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When I tried Poker-Edge the setup is simple , I then sit at an online poker table at pokerstars. Click here for details select the special offer after clicking. But you can use it at Party Poker or Carbon Poker for example. Without at least a few software tools at your disposal, it is very hard to compete and to make money. The flop statistics that are best used to see how often they go on to see the turn when faced with a bet, possibly making your decision to bet with a weak hand a profitable one. Recently Poker-Edge has released their latest version Poker-Edge 5, with more power and more features than ever before.

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Poker-Edge: the ultimate head-up display (HUD)

Plan A is a great option for most players and is a cheap way to try out the Poker Edge software. Designed for all players, but especially has high stakes players in mind. All statistics are available for every stake of game in both fixed limit, no limit, and pot limit poker games.

Plan B is the best option for players who wager large sums of money playing poker on the internet. I can already see your mouth wide open wondering why the hell anybody would pay such a premium price for a simple poker software program. Poker Edge might have a premium price tag, but I guarantee you that you are getting a premium poker software program for the price, and you can stop using it at any time.

With prices like these, Poker Edge has positioned itself as an elite poker software program for serious poker players and players who want to win. There is nothing like the ability to break your opponent down by using the quantitative analysis that PokerEdge allows you to use. The proof is in the pudding, and in the following examples. The flop comes down KdJd6c and the player checks to you, allowing you to bet the same amount as his preflop raise.

He calls your bet and the turn card comes 3c, making a flush possible and giving you the King high flush draw. Your opponent checks to you and you make a half pot sized bet. Your opponent thinks for a second and raises your the size of the pot, putting you in a very tough spot. After seeing this information you determine that he either already has the flush or at least three of a kind so you muck your cards, saving you from calling a large bet on the turn and river.

You are new to the table and player XYZ reraises you before the flop when you hold in your hand. This is normally a marginal hand to a reraiser, but you check Poker Edge to see the typical tendencies of this player. You determine that you more than likely have the best hand and you want to win the pot now.

You decide to push your remaining chips in the pot and he folds faster than a lawn chair, winning you a very nice pot without sweating it out. Obviously, there are many more that will probably save and make you plenty more money. You can also quickly add notes in the text field that the main window of Poker Edge has. This is much easier than having to right click each player to add notes on them. Poker Edge currently only supports Texas Holdem.

So is Poker Edge worth the investment? That seems to be the million dollar question and the answer is that it really depends on one thing, YOU.

The ease of use gets more and more difficult as you play more tables. Creating integrated buddy lists alerting you when your favorite fish is logging in. Note that poker-edge is authorized at all major poker sites, except PokerStars since June But you can use it at Party Poker or Carbon Poker for example. I tried pokeredge at pokerstars at the time but it works similarly at other rooms. If you start using poker-edge , there will be no need to worry about maintaining a poker stat database and a local poker tracker application.

All the tiresome background HUD and database work will be done for you. And there will be much fewer unknown players at your tables but still a few.

No other poker tool offers what PokerEdge has to offer. If you have not yet opened an account at Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet, you can get pokeredge for free for three month by opening an account in one of these two rooms. Click here for details select the special offer after clicking. Poker-Edge works with over 50 poker sites, including all major rooms: Wherever you play online poker, chances are that poker-edge will be helpful to you.

First of all the only room not supported by poker-edge is pokerstars. Otherwise most poker sites allow Poker-Edge. If not, pokeredge has devised a way to keep their software undetected. And it works perfectly. There is no worry with getting detected and the thousands and growing users of pokeredge can confirm that.

Recently Poker-Edge has released their latest version Poker-Edge 5, with more power and more features than ever before. Poker-Edge now includes a number of add-ons beyond the database and the HUD. Detailed Player Reports can show you a full analysis of every player. Notifications are special alerts that you can set up to make sure you do not miss specific opportunities. There is also an integrated poker odds calculator. This tool plugs into Poker-Edge's massive player database and instantly scans all tables at a specific blind level.

It tells you exactly which tables are the easiest and most profitable, so that you can pick the juiciest ones. There are so many tools in the new pokeredge that you may not need any other poker aid. Poker-Edge offers a five days free trial. Do not miss this offer and judge for yourself if Poker-Edge will help you win more money playing poker. Try Poker-Edge for free now! After a quick and easy setup, you'll have the best poker tools available right at your disposal.

Poker-Edge provides automatic statistics as you play online ensuring that you make better bets and win. This tool will significantly increase your profits regardless of experience level. Whether you enjoy William Hill or prefer the tables at Full Tilt, Poker-Edge will improve your strategy no matter which online poker rooms you prefer. Luckily, these days players have many options for playing poker online.

You can instantly access different versions of the game like Texas Hold'em or Omaha. An interesting feature about Poker Edge 5 is that it has the ability of identifying soft ring tables. In addition, the tool identifies players according to their style of play and you will be able to see the fish, tight aggressive and loose aggressive players. With the help of Poker Edge, a player is able to sharpen his or her gaming skills and it provides detailed analysis of your previous hands played and outline how to solve the leaks.

Professional poker players use profiling software to choose the best table to play. Profiling software helps you to find easily tables with the most weak players and gives all the information regarding your opponents.

The main difference between poker odds calculators and profiling software is that you already have your database and information over your opponents collected before the game starts, calculators can do this only at your game. Directly on Your Table!

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