God, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. How often does he do that? Try to keep up. I couldn't take it anymore. He said I couldn't understand how he felt because I was always dating a bunch of women.


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Get your tickets now at HTTP: I've met people with that attitude before. They assume that the only reason you'd hang out with the opposite sex, even within a mixed group, is to bone. It's kind of sad, honestly. You can't help but feel a little bad for those people. Oh, he knows you. He sees you in her Facebook and Instagram photos and Snap story.

He sees them, watches you with your arm around her. And he just stares at them, thinking it should be him. He may also have a photoshoped one with his head in place of yours. No, this is the kind of guy who won't fap to his crush out of respect. But all it does is drive him crazier. Haha His description for what you were wearing means literally nothing in Athens on a Saturday night. Who was he trying to fool? The majority of Athens college dudes are wearing a button down, khaki shorts, and boat shoes.

Especially around jerzees on a Saturday night. Not tryna start nothing but are you and your boy broken up? Oh I saw him last night commenting on gonewild. He was with a bunch of other redditors. How did he even expect this lie to work? The boyfriend had just as much chance of having been home with his girlfriend that night. I just imagine her saying "he was with me" and him being like "well he must've been lying to you".

Either 1 he was just randomly guessing hoping it might work, or 2 he's even crazier than this looks, was stalking OP's social media, and saw some sort of post indicating that OP was going to be picking up his parents at the airport or something. What makes this really bad is that it must work sometimes with some couples.

How often does he do that? Similar thing happened with my gf and I the second year we were together. He got my number somehow and specifically told me no hard feelings for stealing his girl but he was going to correct it. I had the reverse happen to me. We finally broke it off for good and she started dating a new guy. I'll be honest, I was still into her, although I was at that point jaded and not expecting or trying to get back together with her.

Anywho, I guess this dude must have grilled her about me and knew our history of getting back together and whatnot, and he was insecure about it. He got my AIM name from her I have no idea why she gave it to him and I was dumb enough at that point to use the same handle on other forums, like the relationship forum where I had gone to moan about the situation and be given some internet company for my misery.

Somehow the dude used these posts to convince my ex that I had shared nudes of her, not based on any evidence since I hadn't done so , but based just on inference that I must have. I can't even remember anymore how he made the argument, but she called me up super upset about it, and it took me a while of pointing out how his scenario made no sense before she believed me.

Shit was bonkers, but it honestly made me feel a lot better to know he was that threatened by me. She ended up getting a restraining order against him after they broke up and he climbed up to her second story apartment and broke in through the patio. I was not surprised. Bro we are talking khaki's and boat shoe's, that's at least Trader Joe's or higher. I'm really confused, none of this sounds Greek so is there an athens in the usa or something?

As a general rule, you can find a city or town in the US named after just about any famous European city, and one named after most European countries, too. Eh, kind of but not so much. A lot of them aren't really prominent cities or anything. For example, there's a Paris, Texas, which is just a sleepy town. It's not that it's too hard to block someone in practice, it's that a lot of people have a hard time letting go of past relationships for some reason that makes zero sense to me. The women that I've broken up with amicably are still in my contact list and we remain friends.

The women that were insane or petty or just all around bad people are not. Yeah, I've been married for 5 years shit, it's been that long already? Really just because I never thought to remove them more than anything. Also, if one of them ever randomly decides to call me, I suppose I'd prefer to know who it is rather than picking up and being surprised.

I was waiting for the gem: Hey, OP, is your girlfriend single? Cuz I heard you were in jerzees Saturday night without her so I figured. It's about the closest thing Athens has to a "night club". It's a big dimly lit bar with plenty of dancing space. It can be nice sometimes, but the extremely large crowd of people wading around drunk off their ass can make it annoying.

Super shitty scene there, especially considering all the better choices you have available in Athens. Pretty sure I got my ass grabbed by a rando every single time I had the misfortune of ending up at Jerzees.

It was always a huge sausage fest of thirsty freshman. I actually wasn't out that night, but I am ashamed to say I've worn that before so he did get that partially right at least. You don't even deserve your girlfriend. This other guy is obviously the superior mate. When they are taken, I'll just wait until they break up to make my move. If the relationship seems solid, I'll try to create trouble.

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I think after a breakup, you'll get a lot of encouragement or advice on how to move on like "Work on yourself" "Work on being happy single, people are attracted to other people who can be happy alone" "Don't worry, the next one will be the one! This problem cost me 20k Every time I would see him, he would just whine and moan about her.

He asked me what he should do. They dated for a fucking week! I've worn the same shirt longer than that! I couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop talking to him. It's been about 13 years. Anyway, hope your 'friend' gets over it. I feel like I know the same person. Doesn't help that this is the plot in like every other romcom. All they see is, "She jaTT bruh, she lucky 2 be wit me".