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It is one of the most famous aircraft approaches both in-game and in real life so if you are trying to master the Kai Tak landing methods this is a good place to get the practice. If you go in just trying to blow everything read more Search entire site Use this form to perform a site-wide search for forum posts, news and reviews and videos. However, what it lacks in graphical strength can be changed by modders and this list of photorealistic scenery will provide your game with a whole new boost to the system. Video is used as the terminology because the machine technically does not have mechanical parts. The plugin is now called TDR Nova re-released by Tokyo Dawn Labs and, having been updated with a brand new user interface and a variety of improvements across the board, takes the number one spot on our list, second year in a row. Casino Bonuses A very big advantage is that when you sign up at any of the great online casinos, they will give you bonuses.

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Cannon Fodder you are in control of a small band of soldiers which are controled either as a whole, or individually. Dune 2 Control of the planet Dune is a top priority for any faction that has aspirations of ruling the universe read more The Great Rescue It is 50 B. The Power of Gods Asterix and his sidekick Obelix must rescue a sacred shield stolen by the read more Icy Tower The old amusing arcade racing game is back!

All fans' requests came into play in more bonuses read more Worms Swipe You are a tower keeper and have to keep an eye on those little creatures who try to rob read more The Smurfs Platform game where you will be able to play with the jockey smurf, the brainy smurf, the greedy read more The Garfield You are everyone familiar all-mighty hungry cat called Garfield.

You're somehow trapped in your read more Tiny Toon Take Buster Bunny over land, below the ocean's surface, into futuristic environments read more The Virtual Bart You take on the persona of comical Bart Simpson, who is on his way through read more Desert Strike is fun to play and requires quick thinking as well as strategy.

If you go in just trying to blow everything read more Jungle Book This game is a standard movie adaption. It's a nice platform game both horizontally and vertically read more Blaster Master 2 This is an action platform game. Comix Zone is a side-scrolling fighting game with a difference, you're inside of a comic book and you read more Ninja Turtles This birdwatching game pits you with a camera.

Your goal is to take pictures of birds read more Hart, an agent of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation. Demolition Man On each stage you play one or pair of little dragons against enemies. Red Zone It's time to get acquainted with the most complete and reliable story about the brave dwarves' deeds. Zombiepox Are you afraid of the dark?

Browsing through these old sounds is a blast and there are some true gems hidden in there, waiting to be discovered. Although it looks like some sort of weird contraption from a science fiction B movie, Quad Zamp is actually a rather capable little drum sampler with loads of sample mangling firepower under the hood.

The plugin features four sampler modules with three WAV sample slots per module. Each module has its own audio output and an array of useful sound shaping tools like filters and pitch envelopes. Quad Zamp is optimized for a quick beat making workflow, allowing you to load up to twelve samples in WAV format and easily tweak and shape them so that they sound well together. It also offers an easy way to randomize various parameters of the sound engine, which can lead to some unexpectedly cool sounding results.

User friendliness is out of the question here. You know… how does this thing even work? Anubis 2 is pretty much your standard subtractive virtual synthesizer, apart from the fact that it features an interesting modulation envelope with up to 32 envelope stages.

This fully customizable envelope can be used to modulate the pitch and pulse width of both oscillators, the FM amount for oscillator 2, filter cutoff and oscillator mix. Even though having a wider variety of possible modulation targets would be pretty cool, the mod envelope can still be used to create some pretty complex sounds that evolve over time.

It works equally well for making huge evolving pads, long risers and other FX sounds, as well as wobbly bases and unstable FM leads. In November this year, plugin developer MaxSynths has announced that all of their commercial products have been re-released as freeware. The plugin which we liked the most is Nero , a cool little monophonic synthesizer for making bass and lead sounds.

It features a pair of internally synced oscillators, zero-delay filters and an interesting sequencer with 64 preset sequences. Although it is not possible to create your own sequences from scratch, the included preset sequences can be tweaked and shaped to create new melodies and progressions. If you need a simple and easy to use virtual acoustic guitar for your DAW, look no further! Quite possibly the simplest virtual FM synthesizer in existence, XM2 developed by Music-Society forum member LazyDog is a great starting point for users who would like to learn about frequency modulation synthesis and its basic principles.

On the negative side, XM2 comes with a very small number of factory presets and also requires you to be a registered Music-Society forum member in order to get the download link. Noizefield was very active this year, having released four interesting EDM oriented freeware synthesizers. Our favorite one is 4 Tune , a well-designed and nice sounding VA synthesizer featuring four oscillators, two multi-mode filter slots with over a dozen filter types, four LFOs, a built-in chorus effect and a handy 9-slot modulation matrix.

The oscillator section features 58 different waveform types, with pulse-width modulation, ring modulation and frequency modulation controls for each oscillator. With so much firepower in the OSC section, generating those metallic sounding mid-range heavy leads and bass patches is a piece of cake for 4 Tune.

SUPER-7 is a simple virtual instrument designed for emulating the legendary Supersaw waveform which was first introduced by Roland in their JP hardware synthesizer. Of course, no one expects it to be a 1: It is mostly suitable for generating those classic Roland TB style acid basslines, but you can also use it for a variety of other electronic bass patches. The oscillators sound quite authentic and the plugin is certainly capable of recreating those lovely old school video game sounds.

Unfortunately, it is also a bit of a CPU hog and the user interface is absolutely huge. The test can be repeated several times, in which case the average rating for each track will be calculated automatically. It gets even better, though. Technically a commercial plugin, MiGiC is currently in beta. Chordz is a handy utility plugin that maps full chords to a single MIDI note. This can be useful in a variety of scenarios, for example as an aid for beginner keyboard players, or as a simple solution for playing chords on a small key MIDI controller, or even a MIDI drum pad.

The chords can be easily customized to create inversions and other custom voicings. Also, a chord suggestion feature is included to help with the creation of chord progressions. This great little freeware plugin by PechenegFX can also work as an auto pan utility, as well as a simple tool for faking the side-chain compression pumping effect. It is very user friendly thanks to the nicely laid out user interface, with easy to understand controls and a very helpful waveform display in the upper-right corner.

It can also record the metering results and export them as automation data for use in the host application, which can be helpful for automatic gain riding. Although its main purpose is to auto-mute the talkback microphone channel in a DAW, Muteomatic is capable of handling several other useful automation tasks. For instance, it can be used to automatically mute long-tail reverbs and delays as soon as you stop the playback.

The setup process could hardly be more straightforward than it already is: A simple life hack such as this can really help with delaying ear fatigue during long mixing sessions. The effect sounds really nice on guitars, backing vocals and keyboards. Deharsh is a simple utility designed for smoothing out the top end of the frequency spectrum in a mix.

The plugin combines EQ processing and subtle tube saturation to warm up the audio signal on the input and remove any unpleasant and harsh frequencies. This is a probability-based slicer, in the sense that you can not re-arrange the slices manually. In practice, the plugin works really well and you can get some really cool variations of the same loop if you let the effect run for a while of course, you should record the playback in order to use the beat sliced versions of the loop later on.

Although this kind of effect could be emulated in most digital audio workstations with a bit of cleverly applied automation, Doppler Dome makes the whole procedure a lot less complicated. You get to control the volume, pitch and panning of the processed signal, which is more than enough for creating all sorts of transition and riser SFX, as well as simple tremolo and auto-pan effects. It is useful for adding clarity and focus in the higher frequencies, but do keep in mind that you will need to be very careful when using it on more than a few elements in a mix.

The plugin is designed for quick and easy removal of a certain frequency range. Our 1 ranked plugin could easily be your 10 and vice versa. Last year there were so many freeware amp sims that we had to make a separate list just for them. It will be interesting to see which type of effect will be the most popular in Also, please share this page with your friends if you find it useful!

Thanks for reading BPB! Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the owner and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog. Thank you for your time picking this gem for us: Great list and reminder that we are spoilt for high freeware these days.

Thats without all the excellent time limited freeware BPB and others have given away this year.. Keep up the good work! Very nice of you to compile such a list. One of my favorite blogs in years!

And once again, thanks for the useful reviews. You are correct, thanks for spotting that! I thought that the full version of the plugin could be purchased separately. I will update the article right away.

Sorry about the confusion! Exists many download links in web this version! I also really look forward to this list every year. Thanks for this nice selection. I read your site all the time and I just wanted to say thanks for this and all your hard work.

Great list as always Tomislav! Grace would have been my number one too but the high CPU usage kills it for me: My top 1 free plugin of the year is Sanford Reverb.

You make greate TOP before. I choose some nice plugins for foobar: You can compare those two rather easily, though. Leave this field empty. Featured July 24, Share it like a boss. Jordan on December 29, 3: Afif Yoga Pradana on December 29, 5: Suganthan Harmless on December 29, 5: Thanks for your efforts.

Esol on December 29, 2: Ochre not on the Main list? Steve on December 29, 3: I downloaded 6 plugins. Have a great and productive CBJ on December 29, 3: Tomislav Zlatic on December 29, 7: Dan on December 29, 6: ConsUme on December 29, 6: Vasily Makarov on December 30, 1: Tomislav Zlatic on December 29, 6: Vasily Makarov on December 30, Bryan Lake on December 29, 6: Zacki on December 29, 9: Thank you very very much for this excellent lineup.

Ian H on December 30, 6: Elvis on December 30, 3:

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