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Online Gambling in Romania. In the government passed legislation to regulate online gambling for the first time. More specifically, there is a proposal to amend the audiovisual legislation in the sense of introducing a total ban of gambling advertising in the audiovisual environment. The regulator has already blacklisted certain operators the full list is available at: Sports betting companies are negligible for a licence in Romania this includes online sports betting. While card playing and sports betting were practiced in the country during this time, there was no system in place to either prohibit or regulate the activity. New rules for online games in Romania According to the law, websites gambling organizers must contain the:

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Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? Payment instruments used in the financial-banking system and money, including bank cards, are accepted forms of payment that contribute to the operation of games of chance.

In addition, all payments to players should be made only through payment processors, who, in addition to having an authorisation for payment services or for the issue of electronic coins, are also licensed by the Office a Class 2 licence or by land-based gambling operators who perform deposits to, or withdrawals from players accounts in the name and on behalf of remote gambling operators, based on their prior agreement.

The prizes may only be issued in kind and must have a minimum value; and. Moreover, the Office should identify the websites used for carrying out marketing, advertising and publicity activities, or any other promotional activities relating to the remote games of chance or activities and services related to these, which are not authorised in accordance with Romanian legislation. In such cases, the Office communicates all information regarding any unauthorised activities identified to the internet providers, so that access to these websites can be blocked, and in addition shall also communicate the information about these unauthorised websites to payment institutions and services so that any payments to and from these unauthorised websites can be blocked.

The operators carrying out unauthorised remote gambling activities will be literally blacklisted, along with their unlawful websites. Such blacklist is available on the website of the Office, at http: The video lottery game is performed via an unitary network of terminals with closed circuit that functions only when connected to the central national level system via the internet.

According to the provisions of the primary law in force, the number of slot machines for each location is as follows:. For betting activity, the minimum number of locations in which the activity can be carried out by the same economic operator is 15, whereas the minimum number of specialised terminals that an economic operator may have is Depending on their operating method, betting terminals can be grouped in two categories: A betting agency is a specialised location used for betting activities — traditional games — such as mutual betting, fixed-odds betting or betting exchange, in which at least one dependent betting terminal is operated.

These games of chance will be operated directly within the agency via dependent or autonomous betting terminals, or at premises specialised in gambling activities via autonomous terminals, providing that the activity is centralised and the results are reported through the respective work point or through a work point or betting agency belonging to the organiser, designated for collection operations, if the results homologation and winnings validation operations cannot be performed directly by the player by operating the terminal.

Carrying out any activity in the gambling sector without a licence or authorisation is considered a criminal offence and is punished with a prison sentence of between one month and one year or a criminal fine. According to the provisions of the Romanian Criminal Code, the sanction applied to a legal entity for committing such a crime is a fine of between approximately EUR 2, to EUR 22,, as well as the additional sanction of dissolving the legal entity. Additional measures, such as the confiscation of the revenues arising from the illicit activity, may be imposed.

Based on the provisions of the Romanian Criminal Code, when the elements of a criminal offence are met, criminal liability arises. In order for a criminal offence to exist, the deed provided for by the criminal law must be committed with guilt, unjustifiable e. Furthermore, the persons having committed the criminal offences may be either authors or co-authors, or even instigators and accomplices, provided that all elements of the criminal offence are fulfilled for each one of them.

In addition, carrying out any of the activities related to remote gambling activities in Romania namely the activities of the operators which offer management and hosting facilities on their gambling platform, payment processors, manufacturers and distributors of software, affiliates, certifiers and auditors to the gambling sector without a Class 2 licence is considered a minor offence and is sanctioned with a fine of between RON 50, to RON , and confiscation of the amounts derived from the illicit activity.

However, in a rather conservative interpretation of the legal provisions, criminal liability cannot be excluded due to the fact that the operation of any kind of activities related to the gambling field in the absence of a licence constitutes a criminal offence and the primary legislation does not make a distinction in this sense between FirstClass licensees and Second Class service providers.

In what concerns the players, participation in remote gambling activities not authorised by the Office by natural persons, in Romanian territory, represents a minor offence. The regulator has already blacklisted certain operators the full list is available at: The two court decisions are subject to appeal in front of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Gambling has also been on the agenda of the National Audiovisual Council since the beginning of The audiovisual regulator has recently summoned several TV stations to enter into legality due to the fact that they broadcasted commercials for online gambling services licensed in Romania during timeframes considered by the Council as available to the general public, thereby breaching the principle of minors protection.

While discussions about a new taxation system for remote games of chance have been carried out with the local authorities, no draft legislation on this matter has been made public by the date of the writing of this chapter. Another important legislative proposal which may impact the gambling industry refers to the draft bill restricting gambling advertising in the audiovisual medium. More specifically, there is a proposal to amend the audiovisual legislation in the sense of introducing a total ban of gambling advertising in the audiovisual environment.

However, such legislative proposal has sat with the Romanian Parliament for more than a year now. Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen. About Us Free Newsletter. Sign up for free newsletter. The law also mentions a minor fine to be imposed on players who gamble in unlicensed gambling venues or on sites of unlicensed operators on the internet.

However, laws like this are very difficult to enforce internationally and on the level of individual players. Although it is technically illegal for them to do so, the chances of a Romanian player being prosecuted for placing bets with unlicensed online platforms are virtually non existent.

Brick and mortar casinos in Romania are legal and licensed by the authorities. According to various online sources, there are at least 11 legally operating land based casinos in Romania currently. Online gambling is legal and regulated too. Unlicensed operators are blocked by Romanian authorities and players, if caught gambling in unlicensed online casinos, can face minor fines.

Betsson online casino — accepting players from Romania. Betsafe online casino — accepting players from Romania. GT Bets accepts players from Romania — accepting Bitcoins as well. In Romania, bingo operators , both online and offline are eligible for a gambling licence. There are brick and mortar bingo halls in the country and two lottery type bingo games are also available to Romanian residents.

However, none of these operators offer their games on an online platform. Foreign online bingo websites need to acquire a Romanian licence to accept players from Romania. Betsson Bingo — accepting registrations from Romania. Land based poker is legal and licensed in Romania.

According to Romanian gambling laws, casinos operating poker tables and standalone poker clubs are both eligible for a licence. Online poker is also legal, regulated, and reportedly quite popular. Poker Stars and Full Tilt already obtained a Romanian gambling licence.

Foreign online operators without a licence are not allowed to legally offer their services to Romanians and local authorities reportedly block these websites. Betsson online Poker — accepting players from Romania. Betsafe online Poker — accepting players from Romania. PokerStars wins interim gaming license in Romania. Sports betting companies are negligible for a licence in Romania this includes online sports betting.

Foreign unlicensed online bookmakers are illegal. Players who gamble on such platforms can theoretically face a small fine, if caught. However, the chances of an individual player being prosecuted are minuscule. Betsson online sportsbook — accepting registrations from Romania. Betsafe online bookmaker — accepting registrations from Romania.

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