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This game provides examples of:

Maloof and Mikhail sabotage the coach 's car. However, it's really only useful in case you fail. Chloe tries to help by using the coach's radio in an attempt to contact aliens. However, if you talk to her again, you find out that she thinks that Earth is doomed and she's just looking for a ride out. Considering that there are telekinetic bears and fire-starting mountain lions, and that the camp counselors who would be keeping them away are all unavailable, that help is definitely useful.

Loboto keeps Sheegor under his command by threatening to make soup out of her pet turtle. The crow feather, which can be used to tickle almost everybody except Sasha, who hates germs and refuses to play along. Using clairvoyance on it helps to solve a puzzle, but it can be solved with luck. Clairvoyance can also be used on it to find out where items for a couple of the Gotta Catch 'Em All quests are, provided that those items are outside and that Raz is standing within mind-range of a crow.

Journey to the Center of the Mind: The basic premise of the game. Just a Stupid Accent: Used deliberately in Waterloo World. Napoleon and his toy soldiers have archetypical French accents. Fred Bonaparte's troops all have modern American accents, since Fred is an American, despite the fact that the "game" they're in takes place in a setting very loosely based on Napoleonic-era Europe.

Even the Knight, who specifically identifies himself as a Frenchman, only speaks in something like an upper-class New England accent. You're not "dying", you're just getting kicked out of the person's mind. That said, this explanation does raise the question of what happens when you die in the overworld Nils Lutefisk, though it might be all talk. Kill It with Fire: One of your standard psychic powers.

Target the squirrels and seagulls. Also, Boyd's reaction to being fired. The super-long twisty ladder in the Meat Circus allows you to slide in pretty much all directions. Justified, since it takes place in the Mental World of an acrobat whose having In Lungfishopolis, "For Freedom! The Den Mother really takes the cake though. Linda, the mutated lungfish, and Bonita Soleil, the personification of Gloria's star power, both have gravelly, masculine voices.

Packing off all the Emotional Baggage and getting all the Scavenger Hunt items? Tracking down every Memory Vault and Mental Cobweb? Challenging, but at least there's not too many per area. Sasha, at the end of his stage. After Bobby kicks Raz off the platform in Basic Braining, he mocks him with some half-singing gibberish while doing a dance.

If you watch his lips, it isn't matching what he's saying. The Coach is stupid. This whole camp is stupid! El Odio, a creature who is seen tormenting the mental landscapes of an artist named Edgar Teglee and, incidentally, the player , is definitely a unique example. He's a gigantic, neon-pink bull with a strangely human face and boots on his hooves, and is apparently completely invincible unless you face him in a bullfight.

As it turns out, the bull actually ''is'' Edgar , and his constant rampaging represents the anger he refuses to let go of after a tragic series of events back in high school. Naturally, Raz has to help him.

The appropriately named Dr. Loboto - who is a dentist, by the way - specializes in removing people's brains. Instead of using ice picks, however, he prefers using his own special brand of Pepper Sneeze ; one sniff, and you'll sneeze so hard your brain will hit the wall with a splat. Strongly implied to be the case with Sasha's parents, the Lenore being his mother. Love Makes You Crazy: A contributing factor behind Edgar's insanity was losing his high school sweetheart.

Luke, I Am Your Father: A really weird example. The five other acrobats Raz and his father are seen performing with in Raz's vault are actually his other family members: The fact that he even has a mom or siblings is never even hinted at in-game, which lead fans to speculate for a while before it was finally confirmed by the creators.

A rare example where not only is the trope done well, but it actually makes the dialogue better: Boyd Cooper, a conspiracy nut suffring from paranoid schizophrenia, spends all his time scrawling on things and rambling about some sort of conspiracy that only makes sense in his own depraved head.

This affect is done by having his voice actor record a ton of funny dialogue quips that sound like the sort of thing you'd hear when listening to a conspiracy, and then programming them to play at random when the player hears Boyd talk. Not only would you never notice unless you listened for a very long time, but its extremely unlikely you'll ever hear him say the same thing twice, not to mention it does a very good job at making him sound like he's completely insane.

Loboto, although he's a dentist. Also Sasha, to a lesser extent. The cougars have pyrokinesis, bears have TK Claws, and the psychic death tanks have confusion grenades. The rats are effectively confusion grenades themselves. Man Behind the Man: Coach Oleander is the one behind Loboto's plot. Whose identity is revealed unusually early for this trope.

A far better kept reveal is the true source of Oleander 's insanity: Boyd's alternate personality, the Milkman, was created to destroy the Asylum on Oleander's order. Raz accidentally sets off him off while exploring his mind.

A Quirky Miniboss Squad in Black Velvetopia consists of four of these, each based on an animal and a card suit. The Men in Black: The hilariously inept, robotic undercover agents in The Milkman Conspiracy. The premise of the game, pretty much. A car accident where the victims can't act, and the paramedics forget their lines! Sasha Nein's second mental vault shows us that reading the mind of your parents is not a good idea.

Milla's personal nightmare room, where visions of monstrous ashen ghosts whisper her name and ask why she did not save them. Entering someone's minds in general is a very dangerous process, especially if that person isn't mentally well. Mind over Matter Mind Rape: Raz enters people's minds to help them.

Played straight with Linda, who was possessed by Coach Oleander by the time she was attacking. Milla sees her students as little children and treats them accordingly. If you use Clairvoyance on her, you can see Raz through her eyes as a very small child. It turns out that she once worked at an Orphanage of Love which was accidentally burned down, and her psychic abilities caused her to hear the thoughts of all the children as they burned to death.

She was traumatized as a result. The part of her mind that contains these memories is well-hidden, and she gently tells Raz not to go there. Sasha 's mother died shortly after he was born. Raz's mother is never seen or mentioned once. Unless you've read up on Psychopedia , in which case you'd know that the other circus performers shown in his backstory were, in fact, his other family members, one of them being her.

She still doesn't play any part in the story, however. In the level that named the trope , the conspiracy is actually about a milkman, but of eight-year-old girls. Gloria, one of the mentally ill patients at the Asylum.

The mission is even called "Help Gloria control her mood swings". Loboto is an evil dentist. Most Definitely not a Spy: I can listen to any phone conversations I wish, but do not do so out of my sense of professional responsibility. Sasha uses his psychic abilities to light his cigarette and hold it to his lips without using his hands.

Coach Oleander, as you can see from the opening quote, takes summer camp way too seriously. Murder Water The Napoleon: Coach Oleander, and Napoleon himself. Inverted in Fred Bonaparte, a descendant of Napoleon's, who is extremely tall and has no ambition whatsoever. He also has bizarrely short arms — he appears to be part T-Rex. Fred Bonaparte's Split Personality. Bonus points for Fred actually being a descendant of Napoleon himself.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Sure, you've gotten Boyd to open the gates On the other hand, you really don't care much about the Asylum Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! The Gloria's Theater level revolves around finding new scripts and producing a series of plays so Raz can ascend the stage to the catwalks and battle the Phantom, and oddly enough, the first script you find is given to Raz by the Phantom himself, aka Jasper.

No Celebrities Were Harmed: Napolean also does not permit cheating in Waterloo world. He tells Raz not to touch his pieces, his soldiers tell you that using PK on them is cheating if you talk to them, and he won't accept victory if Raz tries jumping in the stronghold directly. Yet, he jams the gate mechanism when you're about to win. Everybody has a name. Usually first and last, too. Most of them have defining personality characteristics and flaws. Almost every character has a first and last name Among fans , though, he's generally given the last name of "Aquato" because of the Circus posters seen in flashbacks.

However, as of recently, it's All There in the Manual at Psycho-pedia. Apparently, Aquato is their family name, and Raz's dad is named Augustus. The good news about Raz's Super Drowning Skills is that he doesn't normally lose a life from them. You're given a rough idea, but you never get told precisely what Clem and Crystal were trying to accomplish. Trying to kill themselves. Crystal's backstory on Campster says that she's suicidal; Clem's says that they're no longer allowed to handle sharp implements.

It's strongly hinted that they're trying to gain ultimate psychic power by destroying their bodies and setting their spirits free. And then there's Dogen Boole: And then you make their heads explode. Wait, can you do that? Do you want to try it on? If you use cheats to get the confusion grenades and use them on the Spies playing assassins, you get this gem: I hope I didn't kill again Sasha ignoring Raz when he was trying to tell him about Oleander's psychic death tanks.

Interactable objects glow with an aqua blue aura or sparkle silvery. You'll know when you can dig up an Arrowhead when Raz is looking at the purple smoke.

This trope is the only way to find Deep Arrowheads. When it's making things nigh-impossible to see, you're right on top of one. Adam War Rock devoted a song to the game, which ends up name-checking most of Tim Schafer's career and lead artist Scott C. New Job as the Plot Demands: Every single job around camp is filled by the same guy.

Turns out, he has a split personality. Raz and the main villain both have daddy issues. This turns out to be a very, very bad thing when they have a Battle in the Center of the Mind.

The notebook tab in the menu keeps track of whatever Raz is supposed to be doing next, and how it factors into his end goal. It gets painfully obvious to the point of lampshade hanging, especially on a replay. The "armored like a tank" and "walking around at midnight" thing, etc. It gets up to a peak when you're back in the ominous evil white hallway, and see that really distinct bunny fresco - then the anvil should hit you. Some thought he was so over the top that he had to be a Red Herring.

Maybe that was the point. Lampshaded in the cutscene before: I totally guessed that! You said it was Becky! Raz just seems confused about Lili's behavior toward him at first. Not that the average ten-year-old would act any different. Raz, Sasha and Oleander all have some serious father issues. In fact, the final boss is a monstrous amalgam of Raz and Oleander's nightmarish versions of their fathers. The full name of the game is The Most Excellent Game Psychonauts , but you'll rarely ever hear it called that.

Raz is clearly terrified of his father, believing that his constant acrobatic training from is actually a plan to kill him and make it look like an accident.

In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. Offscreen Moment of Awesome: At the end of The Milkman Conspiracy, a huge swarm of agents and censors come after the Milkman. The Rainbow Squirts go out to confront them while you fight the boss. When the camera shows the outside of the house again, there are dead or unconscious combatants everywhere, which suggests that the battle was epic.

Once Killed a Man with a Noodle Implement: If you show Coach Oleander Sasha's button. A critical part of Edgar's backstory. Compared to the crazy people and stuff that happens, Raz is the sanest of the bunch. That is, until you find out about his own issues in the Meat Circus Ironically, toward the end Raz meets two people that are possibly the most mentally healthy out of the entire cast: Sheegor and her talking turtle Mr.

While Linda and the campers show up in the animated bumpers for MTV 2 and G4, none of the adults in the game appear at all. The Astral Projection layers. Before it burned down. They wanted to make a sequel, but the fact that it lost Majesco nearly 20 million dollars prevented that from happening. Tim Schafer has expressed interest over the years in continuing the series, but that interest was unmet until the crowdfunding began late in The story of the asylum.

The Steam version gives out an achievement for actually listening to it. Vernon's dull, rambling stories, which can literally go on for hours if the player sticks around that long.

Also, This interview with Tim Schafer. Specifically, his response to the first question. The four Luchadores in Velvetopia are all the same basic character model with different paint jobs. They even have the same moveset, except for the special attacks. It's possible for Raz to see up Milla Vodello's dress. She's not wearing underwear. Her legs end at the upper thigh. After Milla's level and before revisiting Sasha, Lili can be seen in the Kids' Cabin area, on top of one of the poles surrounded by speakers.

It's very easy to see up her skirt there. Or you can just lift her up using Telekinesis. So, Augustus has to figure out what the hell is going on in the camp, cross the lake by taking a kanoe, since he can't summon Lungfish Linda and do remember that every mumber of Raz' and Augustus' family has a Murder Water issue , get to the ruins of asylum, enter the Meat Circus, reconcile with Raz and help him out in fighting the Butcher.

Oh, and his timing is perfect. I wish my loved one was not dead, but alive. Also a literal example, when Raz uses a painting of Loboto and a few other props to sneak past near-sighted Crispin. Clairvoiance actually shows that Rez is this often literally.

Whenever a character doesn't see him as himself, he appears as a cardboard cutout, ranging from a slightly modified version of him to looking nothing like himself the only thing he never seems to lose are his googles. Despite being the main character of a video game , both of Raz's parents are around, and he even has an assortment of brothers and sisters he lives with. Played straight with Gloria , whose mother abandoned her so she could follow her own career.

Pass Through the Rings: Repeated in the Meat Circus with flaming hoops. The Pen Is Mightier: They fire deadly inkblots in the shape of insults. Exaggerated to the furthest logical extreme - Dr. Loboto's special powder will make you sneeze so hard your brain will go flying out.

All mental worlds can be revisited to gather stuff you've missed, so almost no item in those places is lost for good. However, since all of the very extensive dialogue branches depend the situation, it's almost impossible to hear every line of dialogue in the game. A few of the achievements and achievement-related items can be missed, however, such as the "Made Man" achievement and one of the golden helmets.

There is a major point of no return, which creates an autosave beforehand. Bubbly Milla Vodello's specialty power is levitation. Repressed, slightly awkward Sasha Ne in's specialty power involves controlling one's emotions and turning them into firepower. Hypothetically, the merit badges celebrate Raz's mastery of various techniques.

In practice, though, he seems to attain mastery of the techniques by earning the badges. Naturally, your main menu is a brain with the Psychonauts logo and several doors on it.

If you think that's unfitting, read what it says on the logo again. Very blatant at the ground floor of the asylum. The only way past an unarmed orderly guarding the elevator is to get a trophy, a straitjacket and a painting to use as a disguise, and there is only one of each item that can be used, and you need to clear a full level before you're allowed to take it? You'd think a boy who can turn invisible and set fire to things with his mind could get past some other way.

At least the levels you need to play are a lot of fun. Fred, the mind behind Waterloo World, has a history with Crispin, the "orderly" guarding the elevator.

When you complete Waterloo World and get Fred's straitjacket, Fred offers to take care of Crispin, which would remove the need to collect the other two items. Unfortunately, he's so exhausted from fighting with his now gone alternate personality, he decides to have a nap first, and doesn't wake up until you're already past Crispin via the Plot Coupon route. All the problems between Raz and his father would have been resolved if they had just communicated better.

The Psycho-Portal is literally a tiny door that makes it possible for a psychic to enter another's mind. The Power of Friendship: The Power of Love: At the end of the game, Raz has to face down against his own personal demon: Before he entering the fray, however, his actual father enters the picture, and the two of them have a talk that ends with them making up.

After telling him that he's strong enough to take control of his own mind, he then uses his own psychic powers to give his son a power boost. Cue a Curb-Stomp Battle. It's not too hard to come up with ideas of what you can do with powers like Telekinesis, Invisibility or Clairvoyance The developers are aware of this too.

One of the campers, Nils Lutenfisk , plots to use Clairvoyance on an acorn to spy on girls through a squirrel's eyes. One of Sasha's memory reels shows that he read his father's mind to learn what his Missing Mom was like. He found some memories he really was not looking for. Lili sees Raz as this when using Clairvoyance on her. As do the women in Black Velvetopia. Pstandard Psychic Pstance Psychic Children: Even the animals have them! Including the Godless Killing Machines! While the game is primarily comedic, some of the minds you enter are healthier than others.

While it does grant and enhance mental abilities, it can also cause psychological instability in those without psychic aptitude. The Censors that you fight in most levels exist for the purpose of stamping out foreign, bad, and hurtful thoughts before they're allowed to come to fruition. They're like mental-antibodies and we're told they're a sign a mind is healthy. Although, in practice, even demonstrably insane characters like Boyd have them.

However, since you're a foreign body, you're fair game. Raz does wonder why they're attacking him inside his own mind at one point. Or, for that matter, why Sasha's Censors attacked him inside his own mind. The first one is because by that point, Raz isn't in his own mind at all. The second is because you're using an experimental procedure to project yourself into your own head.

Too many to count, some in foreign languages. Despite being ten years old, Raz and Lili end up kissing twice. Boyd seems to be a harmlessly nuts conspiracy theorist when you first see him, but when you crack the other vault in his mind, it's revealed that he was sent to an asylum after he burned down his old workplace for firing him.

Also, at the end of his level Raz releases the arsonist part of his personality again, when he is a hair trigger away from burning the Bedlam House he now guards. Fortunately, once that's done, the persona is exorcised and he seems much more collected. Using Clairvoyance to see yourself through her eyes reveals that she sees Raz as an unlit campfire.

Raz's basic attack PSI-Punch involves hitting enemies using mental hands. The Luchadores you face in Black Velevetopia. Provides the trope image, and appropriately so; once Raz has entered a mind, pretty much any lapse of logic or physics can occur hassle-free. A phrase from the game's theme shows up in many places in its music. In the Asylum, you can go inside Fred's mind to find him playing a board game with Napoleon. Then, you can jump on the board to find a whole living world controlled by the rules of the game.

Then, you can look in the window of a house to find Fred playing a board game with Napoleon. It's not just any board game, either. Before you jump into the board game you can look out through the window to see the walls of the board game sitting on the table! Sheegor, though she is, of course, technically an Igor. At least one in almost every level: The reason Sasha is so borderline-emotionless is because he lost his mother as an infant, then was traumatized when he tried probing his father's mind for information about her.

Milla used to work at an orphanage. One day, she came home from grocery shopping only to find the place in flames. To this day, the childrens' dying screams still haunt her nightmares.

Coach Oleander was never actually drafted in the army due to his short stature. He just made that memory up out of shame. Also, he's the Big Bad. Also also, he had an emotionally abusive father. It was turned hideous and hulking by Doctor Loboto, so its acting against its own will. Also, her name is Linda. Boyd is the milkman! Gloria Von Gouten had a really, really, really bad childhood, lets just keep it at that. Edgar Teglee lost the love of his life and all of his friends back in High School.

El Odio, the giant rampaging bull that's tormenting his mind, is supposed to represent his own pent-up hatred. Raz's father isn't an Abusive Parent. Raz is just an Unreliable Narrator. Rise to the Challenge: The Meat Circus has a long climb with rising water. Frankie and Kitty, probably.

They hold hands and spend every second of screen time together, to the point where Raz promises Frankie's stolen brain he'll be sure they're not apart long , but the likelihood is they're just an example of this. Room Full of Crazy: The starting room in Boyd's mind.

Every time Raz tries to tell someone directly that Dogen's brains were stolen , he'll be told some variation of "Oh, no, he's just like that", regardless of who the other person is. Oh lord hallelujah - or maybe more appropriately, "viva" in this case. Boyd Cooper, although in this case, his conspiracies rarely even make sense grammatically.

And if you think that's bad, just wait until you see what the inside of his mind looks like One of the most common complaints about the game. Zero Punctuation noted that roughly the entire first half consists of tutorials for the various game mechanics, followed by a massive Difficulty Spike into Nintendo Hard territory for the last few levels. Although it's not a physical example, Censors are a mental equivalent. Censors roam the psyche and censor out anything that doesn't belong, including hallucinations, paranoias In fact, one of the first signs that Boyd's mind isn't doing so well is that there are no Censors whatsoever in there.

Raz buys a painting from an artist in Black Velvetopia: Yeah, maybe you can write it off in your taxes as a loss. A catastrophic loss, even! There were actually multiple hooks - the head of the Psychonauts being kidnapped and Raz's father warning him about the rival family of evil psychics he's been trying to protect Raz from. Despite miserable sales figures at first, Tim Schafer continued expressing desire for a sequel, and one was eventually announced in December of , ten years later, with an interquel announced shortly after.

As you can see from the page quote, Coach Oleander takes summer camp very seriously. She Is Not My Girlfriend: Usually played straight, but subverted at least once. When Raz is looking for Lili inside the fish's mind, and he is asked if "Lili is your girlfriend?

In one of Milla's memory reels, she's on top of Sasha Nein assumably fallen on top of him after jumping out of an exploding building , and they both have flustered looks on their faces.

I command you to stop! Man, does that ever work? Examining the tree stumps causes Raz to make a remark about "a series of catacombs", a reference to an easter egg from an earlier game Tim Schafer worked on, The Secret of Monkey Island. Gloria's level, to The Phantom of the Opera.

Loboto remind you of anyone? After you get your oarsmen badge, Crystal and Clem are contemplating suicide on top of the lodge. Crystal says something along the lines of "we're going to become so powerful, aren't we? It's about a 7-year-old-girl that can start fires with her mind. What do you think the Queen is drinking right now? What was your favorite science-fiction mini-series in the eighties? I'm hunting the most dangerous game of all A couple of screens in Ford's secret lair show the games Pong and Battlezone.

In one of Fred's memory reels we can see him looking at the mirror and seeing Napoleon instead of his own reflection. Suddenly Napoleon jumps out of the mirror and tries to strangle Fred, a la Evil Dead 2 , when Ash hallucinates his own reflection choking him.

The soundtrack is a goldmine of shout-outs. In addition to the Standard Snippet examples below, many other level themes have very clear influences: Lungfishopolis and the Godzilla theme ; Meat Circus and the main Beetlejuice theme , etc. Tim Schafer created Campster profiles for every kid in the camp. It's revealed that Chloe Barge was really into hardcore rap. True for just about everyone whose brain you enter, and often Played for Laughs: All of Edgar's hang-ups stem from having been dumped by his high school girlfriend in favour of another guy, which made him lose an important wrestling match and become the pariah of his high school.

Fred's came about as a consequence of being repeatedly beaten in a Napoleon-themed board game by an inmate in the asylum.

Raz and Oleander's problems are mainly because of Daddy Issues although Oleander's Napoleon Complex was arguably a contributing factor. Milla is guilty about an orphanage fire in which the children under her care perished. Boyd's paranoia came about after having been fired repeatedly. Rather he went insane due to his string of bad luck with jobs.

His paranoia was the result of having a split personality embedded in his mind; his active mind knew something was wrong and he became obsessed with figuring out what it was. Sliding Scale of Parent-Shaming in Fiction: Raz's father is a solid Type II.

His actions are completely justified in the context that the game is in, its just the fact that he failed so badly at communicating his intentions that caused so many problems between him and his son. The consequences of this are shown loud and clear in the game's final level, and while it isn't outright stated, its not a stretch at all to assume he felt remorse for his mistake.

Giving his boy a power boost right before the Final Boss certainly helped a lot too. Sliding Scale of Gameplay and Story Integration: Raz's Super Drowning Skills are the result of a curse on his family which is an important part of the game's backstory.

Extra Lives are "mental depth layers". Most marvelously integrated are the Mental Worlds , the structure of which depends on the owner's personality, meaning the gameplay will reflect this and any disorders that character has: Sasha is The Spock who advocates rigid mental control, so his mind is a blank featureless box that expands into specific memories on command. Milla is a bubbly Manic Pixie Dream Girl who treats everything like a party, so her mind is a huge, winding seventies disco with bright colours that you get around by bouncing or gently floating.

Boyd has Paranoid Schizophrenia, which causes almost everything in the level to look at you or sneak up on you in some way, which will make some players think that the level is trying to attack them.

Edgar suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which is represented by a bull that keeps knocking you back to the start of the level, causing you to repeat parts of the world over and over again. Gloria has Bipolar Disorder, and you can change the mood lighting in the world to literally swing the mood of the stage between comedy and tragedy.

Fred has multiple personalities, so his world is actually two worlds; one world where he manipulates a game board inside of a castle, and a game world containing that castle. The final level takes place within Raz's own head and is not only frustratingly difficult, but the final boss is completely invulnerable without the aid of another psychic.

The fact that it's nigh-impossible to solve your own mental problems without outside help is the entire reason Psychonauts exist.

An organization of international psychic do-gooders. Black Velvetopia, oh so very much. Justified, since Edgar has actually probably never been to anywhere Spanish-speaking, and it's all one big symbolic fantasy of his creation. Ford Cruller, whose psyche was shattered in a mental duel against another psychic and can only be himself when he's near a relatively large Psitanium deposit. Sasha Nein Spoof Aesop: Ford Cruller occasionally refers to the Psychic Children that attends the camp as "spoonbenders.

This training facility is built smack on top of the largest Psitanium deposit known to man. It runs under this whole valley and makes this a very critical area for Psychonauts, so I'm here to look after it. And to make sure you little "spoonbenders" don't kill each other. The levitation ball can be used in this fashion. The music for Waterloo World is constructed from the Public Domain Soundtrack The Overture , with the theme of destroying the oppressive opponent.

A lot of levels have snippets meshed with the background music based on the level's theme. For example, Sasha's level has a few measures of Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Raz and Oleander's shared level features a few rhythms from Orpheus in the Underworld. The final level in the game is a circus made of meat. One could refer to it as a Carne-val. In order to cure Edgar Teglee, you have to collect the four Queens; otherwise, he can't complete the house of cards, because he's not playing with a full deck.

Ever wonder why the protagonist's name is Rasputin? Well with the respawn mechanic he sure is hard to kill. He's pretty sharp for a turtle. And, as a turtle, he naturally lopes pokey.

Or rather, walks slowly. Ford Cruller gives Raz a piece of bacon to use as a beacon. Referring to the Clairvoyance badge There's something in the fridge that might help you see the world like I do.

The Rainbow Squirts, a transparent parody of the Girl Scouts. Also, the transparently suicidal cheerleaders. Milla to a minor extent. She is genuinely cheerful but has some bad memories which constantly haunt her.

Voices the G-Men, among others. And there was much rejoicing. Gloria has a really nasty one living in her head. Managed by a trained bird. The bird pushes the button at the top step, but you still can't use momentum to jump onto the main platform.

In one of the plays in Gloria's mind, with a conversation between actors playing Gloria and her mother. And isn't it wonderful that you aren't even slightly jealous of my fame, which has risen so much faster and higher than yours, while your star has faded? Keep in mind the guy saying this next one is still wearing a straitjacket. I'm an orderly, you know. I am not an imposter. A Justified Trope thanks to a curse placed on Raz's family, but taken to ridiculous extremes within the game.

Raz can "drown" in a cheap wooden prop made to look like water. To clarify, hitting a large body of water causes the water to form a hand-shaped-appendage and try to grab Raz and pull him under. When you hit the wooden-prop water, an equally cheap wooden prop-arm is pushed up and grabs him. Technically, it's a psychic summer camp, but close enough. Sure, Let's Go with That: Ford doesn't bother to correct Raz's guess as to why he goes around acting as everything from the camp coordinator to the janitor.

The game gets progressively darker as time goes on, particularly once night falls and Raz heads for the asylum. Milla's level has a self-contained example: The, ahem, censors which serve as your default mooks. They dress up in stereotypical suits, wear overly large glasses and all their attacks consists of different ways of saying "No. Brainless kids only want to watch television.

Or, occasionally, play hacky sack. Its quite fun to listen to. According to the Psychonauts wikia [1] Lili is very fond of plants and can communicate with them.

The Catwalk Phantom, who is the main villain of a Mood-Swinger starlets mind. The boss encounter in the Brain Tumbler Experiment is set to a remix of Coach Oleander's Basic Braining theme , foreshadowing the revelation after the battle of his Big Bad status.

There Are No Therapists: Despite being an insane asylum, though abandoned, there are four psychologically hurt patients there who get no help from anyone, and probably wouldn't if you hadn't come.

Pretty much every camper, including Raz himself, could use a little therapy. Maybe its not provided to psychics? Through the Eyes of Madness: Many of the minds you explore belong to people who are not entirely there. Boyd is a particularly noteworthy example, as you need to use your clairvoyance ability on him in order to see the world as he sees it and help figure out his psychosis. Maloof claims that the staff haven't thrown any kids in the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber since the fifties, but according to the tree cutting in the parking lot, the camp was opened less than a decade ago.

Given Milla's seventies-party-girl flair, it doesn't seem like it's possible for both statements to be true.

Psychonauts features a character named Dogen Boole who is seen regularly wearing a tin foil hat. When asked about his hat he will explain that he wears it so he doesn't accidentally blow anyone's head up with his incredible psychic powers.

Boyd is The Milkman. Likewise, Edgar is El Odio. Also, the Lucha wrestlers. Unlike most examples of this trope, he's not even all that mean or callous toward his son. The countless hours of strenuous acrobat training that he forced on him were simply done to keep him safe from the world around him.

Lili is very much a Western version of this trope. The trailers, back of the box, and the summary for the Steam store page all mention the fact that someone removes Raz's campmates' brains. Said trailers also said "the councilors have something to hide"; implying the camp itself was a front for the aformentioned brain thefts. The battle with Linda the Lungfish takes place in the submerged ruins of the prospecting town Shaky Claim.

The lake was originally a valley until the government evacuated and flooded it to deal with insanity epidemic. Doctor Loboto; you don't get to even enter his mind. He just gets pushed off the the top of Thorney Towers by a tank piloted by the talking turtle disguised as a human brain.

One twist that happens late into the game is the revelation that Raz's father isn't anything like his son describes him to be.

Raz believes that his father hates psychics , despite being psychic himself , and has been training him in acrobatics either to stamp the powers out of him or kill him , whichever came first. This is in no way close to the truth, Raz just severely misinterpreted his actions. In use in the platforming dream world.

Done via a strange hold-your-hand-out-like-a-chicken Egyptian walk? Video Game Caring Potential: You aren't required to return all the camper's brains , but you are rewarded if you do.

Video Game Cruelty Potential: This is how the teachers instruct you, by thinking up training grounds in their minds and then letting you explore them. Visible Invisibility Visual Pun: While exploring the minds of others, you will encounter an assortment of hatboxes, duffelbags, and purses lying around, all bearing very sad faces and crying loudly.

These things represent the person's emotional baggage. Also Bonita Soleil and - in a way - the giant lungfish. She's female; her name is Linda. The game actually provides a pretty reasonable explanation on how its extra lives work: Nearly every level is some combination of this and Gimmick Level.

Fixing the psychoses of the asylum inhabitants is fun, but it doesn't advance the plot in the slightest. The Levitation power should let you do this, but Raz's curse prevents him from doing so. This catches Mila off guard, with her saying that shouldn't be happening.

Raz can do this in a very short-lived variant, doing a double jump in an attempt to get to land. If he fails when he comes down to the water the second time though The first boss in the game, the gigantic mutated censor , is by far the most straightforward in the game.

Other than a simple "kill these four things to keep it from recovering health" mechanic, its the only boss that can be beaten in the standard "shoot it 'till it dies" way. All other bosses in the game are some sort of Puzzle Boss. Either the smelling salts or the bacon can take Raz out of a mental world instantly, and the latter can take him to Ford's headquarters to quickly receive new badges, unwind cobwebs or combine cards.

There are also several ways of teleporting around an area- see Zip Mode. Weakened by the Light: As a Straw Critic, Jasper cannot stand any form of positivity, and as such his boss fight involves triggering spotlights to hit him so that he's made vulnerable.

At the ending of the stage, Jasper is unable to withstand Bonita's radiance and is left to shrink while screaming ineffectual insults, representing Gloria's positivity overcoming her self-hatred.

Due to a family curse, Raz can't even get close to water more than waist-deep without risking death. Literally - explore any sane persons mind, and you will come across strange little men called censors. They essentially act like your mind's immune system, stamping out anything that doesn't belong in there, such as manias, hallucinations, and delusions.

Unfortunately for you, you're considered a threat. Thoroughly averted - nearly every character has a plethora of dialogue pieces, they update frequently as the story progresses, and there are even a few characters who are literally programmed to never say the same thing twice. Never outright stated, but strongly implied with Raz. His relationship with his father can be generously described as less than ideal , and while he outwardly acts like he doesn't care much about him or what he thinks, examining his dialogue closely would indicate otherwise.

Then, in the final level, we meet his own mental image of his father: Thankfully, his real father shows up to help set the record straight. Or are you trying to take it from me, because you don't think I deserve it? I never asked to be famous - I just wanted you to love me!

Several psychic powers get this treatment. What Happened to the Mouse? Crispin's fate after the asylum exploded is left unclear. What the Hell, Player? Quite aggressively so - every NPC has a unique reaction to just about every psychic power. Some reactions to psychic powers require cheating to see. Just about every object gets a unique reaction, too. Trying every power and item with every possible NPC and object is vastly rewarding. If you punch a girl scout in The Milkman Conspiracy, "Why did you punch that little girl?

In Gloria's stage, this is how the cardboard horses run. Where the Hell Is Springfield? Whispering Rock could really be located in any old forest. Most of the campers have American accents, so its most likely in the United States, but there are very few clues pointing to anything more specific. Who Even Needs a Brain? A case of Type I when Dr. Loboto forces all the campers to literally sneeze their brains out as part of an evil plan.

They can be put right back in with no ill effects. Due to a family curse, Raz is extremely hydrophobic. Wise Beyond Their Years: At age ten , Raz was able to cure four people from their insanity, and he did that by jumping into their minds and talking to their subconscious mental figments, representing the patient's psychological issues, in the most encouraging and most gentle way possible.

Did we mention that all these people are adults? Also, when Raz first arrived at camp, three of the most powerful Psychonauts in existence try to figure out who he is and what he wants. His defenses are so incredible, they get nothing. Raz earns all badges, learns all skills, saves the campers and by extension probably the world. After less than a day at camp. The only one even close to his abilities is Lili and she's been at camp for at least a few days longer than him.

Played With in the form of the psychoactive material Psitanum ; it'll either give you incredible power or drive you insane. The rules on how and why this happens is left rather vague, though it is implied that your chances of becoming more powerful increase significantly if you're already psychic. The Meat Circus, in a sense. You're not inside anybody, but you're certainly surrounded by a lot of raw flesh.

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