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Many players prefer to place bet numbers for many reasons. Place bets are just like odds bets, except no pass line bet is required, and don't pay as much odds. Like Pass bets, you may take Odds after a Come bet. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Thought it looks a great game but you've no idea even where to start?

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A placard posted on the table will clearly state what proportion of your bet may be placed as a free odds bet. If you are playing a single odds game, you can place a free odds bet equal to your Pass Line wager. The single odds game is commonly found on cruise ships and isolated vacation destinations like the Caribbean islands. They can get away with offering an inferior game because you are a captive player.

Most land based casinos offer double odds or higher. In Las Vegas, the 3, 4, 5X odds game is the most common. This game allows you to take 3X odds on the four and ten, 4X odds on the five and nine, and 5X odds on the six and eight. Casinos do this as much for their own convenience as for the players. Some casinos offer 5X, 10X, 20X, or even X odds. Some of the most sought after games are low limit tables with X odds.

But as mentioned earlier, regardless of how large of a free odds bet they allow, the casino always has the edge. Remember, casinos rake in vast profits on margins as little as. That is not seven percent. It is seven-one-hundredths of a percent. The pay offs on the Free Odds bets are calculated based on the relationship between the number of ways a particular bet can win versus the number of ways it can lose. The best way to understand this is to look at this chart, which demonstrates how many combinations of the various numbers there are on a pair of fair dice.

As you can see from the chart at the top of this page, the seven is the most common number on the dice. Six of thirty-six possible combinations of the dice add up to seven. There are more ways to make a seven with two dice than any other number. That means that on any given roll, there is a better chance a seven will come up before any other number. Take a look at the odds of rolling a four. There are three ways to roll a four, compared to six ways to roll a seven.

Reduce those 6 — 3 odds to their lowest common denominator and you come up with true odds of 2 — 1. Free Odds on the five and nine are always paid at This can lead to some confusion for the novice player.

The free odds bet has to be an even number — divisible by two — in order for them to pay true odds of Since the casinos do not generally pay fractions of dollars, they short you on your payout. The simplest way to remember the correct free odds wager is to memorize the old axiom: Last of all, remember that the Come Bet performs exactly like the Pass Line Bet and the same odds apply to both bets. In every case, the house gets its edge by paying the player less than true odds.

Many players prefer to place bet numbers for many reasons. It gives them immediate action in the game. They get to choose what numbers they play as opposed to letting the Come Bet decide which numbers they wager on. Their number only has to roll once for them to get paid.

In exchange for these privileges, these players are willing to give up an additional edge to the house. The most popular numbers to Place Bet are the six and eight. One look at the odds chart and it is easy to see why.

There are five ways each to roll the six and eight compared to six ways to roll the seven. As we mentioned earlier, the true odds on the six or eight are 6 — 5. But if you want to Place Bet those numbers the house requires a wager in six-dollar increments.

And instead of being paid at true 6 — 5 odds, the Place Bet is paid 7 — 6. The five and nine are Place Bet in increments of five dollars, and are paid at 7 — 5. The story on the four and ten is even worse.

These numbers are paid at 9 — 5, which yields a house edge of a whopping 6. Prominently located in the center of the layout are the Proposition or Prop Bets. The Any Seven bet, sometimes called the Big Red bet, is usually located at the top of the prop box.

This is a one-roll wager that the seven will be the next number to roll. The winning bet pays 4 to 1, compared to correct odds of 5 to 1. That one unit difference gives the house a Beneath the Any Seven bet are the Hardway Bets. The house edge is 9. The next section in the Prop Box consists of specific non-box numbers known as the horn numbers.

The second column is the probability of a seven-out on exactly that roll. The third column is the probability of surviving PAST that roll. There are a bunch of craps bonuses out there, but not all of them are created equally. With our years of combined experience dealing with casinos, we have sought out to find the best craps bonuses, and have combined them together into the following table.

The only thing I don't like about this book is the title. I do like the author's approach, explaining all the rules, the etiquette, and the house.

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