How to Renew Philippine Passport: An Ultimate Guide

To get the most recent authenticated birth certificate from PSA, please refer to this guide. Login to see price. All other company, brand, product names are used herein for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks, service marks, or trade names of their respective owners. On a lighter note, passport cases that have trendy designs like flowers and hearts are cute must-haves for tweens and college girls. If you want to have a case that can hold all the passport, IDs, and money you can opt for a three fold passport cover with multiple partitions. It may cost a lot more but considering all the headaches you may get from doing it on your own, it will be worth every single cent. Subscribe to this product.

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You will then be taken to a page asking for your contact information. Double check for any misspellings, incomplete answers, or wrong details.

For more information, read the previous section: How much to renew Philippine passport? Note that this is not optional. All applicants are required to submit the payments through the ePayment channels, not directly to the DFA office like we used to do. The page shows the total cost of the passport fee and the list of authorized payment centers or channels where you can pay the said fee.

Online payment via credit card or debit card is still under development. Check your email for the reference number. Take note of this number and present it at the Payment Center upon payment of the processing fee. According to DFA, you can pay the passport processing fee in any one of the following authorized establishments:.

Remember, you can only confirm your appointment after paying the passport processing fee. Payment must be done within 48 hours after receiving the reference number in your email. Failure to pay it on time will cancel your passport appointment.

A new email message will be sent confirming the payment has been successfully processed. Click the link in that email and print the following documents that are part of your passport appointment packet: Bring the above documents along with other documentary requirements to the DFA Consular Office on the day of your appointment. You must be at the DFA office at least 30 minutes before your appointment schedule. Upon arrival, go straight to the Appointment or Application Counter to present your printed documents.

Get a queue number and wait for your turn. Once your number is called, submit all your documentary requirements to the Information Counter or Processing Area for verification.

Proceed to the Encoding section where a DFA staff will take your photo, fingerprints, and digitized signature. In the last step, a DFA staff will either give you a claim stub or write on the back of your official receipt the date when you can claim the passport. For those who are too busy to return to the DFA office, a courier service can deliver your passport to your doorsteps for Php To opt for this service, you can stop by and pay the fee at the Delivery Counter before leaving the DFA office.

If you availed of the delivery option before leaving the DFA, your passport will be sent to your doorsteps approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your application. Just make sure that the person can present the following documents:. If your request for extension has been denied, and you really need to travel to the Philippines ASAP, you may request for a temporary travel document from the Consulate.

The temporary travel document only permits one-way flight to the Philippines, where you can renew the passport. Go back to the main page: How to Renew Philippine Passport: Once it runs out of pages, it is already considered invalid and must be renewed as soon as possible. First of all, changing your name in your Philippine passport to your married name is optional according to Philippine law.

However, having two names can be a bit confusing not to mention annoying especially if you use your married name in all your IDs except the passport. Fortunately, you can easily update your name even if your passport is new or not expired yet.

All renewal applicants will be treated the same regardless of purpose so the same fees will apply. Aside from the basic passport renewal requirements , applicants who want to have their maiden names changed should also bring the following additional documents:. Visas and passports are separate from each other. Kuwait, for instance, requires applicants of working visa to have two years validity of the passport. For more interesting stories, please check out our latest book, "FilipiKnow: In this three-part series, you'll get to know more about these interesting deities from Luzon,….

Hi my girlfriend needs to renew her passport but does not have a computer or printer , Can have the paperwork sent to my email address and complete it on her behalf and pay the fee then send it to her by post so she can take it with her to her meeting. To know how to get a Philippine passport, read this guide instead: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In , they launched their leotard line, and in they began designing underwear and swimming costumes.

They won the Woolmark award in , and the prize "most feminine flavor of the year" in Report Issue Please let us know if there are any issues for this product, like incorrect sizes or a broken link. Please stay in turn. Not sure which one to get? We use our own and third-party cookies to offer you the best possible service. By continuing to browse on modesens. We would truly appreciate your feedback about any part of the ModeSens experience.

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Do not pick a case that hangs loose on the ends because your booklet might get lost immediately because of the loose grip of the case. Select a case that fits just right, and has a good fastener to hold your passport as this document is really essential for travels and stating your identity in other countries. Select the best case for your booklet, this will highly depend on its size.

Make sure that the booklet fits inside the cover and it should not get ripped, cut or damaged. It should also be made out of good quality materials so that it will last longer than disposable card covers. Make sure that your holder keeps the booklet safe and protected all the time because loosing it is will be a terrible problem and a great inconvenience.

If you will be travelling often, you should definitely have one to avoid the hassle in the middle of a trip. Place it in the main compartment of your travel bag so that it will be accessible when you need to show it to the front desk officer of a hotel or the attendant before boarding the plane.

Have a passport cover, and feel a lot better when travelling. From The Same Shop.

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