TD Bank Prevents Customers From Buying Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Been in the business for very long too — Highly recommended. I am so happy they hold none of my assets!!! We take your privacy seriously. I contacted TD Bank's customer service department for an explanation of the charge. My sister was patient and kind to drive me to bank to clear up this unknown problem. She was even more rude, condescending, unprofessional and antagonizing.

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. Make sure you don't miss any Law breaking news. Download our plug-in for Chrome to get customizable, real-time news alerts. While the bank was one of a handful of institutions that handled some of New Jersey's online gaming transactions when the market opened up last year, TD Bank has made a decision to decline debit and credit cards that are seeking to conduct an online gambling transaction.

It has also updated its policies to reflect this decision. We decided to decline online gambling transactions because of the challenges and risk in confirming the legality of those transactions especially in regards to their location in a state where online gambling is legal," Judith Schmidt, a TD Bank spokeswoman, told Law The decision puts New Jersey-based TD Bank in company with several other national banks that have been concerned about tripping up in the online gaming arena and catching scrutiny from federal regulators.

Earlier this year, New Jersey officials had complained that a lack of federal guidance on the legality of Internet gaming in the state had contributed to a number of banks and credit card companies declining online gaming transactions. MasterCard had a good approval rate, while Visa's rate was substantially lower and American Express was entirely uninterested in processing such transactions, the state said. Online gambling is still a fledgling industry in the U.

This was my first call to customer service. When I missed a some she said this conversation is over and hung up. I had to walk in and speak to a rep and ask for help. I cannot run my business like this. The rep where I opened my account was very professional, the most professional personnel at TD Bank. This has been a nightmare for me starting up and running my business. TD Bank reverted to my old address after sending statements to the correct address for more than 2 years.

They neglected to remove my deceased husband's name from the account even after more than two years and three death certificates. They insured my property claiming not to have received the declaration page from my insurance agent.

I needed to chase them down to replace an overage check from escrow which I returned to them voided still had my husband's name on it and they had not redeposited it into my escrow account. After 4 stressful weeks of climbing up the ranks of customer support and documenting quite clearly how and why they are responsible their conclusion is they are not at fault for anything! They refused to waive the late fees that the account accrued due to payments being received short because of their unnecessary insurance.

In my opinion they are incompetent and have placed fees on my account fraudulently. I am so happy they hold none of my assets!!! I had the unfortunate experience of getting a mortgage through TD Bank several years ago.

Nothing like hearing "America's Most Convenient Bank" over and over while being on hold for 45 minutes whenever I need to talk with someone. And that's not just one experience. Their customer service in person at banks is fine, but when you have to do certain things over the phone it's a mind-numbingly soul-crushing experience.

I was unable to log into my account due to some new verification procedure they have implemented. I followed their instructions accurately but that didn't work so after wasting 10 minutes I called customer service and wasted more time with her whose assistance was of no use. She told me that I probably did not enter the security code correctly, she offered to transfer me to their tech support.

I am on hold now for 26 minutes hearing their music and no help seems to be in sight. Is this what they call 'convenience'? I have been with this bank that has undergone at least 3 name changes for 36 years. It is time to leave them. TD Bank entices new customers to fund their new checking account with credit card. They even put it this way: TD Bank refused to compensate me for the fees and anything in wording of their advertisement.

I contacted TD Bank's customer service department for an explanation of the charge. Reaching the call center in South Carolina, speaking to Ashely, who was so unhelpful and misleading in the information she was giving me that I requested to speak to a manager.

I did not feel she understood the reason for my call nor did I feel she was reading the system correctly. I was left on hold for over 20 minutes before I hung up. I called back and spoke to Devon, in the same call center who was just as rude and unhelpful as the last person I spoke to if not worst.

I could hear a female in the background laughing and making comments about me before he could place the call on mute. I again requested to speak to a manager at which point he just released my call. I called a 3rd time speaking to Erica, in the same call center.

She was even more rude, condescending, unprofessional and antagonizing. She was mocking me and speaking to me in a fetishes manner. I requested she give me the corporate office information to write them a letter.

She refused indicating I had to speak to a manager and they would be the ones to give me that information. I was left on hold until I hung up after 35 minutes on hold. A manager never called me back regarding all the calls I made in just one hour. I will be canceling my account tomorrow once my direct deposit hits my account and telling all my friends and family about the horrible experience I had with your bank.

I will be making my complaint public in Facebook to let all my followers know of my horrible experience. I will be placing a complaint on every website possible to make people aware of the horrible and unprofessional manner in which they handle customer call. In addition I will make sure that ALL my relatives and friends that have TD bank cancel their account taking their business to another bank.

Word of mouth will make or break a business I will make sure of this. This bank is the worst with all the hidden fees and now mislabeling charges enough is enough. I will make my complaint public to make sure this does not happen to anyone I know. And now they locked my account and added multiple overdraft fees to be petty and spiteful. Not business like at all. So unprofessional and uncalled for.

Definitely not an organization I want to deal with if this is the actions they will take with an unhappy customer. No customer service at all. I have been with them for over 11 years and it's always been the same lack of customer service.

Let's begin with the day I opened my account in a branch in Miami, Fl. I choose this bank due to its great hours; being open 7 days a week and was also thinking of taking out a line of credit with them which I never did.

I used the account for my job's direct deposit and dipped 10 into my savings from each check to have some ER funds in case I ran out of money. When I first opened the account I asked about their overdraft policy and they explained a little program they have called TD Advance which works like this.

In all my years of banking with so many different banks in the county this is the only bank that a fee schedule like this and it borders on predatory. Most banks charge per day when you overdraft your account but charging per transaction seems very over the top and this practice was not explained to me by the women who helped me open my account.

I asked her, "Will I be charged per day or per each transaction that comes in if there not enough funds. It happened on a Thursday while the bank processing my upcoming direct deposit.

It was a charge from Amazon that was made in error which set this whole thing off which eventually got returned back into my account. I approached a branch manager at the branch I opened my account and I voiced my concern about initially being misinformed about the fee schedule but the manager basically called me a liar and told me there was nothing she could do because the timing of the transaction was unfortunate.

So I called their CS line and even went to another branch and go the same line "we can't help you due to the circumstances of how the transaction came into the account. I would advise against opening a account here unless you are very wealthy or put up with the all the red tape and sass from their employees.

TD Bank has blocked my card from making purchases 3 times this week alone. So I am unaware until I try to use my card. We had a family emergency and my family could not reach me!!! Please give me back 5 hours of my life calling innumerable departments who don't know or aren't sure who handles what, constantly told 'we don't handle that here' and then when requesting a number to call of a department who can help me, getting the same answer when I call that department. What was my request? Loan ran from and was paid off in June of How hard can it be for a bank to look up a past SBA loan and get me the information.

America's most convenient bank? If you have a choice, have a mortgage with TD Bank or die in a plane crash, go down in that plane. They are a disaster and plain awful. I got so frustrated, I walked to a local branch while still waiting to their annoying loop hold music, and sat with the branch manager at Lexington Ave and East 23rd street in NYC.

Naively I thought Oscar would have some secret speed dial, however he gets the same phone number to call. I left to go to a Starbucks to get us coffees and when I got back he was still on hold.

Issue 2 having lost patience with phone support regarding auto payment issues, I sat with Oscar and manually fill out the forms with him. He submitted them correctly. I then got more late payment notices. They were correct in the form. I then had to ask them not to assess a late payment charge. At first the mortgage associate on the phone said the payments were late, until Oscar saved the day reminding the mortgage associate of their department error.

When TD acquired my mortgage from my bank, the account was not recreated the same way and the only way for me to learn this was by my asking questions. When taking out a mortgage, avoid TD, or ask that there be a stipulation that your loan may never be sold to TD Bank.

We are not in Canada, and thus we cannot access the money: We cannot transfer to a U. Transfer of funds internationally is a basic banking function, and TD doesn't have the skills, knowledge, or infrastructure to make this happen. TD Bank is one of the 10 largest U. The bank offers retail, small business and commercial banking products and services to more than 8. TD Bank offers personal banking, small business banking, commercial banking and investing services.

The personal banking services and products include checking, saving, credit cards, loans as well as access to investment products. That does exist already, in fact. There are multiple offerings of exactly that: Shift card, Xapo, cryptopay card, bitpay card, spectrocard, etc. Then no one should fear these stupid banks then.. Who have been pretending to handle our money for our best interest only to see our buying power as a consumer weaken, and investment advisors that steer you the wrong way and still get paid at the end of the day regardless if they lose you money.

There are some ICOs trying to buy banks to have that liquidity into cash and credit cards. That will be coming soon. Why are you sticking with bitcoins. Do not transact in it, do not pay with it. Only glitch was paying for a Genesis Mining contract with TD VISA because it was flagged as a financial transfer and they wanted me to understand it would count as a cash advance with the exorbitant interest rate that would trigger. Simple solution; if your bank engages in this type of behavior, simply close your account, take ALL of your money and deposit it in a competing bank across the street.

This is a silly assumption that banks are trying to prevent the growth of an industry. It would be foolish for them to think they could do so. This is actually a means of fraud protection in a payments space that is new and highly prone to fraud.

Best of luck with your next conspiracy theory! So the banks preventing people from spending their own money is their last-ditch attempt to save their own lives. Best of luck finding YOUR tin foil hat!

They should be smarter though…theres a way they can also cash in on this. Its just a way of thinking. TD is rejecting my purchases, even though it is difficult to accumilate one simple bitcoin in whole. They have no legal right in doing so.

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