Alabama Gambling Laws

Section 13A Possession of gambling records in the second degree. The officer, in executing said warrant, shall break into and enter such house, room or part of a house, upon the refusal of the proprietor or any occupant thereof to open the same, and seize all gambling instruments and bring such instruments, together with all gambling devices and the parties that are found there, before the court which issued the warrant. Section 13A Simple gambling. Greyhound and horse racing did get an exemption from this definition of gambling. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, Sections and shall apply.

Alabama Gambling Laws – A Brief History


According to the same section of regarding billiard rooms, if you live in one of the few counties in Alabama that have more than 56, people, but less than 59, people, dominoes can be played. The Wind Creek Atmore has a 57, sq ft gaming floor with more than 1, games. The Wind Creek Wetumpka has an 80, sq ft gaming floor with more than 2, games. The Wind Creek Montgomery has a 65, sq ft gaming floor with more than 2, games.

Charitable bingo was ruled legal in Jefferson County with an amendment to the state constitution. The operations could only be open for 2 sessions a week lasting no longer than 5 hours each.

Governor Don Siegelman promised a state lottery to his voters during his campaign but failed to deliver. The amount is for unpaid taxes connected to bingo and the lawsuit says the machines are rigged, which caused this unpaid amount. Pari-Mutuel wagering for dog and horse racing was legalized by the Alabama Supreme Court. They legalized these races because the outcome depends on the animals' skill level and not chance or luck.

Today there are only 2 tracks open. Pari-Mutuel is defined as a form of betting in which those backing the first three places divides the losers' stakes. There is currently no horse racing tracks in Alabama today. The Jobs for Alabamians Coalition was put together to get a constitutional amendment to allow a state-regulated lottery to take place in the 4 dog tracks that were currently open at the time.

An amendment to the state constitution allowed electronic bingo devices to be placed at the Macon County's Victory Land racetrack. Since this ruling, the racetrack has been raided and shut downin and reopened in It was then closed and reopened again in A lawsuit is filed in an attempt to close the 3 casinos that are run by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians but it fails and the 3 casinos are still open today.

While horse and dog tracks are permitted, few cities in Alabama have enough residents to qualify. On top of that, many people have lost interest in this type of gambling. The lottery is one gambling subject that has been debated back and forth in Alabama for a while. While a state lottery could mean a big boost to the state treasury, the government holds firm that they won't permit it.

The three Indian casinos in the state are currently only housing bingo-type games, and there have been attempts to shut the doors on these casinos. It's possible that gambling as a whole is on its way out the door in Alabama. But with gray area online gambling laws, it's still possible to play your favorite casino games, place sports or race bets and play bingo-styled games for a profit.

As plainly as the law seems on gambling in Alabama, the online gambling laws are unclear. But what are your gambling options in the meantime? Is Online Gambling Legal in Alabama? Can I get arrested for gambling online in Alabama? How can you make sure that your private game is a legal social one? But it includes things like: Yes, but none that are likely to change things on a grand scale. One bill would legalize electronic bingo and other gaming machines at VictoryLand, a once-popular bingo hall and electronic casino in the state.

Unfortunately, lawmakers say that bill is doomed. Another bill is under consideration that would take steps to keep another venue, Greenetrack, open for business. This bill is also considered unlikely to pass. Class II games are based on the rules of bingo or pull-tab games. Class II games are different from Class I games like slot machines and table games, though their designers go out of their way to produce games that mimic video poker and slots.

Class II regulations require gaming machines in this state to be based on the basic rules of bingo or pull tab games. Legal gaming is available in The Yellowhammer State. Seven sanctioned gambling venues exist in seven different Alabama cities, providing games like e-bingo and off-track race bets. The popularity of electronic bingo in the state pretty much demanded the creation of legal avenues to access it. You may not find a legal poker game in the state, with even private home games outlawed in the state penal code, but plenty of machine gaming is available.

It looks that way. Alabama could be the next big frontier in tribal gambling. Not Legal Tribal Gambling: Not Legal Horse Racing Betting: Legal Dog Racing Betting: Not Legal though a statewide vote to legalize is looming. The Legal Status of Gambling in Alabama. This quote from section 13A of the constitution defines illegal gambling as: How can that be, if all wagers are illegal? But Alabama just loves laws. The penalty for communicating with gamblers or people inside known gambling halls?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Alabama? What could happen if you were to be prosecuted for owning an illegal gambling device? Daily Fantasy Sports Law in Alabama. However, paid daily fantasy sports contests are in fact illegal gambling under Alabama law. Online Gambling Options in Alabama. Recommended Gambling Sites for Alabama. Alabama state law bans all forms of gambling. Tribal casinos slot machines and bingo declared legal. Alabama Gambling Laws from FindLaw. Find out more here.

A look at gambling by the Alabama Policy Institute. Read more from the Alabama Policy Institute. The confusion comes from the weird wording of the state constitution:

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