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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Their best hope is to play exactly the same way and break even against you. In contrast to the prior point, recreational hyper turbo players are often just action-junkies or recreational players looking to chase losses after a long unsuccessful session. That's what I was thinking in the beginning too.

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Discover the secrets that propelled Doug to the top of the heads-up food chain. Click here to access! Heck, you barely even have to clear your lunch hour! This makes Heads-Up Hyperturbos an ideal choice for part-time or non-professional poker players. Directly impacted by its duration, the action in HUHTs tends to be loose and fast.

I was like what? As discussed above, the vastly reduced game-tree possibilities allow anyone willing to commit to focused study with a much more direct path to competency, relatively speaking, than some other deeper-stacked formats. How often can you use this information to your advantage? How much equity can you extract from it?

Well, you know to tighten up your ranges versus their aggression while really attacking their passivity playing aggressively against their blind-versus-blind limps, for example , and you can definitely consider widening your UTG raising range slightly to target their BB, but even combined these adjustments are unlikely to make a significant impact to your bottom-line, relatively speaking.

Does that image cause you to instantly begin to salivate? Suddenly you get to transform into the wild poker beast that you are and really begin exploiting your opponent by pressuring them with nearly reckless abandon. The flip side to the last item in the Pros list is that each of our own mistakes is equally magnified. Therefore it is imperative that we continuously work on improving our game to uncover and correct as many leaks as quickly as possible. Although Heads-Up Hypers have historically offered relatively low long-term variance and high-hourly, it is not uncommon for players to experience a 50 or Buy-in downswing, or more!

This is why bankroll management is a massive aspect of succeeding in these games. This is for the starting stack or so. It'a about 10bb deep. Why anyone would make a straight nash bot is beyond me though. I was addressing someone suggesting bots aren't running around because they wouldn't be profitable. If I were programming a bot it certainly wouldn't be a straight nash bot and I'm fairly confident under a structure like FTPs I could program a bot to beat virtually any stakes.

Also, your "Come run 6 nash bots" is extremely stupid. I couldn't win in any poker variant playing 5 other versions of myself, but guess what I've made money playing poker. Its not stupid, if bots were around games would be instantly dead and there would be literally noone to play, I hope you can extrapolate such situation. While they are they underground of-course games can continue for some time, yet once they are out games die. As for "not being nash bots" - of course not nash bots would beat the game.

I was saying that nash bots won't beat the game cause nash strategy is useless in real games, and you kinda confirm it so ok. Originally Posted by Pokerbike. What about limpers or raisers before you?

I actually pulled up this same chart when i starting grinding hypers but there are so many other factors you have to take into account. Originally Posted by collegefund4.

Its made with an algorithm that simulates future rounds of play so I believe its going to be Originally Posted by urinpain. Bubble and HU play are much more important than early game pushing range. Nash is unexploitable not an optimal solution. Its only optimal if all other players play according to Nash which is never the case. The charts are simulations of a mathematical model that does not exist in the real world.

Its an equilibriam baseline if everyone is following the model which they are not. Most importantly there are too many variables that the model does not take into account mentioned elsewhere above in the threads. These adjustments is where your ROI comes from not the model. Even if the model is unexploitable in terms of play in reality you pay rake so you have to cover it first then you make all sorts of mistakes like clicking,wrong table decisions,model application mistakes ect.

That cant be right esp. Saying that you believe that "its going to be better" with rolledeyes is nice. Last edited by Q; at Originally Posted by chav. No way this is true for any stack size. Below is from Nash hldmresources: I belive nash and ICM obv. Last edited by dybboss; at It says so right on the page. One of the differences is that a true Nash equilibrium would account for future rounds of play, movement of the blinds and other factors that holdemresources does not.

Also, holdemresources relies on the standard ICM equations which are massively flawed because, again, they do not account for position or many other important poker strategy factors. This results in a much more plausible equity model than standard ICM and ultimately better strategies. The analysis from any tool based on standard ICM equations sngwiz, holdemresourses, icmizer, etc Heres a post were I go over some of the numbers: I wrote SnG Solver.

Plug these numbers in and tell me that you trust this nash calculator: BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Hyper Turbo Hand Chart.

STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments. Page 3 of 4. Send a private message to dmelissourgos. Find More Posts by dmelissourgos. Find Threads Started by dmelissourgos. Hyper Turbo Hand Chart Quote: Originally Posted by TheJacob Also, whoever suggested nash bots aren't running around because they wouldn't be profitable is nuts.

Send a private message to Q. Find More Posts by Q. Find Threads Started by Q. Originally Posted by bbfg You adjust to the players and the situation.

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