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Posted September 03, Of course donations aren't made to obtain any change in govt. Kate Sommerville, 69, became addicted to slot machines. Jacob Marshe March 21st, Labor's pledge to ban poker machines from pubs and clubs by was the most hotly debated policy of the Tasmanian election campaign in March, but now it is conspicuous in its absence, writes Emily Street.

Online cards, roulette, in-play betting outlawed under gambling reforms.

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Ignoring the fact that pokie gambling was legalised by the ALP in certain states - Victoria at least which I remember happening back in the early 90s.

Neither side comes to this issue with clean hands. The greed and avarice of the government is only matched by the greed and avarice of the punter. It takes two to tango. Blaming the Liberals for it, after Gillard ratted on Wilkie over the issue, is both peurile and fallacious.

Labor should hang it's head in shame for not honouring their signed commitment to introduce Wilkie's reforms. But then Labor are dependant on the contributions from pokies from their 'working mans' clubs, and they falsely promised to implement reforms they never intended to apply.

It could have been Julia's real legacy, laid down like a royal flush - rather than the toilet flush. If JG had introduced the legislation I am sure you and all the LNP apologists would have roundly condemned her just as much as they do for not introducing it. All politicians should be hanging their heads in shame and not just on this issue. We have been let down by them all at every turn. So have you got anything to say about the Liberal's contribution to this problem happy??

You dont even have to go far to read about it, just scroll up. Im interested in hearing your thoughts. I am actually in favour of pokie reform. You see conservatives do not have 'hive minds' and we regularly disagree about a variety of subjects - something that never seems to happen amongst progressives. But notwithstanding that I am, the LNP did not break any signed commitment, then put up a tainted speaker someone whose grandfathered agreement had expired when support was not forthcoming to keep power, 'whatever it takes'.

It is in all probability that faced with similar circumstance the LNP could make the same type of call - then again they could make a 'captain's call' as well.

What Labor did was display a pious hypocrisy that confirmed all that was wrong with a bad government gone toxic. Let me debunk your anti Labor rant. Only 2 months after the Abbott led government election they repealed the legislation, passed by the Gillard Government. The Clubs industry and the NRL ran a campaign across the entire nation to make the reforms seem as unfair and toxic as possible. Well, Tony Abbott just waved two fingers at the Wilkie, telling him "it is not Liberal Party policy" and it will be "expensive and ineffective".

Serves Mr Wilkie right for standing in John Howard's old electorate for the Greens and being a bit negative about the case for invading Iraq. However, if he cares to run a Select Committee on the aesthetics of power generators he might find the reception to be more friendly. What a joke that self regulating trial was.

If I live in Carnarvon, I would need to drive for nearly ten hours to go to the nearest casino or gambling machine. Alternatively, I could catch a plane flight. Quite a very effective area for an investigation into the trial ban. Other cities could include Albany, Broome, Geraldton, Karlgoolie and other WA cities where one could not feasibly make it to poker machines and back in a day trip for now and decades prior.

If you want to test a city which still holds a casino, Perth is very effective. From memory, they had sports stadiums, childrens sports teams, a few beggars like Melbourne or Sydney, a few drunks and other social ills. Im sure the numbers could be quantified using departmental reports from WA since WA joined the federation for a bit of comparison.

Every time Labor drops the ball, and gives privileges to the business end of town without resistance, they appear to be exactly the same as the LNP. Thanks, cob, for jumping in first. The ALP - that battler for the little people, the poor and oppressed - relies for its finances to a staggering extent on sucking those battlers dry through the pokies. Up the workers indeed. That's garbage and YOU know it. Labor had de facto control of both houses, thanks to the Greens.

So what's your excuse? Just in case AHLD or anyone else misses it, see revitup's comment. The Gillard government passed the legislation, the Abbott government repealed it God bless those Hotel Association slings , the debunker tells another lie. Why should today be different? AHLD, have a good weekend - come up out of the bunker, get some fresh air, talk to someone other than a Liberal warrior.

You never know, you might enjoy it Maybe we'll only pull clear of the hold gambling has over us by arguing against the harm it does to other family members or the community at large when a breadwinner or even an individual winds up misdirecting income away from meeting their responsibilities. Can we argue that the rent not paid, the school fees unmet, the disposable income not going to retailers or even the holidays not taken are all a drain on the economy as the result of decisions we're willing to say we don't endorse?

If we can't regulate then can we in other words afford not to tax gambling at a higher rate to make up those shortfalls those bad decisions impose upon the community?

We're almost at the point of following the international lead towards some kind of ETS to counteract carbon pollution's effects. Some may disagree with the substance of what that argues, but it does set some kind of important precedent in militating against the externalities a commercial activity would otherwise leave the public purse to deal with.

There's a body of evidence showing gambling imposes another kind of externality as an economic burden upon the community that might be considered in the same light.

Maybe we're at the point of saying personal irresponsibility is allowable but only if it benefits the majority rather than accruing wealth disproportionately to a few unscrupulous operators. Federal government needs to change the rules about how gambling revenue is accounted for when divvying up GST. At present, it's not counted for that purpose, so not only is it a significant source of revenue, but its a revenue stream with no obvious budget downside the associated crime and social costs exist, of course, but they're hidden on treasury sheets.

If there was a penalty for increasing gambling revenue, the eastern states might not be so keen to keep increasing it and it wouldn't hurt WA, where we've done the responsible thing and kept pokies out of pubs and clubs.

Is gambling a problem in Western Australia to the same extent as the other pokie states? Pokies are only available at the casino in Perth but there are many alternate avenues for gambling such as lotto or wagering.

These give delayed results compared with poker machines. Have any studies been done? This is another example of political donations. Of course donations aren't made to obtain any change in govt. Oh yeah, pull the other one. The biggest owner of poker machines in Australia is Woolworths, through the extensive hotel ownership. We don't have poker machines Casino excepted in Western Australia.

Just letting you know Mike. Both major parties are equally culpable. If there was a way clear to obtain revenue revenue from drug dealing they would be into it like a shot. Same principle in both cases - the victim chooses the action so they are fair game.

Apart from the willing sheep the only victims are family and employers etc. Everyone's complaining about the corruption of our democratic system with "donations" and "ad campaigns" read bribes and blackmail from gambling businesses, and WA's just sitting here banning pokies outside of 1 venue in the whole state. Not that WA doesn't have its problems with government policy relating to gambling, but at least we have confined the worst of the demons to a single dungeon.

Not good is it. And curtailing hours of operation - after all who, other that an addict, needs to bet on the pokies at 4am? This is why we need to send the duties of the states to the Federal government and eliminate that level of government.

I know that many argue that services should be delivered as locally as possible, but at the time of federation, it took weeks to travel the breadth of Australia.

It now takes hours. It's all local, and the fact that the states are delivering the services but can't tax for them has resulted in them leaning on ridiculous revenue sources like this.

I'm surprised that no mention was made of Western Australia, which is the only state where poker machines are restricted to one casino - this policy has bipartisan support - but counts against WA when it comes to the redistribution of GST income - earnings from gambling are not included as part of revenue.

It is also considering selling its TAB, which will further remove Government support of gambling although this is unpopular with country racing bodies that fear for future funding of their turf clubs and race meetings. The proliferation of online gambling will ensure that problem gambling in this area is not addressed. Western Australians remain wedded to lottery tickets, with the state being among the largest consumers.

However, the Government remains the owner of Lotterywest in WA and the funds are committed to community projects. We can build billion dollar casinos but not billion dollar national travel centres that promote Australia holistically.

You might be able to search for travel information on Australia over the internet but it is not a one stop visual, real social and entertainment experience There is something special about real life experiences, visiting and enjoying what iconic structures offer To express your pride in Australia and what in real terms it offers visitors, particularly when it is a tourist attraction promoting tourism.

Victoria's gambling watchdog refused to investigate alleged misconduct at Crown Casino because whistleblowers who worked at the Melbourne venue wanted to remain anonymous, independent MP Andrew Wilkie says. Posted July 09, World Vision chief advocate Tim Costello says that only three jobs are generated for every million dollars spent on the pokies.

Punters at Crown Casino who have signed up to a system designed to limit their losses are being given access to unrestricted poker machines which have no minimum spin rate, making a mockery of the harm minimisation measure, anti-gambling advocates say. Posted June 20, Labor's pledge to ban poker machines from pubs and clubs by was the most hotly debated policy of the Tasmanian election campaign in March, but now it is conspicuous in its absence, writes Emily Street.

Posted June 19, Posted June 13, A sports anti-corruption consultant says professional gamblers are avoiding betting on World Cup matches involving host nation Russia because of doubts over their integrity. By state political reporter Richard Willingham. By Nour Haydar and David Chau. By state political reporter Richard Willingham and Robert French.

Media Video Audio Photos. Connect Upload Contact Us. Mobile view of this page is unavailable. Brown developed depression and anxiety. Brown wants to see increased intervention from staff at pubs and clubs to prevent problem gamblers like herself from spending too much money, as well as stricter rules around self-exclusion lists: Study finds 1 in 8 Americans struggles with alcohol abuse.

Pre-commitment would allow gamblers to choose a daily limit before they start playing, which is tracked electronically. Once they exceed that limit, they are shut out of the game. Preventing this change, according to Livingstone, is a powerful gambling industry -- and their cozy relations with the government.

States and territories in Australia are responsible for regulating gambling, but they also benefit from taxation: In order to keep the government sweet, the gambling industry donates to political parties and independent MPs, Livingstone said. Independent MP Wilkie agreed that there is a conflict of interest. On the other hand, these machines are big sources of taxation revenue," he said.

Still, he insists, this is a "false economy": Paul Toole, minister for racing for the government of New South Wales -- whose remit also covers gaming in the state -- did not respond to CNN's request for comment.

Merlene Kairouz, minister for consumer affairs, gaming and liquor regulation for the state of Victoria, also did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment. This year, the Government of Victoria announced a year freeze on the number of poker machines in the state, seen by many anti-gaming advocates, includng Australian law firm Maurice Blackburn, as an important step toward making the gaming industry more responsible for the impact on communities.

Next month, Maurice Blackburn will be taking a landmark lawsuit against casino Crown Melbourne and poker machine manufacturer Aristocrat Technologies to the federal court.

The firm claims that pokie machines are deliberately designed to trick players into thinking they are winning. Some argue that poker machines are designed to mislead and deceive users. The case is not seeking damages but is instead about making sure that poker machines are designed fairly and that players are genuinely informed about their prospects of winning, Kanis said. Kanis, and her firm, believe that the gambling industry is aware of the harmful effects of problem gambling on vulnerable people yet continues to exploit problem gamblers.

The firm explained that the case centers on the Dolphin Treasure machine, which Kanis said "is misleading and deceptive and therefore in breach of consumer laws. The machine makes the lights and sounds of a win even when a player has a partial return but has actually lost money on a spin, Kanis said.

However, the Gaming Technologies Association, the representative body for Australian gaming machine technology suppliers, says that the strict legal and compliance obligations of the Australian gaming industry keep the machines in check.

Regulators impose comprehensive conditions on every aspect of poker machine design and operation," association Chief Executive Ross Ferrar said in an online post in The association confirmed that this remains its position regarding these machines. There needs to be wide-scale systematic change, said former addict Somerville, who recently retired as the founding coordinator of the ReSPIN Gambling Awareness Speakers Bureau, where she dedicated her time to raising awareness of gambling problems in Victoria.

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