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We feel that this is an important step towards realizing the public policy goals of the Casino Act, by increasing employment and investment in Bermuda, as well as enhancing the tourism product. I also want to thank the staff of the BCGC and the Princess for working the many long hours necessary to get us to this point. Further details about the casino presentation are expected to be released at a later date. Furthermore, June will be the best month ever.

We have not laid off any employees. Employees are given more or less hours depending on the demand in their area of work. Renault Twizy, the all-electric minicars, were officially on the road as of yesterday, and available for rent at Current Vehicles, a new company stationed at the Hamilton Princess. He said that he was inspired to start the project while working during summer renting scooters to tourists and spotted a need for an alternative.

Designed by the Renault Sport Formula One Team, a division of Renault that designs and builds optimized engines, the micro cars are billed as a safe, independent driving option for visiting tourists. All electric minicars could be available for rent at the Hamilton Princess from as early as the weekend. The news came as Current Vehicles handed over the first of 25 two-seater Renault Twizys to the hotel.

He quit a job as a broker in the reinsurance industry to launch Current Vehicles. We have had a great response from the public looking to rent these vehicles, but this is strictly a tourism initiative. The fire department have a few in Dubai. Allan Federer, general manager of the hotel, said: The launch of this new service marks a new era in transportation for tourists.

I would even go as far as to say that the launch of Twizy will be a game changer for tourism. It is incredibly important that we introduce these to meet the demands of our guests. Having these four wheel vehicles available will increase interest not only in the hotel, but across Bermuda as a whole. This new service coincides with continued efforts to offer a world class tourist experience in Bermuda. Twizys recharge in three hours and have a range of more than 80km, making all parts of the island accessible on a single charge.

The vehicles are expected to be cleared for road use within the next few days. The hotel will be the first on the island to offer its guests the French two-seater Renault Twizy as an alternative to the traditional scooter. However, transportation has been a challenge for those who are not comfortable riding a scooter. Twizy allows all of our guests to explore the island on their own. We think it is a superb addition to the hotel and to Bermuda. These vehicles are safe and accessible and a good choice for those who are not comfortable on a scooter, but still want the freedom to explore the island on their own itinerary.

And they are a lot of fun to drive. Allan Federer, general manager at the hotel, said: The vision always has been to take full advantage of where we are located, next to the beautiful harbour, and to create a luxury destination that will compete with many leading resorts around the globe.

To that end, the renovations have been a great success. We are proud of our new modern look and outstanding facilities.

Meanwhile, a new balcony has been installed for the Trudeau Ballroom, offering those who rent the space a 2, square foot outdoor terrace, and 11 suites in the Fairmont Gold wing have been renovated to include balconies overlooking the harbour.

Previous stages of the three-year project have included renovated rooms, a new marina, two additional restaurants, new pool facilities and a collection of art, including works by Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hurst. Mr Federer said that the guests had been excited by the new facilities, saying that the new guest rooms were long overdue. The Hamilton Princess will be eligible to apply for a casino licences after being named a designated site.

The hotel overlooks picturesque Hamilton Harbor, has extensive uninterrupted views of it, with nice gardens. It is an eight minute walk from the City of Hamilton and the ferry terminal. It is not served by buses. These beaches are on the North Shore. From this resort hotel has its own private beach, the Princess Beach Club.

Completed in for the Hamilton Princess Hotel and its guests on site of the old Sonesta Beach Hotel and served by a shuttle bus. The private beach belonging to the club recently saw coconut palm trees planted there. It first opened on January 1,, following the success of the Hamilton Hotel destroyed by fire in the s , Bermuda's first big hotel. It began Bermuda life as the Pembroke Hotel.

Harley Trott, a leading businessman of the time, saw opportunity and had the new hotel built to provide a winter haven. She became a frequent visitor in the s, to escape the cold of Canada where her husband was the Governor General.

She was Bermuda's first official tourist of Royal blood and an accomplished artist in water colors and oils. Because of her appreciation of the military, the Guard of Honor it provided for her wedding and the artwork she did for it, one of Scotland's most famous British Army units to serve in Bermuda, The Argyllshire Regiment, was renamed to honor her. It carried her insignia for many years in its own - and served in Bermuda for two years under the name in the late s - before it became The Argyllshire Highlanders.

The hotel quickly became a beacon to travelers and saw Bermuda go from a winter destination for wealthy New Yorkers who arrived by steamship to a spring break capital for east coast college students to a destination for discerning travelers looking for something different from what other Islands offer.

Later, the hotel had many connections with Mark Twain , a frequent visitor there and who made a point of getting all his friends from the USA to stay there if he could not put them up himself in his Bermuda home.

From the day it opened, hotel became part of the fabric of the Bermuda community. It was when Bermuda's nascent tourism season was winter, when guests arrived by steamship from New York and stayed on the island for months, when horses and buggies transported passengers along dusty roads.

Over the years it had its fair share of celebrities, including Mark Twain who was known to recite poetry while smoking a cigar on the veranda. The hotel has played a leading role in both Bermuda tourism and the Bermuda economy. The original hotel was an all wooden structure. One of the original focal points was a beautiful sweeping veranda that came right up to the harbour. Patrons loved to sun themselves on lounge chairs on this veranda, wrapped in their fur coats, as it was a winter destination.

Afternoon tea was also served on the veranda and the ladies would appear in their best dresses. Many guests houses also sprang up in Hamilton and elsewhere. Bermuda's winter tourism trade began to create its own special niche, the envy of many other small Atlantic and Caribbean islands. A Canadian organization owns her art in Canada and lent them to Bermuda for a exhibition. Most visitors do not know that this hotel was the international headquarters during World War II for a considerable number of male and female British censors who invariably paid very considerable attention to and often impounded mail going between Germany and the United States.

They acted in complete accord with the FBI and other organizations on the mainland. Sadly, their quarters at this hotel have been shuttered up. They could be made into a unique attraction for visitors and residents. The hotel played an integral role in World War Two as a covert agent for the Allied Forces fighting against tyranny and oppression on the war's many fronts. It denied the Germans both knowledge and information. British censors at work at the hotel until The operation was essentially the filter through which all correspondence in the Western hemisphere was inspected.

To the average person during World War Two, censorship during times of war was a routine activity. It didn't generate much interest. And that's exactly how British Intelligence authorities wanted it to look because behind the walls of 13 rooms within the hotel, top secret sleuthing, a la James Bond, was taking place. Even the majority of the "examiners" didn't know what went on behind closed doors. Under the leadership of British Intelligence officer William Stephenson, a Canadian some say was one of the real-life inspirations for the literary and movie super-spy James Bond, the co-ordination of the secret "offensive" censorship took place in the s.

According to an article entitled The Princess Spies it's possible, perhaps even likely, the Hamilton Princess Hotel has a copy, given its involvement. Troy, who died in , espionage experts used technologically-advanced techniques to break into letters and packages in order to produce and plant "forgeries useful in propaganda and blackmail operations. Using innovative techniques for the time they could even extract a letter from an envelope without cutting, steaming or replacing it with a forged replica.

Their work proved to be so useful to the combined efforts of the war that Sir William called the censorship initiative "a political weapon of very special importance.

Now owned by the Green family from Bermuda - father Peter and sons Andrew and Alexander - following their purchase of the hotel in Green sons, hotel owners. The Green family have been in Bermuda for over 65 years, since Peter Green's late wife arrived in as the daughter of http: The marina will accommodate super yachts, a waterfront restaurant, revamped swimming pools - and maybe even a casino one day.

Most is spent on marketing the redeveloped hotel, while the remainder is slated for training Bermudians and local entertainment. Besides building a state-of-the-art marina and restaurant, the developers plan a new pool area and landscaping, and the refurbishment of 69 rooms and suites in the Poinciana wing. Work was completed by summer The deal allows the foreshore to be leased for years in year increments. Mr Green, the owner of Berco Limited, an investment company is a wealthy investor, born in Manchester, England.

His father was an entrepreneur in textiles and grocery stores that later became Tesco. The property will continue to be managed by Fairmont Hotels and there will be no changes of staff or operations as a result of the sale.

More than 90 percent of the commercial space within the property has been rented out, some of it to companies that are new to Bermuda, and the residential penthouse apartments will be released onto the market.

Their acquisition was announced on March 19, The family is now conducting a review of the property to determine the way forward. The Green family intend to consult with Government, Planning and relevant stakeholders as part of that process. Scout Real Estate, the US developer which bought the oceanfront spread in , had planned to build a five-star resort there.

But after demolishing the hotel, the plans were scrapped. The property, now the Hamilton Princess Beach Club, has three private pink sand beaches tucked into natural attractive bays, Boat Bay, Cross Bay and Sinky Bay, and is overlooked by picturesque topography that slopes down toward the shoreline. The hotel site is unique in Bermuda, freehold without a requirement for a buyer to take on a long-term lease with the Government.

Former hotel site, Royal Gazette photos. So-called because it is professionally managed but not owned by the Rosewood corporation of Texas. Newest hotel in Bermuda. In March Bermudian Paul Telford was appointed managing director. Rosewood President Radha Arora said: We are extremely proud of his success and strongly believe that his passion for his native Bermuda will inspire our associates and delight our guests.

Opened April 17, by Bermuda residents and film stars Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, with then-Premier Ewart Brown, as the first new hotel to be constructed in Bermuda for 37 years. On acres of waterfront.

It is in the exclusive and private residential area of Bermuda known as Tucker's Town. George's Parish part of Tucker's Town, about a mile away. A resurrection, reconstruction and reconstitution of the Castle Harbour Hotel, which opened in and closed in , under a new name after the latter's demolition. The Castle Harbour Hotel was a landmark first planned by the British Furness Withy shipping organization in and first opened on November 1, He was the founder of the original Pan American World Airways.

His son, Ed Trippe, now has control. The boutique hotel, designed to five-star standards, also offers a conference venue for Bermuda's established international business community. Each of its rooms is decorated in a classic British style of artwork and furnishings, while the bathrooms feature deep soaking tubs, as well as expansive balconies and terraces with water views. The Palm Court, which is lined with palm trees, leads from a croquet lawn to a horizon pool overlooking a lush grotto and Harrington Sound.

The spa has 10 tranquil treatment rooms and a Silver Tag hydrotherapy suite, with the women's salon offering manicure, pedicure and styling. There is also a barber shop. The 1, square-foot fitness centre is fitted with aerobic and cardiovascular equipment, in addition to weights, offers private wellness and conditioning instruction, while the dive and watersports centre provides dive adventures aboard the foot Tidal Pull exploring shipwrecks and underwater caves.

Point Terrace and the wine room, with its barrel-vaulted ceiling and selection of new and old world wines, provides a more private experience, along with al-fresco dining poolside at the Mahogany Terrace.

The conference facility comprises computers, translation, IT support and secretarial services, in addition to satellite conferencing and a projection screen. There are two swimming pools, a golf course, beach and tennis club and more.

Guest rooms range in size from to 1, square feet with luxury bathrooms and terraces with views of Castle Harbour and Harrington Sound. Rooms feature luxury bathrooms and terraces with views of Castle Harbour and Harrington Sound.

Each room has a spacious balcony with a view of Castle Harbour, a flat screen panel TV, Wi-fi, fireplace, wet bar and walk in closets. They also have a luxury five-fixture bathroom with a stand alone deep bathtub. As the first partnership of its kind on Bermuda, this will not only enhance the tennis experience at Rosewood Bermuda but will also elevate Bermuda as a larger tennis destination.

Experienced members and tennis-loving guests will be able to enjoy the adult and junior programmes, which include private and semi-private lessons, day camps, social events and tennis leagues. In addition to the playing benefits, we see great opportunities for Bermudian junior players to travel to Cliff Drysdale programmes in the US on scholarships, as well as increased tennis professional training and employment opportunities.

An accomplished player who has competed professionally on the ITF Pro Circuit, Orlova brings a wealth of playing, coaching and management experience to the resort. In her role as tennis professional, Brooks will facilitate lessons, day camps and clinics. She previously worked at Rosewood Bermuda as a guest professional before joining the team in a full-time capacity. The partnership will be the first of its kind in Bermuda.

Drysdale is a former top-ranked professional player who was elected into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in The property is slated to reopen in April, according to the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Rosewood Bermuda has long been one of the top Bermuda hotels. Instead, the government hydrogeologist would be given the ability to determine the restrictions on a lot-by-lot basis.

In one example, she said: Other clauses require conservation management plans for some lots, which must be included with planning applications. Opposition senator Justin Mathias and independent senator James Jardine both questioned what affect the changes would have on the endemic plants already located on the site.

Mr Jardine added that it might help to have a representative for the Department of the Environment involved to ensure that natural resources are protected. Ms Caesar explained that the government hydrogeologist is employed by the Department of the Environment and is often used to give the Department of Planning an expert opinion on developments.

She also said that endemic plants on the property remain protected under the original Special Development Order. The amendments were approved without objection. It was less about the crystal and silverware and more about the personable service, the experience, the connections visitors could make with Bermudians. Karim Alibhai, head of Miami-based international hotel company Gencom, said the airport was a major factor in the decision to buy the resort, which went into receivership in and was put on the market two years ago.

The hotel will be closed for three months from the start of next year for renovations and will reopen in April with the new name of Rosewood Bermuda. The group includes four-star resorts and conference centres. What drew us into Bermuda? A lot of our business plan is acquiring businesses that are depressed, investing in them and making them successful.

We saw here a project with all the elements to be successful but one that got caught up in a combination of the financial crisis and an overspend when it was constructed. Short term, we see the demand begin to grow as the BTA does its marketing and we do our marketing. It will expand the airlift and have passengers coming in. On reopening in April , the property will debut as Rosewood Bermuda.

In keeping with this philosophy, the new hotel design will showcase furnishings and artwork from local Bermudian artists and artisans. The design of the guestrooms and suites, lobby and new Conservatory Bar and Lounge will be led by Dawson Design Associates. On arrival, guests will be welcomed via an elegant lobby more akin to a private manor house than a resort. Enhanced and expanded meeting space will also be available on the second floor.

The Beach Club restaurant will be reimagined, providing island-inspired cocktails and a menu of fresh seafood dishes. The golf clubhouse restaurant, Sul Verde, will invite guests to enjoy traditional southern Italian cuisine in a rustic setting.

The hotel will also modernize its spa and create a new fitness centre. New amenities will include 44 new golf carts and an upgraded golf course featuring enhanced course aesthetics.

Alessandro Colantonio, who led the purchase of the property for Miami-based investment firm Gencom, said that the company had been looking at investments on the island for several years, but now felt the tourism industry was moving in the right direction.

As we spend a lot of time in this space, over time, we have learnt to really identify assents in the market where we see long-term potential, be it in the form of investment in tourism or airlift. We first looked at it in and at that time we were not comfortable with the direction of tourism. When we looked again in , we started to see the start of the tide turning when it comes to the future of the destination.

Across the board, all things are pointed in the right direction for us. The phase one plan that we have in mind contemplates 16 waterfront condos in a very low-density development.

Other than that, it is about selling the existing unsold fractional ownership units. The only area that we really put a number on was the 16 waterfront condominiums. Phase two has a few different options that we are looking at. Since , Gencom has expanded its focus and involvement to also include the acquisition and development of luxury mixed-use hotels and resorts with ancillary residential components. In addition to being one of the largest owners of Ritz-Carlton properties in the brands system, Gencom has had great success in working with and owning assets under multiple brands including Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson, Renaissance, Summerfield Suites, Holiday Inn and Intercontinental and has recently expanded this brand presence to exploring opportunities with luxury brands such as Four Seasons, Rosewood, Montage Mandarin Oriental and Aman Resorts.

TP Holdco Limited will embark on a series of real estate development projects over the term of the investment, including an immediate programme to develop the existing Harbour Drive land sites into 16 new, for-sale condo-hotel units, which once entered into the hotel rental inventory, will increase hotel key count by new additional hotel suites. The capital expenditure related to these two projects would be above and beyond the scope outlined above and will be further refined and estimated post-closing.

The hotel presently has a total of 88 rooms of which 28 are superior rooms, 40 deluxe, 12 one bedroom and 8 suites. The hotel property also includes two private residence clubs comprising of fractional luxury residence units.

We now have smaller ships visiting the Town of St. We have additional ships visiting the City of Hamilton and shovels in the ground at the L. Wade International Airport and the St. Regis Development in the Town of St George. These are all great reasons to celebrate today. However, other financial details of the purchase were not disclosed. Karim Alibhai, the principal of Gencom, said: A spokeswoman for Rosewood Hotel and Resorts meanwhile confirmed that the purchase went through on Wednesday, adding that staff at the hotel will not be affected.

This investment is another indication of confidence in Bermuda, further demonstrating that a tourism renaissance is alive and well. With major new investment being made in the existing facility, this hotel will continue to create exciting products and services for our visitors and locals alike. Gencom has amazing plans in terms of upgrades, and we have worked closely with their team, through the Economic Development Committee, to assist.

The island is on a pathway to produce an additional 1, rooms over the next ten years. The Bermuda Tourism Authority looks forward to working closely with Gencom and the other new investors we will meet over the next six weeks. The Hamilton Parish resort property went into receivership in and was put up for sale in , with no specific price listed.

The Bill aims to improve the tourism product at the hotel while providing opportunities for Bermudian workers. Michael Fahy, the new Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, outlined a number of construction and renovation projects lined up for the resort. Independent senator Joan Dillas Wright said she welcomed the move but hoped that the Bermuda Government would follow through with its commitment to train and hire Bermudians.

One Bermuda Alliance senator Georgia Marshall replied: There are jobs available. While what happens next will be up to the eventual owners, Mr Telford said there is still room for growth at the Hamilton Parish site. Certainly in July and August we sell a lot of that. We are trying to build the social aspect as well with birthday parties, families, destination weddings, that sort of stuff, but we are seeing growth in that business, that family business.

If we had a little bit more function space or meeting space that we could use to cater to groups, we could cater to multiple groups at one time in the hotel. In the long-term, once you are able to have that ability to cater to groups, then you can increase the room inventory and you are able to take more group business. Farhang and Monica Ghamsari. Lalin and Susan Sourjah. The Breeding Family Limited Partnership. All Around Holding Inc. Gary and Shelley Odem. Daniel and Vicky McCarthy.

Mark and Nancy Dalle. Adeel Syed Hussain and Latif Abbasi. David and Rachel Peachey. Jerry and Carolyn Collmorgen. Jon and Patricia Stout. Mark and Lisa Urbanc. Sean and Heather Ford. Imperial Lake Investments, Inc. Shlomo and Gila Walny. Robert Hering and Jennifer Petersen. John and Amy DeLesline. Timothy and Janet Moon. Robert and Lisa Smith. Investment Property Exchange Services.

LB Miami Investments, Inc. Greg and Cheryl Young. Calle , Urb Dr. Claude and Vanessa Leeson. Carlos and Elsa Ramos. Lane and Caylen Charpentier. Anthony and Sanita Savarese. Paul and Deolinda Pedemonti. William and Mary Cade. Kevin and Allison Punch. Julia and Zachary Martin.

Robert Hering and Ted Peterson. Donald and Nancy Fahrni. Joseph Cook and Linda Walker-Cook. Daljit and Simi Narindray. Sheeda Shah and Maresh Mansukhani. David and Michelle Gawlik. Iltifat Patel and Umera Malik. Louis MO - Condo Unit. Majid and Renee Hemmasi. First American Real Estate Company. Maria DeJesus Franco Arroya. Four Reasons Properties, Inc.

Wenjian Liu and Zeng Huang. Nationwide Capital Group, Inc. Janet and Octavio De Los Santos. Jeff and Tracy Brown. Petersburg FL - Commercial Building. Half Time Pub Inc. Paul LeBel and Chistine Wu. Toby and Kimberly Bostwick. John and Jace Varghese.

Brigitte and Santiago Lavarias. Subha and Shabnam Vott. Adam Kam and Hui Kwoon Er. Rudy and Celso Marquez. Staford and Lillian Cola. La Reve Investments, Inc. Vincent and Cari Brown, Max Vaughan. Osiris and Carmen De Jesus. Mario and Jolanta Majewski.

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