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Thank you for taking such good care of us. Rules are not the most liberal, but acceptable for strategy playing. We checked into the Hotel Oct 09, and checked out Oct 11, Upon arrival to Room , the temperature was very warm. See all reviews.

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Nice and clean too. Room was OK except for shower head from Motel 6. The slots SUCK because they have the volume turned all the way down!!!! I found my favorite machine and it was horrible without sound and after a few bucks put our money away to spend elsewhere. I wonder how many people don't even know because they haven't been elsewhere? Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque is awesome.

Volume on machines and very generous kickback winnings too so you get lots of entertainment for your money. Ameristar pretty much just ate my money like a black hole. No reason to ever go back: This is a very beautiful hotel. The beds were comfortable and everything was very clean. The pool area is very nice as well. The pool was kept at a nice tempurature and is big enough to swim laps, provided you get there early enough so there isn't many people.

My fiance and I are considering having our honeymoon here. Also the casino is a lot of fun. Went for the Sunday seafood buffet. They have very fresh snow crab legs and shrimp.

The other items at the buffet are really good as well: The selections of desserts are really good too! I always love staying at Ameristar! One of the best parts this time was the pool! After 9 on the weekends they close pool to all children and have a bar set up so you can buy drinks!! The atmosphere is chill and the water is beautiful. Kay at the front desk was so polite and professional.

An issue arose that could have been a real problem but she took care of it! The only reason why I did not give it 5 stars was the poor and slow drink services on the gambling floors. When the waitresses did actually come around it took about 30 minutes or more between drinks. And then when I said something one of the ladies gave me extreme attitude.

Gambling is one of the only times that I partake in alcohol so it sucks when the alcohol service is so bad. Please fix this Ameristar. Besides that, our stay was great as always! The Ameristar Casino Resort is beautiful. It has a modern rustic feel. Ate breakfast at the Fireside Grill. The food was good and the prices were reasonable. Played slots all night. The Ameristar was by far the nicest casino we visited that night and thankfully we we're staying there as well.

It was clean and the staff was friendly. The rooms were big and spacious with a wonderful view. The hot tub is amazing as well and has very powerful jets to help relax you after you lose all your money.

Top notch service from the staff, so I decided to apply and join the team! Best cash game action I could find in town, with a variety of games being spread. Definitely worth a stop for your entertainment dollar. Nicely designed suites, good food, friendly staff. The housekeeping staff could definitely do a better job.

The furniture was stained and it took them 3 days to change our sheet, which was requested on day 1 because it was stained at the time of check in.. We had to sleep on top of the covers.. I really like this resort in spite of the housekeeping staff's disregard of the guest's experience.

I received a response from the hotel about my experience and they were fantastic. The fact that they care so much about the customer experience really has solidified just how much I love this place! I play craps all over the country, these are the best dealers I have played with.

The crew have a great chemistry together. They like to see winning. Tables here go cold for long periods of time and it is hard to win at Ameristar. I am 1 for 3 at this casino. Hello, We reserved two rooms with your hotel Tuesday night. This morning luckily my husband and I left to drive back to the mountains before the power outage. However the reason we stayed was because my family was in town and after a Red Rocks concert we wanted to show them a good time at Ameristar rather than driving back up the mountain.

Come to find out the power went out and my mother had to carry her luggage down 20 flights of stairs without any assistance or sympathy from the staff. Not only were they not upset and understand that things happen but the outage also prevented a shower so imagine being on vacation and having to check out with no other alternative and eventually go to the airport after not having a great morning.

They also attempted to print off boarding passes which took almost an hour which a hotel should easily be able to do for their guests. When asked if there would be any compensation a staff member said "Well let me try to call excel energy center and see if they will pay for your room this isn't our fault.

Obviously things happen but to be rude an insulting to your guests is absolutely uncalled for. I am in the lodging industry and come from much higher standards and can relate to tough situations but am embarrassed that I suggested we stay at a property and spend money at the casino who would in the morning be rude and obviously inexperienced at handling any type of difficult situation.

I suggest your staff learn to empathize with what the guest went through that morning and realize they didn't pay to carry luggage down the stairs and not shower then to have some smart ass at the front desk act like it is normal and we should get over it.

I would like to see anyone in this business think it is acceptable to treat someone this way and expect to pay full BAR for no running water and no elevator. Customer service is too important to leave to the customer service department so if anything maybe this can help your team moving forward.

The hotel was nice. Internet reception was very bad. The atmosphere felt more open and alive. Definitely has the feeling of Vegas. Would highly recommend to friends and return in the future. Upon entering a bathroom there was absolutely no sign indicating a wet floor. My sister feel hard and hurt her shin bruises over a week later still.

All they were worried about was not getting sued. We are not looking for handouts but a comped lunch perhaps, or anything at all really??? Would have been a nice gesture as an "I'm sorry we screwed up. What a great bunch of folks really showing they care. They didn't have a wet floor sign anywhere we have a video and that is not the point. The point is your lack of compassion is pretty telling.

Drove from Aurora on a whim I woke up feeling good , the location is breathtaking. I would recommend going just for the drive. The casino was very clean, the temperature wasn't too cold like I'm use to in to Michigan, plenty of beverage stations, bathrooms were very clean and well kept. I only wish it was larger and offered more interactive games. All in all will definitely be back. I enjoyed my time in the casino. They have recently renovated and it looks nice.

I had no problem getting help from the staff, they were always around. The casino was clean and lit well. I will be going back one day. The Ameristar Casino is a beautiful building and facility. Very clean, tidy and updated games and friendly staff. We enjoyed our stay. One negative was the pool. Despite being beautiful it was full of kids, not something I would usually complain about, but when I take a trip to a casino in a casino town, it baffles me that there are so many kids, and it seemed most were not attended too.

So parents come to a casino and just leave them in the pool to go gamble? Good food choices from nice restaurants to quick deli. Pool is great with a glass ceiling, nice hot tub and fun patio with fire pit. My wife and I payed for a deluxe room last week. The "sunken garden tub" they advertise, is a regular bathtub, not anything special or different. Which is why I wonder why they emphasize on it in the room description.

My wife was excited for a nice relaxing bath, didn't happen.. It also took 4 hours to get the towels and pillows that we requested. The room service food we ordered seemed like it sat under a heat lamp a while. There was also a wedding reception on our floor, which could be heard and smelled from the end of the hall where our room was. Closing a couple doors could have done a lot to fix that.

For how much we payed, it left a lot to be desired. The buffet was great though, and the actual casino was lively and fun. I guess the hotel portion didn't fulfill our expectations, which was one of the reasons we decided on the Ameristar. I stayed on the 15th floor and had a lovely view of the forest.

My room was clean and the staff had it ready upon my arrival, so no wait. I was impressed by the quality of the room, nothing felt cheap. The casino floor was surprisingly clean despite the amount of people on the floor. There was always someone willing to make my experience even better.

I didn't wait long for drinks or service, and all staff members were pleasant and friendly. I enjoyed the variety of slots on the casino floor, which is what kept me from venturing to other casinos. Overall my stay was enjoyable, my room was great, and the staff was excellent. We were at Ameristar for a wedding. Overall the place is exceptionally nice very clean very well cared for.

The parking lot can get very full on a Saturday night. The food was very good for the wedding and we really enjoyed the staff. The rooms were very nice clean and comfortable. The first time I came here the service was awful. I was celebrating my 21st birthday and I would try getting drinks from the ladies who walk by yes I was playing and they were rude and would say they would come back later.

I practically had to beg for a drink which took hours. We decided to go to the bar and the bartender was great he took good care of us. I recently came back and was surprised how friendly the staff is during the weekdays. They constantly stopped us and asked if we were having a good time. However I play for the free drinks and there weren't any people coming around offering free drinks. I guess that's typical during the weekday because only one casino isle had people walking around offering free drinks.

The drinks aren't that expensive but if you want the free drinks you'll be dissapointed. I went there on a Saturday just for the entertainment and buffet. The Slots is where I lost most of my money, but luckily the table games I won it all back and then some.

The buffet was very good. The quality of the food was above average. You'll definitely get more than what you paid for. Overall, I would come back someday and hangout. I would recommend playing the craps, blackjack and the roulette tables. This hotel is absolutely incredible!

I highly recommend staying here if youre into gambling. Even if you're not gambling it's still an amazing place to stay. Nothing beats the rooftop pool area or the amazing casino floor. The Starbucks was also a nice touch!. And the amazing rooms were very well ventilated to keep the room from getting smokey. Vacationed here this past weekend. Staff was great and polite. Got a little confused about parking and how to get around the building but eventually figured it out so it wasn't a big deal.

Dining options were nice and the array of slots was favorable. The pool was easily my favourite part, the water was warm. Hot tubs were too packed to enjoy, but when we did get a moment in the outdoor hot tub it was quite the enjoyable experience. Definitely will be returning! First time staying here the service was amazing great people. The spa suite was perfect Hugh Jacuzzi tub looking right out the window. Wife and I loved staying here and will stay here in the future.

The only thing that I would have to say is that the hot tub on the outsiDE on the roof of the hotel definitely needed to be cleaned. The casino is why I went, and they have one of the absolute NICEST floors complete with cards, slots, dice, and ball-related games in all of Blackhawk.

Because I'm not smart enough to "count" cards, I typically stick to the good ole One-Arm Bandits, and they had their way with me. Fun and new offerings, as well as the regular standbys, dot the entire 2 floor casino arena, and there's enough to walk around and see and cool you down after losing to keep you interested for quite a while.

It was packed when we stayed. Good thing we booked a room early. The rooms were clean. The beds were firm bit still comfortable in room We've stayed here twice and have loved our room and view each time. Great pool and hot tub. We have had my boyfriend Christmas party here for the last two years and the event they put on is awesome. Wish some of the food was better. Very nice hotel and rooms. The front desk was helpful and polite.

The indoor pool is kept at a great temp and the outdoor hot tub is a great place to hang out. I'd recommend this place if you're looking for a nice stay in black hawk. The casino is almost always packed which is a good thing. Being a veteran I love that they discount the buffet, and the food is good. The rooms are really expensive for average Joe. I travel from steamboat springs, 3 hours one way. Would stay a lot longer if rooms were more affordable. Clean place with lots of games. I came here with a few guys for a night out.

We hit up the buffet first on a Friday night. Surprisingly there was next to no one eating there and we were seated right away. The wait staff were excellent and attentive, however their food is where everything ended up falling short.

The crab legs were very overcooked making them difficult to eat. The clarified butter tasted a bit off compared to some of the other buffets I have gone to up here. The selection is great, but a lot of their food seemed to be overcooked or had been sitting out too long. We had only sat down right before 6PM, I figure since the buffet wasn't crowded there were a lot of items sitting out a little longer than typical.

The various side dishes were typically much better than items I would consider as entrees. The prime rib was probably the best item they served but would still be considered bad next to any type of prime rib served at a restaurant.

I would probably skip the buffet here and check out either The Monarch, or The Lodge. We did gamble for a few hours after dinner hitting up roulette tables which were not too crowded for a Friday night.

The staff manning the Table games were very friendly and helpful. We also hit up slots, which none of us did well on, but they have quite a decent selection to choose from spaced out on the first and second floor. Overall I think you'll be fine to come here to gamble but I would likely skip the buffet here and partake at another location nearby unless crowds are an issue.

Looks open inside, and we greatly enjoyed our room. It was very clean, a very comfortable need and hot water for a large bath. I wish the buffet was open later, but we really enjoyed The Fireside restaurant for both dinner and breakfast. It was also a very quick ride to get to the hot springs in Idaho Springs. This is my favorite place in Blackhawk. My wife and I often come here to play roulette. The hotel is beautiful. Make sure to check out the rooftop pool which is absolutely ridiculous and upgrade your room to a spa suite.

The Casino is beautiful and easily accessible from parking to walking around inside. Employees and customers were kind and respectful to the players. The Casino has a warm welcoming feeling when entering and being seated anywhere inside. I only played on the card tables which is blackjack. Overall my visit at Ameristar was exciting, thrilling, comfortable, and classy. This was the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I left after one nite and i had paid for two.

The fireside kitchen was so bad i do not know where to begin. So i will leave it at that. I chose not to express my concerns and experiences while on this property to hotel management, because when i did at the fireside kitchen , the manager basically told me who cares its a casino! The fireside kitchen has a lot of potential but is poorly managed.

Customers should not have to hear about whats going on between employees, other customers, and restaurant manager. Our waitress and the manager shared all of that. But in the words and attitude of the restaurant manager " it doesn't matter". Originally booked the room for two nights. Upon arrival nice check in staff, room and casino. Where the problem came in is when we decided to eat at Fireside Kitchen.

When we said but the restaurant is empty the server named Jillian snapped back "that's not the point", she was extremely rude. Then she told us they were short staffed and we got a pager. Upon being seated the waitress was abrupt and wouldn't let us order food and drinks at the same time which was odd.

We asked for a manager to discuss the hostess. He told us there was nothing they could do because they couldn't afford to lose anymore staff. That she was put up there because she was the toughest person, apparently they consistently have an empty restaurant but tell everyone they have to wait causing altercations. From our table we watched party after party get into arguments with the hostess. We told the manager they were going to lose business but it probably didn't matter because they were a casino.

The manager agreed that their service did not matter and left our table, well that was negative. The wait staff forgot to put in our appetitzer order so we didn't get that. All in all we were very unhappy, refused to gamble anymore in that casino.

The next morning we had breakfast in Idaho Springs because there was no way we were going through that again. After that experience we didn't gamble or spend one more penny in anything in the Ameristar. We checked out a day early and went home due to bad experience. Staff is very friendly. I don't like the layout as much as prior layout.

The rewards is no where near as good as prior program. The rooms are really nice but I feel it's over priced. As is their room service. If you're going to want alcohol in your room, get it before you check in. Casino has lots of machines and a buffet with a good selection of different types of food. Good atmosphere but, don't count on getting a drink while gambling. They rarely come around.

The little cafe by the bar has really good food too. Great place to stay. Convenient to have hotel and casino and buffet all in close proximity.

Full evening of fun. Spa feature cool too, must try next time i visit. Found this place to have the most competent and professional craps dealers in Blackhawk. They were also fun and engaging which is just as important.

We drove up on a whim and it was sold out so we weren't able to get a room here. This is probably a good sign. We'll be staying here next time for sure. I had the Centennial buffet for the seafood celebration. The server was very nice and did a really good job. There were so many food choices available! The crab I got was steamed well, however some of the people I was dinning with said theirs were over cooked and they couldn't creak the shells very well.

I would definitely recommend the buffet though! It is a very nice hotel, great pool with amazing views. The reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because I've stayed there about 3 times and 2 of those I had to switch rooms because it was not properly clean!

But besides that it's great. While very expensive, it was worth every penny! Make sure to stay hydrated before and after massage! Such a tranquil day there! Just absolutely amazing, took my wife for a couples massage and spa day for our anniversary, they treated us like royalty! I've been trying for 4 days to talk to a manager and they don't think its important. Finally today I talked with someone not sure if she is a manager of not and when I told her what happened she laughed.

Really I didn't think it was very funny. So sad that you don't think it is needed to treat your customers with respect. After all without customers none of you would even have a job. We stayed in a luxury room which appeared to be identical to the deluxe room, maybe a larger TV. The room had all the amenities that we needed including coffee, refrigerator with bottled water, fast wifi without a terms page , desk, chair with ottoman, and a large bathroom with a tile floors, tub, septate shower two sinks, hair dryer, and separate for the toilet.

We visited the hot tub outdoor on the top of the hotel which was nice and next to a large fire pit. The casino was also nice, we primarily played black jack while the games were on and the bartenders were quick to serve drinks and recommend dinner options. We choose to go to the buffet for dinner. The buffet had a large salad bar, pizza, chicken, tri-tip, seafood a huge desert selection, and much more. The food was good and there wasn't a long wait to be seated.

We love staying here. They give us free rooms all the time through our email and we go up and have a romantic date night. Dinner, gambling, swimming and hottub. Really clean, beautiful rooms and free drinks. The all you can eat seafood was good but not stand in line for 45 kinda good. I'd say it's over priced for the quality.

They advertise king crab legs but when you finally get in to eat. You find snow crab I will definitely not be going back. This place is absolutely beautiful! I'm not much for gambling, but don't mind sitting at the bar and playing poker or going to the card tables. The wedding party stayed here, so the majority of our time was spent at Ameristar. They were kind enough to let all of us invade the bar area after the reception and turn it into a dance studio.

I would definitely stay here if I was to visit the area again. Stay away from this place. Their machines are so tight. Didn't even get a beer before that happened.

They change the payouts on their machines for the weekends. Haven't seen one person ever get paid out in a year now. Save your money and stay away from here. I'm sitting in it now, would be enjoying it, but of course The amenities offered Seem to boost the star rating of hotel. I explained the water issue and he immediately sent some up within minutes. Even though he could have ignored the hotel aspect of the business he made it right, thank you!

Details are lacking, smoking areas are dirty and feel 3 rd. They have updated carpet in our room and 5th floor hallways, but the furniture in the rooms are outdated and definitely shows wear, water rings, peeling 80's whitewashed veneer and southwest style lamps with burned out bulbs. I would not recommend paying for a room here, but if you have a coupon for free, you shouldn't be disappointed. We stayed here for one night. The man at check in was very friendly.

We booked last minute on the phone and they only had a smoking room. At check in, asked if they had any non smoking rooms open up and the man upgraded us to a suite. The suite was clean and updated. New sofa, same furniture but it looked nice. The beds were okay for sleeping, I had a strange pillow with really firm corners. No table or desk which we would have liked. Safe in the room, ironing board, coffee maker.

It was clean, shower floor looked stained but I don't know if it was or if it was the way it was supposed to look. Cauling in shower was gross. Had a jetted tub, worked well.

Casino is nice, variety of machines. Had a little bit of luck. Self service beverage stations, nice smoking areas, well, they are covered and have heat lamps. I was asked several times from a cocktail waitress if I needed anything to drink. The only food we had there was from room service.

You order on the phone and have to go down and pick up your food, they do not deliver to the room. I would stay here again only if our favorite hotel was full and that is why we stayed here this time. They have a very very small arcade for kids. Two driving machines and the rest are the claw machines.

Teens are able to go from rooms to food places and arcade without adults. The arcade states children under 18 must have an adult with them. Don't bring your kids here, there is not enough to do. And no swimming pool here. Our family celebrated a 92nd birthday at the Isle of Capri. We are mostly slot machine people.

Yes there were winners in our group, four large jackpots! Yes, there were unhappy people in our group who won a little and proceeded to feed it all back to the machine. Some of the slots are better and some not so. This was my first stay at the hotel. There was a nice gentleman at the desk and two ladies. We had reservations, so everything was quickly accomplished.

Unfortunately there were a few remarks among our group about the lack of happy friendly staff travelers come to expect. Our interpretation is the people work there for one thing, money, not enjoyment. Our room was clean and comfortable, with the bedroom Jacuzzi I requested. We didn't care about view, since we generally don't go to the room until the wee hours of the morning and we know one side of the hotel only views cut-away Rocky Mountain covered with shot-creat.

The Casino is the main reason we stayed at the Isle. The venue is a favorite of the birthday boy. They have lots of penny machines, video poker, craps, plus the usual gaming tables. Pay-out rate for the quarters is fairly tight. Events here in Black Hawk draw some of the largest fields the tour sees all year.

Here are some stats from over the years…. This is the 26th HPT series a… https: The two weeks leading up to both HPT stops sees the Golden Gates bursting at the seams with wannabes like me, trying to satellite into the main event. This poker room has carved out its niche as THE destination for tournament poker in Colorado. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the Noon tournaments are deepstack events. The room also offers a bad beat jackpot, with a four-of-a-kind as the losing qualifier.

An underrated room on the Black Hawk, Colorado poker scene, the Isle of Capri has a small, but very plush and comfortable poker room. They also have a bad beat jackpot and free hotel room stays Sunday-Thursday for players who rack up six hours of play a day. Go here to find out driving distances and directions from Denver to Blackhawk. Overall, the Blackhawk, Colorado poker scene is not real strong in terms of regular tournaments, however there can be waiting lists pushing nearly players deep when the Ameristar bad bead jackpot is high or the qualifying hand is low.

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