Well, to start, unless you just want to visit and hang out with other fans, I suggest you don't arrive early. It turned out to be the only computer I know of in the world that was an actual casualty of the "Y2K" issue, for real. Can't Stop Callin' Out: Electro theme night, but turned into one of my most requested tracks. She had a really good setlist, and the look of it was perfect. I guess I had felt like my "Satisfaction Skank" took on a life of its own in the Bay Area, so here it is, with the caveat that I promise I never intended to take credit for the idea. Shannon "Minuit Music" 8MB kbps mp3 This one takes the datA remix of Tepr's "Minuit Jacuzzi," a track that already seemed to reference '80s freestyle, and makes that a little more obvious.

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And then there was the moment of the night, when Gaga sorted through the toys and tat thrown at her feet and plucked out a letter. It was from a kid that she had encouraged to come out of the closet, despite his concern about how his parents might react. The arena cameras honed in on him, and so did Gaga, telling her people to make sure he was backstage later.

Then she firmly repeated the order — make sure he's there. Great bum, great heart, very good show. You're not supposed to do this kind of show at Wrigley Field. Moving platforms, hydralic staging, dancers, fire throwers, explosives.

Gagag delivered a set that began at 8: Lady Gaga held court over an audience that might not have gone to Wrigley before. She donned a Cubs jersey, acknowledge her role as the firsr female act to headline Wrigley and with a slew of costume changes, blew the joint apart. Rarely does any act own the whole audience; she has that live "IT" power; all the hits, some of "Joanne" and enough banter and personalizing of every number to make it worthy of recording like the Grateful Dead: It's the living difference between recorded and live art.

Some costuming got twisted up and she kept singing, dancers unfeeling her, and when her contact mike was clearly dead, she kept playing her guitar intro as a dancer moved in with a mike without missing a beat: THAT, kids, is the sign of a pro.

A little schmaltzy with some very theatrical presentation, but if schmaltz is this good, love it to death. WE don't have a Judy Garland anymore; we don't have a young Streisand who could deliver the sounds, range and furious precision of a Gaga; just GO.

Opening act of her DJ was one hour of loud, often too-profane "meh. This is the second time I have been to see Lady Gaga she is such an inspirational Artist, I went to see her perform live in Birmingham at the NIA this year, Not only is her performance top quality but her showmanship is for me the best in the business. Lady Gaga put in a lot of effort into every aspect of her live performances, she designed the set and stage layout to maximise the ordinance participation.

It was a even balance of her vast catalogue of work from Just dance right through to Artpop. The minute the curtain fell I felt a tingling sensation down my spine, This was something I had been looking forward to for some time for buying the ticket on line to the show its self.

You maybe sitting there woundeering why I called her an inspirational artist? This is for two reasons the first is the artist bit Lady Gaga describes her self as an artist the inspirational bit is the fact that she has not only produced one of the most inspiring songs of all time Born this way but on the night of the show a young fan threw a note on stage, now Gaga could have simply given that note to someone and read it after the show, but she didn't, after reading part of the note to her self she realised how important she had been to helping the fan get through a difficult time for them and so not only did she read the note out loud but had the fan come on stage to help her sing one of her songs, yes, you guessed it Born this way and if one person can change, inspire and improve the life of others through her music then that someone is lady Gaga and that is why I get such a thrill seeing her live.

As well as having a great variety on her setlist, she also ensured that the choreography was level with the setlist, giving us the most energetic and fun dance routines in which made us all want to dance too!

And to round this review up, her stage layout was made with little monsters in mind, Gaga made sure that she could get around the whole arena to be near all her fans, which shows just how loving she is towards us! She really blew us away, and all the time and effort that has gone into this your has truely been worth it, with the majority of her concerts selling out! Cannot give specifics as her Tour has not finished yet. The experience during the concert was amazing, she sang in front of us most of the time, unfortunately backstage I was expecting a little bit more, yes she was with us more than an hour talking, but we were a large group of 20 people and there were 2 particular people at ours who acted as if no one else had paid for it.

They should have just gone around the room and asked everyone individually for a question. On several times I tried to draw the conversation back to our side of the room, as they seemed to have created the whole meet centred around a particular area. Gaga is too polite, but I could tell she wanted someone else to speak because she kept looking at other people and saying 'has anyone else got any questions?.

Perhaps is not Gaga's fault but it is annoying that her team had rushed things. I love this woman with every fiber of my being, and I paid four months' rent for this. I have mixed feelings. Not having a minute to talk to Gaga in private for the amount of money we paid put me a little down as well. When the photo was sent to my e-mail I felt a little bit better though.

I did it because it was my dream to meet her, but I've learned my lesson and will not spend the amount of money I did again. It's is for sure one of the my best experiences ever! I had one of the most amazing experiences going to a Lady Gaga show a while back.

It was a bit like going to a Broadway show, a Circus, a dance club and a crazy Rave! The combination of all of these different occasions was something I had never felt at a concert before. Seeing 'Mother Monster' live was more of an experience than just a musical concert.

I believe the Little Monsters that's what she calls her fans are such a unique crowd, with people from all walks of life, all ages, and all lifestyles. It was a people-watching extravaganza!! And then the show itself, my goodness, so many things happening, so many stage props, so many dancers, and oh how amazing the dancing was.

And then on top of all that throw in the insane costumes and the stage props, along with a light show that complimented every aspect. Truly a piece of art in a way. As I say, it just seems so much more than just a concert experience, it feels like a combination of so many things. The only time I have felt close to this, was way back at a Madonna concert when she was really in her prime and she was putting on performances of this level. It felt so good to see a performer attempting to entertain again, and entertain in a fantastic way.

People may say what they want about Lady Gaga, and she does a lot of things to attract those thoughts, but putting all that aside, she is one hell of a performer and a show that I will gladly attend over and over! As a die hard Gaga fan, I was completely excited for the concert- especially when I was queing. I qued for around 10 hours and it was honestly worth it.

Her vocals were flawless- she even expressed her love by adding a Whitney Houston "I will always love you" ending to one of her songs. That alone was amazing. The show itself was insane- there was constant confetti and strobe lights pulsating the arena; let us not forget the amazing dancers fleeting the stage too. Gaga also took moments between songs to preach about equality, her feelings and general speeches of empowerment.

A noticable element of the show was when she picked up and read a young boy's letter of his struggled- she then got him and his boyfriend on stage to dedicate born this way to them. They sat either side of her on the piano, it was heartwarming.

Personally, I think if people ignorant to Gaga's importance and talent were to attend artRAVE they woulf instantly be turned- it was that great. It was unforgettable and probably will never be topped. Well, to start, unless you just want to visit and hang out with other fans, I suggest you don't arrive early. You probably won't even make it through the line by 7: But don't worry, the show won't start until 9: If you read the latest reports, this is what Gaga has been doing at her shows it's all planned.

Just when we were getting fed up waiting, Lady Gaga hit the stage. Her concert was amazing. It was colorful and exciting with the use of many high tech effects. The women has got talent! She brings with her a dozen energetic backup dancers. Her voice, her voice If you happen to have to have a seat rather far from the stage, no worry.

She makes every seat in the house a good one as she drops small bridges from pods high in near the ceiling and connects the stage to designated raised circles on the floor all the way back to a smaller stage at the opposite end of the venue.

She and her dancers move about with each song and manage to personally engage each fan in their seats with an up close entertainment opportunity. I've witnessed literally hundreds of artists overthe years and this show is inside my top 10 all time. She started strong with diamond heart, A-yo and poker face which really got the crowd up on their feet waving their hands in the air and the most touching moment would have to be when she explained exactly who joanne was and their unique connection and then she finished by whipping the crowd into a frenzy with bad romance, the cure and million reasons.

I had made a10 hr drive to see her only to find out the show was cancelled earlier this yr, I decided to make the trrip again for the re-scheduled show and I'm so glad I did! It was everything that I expected it to be from all of the articles and stuff I read online.

She had a really good setlist, and the look of it was perfect. There were so many spotlights and different colors throughout the show as well as many outfit changes. As usual, she had a ton of dancers and a big large production ahead of her.

The energy level of the crowd was unreal and there were a lot of very interesting people there. Merch is super over-priced for sure. I don't think that it should be that expensive. I really enjoyed the show and it was very memorable. Lady GaGa has so many different things that she does in her live show that it would be very hard to forget.

A very large and energetic crowd at Chicago's United Center. One of the best arena shows and productions that I have ever been too. I love Lady Gaga. She has performed some of my favorite music artist acts on award shows and my favorite Superbowl half time show I've ever seen. I expected this concert to be spectacular but it wasn't, neither were her two other concerts.

It was a very cool stage! My favorite performance was bad romance, it had cool Pyro effects and with classic Gaga creativity instead of the pretentious boring cowgirl persona with terribly designed outfits. I guess I had felt like my "Satisfaction Skank" took on a life of its own in the Bay Area, so here it is, with the caveat that I promise I never intended to take credit for the idea.

What's amusing is that when I finally heard Fatboy's own mix, years later, it was very different, slowed down to fit "Satisfaction," rather than sped up like mine to stay at "Skank" tempo. Incidentally, the editing software I used for this was called "Session 8" and it lived on on an old PC at LIVE -- it was called "Session 8" because it featured a grand total of 8 audio tracks to play with.

It turned out to be the only computer I know of in the world that was an actual casualty of the "Y2K" issue, for real. The LIVE engineers took a look at it, said it was a piece of junk and couldn't be salvaged, and with no compatible software available to which I could transfer the tracks and session, all the original files were lost on Dec.

I've created a variety of DJ edits, special mixes for radio shows, prototype minute-long mashups that got one or two spins on the Sixx Mixx, etc. For longer multi-track format sets, radio shows like Subsonic and House Nation, recordings of live DJ appearances, promo mixes, etc. I mean, I wasn't keeping a diary. And when I say "cash in," I mean, not get any cash whatsoever, from anyone. Maybe I'm a total girly-man maybe! Anyway, I'd been wanting to make something out of this classic Cars track for a while, but there's no instrumental, so I kind of had to build one, and it's admittedly a bit sloppy.

Evelyn "Chapagne" King vs. Kid Cudi "Shame At Nite " 8MB kbps mp3 While most of my mashups turn up the energy from the original to an almost intolerable level, I like how this one kinda brings the intensity down a notch from Crookers famous mix of "Day 'n Nite. And she said hey, what about that Vampire Weekend band, hipster kids love them, and I was like, okay. Oasis "Boulevard of Flashing Lights " 8MB kbps mp3 I hope people understand that there's a bit of self-mockery going on here, in the sense that it was highly amusing to me that one would take one's "hit" and then beat it to death with cheesy remixes and new versions, like an aging Vegas crooner updating their classics.

Or, more admirably, like New Order constantly remixing "Blue Monday. This doesn't really go anywhere, structurally, but I do like how the vocals sit over the Kanye instrumental, and I really think I stepped up my photoshop skills for the cover. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing called it his all-time favorite mashup as well as "gloriously stupid," which is probably the kindest possible description of my work ever. House of Pain vs. But people like House of Pain and Queen and junk, so here you go.

It was a bit of a sloppy production and I never really liked it, but because of the source material it got some attention. And so for a video set at Bootie I figured it might be time to rework the thing, a little faster and a little dancier. So I was like, "what goes with that? Pete Burns goes with that. As you can tell I always like to make some sort of locally-influenced mashup whenever I've got a DJ gig in a new place, so for a few gigs in Mexico I made this simple little ditty.

In a totally weird coincidence, I ended up meeting the P-Mosh guys in Monterrey. Can't Stop Callin' Out: The Complete Party Ben vs. Lyrics Born Experience Mediafire link includes all 5 tracks 1. Anyway this uses the good old Blondie beat for pumping up ze dancefloor. Average White Band vs. Lyrics Born - "Callin' Up the Pieces" mp3 The whole point of this was to have something surprising for my Bootie headlining set in January , since everybody was sick of the U2 one at this point.

Lyrics Born - "Callin' Ross" mp3 This is just me being stoopid: The list below is admittedly incomplete. A Taste of Honey vs. Bat for Lashes vs. Those were the days. Anyway this is a little throwaway thing. Shannon "Minuit Music" 8MB kbps mp3 This one takes the datA remix of Tepr's "Minuit Jacuzzi," a track that already seemed to reference '80s freestyle, and makes that a little more obvious. I actually had to completely reconstruct the Tepr track to make this happen, it sounds pretty easy but it wasn't, I promise.

Ludacris "Star Guitar Stand Up" 9MB kbps mp3 The first version was created for fellow mashup DJ Electrosound's Chemical Brothers bootleg tribute album, and when he asked me I'd already had an idea rolling around my head for a remix that elucidated the Baltimore beat that kind of bubbles under in "Star Guitar" so I was happy to have a deadline to whip me into shape. So, first I made the mostly instrumental version which I handed off to the project, which does a lot of repurposing individual sounds from "Star Guitar," and then I thought "hey this could use some Ludacris in order to qualify as a mashup to play at Bootie" so I threw "Stand Up" over it.

So in an attempt to ingratiate myself with the many nations of the EU, I tried to put together something appropriate for each location on the tour: Not familiar with Modern Talking? They're only the most successful pop group in German history , and it turns out "You Can Win If You Want" is basically the same exact chord pattern as "Crazy. Kult are a legendary Polish rock combo, and their song "Polska" is from , so it's understandable that its refrain of "Poland, we live in Poland" is probably not without a bitter edge.

Come to think of it, it may be nothing but bitter edge, with a kind of stoic pride deep inside the bitterness in that way Eastern Europeans do so well. Sure, this mashup is a slapdash affair, thrown together in desperation to have something Polish to play for crowds in Warsaw and Krakow.

But I find the contrast with M. Bootie Traxx Volume 2 1. Anyway, guess you had to be there, when in jokes I thought were worthy of a single spin just so my co-DJs would laugh for a few seconds became things people asked me to download. General Public "Tender Umbrella" 6mb kbps mp3 I was dismissive of this when I first made it in , mostly because the DIY acapella I used of "Umbrella" has sound quality issues, but nobody seemed to mind.

It sort of took off and eventually made it to Dave Wakeling's ears, who called it "fantastic," and later, to the ears of Adam Sandler, who chose it as the second of my mashups to be used in the film "Just Go With It. It was actually used in many of the "Just Go With It" TV commercials starting in November of ; buy me a drink sometime and I'll tell you all about meeting that deadline and where I actually found a copy of the "Tenderness" extended remix when the record label themselves couldn't track it down in time.

It of course took me like 10 months after the release of "Galvanize" to realize the "Empire" theme was in the same key, which is sad because "Galvanize" came out right around the same time as Episode III and I could totally have syngergized this mix into cross-promotional proto-viral pop-cultural social media dominance. Was there a Facebook in ?

Tegan liked it, Sara didn't , it got played on the radio a whole bunch. Two years later I heard this amazing remix of "Paris" done by Etienne de Crecy, and when I finally tracked that down, I redid the whole mashup using that. Well, since I was kind of responsible for getting the brilliant Lyrics Born's "Callin' Out" added to LIVE rotation where it eventually went to 1 , I guess I felt a certain attachment to the song, and like so much of my work, the continual retread felt humorous to me, I guess a lot of that comedy is lost nowadays.

Although of course "Melo do Tobaco" is basically a mashup of "Man in the Box" over a beat from Peaches, so it's already kind of a mashup, so who knows what's going on here.

Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous With You" 7. I considered this a total joke back in when I made it, but it turned into one of the tracks I ended up playing out the most for many years, and probably has gotten the crowd going more often, in more diverse locales, than just about anything else I've ever made. People love "Grease," I guess. Summer's legendary little number over the whole thing. I know there's like "Crazy" boots out there but my excuse is this was part of a mix I did for XFM so it's not like a real mashup or anything.

Miami Sound Machine "Conga Pressure" 6. More importantly, the PC paint cover was funny to me at the time. Samantha Fox "Golden Boulevard" 5MB kbps mp3 This operates first of all as sort of a dub mix of Boulevard of Broken Songs, and was really just a goofy part of a Sixx Mixx, but then I sort of liked how it all came together, so here it is.

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