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Helly Hansen itself is not visible in the final film. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The theme here is very similar to the classic style in Casino Royale. Naipaul set in the Indian community in Trinidad. Moby has said "It did feel a little strange remixing something that was perfect in its original state", [ attribution needed ] further admitting that he "still thinks the original is miles better than the version I did".

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Bond Lifestyle is an unofficial information resource and is not linked to the official James Bond production companies. Skip to main content. Secondary menu Home Facebook Instagram Twitter. Magazine News Articles Upcoming Events. The lifestyle related acknowledgements read: Thanks to In this "Thanks to" list, several people and organisations are mentioned that have supported the production of the film in one way or another.

The producers wish to thank Aston Martin The brands that are mentioned include of course Aston Martin, who created and produced 10 Aston Martin DB10 cars especially for the filming. Stunt pilot Chuck Aaron with his helicopter in the Red Bull colors Red Bull's Chuck Aaron is America's only licensed aerobatic helicopter pilot who can perform amazing maneuvers such as the heli, flip, tumble and spin.

The producers gratefully acknowledge the coorporation of The final thank you is to the citizens of all the film locations: Aston Martin DB10 die-cast model cars.

Tags Closing Credits , S. Dupont , The Macallan , Norton , motorcycle , whisky. Leon Paul fencing equipment in Die Another Day. The Macallan bottle to be auctioned. The Macallan , whisky , auction , charity , Sotheby's. Dupont , pen , lighter , S. Dupont James Bond Collection.

Bond's widescreen in his flat and Q's monitors are all Sony. SkyFall See the list of SkyFall clothing and gadgets. Recent updates 1 Licence To Kill Jame Most popular 1 La Perla "Grigi The Macallan , whisky , auction , charity , Sotheby's No. Dupont Cufflinks A pair of S. The series' storyline revolves around a plan by corrupt politician Jeffrey Grainger played by Bill Nighy , whom Oz had met in prison, to dismantle the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge a real-life industrial landmark and sell it for reconstruction in the Far East.

Persuading Oz to get the old gang back together to dismantle the bridge, he then plans to cheat them out of their share of the profits, until a Native American from Arizona named Joe Saugus played by Gordon Tootoosis arrives to buy the bridge for the benefit of his tribe's casino after seeing an advert placed online by Oz.

The lads fly to his reservation to reconstruct the bridge. Each episode except the first featured a re-cap of the previous episode's events in a voiceover from Dennis, a feature not continued in the fourth series.

The special-effects depicting the dismantling of the bridge were so realistic that many people believed it was really being removed, forcing the BBC to add a caption to the final episode reassuring them that it was still there.

Middlesbrough Council also issued a press release stating that the bridge remained in situ. Despite some initial skepticism that the revival would not work, the show was an immediate hit. Some of the cast made an appearance on Comic Relief 's Red Nose Day , in which they find a suitcase full of money in a Miami hotel room and assume it belongs to a drug dealer who wants to shoot them - but actually it belongs to U2 , who invite them to their penthouse.

The characters now work as building subcontractors for the British Embassy after a building job in Moscow goes badly wrong and are given a tip off from a friend of Oz who tells them about specialised embassy work. The team are posted to Havana to completely refurbish the British ambassador's new residence.

They also carry out some unofficial building work for Oz's Cuban girlfriend's family. Neville was reluctantly recruited as a spy for British Intelligence before they left UK and was duped into working for Tarquin Pearce, the press liaison officer at the Embassy, Oz falls in love with prima ballerina Ofelia Ortiz, Barry finds himself in prison on the edge of a nervous breakdown, Moxey becomes a guinea pig trainer and Dennis ends up in a relationship with Wyman's mother.

Despite extensive negotiations between the BBC and the Cuban Government, it was not possible to obtain permission to film in Cuba, so the series was actually shot in the Dominican Republic. Shooting in Bangkok took place partly in the red-light district Soi Cowboy. Pat Roach , although suffering from cancer , had hoped to appear in the mini-series, but was not well enough and died in July. Instead, Dennis reads a letter from Bomber to the rest of the group while they are all dining in a restaurant, where he explains his reasons for not having joined them.

The group lift their glasses and drink a toast; "To Bomber! The story sees the remaining six working in a British Embassy somewhere in central Africa that is about to be overrun by rioters. Most of them escape uninjured, except for Oz who sustains a painful injury to the rectum protecting a female staff member while they are having sex from a bomb. The boys then move on to Laos and later Thailand , where Barry's Russian ex-wife, Tatiana turns up to announce that she is carrying his child following a brief "reconciliation" back in UK.

After working for the Australian embassy Neville accompanies Barry and Tatiana for a journey upon the Eastern and Oriental Express in which they meet, by coincidence, Tarquin Pearce.

During a stopover on this trip, Barry is kidnapped and held by guerrillas in a village in the jungle. When the others find out and follow they are also captured.

They end up being imprisoned in a bamboo hut but are treated kindly by the local villagers. Eventually, Dennis has an idea inspired by the film The Bridge on the River Kwai to build a washhouse for the villagers to keep their minds occupied during their ordeal. After obtaining the guerrilla leader's satellite phone while he is asleep Neville manages to send a call for help to Brenda, his wife and as a result the army and the Australian embassy locate them.

It turns out that the man who arranged their hostage taking by the guerrillas was Neville's corrupt handler , Tarquin Pearce from Series 4. Deprived of their hostages, the guerrillas decide to take Tarquin hostage instead. In the final scenes Dennis, Neville and Oz ask the embassy to give them an assignment in a nice peaceful country - and find themselves heading back to Germany once more.

On the ferry from England, Neville is asked what Brenda said to him when he told her he was heading off to Germany, he replied that she said "Auf Wiedersehen The opening and closing credits for the first two series were each accompanied by songs performed by Joe Fagin. The songs were released as a 7" single, and reached number three in the UK Singles Chart in January Mackay and La Frenais also collaborated on "Get it Right", the song used for the opening credits of series two. The two tracks were released together as a double-sided single, but only reached number 53 in the UK charts in April The tradition of using two separate songs was broken when the BBC revived the show.

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