Golden Touch is the industry leader in teaching recreational players how to become advantage players in craps and blackjack. FREE Download Learn the basics of the game, the best and worst bets to make, how to throw the dice, and how to become a knowledgeable Craps player. Feel free to challenge or disagree with the Crapspit in the comments section i. Of course they did. Because they play the wrong video poker game with the wrong playing strategies. Both situations occur randomly and in equal amounts over time. And how many times have you seen the irritating so-called golden shooter take forever aligning the dice in a perfect orientation and then take another eternity carefully placing his fingertips in the perfect position with the perfect amount of grip pressure, and then toss the dice gently to the other end of the table only to see them land on a losing 7-out?

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What more proof do you need? The casino has a right to deny service to anyone for any reason. If your obscene language is offensive to other players, the casino can deny you service. Think again about this question…if the casino believed dice control were legitimate, would they allow skilled dice shooters to play?

Little is discussed about the randomness of the dice movements as they tumble and bounce along the tabletop. These factors include the bounce characteristics of the tabletop which are affected by the type of felt and wood, temperature, humidity, etc. Do you honestly think the shooter can consistently control the precise speeds and angles that the tumbling dice hit and deflect off those chips? Have you ever observed the inside end walls of a craps table?

Of course they did. The casino believes no amount of so-called dice-throwing skill can overcome the randomness guaranteed by the pyramid rubber. Why would anyone in their right mind believe otherwise? Could the idea of dice control be nothing more than a scam designed to excite you and influence you into buying something? At the time this article was written, the following are just a few of the products and services for sale at Golden Touch Craps. They claim to have 5, members.

For the recurring fee, you get access to various message boards about craps, casino news, other games, casino reviews, books, movies, television, Golden Touch Craps wisdom, humor, discounts, and more.

As you can see, potentially huge amounts of money depend entirely on their ability to excite or intrigue you enough into buying these products and services. Their marketing strategy is to cleverly get you to think one of two things:.

Everything you need to know about craps can be found for free on the Internet, starting right here at the Crapspit. Instead, start right here at the Crapspit by reading our articles and lessons for free! At the time of this writing, the Golden Touch Craps website states:.

Everyone is self-certified; that is to say, you have to take them at their word. To do this, we set up tough criteria for our instructors and coaches to meet.

They had to be skilled shooters and good teachers. As Golden Touch states, you have to take them at their word that their self-certified instructors actually have any skill at all. The Crapspit believes this system has merit, but not because it involves trying to take advantage of a shooter that you perceive is skilled at dice control. The Crapspit accepts it because it reduces your skin in the game by either not betting on certain rollers or by reducing the dollar amount of your bets on certain rollers.

With less skin in the game, your buy-in will likely last longer, which means you can stay at the table longer and hope to hit a sizzling hot roll regardless of who rolls the dice. And cool and cold rolls can occur at any time for any roller, including the golden shooter.

The Crapspit believes trying to choose which roller to bet on is a futile waste of time and energy. How many times have you seen a so-called random shooter fling the dice time after time hitting number after number? Frank Scoblete's Las Vegas Diary. Why Dealers Can't Be Human. Interview with the Captain. Cut the Hedges from Your Game. Get Yourself a Craps Table! Breaking down the toss sevenout - Thinking about the whole swing is too much to concentrate, but one element at a time can be done.

If you were to do this how would you prioritize your learning. Easy to work on at any time. You don't even need a practice rig. If this is off nothing can go right. Garbage in, garbage out. Keeping the dice together in the air. Since we are trying to minimize randomness symmetry is essential. The dice must travel together and land as one to have any chance.

Being able to consistently hit the same spot regardless of launch angle or how hard they land or how much they scatter. This really has two parts. One, the dice have to land flat and level.

Breaking down the toss