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She won because the issues she raised will not go away and great political pressure will endure at the grassroots to win passage of them. She lost by having a losing message. You are not oppressed. Now get off your butts and make something of yourselves.

To follow on slightly from that— she lost because more of us disagreed with her message than agreed with it. Nobody fooled me into voting for him with slick attack ads or misleading claims. She lost because plenty of people just like me happened to not agree with her. All those lazy homeless people and other disenfranchised folks should just go get some jobs!! Obviously, anybody struggling to make ends meet is simply not working hard enough! Thanks for your refreshing insight.

She won a stunning percentage of the vote for a grass roots, self-bootstrapped candidate, because she ran a smart, gutsy, and impassioned campaign. Clowns like you account for easily half the misery in the world. Do us all a favor: She lost me totally and completely when she failed to walk her own talk…. I look forward to the leadership and comity that Ed Murray will demonstrate as Mayor. He will be a far cry from the divisiveness and arrogance of ex-Mayor McGinn.

I believe that Seattle has taken an enormous step backwards by electing Murray. Seattle likes their incumbents, though, just look at how many times we effing elected that scumbag Greg Nickels. Well, we just elected the son of Nickels, so here we go again…. McGinn was a great down to earth leader. He made hard decisions and got a lot done.

Ed Murray will be like most career politicians, out of touch, and full of it. A great match for our city council made up of grouchy old white people. His direct style horrifies here. I also liked McGinn as a straight forward leader who pushed to really actually do things rather than being wishy washy and asking….

Please illuminate us by stating 3 specific things that McGinn accomplished. New bike lanes would have happened no matter what…the Master Plan was created during the Nickels administration. Finally someone that will stop all that nonsensical TOD, bike lanes and do something to preserve the identity of the Hill.

Bike lanes are great. Capitalist hill is more like it. This neighborhood is getting lamer by the day and mcGinn had nothing to do with it. I am a life-long Seattleite. Also and for the record while Conlin is not optimal I thank the heavens that sawant is off the radar.

However, I doubt Sawant is gone for good. With district City Council elections now approved by voters, there is a pretty good chance she will run for Council in one of the districts, likely the one which includes Capitol Hill. All the while our country is crumbling.

I am proud of Ms. Sawant, the volunteers, and the tens of thousands of Seattle voters who voted for her! Stand up to the status quo! Show the world Americans are NOT apathetic! But none of you won by a landslide. Our numbers will grow as more people realize how duped they have been. Murray will look good in the press and everyone will congratulate themselves for voting him in. But the homeless, the poor, the people who serve you will suffer for it. We work twice as hard. The league runs for fifteen weeks with tournaments every Wednesday night starting at 8.

Meanwhile attention is now turning to the second annual Mayo Pub Poker Championship that will again be held in the Park Hotel on Sunday, November 18, starting at 3pm.

This event is expected to sell out so players are encouraged to pre book their seat. For all the local poker results, news etc go to the mayo poker tour page on facebook. Do you want to play Astroturf soccer?

It is open to any one 16 or over and each player will receive a rating based upon their age and footballing experience. Teams will then be drawn from the hat to make them as even as possible.

Entry fee is 10 euro per player. This is an opportunity for the local area membership of the Community Forum to meet, network, exchange information and to mandate the four local representatives , George Craig, Mary G Duffy, Francis Brennan and John Toner, to bring issues, challenges and ideas that are relevant to the local area forward to county level.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. Doors open from 9pm; John McNicholl on stage at KK Utd settled well early with a nice goal from Arron Hughes. They pushed on from here and took the game to the home side. The U14s were in Connaught Cup action against Ballina Town but were slow to start and were down at half time. James McGrath pulled a goal back before Ballina scored a third. Jack Mullarkey scored for KK Utd to make it , but they couldn't find an equaliser to take the game to extra time.

Partry were up at half time and went on to win the tie KK Utd will now automatically be entered into the Connaught Shield competition. Club Merchandise For Sale Kiltimagh Knock Utd have a new range of leisure wear available for club members and supporters. With Christmas coming this is great opportunity to fill the stocking withy a top quality club polo shirt, hoodie or rain jacket, complete with KK Utd logo.

There will be a fitting and ordering night at the clubhouse on Thursday 22nd November between 7. More details are on Kiltimagh Knock Utd facebook page https: Any queries to Martin on Aghamore had secured their senior status for and were suddenly in the mix for promotion as well so Kiltimagh were facing a difficult task.

The heavy rain meant the pitch was very sticky with some patches barely playable so both teams had to work hard to keep the ball moving. Aghamore looked dangerous in the opening stages and were soon off the mark.

However, that seemed to rouse Kiltimagh and Liam Lydon had an opportunity of a goal but instead took his point.

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