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Get yours before they are gone!! Performance propeller […] Read more. Everyone in the Cat Can Do family, especially Keith's wife Jennifer, would like to thank all of you for your well wishes and support during this very difficult and heartbreaking time. South Central Sportchassis Social Hub. The championship consists of four heats of racing at the PNC Trenton Roar on the River outboard tunnel boat race, an annual event that takes place on the Detroit River in Trenton, Michigan.

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Your search returned matches. Excellent shape , stereo , ss 29" prop , runs perfectly. Boat location Sault Ste. Located in Sault Ste Marie Michigan. Please call owner John at Boat is in Orlando, Florida. Super Clean - Beautiful boat that runs great. Engine is very strong and very well maintained. Interior is near perfect. Buyer will also receive all accessories I own for the boat skis, two man tube, wake board, life vest, and additional tools - equiptment.

Located in Orlando Florida. Exceptional 38' Scarab. Original owner and has always been garaged. It has a swim step, bathroom, fridge, stereo and bolster drop down seats. Custom paint and upholstery. Three axel trailer included. Stainless props, shore power and cockpit cover. Very well taken care of. For more info, call Mark Located in Whitefish Montana. Supercharged Chevy with Weiand supercharger.

This thing is mean! New cockpit interior in the last 2 years. Comes with tandem trailer. Trailer is a bit rough, but pulls great.

Bimini top new last year , cockpit cover 2 years old , and full mooring cover new last year included. Snap in removable carpet in cockpit. LED lights in cockpit and cuddy. Mirage SS 3 blade prop. Boat is located in Denver, Colorado. Contact me for more details.. Located in Denver Colorado. This was a freshwater boat until December Bimini Interior was updated in This is a good all around boat that would work well for fishing, diving, family outings, and could even be a liveaboard.

Located in Marathon Florida. Located in margate Florida. Located in Rockville Maryland. You could tell me on the first day that Toodles is on the roof and you can't get him down. And the day after that that you tried coaxing him with food, but he won't come. And the day after that that he's not looking well, and after that that he seems to be deteriorating, and then, then the day after that, then I'd be ready for it. Do you understand now? Well, that's over sniff. So when there's bad news to break, we broach the subject with "uh, Mom's on the Roof.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation There's a golf-fanatic, just lives for the game. In fact, it's ruining his marriage, the way he disappears all weekend, every weekend, never coming home till after dark.

His longsuffering wife tries to be understanding, but he can never keep an agreement to limit himself. One beautiful Sunday, she has plans for an outing together, but he tells her he already made plans to go golfing with his buddy Charlie. Charlie and I have been playing together for fifteen years.

After all those thousands of rounds, we are absolutely tied. We have to decide this thing. I'll play this last game, and that's the end of it -- really: I'll sell my clubs and be done with it forever.

And when I come home, we'll go to dinner at the best place in town. Just this last game! She looks at him balefully. If you're one minute late, it's over. Eagerly he promises, and off he goes. She puts on her finest dress and pearls, and waits. Six o'clock comes and goes. So does seven, eight. Finally, at ten-thirty-seven, he comes limping in, sweaty, exhausted, bedraggled. On the third hole, Charlie -- are you listening?

Charlie had a heart attack, keeled over and died! Shocked, she claps her hands to her cheeks. You know how it was after that: When I was a little girl, my mother would oftentimes say in a very serious tone, "All seriousness aside My Mom was a real wit with a wonderful sense of humor.

It took me quite awhile before I realized that she was joking around with me. When excusing himself to step around the corner to urinate, my granddad would say "I'm going to make a river. Quick as a cat on a hot tin roof Fast — Tennessee Williams of course got his title from this one. I'm going to kick you six ways from Sunday and into the middle of next year. Cool as a blue moose collected in Joplin, although of course the moose is not Native to the state. Not much hand for work like killing rattlesnakes lazy; this was said, surprisingly, of Abraham Lincoln in his youth.

Weasel words according to animal lore, weasels suck the insides out of eggs, leaving an empty shell. Weasel words are not merely cowardly, but words that withdraw the intent and forcefulness of what's just been said: A dead ringer many apochryphal stories -- a "ringer" is a racing term for a dishonest substitute; for example, you enter a slow horse in a number of races, and let people decide it's a loser. Then you enter a much faster, identical animal in another race, and bet heavily on the ringer.

A hanging offense on the frontier. They're no better than they should be. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Cock of the walk. Dance with the one that brought you. Texas politics -- an honest corrupt politician can be bought only once, and stays bought. More generally, expresses the sense that one should stick to one's agreements and alliances. He has a deep well. The sense is, "Do not come into conflict with this person. He will kill you and your body will not be found. He is Hell on wheels.

He kicked the bucket. The beam was called a bucket, and in its death throes, the hog would kick at it. Unpleasantly vivid if true. If that kid don't leave home I'm going to break his plate apparently refers to a leaving-home ceremony. There may be snow on the roof, but there is still fire in the furnace older folks are capable of passion.

Well-heeled prosperous -- lit. Lyndon Johnson was reputed to have said that he had "generals that were so dumb that they couldn't pour piss out of a boot if they had the instructions printed on the heel"!! Current in KY c. If'n it had been a snake, it would have bit ya why is this a favorite of senior waitresses? Only difference between a woman and a vulture is that a vulture circles at least once before it chews your ass out! Idioms and lore from The Woods Colt: A Novel of the Ozark Hills.

On its appearance, the novel was extravagantly praised in Time http: The dialect, while linguistically authentic, is intrusive, and while the author is at pains to avoid romantic and sentimental views of the backwoodsfolk, he sometimes errs in the opposite direction, depicting them as more uniformly degenerate and vicious than would be sustainable in any close-knit society. Part of the contemporary — and enduring — appeal of the novel is ethnographic.

It makes sometimes heavy-handed efforts to incorporate verbal and other lore from the Ozarks plateau. Much of what the reader finds is easily confirmed by other sources; these may stand as witnesses in favor of the authenticity of items not yet recorded independently. Si non e vero, e ben trovato. Signs and other nonverbal lore: If you see a spider in the middle of the path, there is a letter waiting for you.

Find iron where lightning has struck, and form it into a ring, which guards against arthritis. Bend over a mullein stalk. If your love is true, it will grow upright again.

Or build a fire of hickory sticks. If your live is true, it will burn clear and steady. When you hear the first dove of the season, you will soon take a journey in the direction from which you heard the call. When you hear an owl hoot in the afternoon, rain will follow within forty-eight hours.

The call of a whippoorwill or the bellowing of cattle presages a death though the speaker acknowledges that these things happen all the time without any notable mortality.

When lightning bugs fly high, expect fair weather. Squirrels should be skinned while still warm. A woman who makes a fist with the thumb outside dominates her husband, and one who places the thumb inside obeys him. Root hog or die. We get a lot of questions about this one. It's used in a variety of circumstances, either excusing unpleasantness or counseling stoicism and courage -- the general sense is, "you've got to do what you've got to do. I'm right from old Virginny wid my pocket full ob news I'm worth twenty shillings right square in my shoes It doesnt make a dif of bitternance to neider you nor I Big pig or little pig, Root, hog, or die.

I'm chief cook and bottlewasher, cap'n ob de waiters; I stand upon my head, When I peel de Apple dumplins. I'se happiest darkee on de top ob de earth I get fat as possom in de time ob de dearth Like a pig in a tate patch dar let me be Way down in old Virginny whar its Root, hog, or die. De Boston dandies dey look so very grand Old clothes hand me down gloves upon de hand High heel boots boots moustaches round de eye - A perfect sick family ob Root, hog, or die. De Boston gals dey de beat dem all Dey wear high heel shoes for to make demself's tall If dey dont hab dem de Lor how dey'l cry De boys hab got to get dem or else Root, hog, or die.

De Shanghie coats dey're getting all de go Whar de boys get dem I realy dont know But dey're bound to get dem if dey dont hang too high Or else dey make de Taiors run Root, hog or die. The scholarship on the subject is rather thin and unsystematic, and a standard taxonomy lacks, though potentially useful models exist in the field of proverb research. Some of the following were taken from James B.

McMillan and Michael B. University of Alabama Press, Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin Cites sayings and idioms. Boshears, Frances, and Herbert Halpert. Proverbial comparisons from an East Tennessee county. List of comparisons compiled in Scott County. Tongue twisters and a few other examples of linguistic folklore. Kentucky Folklore Record Three dozen folk expressions, mostly tongue twisters, from Mississippi and Kentucky. As Jesse Stuart heard it in Kentucky.

Kentucky Folklore Record 9. Folk expressions in Stuart's writings. A word-list from the Southern highlands. Publication of the American Dialect Society 2. Includes list of figures of speech and idioms. Elizabethan left-overs in Allen County, Kentucky. Western Kentucky University thesis. Discusses obsolete words, pronunciations, grammatical features, meanings, and idioms.

Thangs Yankees don' know: Thangs yuh should larn! Collection of unusual tidbits about mountain life for tourists. Common comparisons and folk sayings. A study of folklore in Adair County, Kentucky, George Peabody College thesis. Anecdotal discussion of similes and list of "epithets used to show surprise, anger, disgust, or unhappiness.

Some folk expressions from northeastern North Carolina. Shafts and cases were checked and in excellent condition. Electronics The boat is equipped with nearly all of the latest electronics. Twin Garmin 16 touchscreen displays, Garmin Autopilot with smart pump, Garmin Radar, Chirp, side view, down view and Panoptix transducers, Garmin electronic displays, Maretron electronic displays, Icom VHF radio, Maretron weather station which provides air temp and humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressue.

Model numbers of installed equipment: Dependable long life Ilmor power and dependable imco scx drives to keep you on the water no broken XR gears. Also, has intercom system. Includes everything needed including fenders and lines, and life line jackets. Fortress anchor mounted on holder on anchor locker Trailer is a Myco, has newer truck tires with spare.

Also, has a wash down tank on trailer. Motors and drives are dependable to keep you boating! Super nice boat will not disappoint! Boat located at Lake of the Ozarks Make an offer. Located in high ridge Missouri. Located in boca raton Florida. Located in mabank Texas. Comes with an Owen and Sons aluminum trailer. The boat has a few gel coat cracks. I have not seen any structural cracks on the boat. I have had the boat out and have not seen any issues. I ran the Lake Cumberland thunder Run poker run this year in the boat.

The motors, midsections and gear cases were rebuilt in by previous owner and have around 8 hours on them as of now. It looks like the previous owner went through the boat pretty good and all that was left to put it back into great shape was a paint job or wrap.

Send me an email to millsracing live. Thanks Livorsi dash with GPS 98 mph with the bravo 30 set up Boat hull was titled when it was an offshore power boat then converted over to a pleasure boat in Located in campbellsville Kentucky.

Has XR drives with Sport master lowers Hydraulic steering the boat is equipped with the best stuff money can buy!! Boat is turn key ready to go!!. Super fast and reliable, approximately MPH plus! Can run on 89 octane with only 5 lbs boost!

This boat is a must see! Biggest bang for your buck! Located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Cleanest 30 on the market!!

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