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This can greatly affect where the ball goes. Minimize your losses by betting the outside, such as red vs. While there are essentially dozens of different bet combinations available, wagers fall into two different categories - inside bets and outside bets. Theoretically, red or black can repeat indefinitely, but how many times has it actually been repeated in practice? It's a rule that brings down the house edge to 1. It's calculated over months and thousands of players.

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If that number hits only once, you are not only a big winner, but additionally also recover all your previous losses. The wheel is spun times. That is a multiple of five times the total amount of numbers on the wheel. I even offer you proof that this strategy is effective by giving you the opportunity to download the FREE edition of my roulette software, so you can convince yourself that it really works.

The roulette software does all the necessary calculations for you and decides on the optimal betting amount.

However, this is a wrong move if you want to win in the long term. You need to concentrate on long-term winnings if you want to strike it rich. I will prove to you below through mathematics why that is so:.

See how your losses mount the more numbers you play? The unshakable fact is that you losses become exponentially higher the more numbers you play. There is nothing you can do about it. Betting on multiple numbers at the same time is a fundamentally wrong decision for long-term winning. The perfect solution, however, is betting on only one single number and stick with it. That's why you need to try this roulette software!

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It is much the same as all classic European roulettes. Minimum and maximum bet is the only setting needed prior to the start of the game. Each client will be provided with a detailed instruction manual, containing very simple description of all procedures with a lot of samples and pictures understandable for everyone.

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