Naoki Yoshida explains Final Fantasy XIV’s new Mentor system

Because of that, I might as well run other roulettes since that covers most of the same content, but gives better daily rewards. I do wish it gave something better though. Requirements for those who are geared towards battle content are: I, as one of the players who already got the roulette achievement would say that the Mentor Roulette is working fine as it is considering that filling up almost every duties in this game itself including extreme primals could be considered as mentoring. MAC is a trademark of Apple Inc. After completing the training modes, you will be rewarded with cool gear, so I recommend that you first clear all the content the Hall of the Novice has to offer before you enter the first dungeon. Pick up big discounts on hit Ubisoft titles on PlayStation Store from today.

Mentor Roulette

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The purpose of this channel is to offer a place for new players to ask mentors about the game and for mentors to give answers to their questions. To eliminate the prospect of any malicious RMT Real Money Traders from invading the chat channel, we made it so only mentors can invite new players into it.

On top of that, when a mentor and new player form a party, they will both receive an experience point bonus. However, the introduction of the mentor system with this new patch enables veteran players to proactively support those who have started the game recently, creating an opportunity for both veteran players and rookies to meet and get to know each other.

So, how will I, as an experienced veteran adventurer of Eorzea, be able to sign up to be a mentor? Are there any tests or trials I have to master? As I mentioned earlier, players need to obtain certain achievements to be a mentor. Requirements for those who are geared towards battle content are:. By fulfilling either one of these two requirements, you will be able to become a mentor by speaking to a certain NPC. Sounds like quite a challenge! Will I get any benefits from becoming a mentor?

The basic concept behind the mentor system is to allow players the ability to volunteer their time, which can also be seen as a form of role-playing. However, mentors will also be able to get special achievements and titles after you use the mentor roulette at certain number of times.

In the future, we also plan to add special rewards after obtaining certain achievements. That being said, we made the amount of rewards for mentors small to reduce the number of players who may become mentors purely to get their hands on rewards. I think the biggest reward for a mentor is that they can see how new players grow and become fully-fledged adventurers! Now, imagine I am a completely new player who has just logged into the game for the first time. Will the game introduce mentors to me?

How will I find them? Players out in the field or in towns have a name-plate above them and mentor characters will have a crown icon next to their name, so it will be easy to spot them.

New players have a sprout icon next to their name instead. They will answer your questions wherever they are and they may even run to your aid!

How does that influence the way I play? Is it possible to reward or rate my mentor for giving good advice? If you and your mentor form a party and go into a dungeon, both of you will gain more experience than usual. When you get closer to mentors, they may also invite you to a Linkshell or Free Company that they are already a member of. If your mentor does a good job, please be sure to thank them! We believe your words of gratitude and encouragement will mean more than any in-game rewards, and make their mentor status something to be proud of.

Will that work together with the recruit-a-friend program? If my friend is a mentor, that is. Can new players with the free trial use it as well? If you are certified to be a mentor, of course. All players with a playtime of under 40 hours can benefit from the mentor system.

Sounds like an impressive new feature that will make life much easier for new players! The Hall of the Novice is a place for new players to do some training and to earn knowledge of the game systems before moving on to dungeons. It features two elements. One is a series of challenges that allow you to train and play, and the other is a building packed with helpful NPCs that offer game tips.

Make it give some kind of mentor-only token per run perhaps giving an additional token for adventurer in need instead of trying to pick some specific kind of tomes or whatever to give. Then make these tokens exchangeable for something like you get one per token, not all: The first two options, for adventurer in need, might very well make mentor roulette the best route for farming those, but probably not by much.

The lore option would probably be about on par with grinding level 60 dungeons in general except that you wouldn't earn scripture at the same time and likely a good deal slower than speed runs of Gubal Library HM. The scripture option gives an alternative to Expert roulette, or at least gives options to people who have already run expert for the day and still need more runs to cap. The gil reward is basically on par with what adventurer in need currently gets for it, just without any additional reward it could probably be bumped up some, but we really don't need more ways to get gil in the game.

The hunt seals I threw in as interesting options for people who might want them over anything else, but at amounts that wouldn't really take away from actually doing hunts. Basically, I'm not asking for the mentor roulette to have flat-out awesome rewards that make it better than anything else for farming stuff, but I am asking for better compensation for my time, especially when I end up on one of the many "anti social, everyone already knows what they're doing" teams that make it feel pointless to be a mentor.

The wide variety helps keep mentor roulette valid for just about any type of grind without making it "the best", hopefully attracting people, like myself, who would be more interested in the variety and chance to meet people while working on something else rather than joining some PF team to grind like crazy in a bunch of speed runs for the fastest way to grind for that same thing.

The way it stands, it's basically like trying to run a school where teachers don't get a paycheck, instead they get free lunch in the school cafeteria and, if they work every day for 5 years, they get an brand new economy sedan. Oh, and by the way, more than half the students don't talk or already know everything anyway.

Know any schools like that? Real teachers get paid to teach, so why not pay mentors for working? Mentor Roulette is not a Roulette to help new people It dosn't include an algorithm for filtering dungeons so you get into one with a new guy.

It just places you into the next fitting queue for any dungeon. Mentor Roulette like it is now shouldn't be locked behind the mentor status just locked behind every duty completion and maybe just a little raised rewards.

I, as one of the players who already got the roulette achievement would say that the Mentor Roulette is working fine as it is considering that filling up almost every duties in this game itself including extreme primals could be considered as mentoring. I also still run Mentor Roulette for the sake of the "roulette" despite already got the mount, but that's just me and I couldnt vouch for any others. Originally Posted by Legion Originally Posted by lvlagmarink.

mentor roulette, where is the incentive?