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Don't wait to book. Effect of card removal 8: Probabilities in the first four cards The following is my survey of blackjack rules of San Diego County. San Diego Blackjack Survey. Y if double after split allowed, otherwise N. Blackjack Sportfishing, San Diego:

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If anybody has any more insides that would be great. Viejas's single deck game only pays 6: Lowest house edge for a basic strategy player would be: Viejas's most common game is an 8D shoe game, H17, no surrender. Probably the worst rules in town except for the travesties of 6: EasyRhino , Feb 9, Wasn't paying attention to that 6: So my best bet would be Barona!!!: Does anyone know if the Soboba casino's single deck is a legitimate single deck?

Guynoire , Feb 10, Sycuan's games are mostly 6D. Rules are the same, H17, DAS, no surrender faily poor. Oh, and Golden Acorn out in imperial county might offer a S17 game, which would be decent from a house edge perspective, but I haven't been there in a long time.

It's kind of dinky. In fact, the game is pretty simple to learn yet nuanced enough for anyone to have fun. Regardless of which Blackjack variation you play, the aim remains the same: Aces are either one point or 11 points, and you get to decide which value makes the most sense for your hand.

Kings, queens and jacks are worth 10 points, and cards numbered two through 10 receive the value of their number. So, if you have a king and an eight, you have 18 points.

Dealers distribute two cards to all players, and one of their own cards is face down while the other is face up. You can also decide to double down or split. Splitting is when your first two cards are a pair and you play each as individual hands. Doubling down is when you opt to receive only one more card and double your bet. In fact, dealers at blackjack casinos usually must follow that guideline for themselves each and every time. That said, blackjack players have an advantage because they are not bound by the same rules the casino imposes on dealers, and players can opt for moves such as splitting or doubling down while dealers cannot.

For strategies on when to split , this link is helpful.

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