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Have you had a chance to listen to the box set of the tour? Any surprise moments for you from the less well-known shows? I listened to every one of those 36 discs, straight through.

Or a search for something different. Who got a lot from Bert Williams. What a line to be part of. Though after he was located by blues collectors and made albums and played folk festivals, in the later s, he remained not merely obscure but, clearly, for some people, untranslatable.

I wrote about him because I was entranced by his music and because he seemed like a protean figure, an emblematic American musician. But also because I knew that a chapter on Harmonica Frank would ensure me at least one part of the book that no one could criticize, since no one would have heard of him, let alone heard him.

Or do you have a different view about him then you did then? It was thrilling to be thrust into that world and wonder what was happening. But I think finally Chuck D had the kind of hectoring voice that might define its moment but not escape it. I watched only the first three or maybe two? What I saw mostly seemed ridiculous. With Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, though, there were those lines.

There was a pretty constant struggle not to cross them particularly with Philip , and sometimes they failed, and you can sense the toll it took on them. All of this is just leading up to two quick questions: Thanks for making me aware that this show exists. Maybe because its sex and violence were too ugly—not dressed up, not glamorous, not sexy. These people were whores and killers. That was the currency of their work. And having Stan let them go was a masterstroke.

To protect himself, he has to protect the children, even if he knows that Paige too is a Soviet spy, because Paige saw him betray both the FBI and his country. But it was an episode near the end of the last series that fixed the whole show in my mind. I still think about it. It was one of those times, and there were many on the show, when in terms of cruelty and heedlessness and what is understood as necessity goes too far, in an instant.

You wonder if this person could ever stop killing. There may be a line that Elizabeth cannot only not cross but not imagine crossing: But nothing stops him from doing what he has to do. Could that be posted? I like what he says about ignoring, or trashing, historicism: Rolling Stone started out as a big, folded tabloid, and the sense of a large, free field of action, for words and visuals, made it seems as if anything was possible, and for a good while anything was.

There were years when Rolling Stone was the best journal in the country. Every time I saw the thin, disappearing Time -magazine size it was a little more depressing than the time before. The size of Rolling Stone allowed for unforgettably powerful full-page photographs, especially of faces: So the magazine has given itself a chance to again make a difference, to create and fix images, to let a story run as long as it needs to go.

What the new ownership and Gus Wenner as the new publisher will mean I have no idea, other than to say that the redesign and expansion of the magazine means a commitment has been made. But he could be singing in Chinese. I have to start with what was in early , on a street corner in Berkeley, where I met one Guy Van der Leun, who offered me a cassette as if he were passing me dope, called just the basement tape.

I lived with, in, through, and by that music—just the 13 original acetate tunes—for years. Soon it was being bootlegged everywhere—a cover story in Rolling Stone called for its release—the best version coming in a cover with R. Crumb-like renderings for every track, on the Rover label. When the five-CD, or so track set appeared in the early or mids, it redrew the map of the country.

In [], after I wrote a very long piece for Rolling Stone on the unreleased Dylan recordings that were circulating between traders—from Minnesota hotel tapes to UK concert tour recordings that D.

I played it for everyone I could get to hear it. I blasted it on Voice of the Theatre speakers out over the Berkeley Hills and for all I know all the way to the bay. The sticker is still on my copy: It was in stock there, off and on, for at least three years. After that it was bootlegged everywhere, into the CD era. One CD version I own has a particularly rich, full, enveloping sound. Yes, you can play records on a desert island.

You just have to keep turning the crank. The tapes on A Week in the Life have a deep, rich, complex sound; even though they went and got the tour engineer to remaster the tapes for the box, the sound there is thin and hollow by comparison.

I read once that Christopher Ricks has 20, Dylan bootlegs. For all that, I might have more affection for a collection from the early or mids called Golden Vanity , on Wanted Man. In his repertoire the songs predate most of those he chose for his first album: The radio is announcing the end of civilization.

The wind is raging. Some people run out of the bar. One guy, in his late twenties or early thirties, considers the situation: It comes on, and he begins to dance. A woman alone at a table, about his age, whatever it is, joins him on the floor. The wind blows the roof off the building and knocks pictures behind the bar askew.

A grease monkey—or a miner, or an oil jockey—comes into the bar. His face is completely black from soot; when he take off his helmet, his bald, clean skull gives him a two-tone head. The bartender pours it. He fixes a picture. The song is still playing.

The place is turning to ruins. The bartender comes out and begins posing to the song and mouthing the words, with blazing timing, all rhythm. Another couple is dancing. My impression, which may owe too much to British spy novels, is that the rest of the free world never exactly relished American leadership, and we maintained it primarily by bringing more to the table than anyone else, and if we stopped bringing more to the table it would evaporate.

If nothing else, it humiliates every nation, stressing that they are nothing without his noblesse oblige. Except I would like to taste the beer, or get a beer mat, or a draft handle, or something. She seems to understand the song better than anyone else and to get further inside it—and what she does in the last verse is breathtaking.

But this is strong. Have you ever developed an opinion on how stereo changed popular music? It was like getting glasses when I was seven: The real divide is between digital and analog.

Not to mention, the Diggers had already had their Hippy funeral, and tie-dyes would be sold at Spencers Gifts, so even hippies wanted to let it die, too. If true, good on you, Charlie, for sparing us a sparring with those groovy cats in Watts. CIA somehow always finds a way to win. Do they ever cross your mind? Fall on your radar? Fall under your hi-fi needle? The template goes back at least to the early 19th century and probably farther than that.

He had many forebears. After being struck by the quality of the show, which was stupendous. Like an Old Growth Forest of Deadheads. You would have been hard-pressed to guess whether there were more or year-olds. It was kind of a comfort in these godawful times. In fact, Eugene was in general. The other was John Mayer. The guy is completely bought in. I had a sister-in-law once who came out of that background.

I wonder if it will keep going after last original member is gone. King are coming through now is, you see, a long time ago music like that was considered race music. By them doing it, it makes kids want to see the originators. I thank the Lord for sending Elvis to open that door so I could walk down the road, you understand? And people like Janis Joplin and B.

I would have expected him to say Chuck Berry, who was still around and perfectly capable of saying what he meant when the film was in its earlier stages.

No way in the world to predict or even imagine what he might have said. To me it might be Chuck D. He has enormous dignity, his spirit is open and generous, he speaks clearly, his ideas are considered: And from all that comes an authority that no one else in the picture quite achieves.

It just sets an environment, musically and lyrically, that captures the greatness of life like no other song for me.

I was wondering if you still held that opinion, and is New Order a band you return to often? Their earlier albums, and the ones from the last ten years.

I could name a dozen, and then start thinking about a dozen more. There were some close calls for number one. I mean, however politically expedient it seemed at the time, that finger-wagging denial was pretty ungentlemanly. All I said, I think, was that in this case I thought that despite what ML may be saying now about power imbalance and consent, I think the issue of consent is moot if indeed she came on to him.

Do you agree that they fit into the conventions of the girl group style? Is there anywhere else in modern music that you hear remnants or echoes of the girl group style that you wrote about so well 40 years ago? Any style, form, theme, evolves and changes according to who takes it up.

TLC is a perfect girl group both for being wonderful and new on their own terms and for changing our ideas of what girl-groups can and should signify. That said, I think any lists that are too long—longer than 10 or 15—are cheats. Oh, but the Honeys. As Kirshnamurti said, the perfume is gone. Very appropriate for our times. Now, instead, imagine someone writing a song with the same aim, to get people to vote, starting with no more than a title, which could go anywhere in terms of sparking a story, melody, attack: Just like that, the song has an imaginary audience.

Any thoughts on his work? My loss, I imagine. Any thoughts on Negativland? I sure am mixing it up. But I always thought Se7en was based on Zodiac. Sorry to respond this way, but no one I know like to discuss this subject! Dylan, of course, did no such thing. The songs on his first few albums barely have choruses. As for the book tour—Clinton owes a deep, searching apology to the people he betrayed when he put his whole presidency and all it stood for in jeopardy, damaging Al Gore and leading to eight years of ruinous Republican rule.

But last I heard, the question of consent and Monica Lewinsky was always moot, as she came on to him. Bryan Ferry wrote but does not perform cabaret songs for it.

It might remind you favorably of early Eric Ambler. The plot is hard to follow in the best way, with conspiracies political and otherwise intersecting until you say, What?

A Nazi training camp in the Soviet Union? Why no mention that by performing material on national TV in by black artists he opened doors for them like no one before? The kinship that James Brown, B. What are your memories of the Zodiac in the press, and his impact on the Bay Area? Do you think Graysmith identified the right man? I always confused, if not in the moment, the Zodiac Killer and the Zebra Killers. I did, however, read Atlas Shrugged in high school.

Especially at the end, when the Beatles reform and open for Peter Frampton. Have you ever listened to it? A Secret History of ? If yes, what did you think of it? Even though it seemed a bit of a flimsy construct, I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of a pivotal year in one of my favorite places in the world. Do you think Townshend is one of the main sartorial influences of A Clockwork Orange? A little bit too contemporaneous but striking. Some real interesting reading.

A lot of the contributors seemed to be trying to convince themselves that what they were saying was true. The first two albums: Hideously botched sound, but the songs cried out for better.

His bid for the big time, but by my count three magnificent career-topping cuts and one pretty good title track that makes me want to throw things at the speakers, all filled in with bosh. Was there anything more? Do you think might be the runner-up? Motown strong, and rapidly gaining strength. The British Invasion evolving quickly, finding the blues, making rock harder, meaner, tougher, sometimes darker: As someone said of going into a record store in or so, you were almost afraid to turn on the radio, because you knew what you heard might change your life.

And why do you dislike John Cheever so much? What makes the movie sing is Tobey Maguire and Charlize Theron truly coming into their own, but never revealing themselves, especially to themselves.

As for Cheever—I find a lot of his short stories automatic: And I think Falconer is junk. Is that a conscious omission or has it just never come up? As for your question, I doubt any. Not the George stuff on Wonderwall.

The candidates are many. How do you think we would look at John Lennon if he were still alive? Do you think he would be as revered as he is if he were still alive today? I think what John Lennon would have done with his life after his death in would matter far more to our judgement of him as a person, an artist, and a factor in the lives of countless people than anything, good or bad, he might have done in his personal life before Do you have any thoughts on this?

Or for the moment. DeVille was a great soul singer and performer who slipped through the cracks—you see that now, right? The protests began in March, and were not related to the embassy move.

Only later did Hamas opportunistically suggest otherwise, as they continue to successfully wage the war against Israel in the court of public opinion. This is explained well here. Another more reasonable explanation of the situation is here , with details about how Hamas is purposefully drawing fire from the IDF and purposefully sending the protesters into the line of fire, so they can demonize Israel as a result of the casualties.

Thanks for reading so closely. It seems perfectly suited to the format. What are the runners-up? What are your favorites? Including recordings of live performances i. But short of that, in order:. Did any of his books have a special meaning for you or make an impact on you? But he could write rings around anyone when he was on, and his arguments against modern architecture and modern art were real arguments worth arguing against. It was close to home.

Some of my high school friends found themselves in his orbit by junior year. But the book was a feat of empathy, and the story Wolfe wrote was a tragedy.

It hurts just to think about it. How did that relationship work? Dave Marsh did most of the actual editing. The Sex Pistols and all aftershocks, echoes, reverberations, ripples—absolutely. It was more like a common art project—or real democracy. Racially mixed, of course; inclusive as to gender identity, sure; and sexual orientation, check. All economic strata represented? Non-English speakers allowed, or is rock and roll a strictly Anglo-American art form?

Clinton left office in a scandal of his own making—the pardons not just of people under indictment but fugitives from justice. But the question is bigger than that. Has the record grown on you at all over the years? And have you ever heard it mixed as Van intended? Were the dudes at Capitol really that good? Always makes me so jealous that even though I was alive, I was too young to experience the moment.

You have lately written favourably about Nik Cohns book Pop from the Beginning , which is a favorite of mine since many years ago and still is very good and entertaining to read. Some time ago I bought a copy of the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll the edition edited by Jim Miller I once had the original edition , which I have read again and still think is very well written. Do you have any suggestions about other books about rock and roll music excluding your own books which I already have?

And maybe some more up to date books even if my favourite years are between The digging has gone on so long and so deeply or shallowly, with the pretense of depth that there will soon be a series of books, published by Duke, devoted to single songs. Or has the mask become fully inhabited? If you want to hear the song played without a mask, listen to the people playing the instruments, including the singer. What are some of your favorites? Things were shifting fast.

And then I think, this was the power of Riot —that it could inspire this strong, unified musical reaction, which itself was so powerful that a year later it caused a whole new counter-reaction, which then took over the black and white pop music of the decade. As rhythm it was a reaction, and a good one, against the structural, architectural formations of the soul beat and its deep complications in Family Stone music.

Not to mention James Brown. It was a prison and it needed either a prison break or an ignoring of the categories. Second, this person I met who tried to school me on classic rock told me I was wrong for thinking Moondance was a better album than Astral Weeks … I will stand by my statement til the end but was wondering if you had any strong opinions. The two albums speak different languages—who says you have to choose?

You can sometimes get the feeling he won the war and wrote the constitution and invented agriculture. Levon has great stories—some of the same ones Robbie tells, but Robbie tells them with more fear, glee, wonder. I know he was a bitter man.

She ended up being an anti-Semite and seemed sort of stuck up. However, I read these books and feel like every straight, male rock musician was enamored by her. Her most famous song was written by teenage Jackson Browne… What am I missing? If Dietrich had been a Nazi? Nico was once quoted as saying black people were not the same species as white people.

But if you listen, on the first Velvet Underground album and after, you hear distance, something uncatchable, a knowledge of there being nothing new under the sun that no American can quite understand. Or a few million other people.

But John Cale wanted his hand on her music. There is one great, disturbing, purely realistic but somehow mystical book— Nico: The End , by James Young, who played piano in her last band, touring through parts of Eastern Europe you feel like no one has set foot in since the end of the Second World War. Now I regard it as a work of genius. In , Steve Allen was thirty-five years old.

He was, among other things, a comedian and a jazz musician. Is there any reason to expect someone like him to respond to Elvis or Jerry Lee or Gene Vincent in the same way that a teenager or preteen of that era would?

That he was enthusiastic about this new music on any level and he clearly was seems almost miraculous to me. My parents certainly were not, and they were ten years younger than he.

Again, he was a comedian—of course he was going to go for the joke. Not that time, anyway. Have you written about it [anywhere besides in your recent MoPop Conference paper on a-ha]? It was created by the ad man Hal Riney in San Francisco for Crocker National Bank, a local bank that was old fashioned and had a dying clientel.

He got Paul Williams to come up with the outline of a song, which was recorded by a male singer, and run over a montage of a young couple getting married, their family smiling hopefully, and no text except at the end: The result was that a huge number of young people with no collateral overwhelmed the bank with requests for loans and they had to cancel the campaign. Dave Marsh and Jon Landau, in voiceover, skewer Allen, insisting he was out to embarrass Elvis as a hillbilly off the farm.

Around , I worked at a breakfast appearance by Allen during the convention of a national service club. One would never get the impression he looked down on music that was in any way bold, well-executed and exciting.

Next, he spoke to the assembled throng from the podium. His stories of the golden age of Hollywood were all in play, and the crowd ate it up. Then, leaving the boiler plate behind, he gently commented that he believed our flag was a great thing, but really an icon of things far greater, and that it was perhaps misguided to spend time defending a symbol rather than the freedoms it represented.

He thanked his hosts and hit the street, while the national president of the organization tried to conclude things pleasantly. Backstage, afterwards, there was furor. Allen was labeled a back stabber, a liberal, a liar, and worse. I was just part of the crew, but I should have worked the rest of the day for free, since most of my effort was just to keep from laughing at how Allen roasted these clowns, took their money and breezed.

So… Do you think that Steve Allen really worked to humiliate a popularizer of music that Allen clearly appreciated, and who surely earned him great ratings, or was the dog in a tux just a weak joke that backfired? I felt humiliated, watching, and I was only eleven.

At our house, we always watched Steve Allen. Look at the Wildman from the Jungles of Louisiana! But Lewis thought Allen had taken a chance on him, and he never stopped praising him, to the point of naming a son after him. Me, who grew up watching him, now his editor! It was an essay on how stupid punks were.

It was vile, but well-written. There was no need to do anything with it. By that time I considered him the enemy, and this par for the course. Or was it always easy for you to stand back from it, to observe it without joining it? If you did feel attracted, what was the moment or event that made you choose to step back? I specifically wonder if any rock music in felt like a refuge from this pervasive culture, a conscious alternative—not necessarily anti-hippie but decidedly non-hippie.

I went for the music; the culture seemed dumb. Have you considered reissuing the book with a new introduction for the Trump era? But I think your reading answers the question. They are always crawling out. Has his character significantly changed in the ensuing decades? As a governor, how does he compare with his past self? This includes the Stylistics and Russell Tompkins Jr. I feel a very strong argument could be made that both groups should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Thom Bell as a producer.

Do you think my HOF argument has merit? Kiss and Joan Jett, not to mention Patti Smith, are in the HoF because of their overwhelming influence on other people. I consider that a false standard. I think people ought to be judged on their own work, and that to consider uninteresting and self-promoting people important because of their influence on people who are even less interesting than than they are is absurd.

Patti Smith is genuinely a hero to countless people for many good reasons. I once was one of her opening acts, was essentially kicked off the stage because I was taking up too much time doing what I had been asked to do , was as angry as I could be, and then she came on, and after a few minutes I was humbled that I had actually been on the same stage as she was. I doubt Joan Jett would yield an inch of her prestige to anyone else. The HoF is a can of worms. But I know that it means the world to performers.

To be included is to be validated, to be told that no matter how poorly anything turned out, their lives were not in vain, and to be excluded is to be stained, exiled, forgotten, even cursed.

So, sure, draw thin lines between the Spinners and the Chi-Lites. Joy — Change Network from Joy Edwards. Except for Alias reading labels, a version of a scene he designed years before for Eat the Document. I could list a couple of hundred more, but…all albums. I have never sold a single.

He still has it. I am so impressed by the focus and erudition you bring to your replies here. Also some of the questions are remarkable. I doubt this is worth your attention, but here goes.

I was delighted to learn that Bob Dylan is now a partner in a whiskey business , a serious venture. Can you think of a more suitable way for him to invest a bit of his Nobel Prize dough? The New York Times I think published a profile of her a year or so ago. You can also find footage of her on YouTube. I can tell you this, though: Yonge Street simplifies life in Toronto, divides the city neatly in half, people tell you their location relative to it.

It also helps Torontonians define ourselves and each other, often unflatteringly. Also, any chance of getting your intro to the Firesign Theatre book up on this site? Eric Goldman, The Crucial Decade: The Postwar Takes Shape Screening: The Veteran as Avenger Screening: Part I Week 6 Screening: David Riesman, The Lonely Crowd: Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique: Hughes, and John Franklin Bardin Reading: Student Presentations Last Class.

Greil is referring to the attack by a van in Toronto that occurred on April 23 , in which ten people were killed, though on a different end of Yonge St. I did not know of this album until recently.

They are truly bizarre, considering what we know of Goldman now. He is clearly pretending to be a hipster, but his writing comes off as contrived, passive-aggressive, and even vaguely racist: Or is it obvious only in hindsight? I would greatly appreciate your insights. But now, unfortunately, I remember them too, and may never be able to forget them. He really was the worst writer in the world. Do you recall which cut, and was it the movie soundtrack or the original Broadway cast recording?

Robert seems quite shocked that Simon could not see anything new in, say, Sonic Youth, hip-hop, etc. Anyway, come the early nineties Bikini Kill arrived in the UK, I saw them five times, and I had never seen anything like them, yes the music was primitive punk rock, style, but the live thing was actually more extreme, I had never been to gigs like them—totally female, a lot of my male friends found the gigs uncomfortable, they were not like normal rock gigs, and I found this great.

They were electrifying and new to me but the UK press just about ignored them, got the impression they were just silly girls and a boy copying punk, though they were more than that, a lot more. Robert is always looking for the open window. I always liked their s singles and especially the out-of-the-blue Odyssey and Oracle album.

Many of the early songs seem dated now, one of which was the soundtrack for a lame movie called Bunny Lake is Missing. Looked like they were certainly on the right track. But the band broke up in acrimony at the time. The idea that session players could control how records they play on are marketed makes no sense. I liked the second part much more than the first. What music played in your house when you were young? Some were so beautiful my parents had them framed: Out of all that, though, I have two distinct memories that shaped me as a listener and even a critic.

One was a rhythmic passage in a song from the Flower Drum Song soundtrack—just so quick, leaping, and supercharged it left me breathless. I played it over and over, lifting the tone arm to place on the LP at just the right spot. I would have been about Get rewarded for work and play. Own the moment with Meetings by Kessler Grand Bohemian Asheville invites you to step away from the usual and follow your instincts.

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Proceeds benefit Indiana Landmarks an organization dedicated to preserving architecturally unique, historically significant and cherished locations throughout the state. Landmarks Emporium is a museum store dedicated to books, gifts and accessories inspired by the era when the hotels were a destination for the rich and famous. In both locations find an eclectic mix of vintage inspired merchandise perfect for today. Must book 48 hours in advance and cannot be included with other special offers or discounts.

Credit card is required at time of booking. A one night room fee plus tax will be charged for reservations not canceled within 24 hours prior to check-in suites extra. Management reserves the right to cancel or modify all promotions and events without notice. Must be 21 years or older to enter casino. Residents will enjoy a curated lunch from award-winning a. Indulge in relaxing bed and breakfast escape to the heart of Washington, DC. Enjoy the charm and elegance of The Henley Park Hotel, where you will enjoy luxury accommodations and a delicious American breakfast from The Tavern.

Wake up to fluffy eggs, bacon or The Tavern's cinnamon brioche French toast. Sleep in with a late check out, savor an indulgent breakfast, and explore our beautiful city rested and recharged. Summer Savings includes American breakfast for 2 at the restaurant. Complimentary valet parking for one vehicle.

Please cancel 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid a penalty of one night's room and tax. Additional policies may apply. Please consult with hotel directly if policies are not addressed in this area of the system. A fun spa twist on the classic bed and breakfast package.

All reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card. Includes overnight accommodations, three course dinner for two at Dattilo Fine Italian, and a wine or beer tasting for two at either Chamard Vineyard or Stony Creek Brewery. Includes overnight accommodations, a three course dinner for two, and Prosecco and 6 Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Bed and Breakfast Package - Enjoy complimentary daily continental breakfast with luxury accommodations. Get up and go for a weekend adventure when booking the Weekend Getaway Package.

Earn Double Points and take advantage of Internet access, breakfast, and late checkout. All rates are based upon availability and are exclusive of guest room tax. Breakfast tax and gratuity are included. History Fanatics will love this custom Drake experience including one-of-a-kind Experience Package, self-guided tour, and a Palm Court tea amenity. From skyline to shoreline, The Drake Hotel has become a steward of stories, boasting its prominence within Chicago's history since Guests will be greeted with a welcome bag including: The Drake Daily Newsletter featuring 10 decades of Drake history, a self-guided tour through the ten most historic stops in this landmark hotel, Afternoon Tea amenity from Palm Court, and drink voucher to redeem in one of the famed restaurants.

Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Credit card guarantee required. Package is subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer. Supplemental costs apply for more than two guests staying in the same room and additional room nights are available at prevailing rates.

Soothing, stimulating, or medically rejuvenating, the sensual luxury of our Spa is the ultimate combination for a complete Wine Country experience. Please note the Spa is reserved for adult guests 18 years and older. Spa appointments are required in advance and may be booked through our Spa Reservations at

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