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Bad username or password Sign in. Play cash games and tournaments, to earn Status Points. Having a pair of glasses to see through clothing has been the dream of every kid of my generation. In every game you play, the probability of a win is divided equally between the number of players taking part, which means that you have as good a chance as anyone of taking the pot. There is a clear reason then to believe that raising -suited in early position typically a fold under normal circumstances might actually be a profitable play in this situation.

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2. Ditch Your Favorite Hand

This causes headaches down the line and often leads to large penalties and interest. Some of the other tips offered up by the two professionals are ones familiar to gamblers of many kinds — keep records of your wins and losses preferably with a trackable app , live in Nevada, Florida, Texas or another place that has no state taxes, keep all your receipts from poker trips, etc.

They also emphasize the importance of planning ahead — keep the money you will owe for taxes separate from bankroll and spending money. When writing off losses and expenses, Kondler says those filing as professional gamblers should use all their deductions, including retirement contributions.

And when it comes to writing off losses to minimize the tax implications on yearly earnings, be diligent, but there is such a thing as getting too creative. VerStanding shared a comical yet frightening anecdote without naming names, of course, that can serve as a warning for players trying to find ways to cancel out winnings.

For those considering trying to turn a profitable poker-playing hobby or side gig into a full-time grind, VerStandig has some words of wisdom. While becoming a poker pro may come with a flexible schedule and freedom, VerStandig reminds aspiring pros that sustaining swings requires a deep bankroll and a separate budget set aside to pay the bills.

Kondler recommends that anyone considering going pro learn about all that comes with being self-employed, including a self-employment tax which adds up to an additional This collaborative effort has resulted in a wide variety of advanced features including PokerKing's patent pending player ranking system.

For the first time in the history of online poker you can truly know your online opponents in a way that actually counts. Play in a wide selection of languages, with new ones being added all the time. Check our Special Features page for more information. Play Like a King You've come to the right place! PokerKing is a transparent and reputable site where deposits are safe, the game is fair, and everyone gets paid when they win.

Make easy, quick and secure real money deposits and withdrawals with a wide selection of options. Enjoy the fastest cash-outs when you play for real money.

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