out what happened to the men of Lallybroch after Culloden. She would also like to track down Geillis. Claire plans to tell Brianna the truth about Jamie once she knows if all the Lallybroch men survived Culloden.

Roger takes Claire and Brianna to the old kirkyard at St. Claire receives a shock when shown Jack Randall's grave. Asking to be left alone so she can regain her composure Claire wanders through the graves and screams out loud when she discovers Jamie's gravestone. She tells a shocked Bree and Roger that Jamie was her husband and Brianna's father. When they get back to the manse Claire starts to explain more. Claire is relieved to find that Roger shows a glimmer of cautious interest, but Bree is appalled and worried.

Claire finishes recounting her story to Brianna and Roger. She tells Brianna that Jamie was right. Her pregnancy was dangerous and Brianna's birth hazardous and they both probably would have died in the 18th century.

Claire confesses to Brianna that she couldn't bear to leave Jamie and hated Brianna before she was born as Brianna was the reason Claire had to go back. Brianna reacts rather badly to this confession, shouts at Claire that Frank Randall is her father and that he never loved Claire, picks up the metal poker from the hearth and hurls it through the window and leaves. Roger remains in the room and Claire asks him if he believes her and he replies that he's damned if he knows. Roger asks Claire if he can look at her silver wedding ring as it may have an 18th century silversmith's mark which would provide some proof to her tale.

Claire says that she has never removed Jamie's ring, but she takes it off and discovers that the words da mi basia mille from Catullus's love poem are inscribed inside the ring. She is overcome with emotion but manages to get herself under control and points out to Roger that it's still not proof.

Roger replies that it is absolute proof to him. Claire reveals that despite the fact that Frank was a Jacobite scholar she couldn't bear to read any of his books and doesn't know what happened to any of the men she knew who took part in the Rising. Roger fills Claire in on the fates of the main players in the Rising.

After the catharsis of confession, Claire feels exhausted but at peace but she will not rest until she does one more thing. She explains to Roger that she has two things she must say to him.

The first is the reason that she wanted him there when she told her story was because, like Brianna, he has the right to know who he is. Claire then reveals to Roger that one of his ancestors, William Buccleigh MacKenzie , was actually the child that Geillis bore to Dougal. He was taken in by William and Sarah MacKenzie who had just lost their own two month old baby son and given their dead son's name.

The second reason is that it is now , the year that Geillis Duncan went through the stones, and Claire is fairly certain that Geillis hasn't yet made the trip. When Claire spoke to Fiona Graham about the Druid group she belonged to, Fiona had told her that a tall, blonde woman with green eyes called Gillian Edgars had also been making enquiries.

Claire tells Roger that it is his decision whether he should look for Gillian. Roger says that of course he must find her and warn her that if she goes back she will be burnt at the stake. Claire asks him - but if Gillian doesn't go back, what happens to you? Roger considers all the unknown ramifications but decides that he will look for Gillian.

Roger and Claire go to Gillian's flat looking for her, but find only her rude alcoholic husband Greg , who tells them she isn't home and to bugger off.

They then head to the Institute for the Study of Highland Folklore and Antiquities where Gillian spends a lot of time. Pretending to be academics from Oxford assessing Gillian's suitability for a graduate position, Claire and Roger talk to the Director of the Institute and learn that Gillian's interest in standing stones borders on the obsessive.

Roger is overcome with the realization that Gillian is real and Claire's story may well be true. Claire steals the key to Gillian's study carrel. After leaving the Institute, Claire suggests to Roger that he goes back to visit Greg Edgars that evening with a bottle of whisky to make him talk. She asks him to take Brianna with him because Claire thinks that although Brianna does not believe her, she will believe whatever Greg Edgars has to say about Gillian.

While Roger does that Claire intends to break into the Institute and steal Gillian's notebook. Claire steals the notebook and then goes to an Italian restaurant where she has a meal and ponders the rightness and wrongness of trying to interfere with Gillian's plans.

When she finishes her meal she opens the notebook and begins to read. The notebook is a mix of myth and science laid out in three sections. The first section labelled 'Observations' lists the position of the sun and moon on all the ancient fire and sun feasts days over many years, the second section labelled 'Speculations' contains thoughts on such things as the need for a blood or fire sacrifice, and the final section labelled 'Conclusions' spurs Claire into action.

They have been unable to contact her husband, Greg. They climb the hill and Roger spots a light by the stones. Claire can hear the stones buzzing and stumbles into Roger. The smell of petrol reaches them and Roger races towards Gillian.

Claire yells Gillian's name and passes out. Roger, Claire and Bree are up all night giving statements to the police and finally get to bed around dawn. They eat dinner together that night and then Roger removes himself to the study to think about whether he should reveal some information he found on Jamie to Claire.

After much contemplation he decides that he owes Claire and Brianna the truth, regardless of how much discomfort it will cause. Roger approaches Claire and shows her the passage he has found in a book - a passage that suggests that although Jamie Fraser went to Culloden intending to die, he did not succeed and had survived the battle.

In , when three month old Brianna sneezes when Frank kisses her, Claire laughs for the first time in nearly a year. The resulting awareness between her and Frank makes Claire realize that Frank wishes to resume sexual relations with her. Frank reminds Claire that he has invited the Dean and his wife to dinner that night. Claire has a horrible, stressful day: Brianna has a bad diaper rash and is consequently irritable and not feeding well; the furnace dies and the house becomes freezing; and she must meanwhile tidy the house and prepare dinner for their guests that evening.

When Frank arrives home and finds Claire looking disheveled, he berates her for not fixing up her appearance, adding that it's not like she has anything else to do all day. Claire, who has reached the end of her tether, thrusts Brianna into Frank's arms, smashes the bottle of wine Frank has bought and runs out of the house just as the Dean and his wife arrive. Claire drives around aimlessly for a while before arriving at the church of St.

Finbar, where she observes the act of Perpetual Adoration and prays for Jamie. Frank finds her there and they both return home. Claire breastfeeds Brianna, who falls asleep after only feeding from one side. When Claire picks up the breast pump to express the other breast, Frank takes it from her and suckles her before they make love. There she meets Joe Abernathy , and in him she finds a kindred spirit: Claire considers that Joe is probably the only person close to her who truly understands what she does and why.

One day, Claire is late coming home from the hospital and receives a call that Brianna has been hurt. Later, they put it together that the babysitter, tired of Claire's recurrent tardiness, had left the house at her scheduled time and abandoned seven-year-old Brianna at home, alone.

After waiting about an hour, Brianna had gone out in search of Claire and was hit by a slow-moving car but fortunately was not badly hurt. Claire is devastated and tearfully decides that she must quit her medical training, but Frank unexpectedly tells her not to. He says that she has a rare passion for knowing who she is and what she must do, and offers to take care of Brianna; she can go to the university after school and play in his office until he has finished for the day.

When Claire asks him why he would do this — he has never been thrilled by her ambition to become a doctor — he replies that he doesn't think he can stop Claire, but if he helps out he can minimize the damage to Brianna. While working as a doctor in Boston, Claire occasionally uses herbal remedies on her patients, calling on the knowledge she gained while in the 18th century. This is met with skepticism and horror from her colleagues. In , Frank is due to take sabbatical leave from Harvard University in February.

He plans to take a series of short trips through the northeastern United States, and then go on to England for six months. A month before he is due to leave, Frank and Claire are in bed when Frank casually mentions that he's decided to go to England first and that he's taking Brianna with him. Claire can't understand why Frank wouldn't wait for herself and Brianna to join him in the summer; Brianna still has her final semester and graduation in the spring. Frank then tells Claire that his intention is to leave her, for good.

A huge argument ensues: Claire throws Frank's affairs in his face; he accuses Claire of having an affair with Joe Abernathy and denigrates Joe's family as people he doesn't want Brianna associating with; and each of them take opposing views on how much supervision and parental decree Brianna deserves as a seventeen-year-old young woman.

Frank doubles down on his original assertion that he is taking Brianna, pointing out that he doesn't need Claire's permission, and Bree won't have a choice as she is still a minor.

Claire retorts with a legal threat of her own: Frank didn't think Claire cared about his infidelity; Claire says she did; and Frank says she didn't care enough. They rehash an old argument — why Frank chose to stay by Claire's side and raise another man's child — and Frank surmises that Bree must look a lot like her biological father.

Claire tells Frank that she did love him once, and when she tried to make him leave and he wouldn't go, she did try to love him again. Frank wonders aloud if Claire could have forgotten Jamie if Brianna hadn't resembled him so strongly, but Claire says she wouldn't have.

This admission spurs Frank to action, and he pulls his clothes on over his pajamas, walks out of the house and drives off in the car, leaving Claire shaking by the bed. Claire keeps reliving the argument over and over in her head and can't sleep, so she decides to go to the hospital and check on her patients. She arrives in the early predawn hours, driving on icy streets while snow falls. After checking on her patients, Claire goes to the cafeteria and wonders how she is going to tell Bree what Frank intends to do.

As she sits there, an ER nurse enters the room and stops dead at the sight of Claire. Claire knows immediately that the nurse has come to deliver news of a death. The nurse tells Claire that Frank has been brought into the hospital after a car accident in which his car slid on black ice.

He was DOA — dead on arrival. Claire walks to the emergency room cubicle where Frank's body has been placed. He is covered by a blanket and there are no visible wounds. Claire whispers to Frank that she did love him, once. Then Joe Abernathy appears and Claire rests her head on his shoulder and weeps for Frank.

In , Claire is shocked at Roger 's finding that suggests Jamie may not have died at Culloden , but tells Roger that even if Jamie did survive he probably would have died soon afterwards, as he was wounded and there was a famine in the Highlands. Roger asks Claire if she would like him to look to see if he can find what happened to Jamie and it suddenly occurs to Claire that if Jamie survived she may be able to go back to him.

The realization shakes her to the core but she asks Roger to go ahead and look for Jamie. Claire, Roger and Brianna begin their research to track down Jamie. Brianna finds the legend of the Dunbonnet that leads them to believe that Jamie returned to Lallybroch after Culloden.

Fiona Graham overhears them talking about the Dunbonnet and fills them in on the rest of the legend - that the Dunbonnet had someone betray him to the English so his people could have the reward money and he was tried and sent to prison. Roger is really excited on learning this because if Jamie was sent to prison he will exist in official documents and they will be able to track him. A week later the Reverend 's study is covered in papers and they still haven't found Jamie.

That night Claire continues searching late into the night and at 3 o'clock in the morning she finds Jamie's name entered into the prison register of Ardsmuir Prison. Roger takes additional leave from his college for the summer term to help continue the search for Jamie.

Roger and Claire are both aware that if Claire were to take another trip back through the stones she would probably arrive twenty years after she left, in If they can find evidence that Jamie is alive in then Claire may be able to go back to him. Claire has used up all her vacation leave and must deal with matters at the hospital where she works and at home.

She also wants to talk to one of her closest friends, Joseph Abernathy, before making any final decisions. On the plane trip home Claire thinks about Jamie and imagines that she feels someone ruffling her hair with a light lover's touch and can smell the scents of wool and heather. Claire returns to her house in Boston and gives good long thought to exactly what sort of modern conveniences and advances in technology she would be giving up if she chose to go back to Jamie. Claire realizes that none of that matters, the only considerations are herself, Brianna and Jamie.

When Claire remembers Frank she weeps for him, but she knows that she and Frank really parted twenty years before when she first went through the stones. The next morning Claire receives a telegram from Roger saying that he and Brianna have found Jamie and wanting to know if Claire will come back to Scotland.

Claire has a studio photo of herself taken to leave with Brianna. She spends a week going through the house collecting all the papers and documents that Brianna will need to take ownership of the house, etc, and then Claire writes a letter to Brianna, filling it with practical information such as her family history and medical history, and lots of memories and motherly advice and wisdom.

Claire is in tears as she writes to Bree, and feels the enormity of what she is about to do. She tells Bree to choose a good man like either of her fathers, and signs off with the words, 'Stand up straight and try not to get fat, With All My Love Always, Mama'.

Claire is with Joe at the hospital when a man arrives with a box of bones for him to examine. Joe asks Claire to stay and look at them as he wants to know if she can do the same empathetic diagnosis on a dead person as she can on a living one. Claire holds the skull in her hands and gets a sense of sadness and surprise.

She declares that the dead woman was killed, that she didn't want to die. Joe then reveals that the bones are between years old and were found in a cave in the Caribbean with a lot of artifacts. When he pieces the skeleton together he confirms Claire's feeling - one of the neck bones is completely missing while others are fractured. Joe surmises that someone killed the woman by chopping her head off with a blunt blade.

Joe also determines that the bones belong to a white woman. When the man leaves, Claire tells Joe that she wants his opinion on something, and then possibly a favor. Claire then asks Joe if she is sexually attractive. He gives her an honest assessment that she is and draws the obvious conclusion that Claire is interested in a man.

When Claire explains that it's someone she hasn't seen for twenty years, Joe asks outright if it's Bree's father. Claire is shocked that Joe has guessed, but confirms that it is and she feels intoxicated at being able to talk about Jamie after twenty years of silence. Claire then tells Joe that the favor she wants to ask concerns Bree. Two hours later Claire leaves the hospital, leaving with Joe her letter of resignation, all the documents for the handling of her property until Bree comes of age, and the document to pass that property onto Bree once she is of age.

As Claire drives away she feels a mixture of panic, regret and elation. Claire arrives back in Scotland in October. Bree and Roger show her the documents they have found - the Deed of Sasine that Claire had signed deeding Lallybroch to Young Jamie , and a handwritten draft of something published by an Alexander Malcolm in Edinburgh in By comparing the handwriting of the two documents, Bree and Roger are convinced that Alexander Malcolm is Jamie.

When Claire sees the draft she is also certain that it is Jamie's handwriting. Claire realizes that Jamie would have been 44 years old in , and that if time runs in parallel then she could go back to him. Bree tells Claire that she will be able to go back and find him. Claire buys a suitable dress to wear on her trip through the stones. With the help of Roger and Bree, she amasses a small collection of 18th century Scottish coins.

Most of the coins are made of gold. On the night before Claire is to leave, at Samhain, Claire, Roger and Bree go out for a meal together and then return to the manse for drinks. Claire thanks them both, tells them how much she will and miss them and hugs Bree tight before retiring to bed. Claire awakes later in the night and goes downstairs. Bree has gone to bed but Roger is still up.

Roger assures Claire that he will look after Bree when she is gone. Claire gives Roger an envelope and asks if he will give it to Bree. In it is everything Claire wants to say to Bree but she can't bring herself to say goodbye to her. Claire tells Roger that she is very afraid and doesn't know if she can go through with this, but she is just as afraid of not doing it. Early the next morning Claire takes a taxi to Craigh na Dun. She is full of doubt and fear about whether she can go through with it, but finds her feet moving towards the stones as though no longer under her control.

When Claire walks into the circle she is startled to see Roger and Bree there, standing in front of the cleft stone. Bree tells Claire that she will try to go back through the stones if Claire can't do it. She says that they owe it Jamie to tell him that he did what he meant to do for them - that he had saved both their lives.

Bree says that Jamie had given Claire to her and now she must give Claire back to Jamie. Then Bree tells Claire that when she finds Jamie she is to give him this, and she kisses Claire fiercely, then tells Claire she loves her and to go. Claire walks into the stone cleft. In , Claire wakes under a rowan tree below the stones. It is raining and she is soaking wet but also certain that Jamie is alive in this time.

Her plan is to get to Inverness and then take a public coach to Edinburgh. If she can't find Jamie in Edinburgh then she will go to Lallybroch. Claire makes it to Inverness and boards a coach to Edinburgh, a journey which takes two days. After disembarking in Edinburgh Claire makes her way through the streets and asks directions to the printing shop belonging to A.

She is directed to Carfax Close and heads straight there, stopping only briefly to check her appearance. Claire walks to the print shop, gathers her courage and enters. Jamie is in the back room, with his back to the door. He assumes that it is his colleague Geordie who has returned and calls out to him. When Claire replies 'It's me. Claire', Jamie turns around. He stares at Claire as she walks towards him and asks him when he broke his nose.

When he answers, Claire reaches out and touches Jamie's nose and he loses all color from his face, whispers 'you're real', and promptly faints, knocking over an alepot as he does so. Jamie comes round from his faint sitting in a puddle of ale. He and Claire end up sobbing in each others arms and hugging each other tightly.

They are both aware of a strange feeling of shyness and intimacy after twenty years apart. Jamie asks if he can kiss Claire and they share a slow, light kiss. Jamie explains that he had often seen visions of Claire when he was sick or lonely or dreaming, but she had never spoken to him before. He says to her, 'Dinna be afraid, there's the two of us now'.

Jamie goes up stairs to change his breeches which are wet from sitting in the puddle of ale and Claire accompanies him. Claire is relieved to find that Jamie obviously lives alone with no sign of a female presence in his spartan rooms. As soon as Jamie has clean breeches on he turns to Claire and asks her urgently about their child. Claire pulls out a package of photographs wrapped in waterproof packaging. They are photos of Bree from babyhood to adulthood and Claire shows them to Jamie, one by one.

Jamie is overcome with emotion and breaks down in tears. Jamie asks Claire what his daughter's name is. When Claire tells him it's Brianna, he's taken aback and reflexively replies 'What an awful name for a wee lassie. When Jamie responds that he thought the baby would be a boy, Claire angrily demands to know if he's sorry she isn't.

Jamie replies that of course he isn't sorry but both Brianna and Claire are a huge shock to him. Claire realizes that while she has had months to prepare herself for this reunion, Jamie has had no time at all.

Claire asks him if he's sorry she came back. Jamie grips her tightly and says 'no'. He then tells Claire that she is pronouncing Brianna's name wrong - it should be pronounced Bree-anah, and it's a beautiful name.

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