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Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile Dirty. I was in a comp room perhaps they save the better rooms for actual paying customers. The hotel reopened July 8, The new hotel features only one restaurant, bar and coffee shop. The Star features freestyle dining, theater shows, a world-class casino, and the Roman Spa and Fitness Center.

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Leonetti kissed Scarfo on both cheeks, and then both cheeks of each of the witnesses. Leonetti said that the men joined in a circle with one spot open, and after Scarfo said a few words in Italian, Leonetti was then invited into the circle to complete the circle by joining his hands with the others.

Philadelphia Mob Boss Angelo Bruno was murdered in the summer of Testa named Peter Cassella as his underboss. Testa's son is Salvi Testa. Chickee Narducci, a captain in the Bruno family.

Testa believed Narducci was planning to murder him, too. That same week, Narducci had Testa murdered. The New York Commission fingered Narducci as the killer, believing that Narducci had committed an unauthorized murder of a family boss, Testa.

The New York bosses selected Scarfo to murder Narducci. He was found in a pool of blood in the back of his Cadillac. Another Narducci conspirator was also murdered, a homemade bomb was taped in his mouth when it exploded. Scarfo was named the new head of the Bruno Family and given a seat on the commission in , and became an ally of the powerful Genovese Family.

Bruno was described as a racketeer. Scarfo was described as a gangster, a common analogy used in many mafia families to describe predecessors. Scarfo had been exiled to Atlantic City years before casino gambling arrived, and had established strong connections there. When casinos were approved on Nov. This allowed them to sidestep the controls that New Jersey had set up. They controlled the concrete and steelwokers unions, threatening job strikes against uncooperative casino developers.

The mob controlled unions and contractors guaranteed there would be no delays on their "sanctioned" projects. The head of the National union was Ed Hanley. Gerace arranged the contracts and the behind-the-scenes deals. But controlling the unions wasn't enough. They also decided to target local politics. Mathews won his election with the solid backing of the Atlantic City unions and the Bruno and Scarfo family in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, under threat of death if he refused to cooperate.

Under Scarfo, Philadelphia's rising mob family took lessons from Chicago and new York families, muscling loan sharks, and providing protection. They demanded a piece of every independent business operation in their areas under threat of murder. At one point, Scarfo targeted the Riccobene faction of the former Bruno family which was under Scarfo's control. More than 24 members of the Riccobene family were targeted. The war went on for months. Scarfo drove a white Rolls Royce and took the entire Bruno family to Florida on vacations.

The name of the yacht, frequently photographed by the Feds, the boat was named "Casablanca" and "Usual Suspects," a line from the movie. The Federal Government used the photographs of the gatherings to prove that the individual criminals were working as one family. Vincent Falcone , was a partner with Scarfo in his construction company.

Scarfo believed that Falcone was ripping him off, but his only real crime was to criticize Scarfo's quality of workmanship in the construction business. Scarfo and Leonetti invited Falcone to a hideaway where they had dinner. After the ate and drank, Leonetti shot Falcone in the back of the head. Scarfo celebrated by drinking more, putting his hand on Falcone's still body to feel for his heart beat, ordering his nephew, Leonetti to shoot him one more time in the heart.

With them at the time was another Bruno family member, Joe Salerno , who feared he, too, would be killed. Scarfo and Leonetti were arrested and charged in the Falcone murder in Salerno became the star witness for the FBI under the witness protection program.

Salerno testified against Scarfo and Leonetti. A local cop who was on the Bruno family payroll testified that Scarfo's car was not at the property where the murder was committed, contradicting Salerno, who testified Scarfo had parked his black Cadillac outside in front of the home.

The cop was thrown off the police force as a result of his testimony. Scarfo, Leonetti and a third defendant were all found not guilty. A new sushi bar features a good assortment of standard sushi fare, with a good variety of California-style maki rolls and perfectly fresh fish. Nine food stations over feet long offer fresh pasta, seafood, Asian wok dishes, specialty salads and plenty of desserts.

Specialties include a grilled filet mignon served on polenta with a wine and shallot reduction, as well as the traditional osso bucco, served on saffron risotto, and the wonderful veal chop, served Milanese style or simply grilled.

And just wait till you see the funky desserts. The menu is just daring enough to be interesting. All the usual Chinese dishes are here: But there are several intriguing dishes that adventurous diners should consider; certainly, the shredded jellyfish appetizer and abalone with black mushrooms fall into this category. A great experience in a consistently excellent restaurant. Harbor View, Trump Marina. Farley Marina, with its pelicans, fishing boats and millionaire yachts.

Beyond that is the full Atlantic City skyline, glittering at night. For the panoramic view alone, this restaurant would be special-but the food here stands out, as evidenced particularly in the seafood and pasta preparations. The wine list is well chosen, too. With its crushed red velvet draperies, flickering candles and marble columns, Le Palais would be just as home a few blocks from the Champs Elysses.

Diners can expect French and Continental fare here, perhaps terrine of pheasant and foie gras or stuffed quail over apple coulis. Dinner might be a braised half of Muscovy duck breast, or a perfect rack of lamb noisette. Start with roasted red bell peppers stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto, or the fantastic roll of grilled asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced sirloin and served on a bed of field greens with a Balsamic vinaigrette.

Entrees include a beautiful sliced veal loin with wild mushroom risotto; a pork loin served with fried apples, black beans and heavenly mashed roasted sweet potatoes; double cut lamb chops coated with pine nuts and stuffed with sundried tomatoes, spinach and buffalo mozzarella; or the New York Strip served with Cajun Vidalia onions and beautiful purple Peruvian potatoes.

The Oaks, Atlantic City Hilton. This perennial favorite at the Atlantic City Hilton seems to have weathered more storms than the Jersey Shore, with all those new owners and management changes, yet still comes out on top with diners who love its combination of casual elegance with great steaks and seafood. Casual yet elegant, with a good wine list. Some birds taste good, and some have good taste. The Peregrine Falcons for which this restaurant is named obviously fall into the latter category.

This superb gourmet restaurant, arguably the best in Atlantic City, features perpetually changing degustation and a la carte menus, depending on the season and availability of ingredients. This is a small, classically designed room, very much in the style of a New York Upper East Side restaurant, with a plush library of a cocktail lounge where guests can relax with a martini or two before dinner.

Crowded, noisy, and a basket of half-sours on every table-in short, everything a deli should be. Farley Marina and Atlantic City skyline, made all the more romantic by soft lighting and dark wood trim. This is a large and elegant room, one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city, with prices to match. That said, the traditional menu, featuring a good assortment of veal, chicken and beef dishes, never fails to satisfy-but what makes Portofino special is its wonderful view and lush atmosphere.

Consistently excellent service, too. A surprisingly diverse menu includes a smoked brisket and barbecued short rib with smashed sweet potatoes and black-eyed pea salad, pan-seared red snapper wrapped in pancetta, breast of chicken with roasted shallots and whiskey sauce, and the usual assortment of steaks and chops.

This large, almost cavernous room is made attractive with the use of Venetian frescoes, arches and subtle flower arrangements. Plenty of shellfish, too. Meat lovers will swoon over the perfect Veal Milanese, topped with a salad of wilted arugula. A good wine list, too. Safari Steakhouse, Trump Taj Mahal. The room is dominated by a giant, drooping banyon tree decked in sparkling white lights, and decorated with zebra-striped and leopard-spotted fabrics that provide plenty of African whimsy.

Apart from the slightly comedic design, the Safari Steakhouse has an extremely accomplished menu, with a separate listing of dry-aged beef in addition to the steaks, chops, duck and veal. For all the subtle comedy, Safari is a surprisingly sophisticated steakhouse. Scheherazade, Trump Taj Mahal. Scheherazade is an exquisite restaurant that glows soft pink and amber. The tables are strewn with tiny gold stars, and service is from white-gloved pashas who cater to every guest.

Food quality and presentation is superb, with no details overlooked. Start with escargot and leek strudel served with wild mushrooms in a cabernet sauce, roasted quail stuffed with sweet potato risotto and served on buttery foie gras, or the pan-fried lobster ravioli with sweet corn marmalade.

Pure bliss from start to finish. Look for it to open in a couple of months, where the William Fisk seafood restaurant used to be. And since the seafood restaurant is being removed, word is that the new menu will pick up some of the finned favorites. Temple Bar and Grill, Caesars. A stunning gourmet addition to Caesars, and one of the hottest new restaurants in Atlantic City. Located in the magnificent new Temple Lobby, the trendy, sophisticated Temple Bar and Grill is a sweeping, stories-high restaurant, with Corinthian columns that seem to climb for miles, and a ceiling fresco that borders on the erotic.

An extension serves as a sushi bar. The food here is innovative and beautifully served. Entrees range from broiled Chilean sea bass with port wine reduction, mashed potatoes and baby spinach to roasted free range chicken with ginger gremolata and double blanched garlic. Veal lovers will go crazy for the grilled veal chop with shiitake mushroom Madeira sauce, risotto triangles and broccoli rabe.

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