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Ran the enlisted men's club. I have been doing a lot of family research and have become very interested in my uncles service during WWII and the Korean War. I can picture a lot of faces but the names are a little fuzzy 30 yr. He was discharged from the Air Force in Sea Girt , N. Served as CE-3 from He retired at Ft.

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If they wanted to they could have not let me out. I was drugged too so it would have been game over. I had about dollars on me left my wallet at hotel. And these people prey on the nature of tourists to not want to be rude.

I had the same thing happen to me. Same guy sitting on the couch watching sports. Same table upstairs where I sat on the bed. I am going to write out my story and blog it as well! Mine went slightly different at the end.

I also just had this happen to me in Phnom Penh. What is so overwhelming and disheartening about the situation is how sly and deceptive they are! I was also fortunate to make it out with all my money and belongings intact without being hurt, but I know it could have been a really messy ending! He said merry xmas and bye. Thank you for sharing. The only difference in our stories is that they got the money- all of my savings for New York out of me before I threw in the towel and ran. I encountered this setup about a year ago.

I was walking near Ben Thanh Market and a well-spoken Asian man approached me to spark up a conversation. I am extremely skeptical so I was watching my back while I chatted. I let him entice me to sit down at a cafe and have a drink. Then, his sister or cousin maybe? I declined the free diet coke and also the offer to come to their home.

I can see how people can get wrapped up in it. I also want to mention that same thing happened with me, but I walked out as soon it become clear to me that they are gambling with me for money. I am the same- money is replacable but the fact that it is happenening to someone else right now kills me. An older gentleman who was on route to hospital because of his eyes and his 30 something niece befriended me Fillipino.

They came out with what I now know as the usual story… sister moving to my country. They are indeed so slick. Foolishly I agreed to meet an hour later and go to theirs to meet the sister. Coffee, instant noodles with a fried egg… seemingly not drugged thankfully. The sister did turn up, was pretty damn hot and had a lovely adopted american accent. Another uncle enters who happened to have worked in various Australian Casinos that I had been to. Blackjack bullshit, clearly the man was good with his hands as the practice rounds just so happened to perfectly show the various different scenarios.

What are the chances?? Seemed all rather innocuous and friendly. Of course, the family keep hinting and pretending that the hot sister is now my girlfriend. I foolishly pick them up and then my mind finally clicks. I place the money back on the table and I calmly say that I have no desire for money and anyway I no longer gamble as some of my family have got into major debt due to it somewhat true.

He seems rather disappointed and I reassure him that he will get the chance to avenge this friend some day. Cue nervous laughter from everyone at poor joke. Rather abruptly my little family visit comes to a friendly end. The cute sister takes my email address, maybe she will add me on facebook? She got nothing and instead, she ends up spending most of the journey feeling my arms and insisting that I hold on to her thighs for safety.

Even kissing her hand on her departure from the moto and placing kissed hand on my lips. The sister said she will email me tomorrow to see if I want to meet up.

Fat chance of that now unless they want to try to re-scam me. Shame, she really was nice. The search for a wife continues and maybe I will move hotels tomorrow just in case. Not enough info to get me in to trouble but it does make you wonder.

First of all… Loving the blog. It must be that curiosity so tragic for a particular feline. I was fleeced for some cash by a friend-of-a-friend after a pity play. Disappearing wallet, keys, etc.

Needed a place to stay. Turned out to be a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, and he tried to take me for a lot more.

I was out a hundred bucks or so and a whole lot of pride. Stay safe on the rest of your travels! Dan H recently posted..

Will be visiting Hanoi shortly. Thanks for the heads up. We were scammed over food the last time we were at Dalat. Like the part Mark said about being alert when talking to strangers. Just to say I had the exact routine today in Phnom Pehn. The woman approached me near the independence monument. We talked about food for ages I always do and she insisted on taking me home for Filipino lunch. We had some good food then the uncle appeared and did the whole spiel about croupier and seeing big winners and having his own system but needing a partner etc etc.

I got a gut feeling that something was a bit off so said I was rubbish at cards and always lost money. After that they just took me back to town. All very friendly the whole time though, even as I left. Sounds like I had a lucky escape though. Just happened to me in Phnom Pehn. Riverside approached by friendly girl and chatting. Again sister moving to be nurse in Europe etc..

Arrange to meet me and I do at public place. As above 1 thing leads to another and teaching me 21 and then the Singapore businessman coincidentally turns up. I of course should have walked but then got bit intimidated by situation..

Suddenly playing for 50k dollars.. I have winning hand of course and we set to gain k. Long story short I refused to give any cash beyond the 10 even after major cajoling. I asked to leave and got dropped off safely but not near hotel. I know all sounds Implausible but when in it.. Generally speaking, if someone comes up to you in a touristy area asking to play a game, YOU are the game.

Lots of variations of this one throughout Asia, shell games, Connect Four kids in Thailand, etc…. What a horrible story!

Happy everybody has gotten out okay, except for the girl that got drugged and people that lost money out of it. Thank you very much for sharing! This is the proof that even well seasoned travelers can get stuck in awkward situations… you do always have to be careful!

I was lucky to get out of it — others have not been so lucky…. I politely found an excuse but often wondered after what they had planned for me. Wish I had been that smart though when I got conned for about 3k in Bangkok… Frank bbqboy Frank recently posted.. Damn you are the best storyteller, Wes. Do you seek out these situations or does bad luck just find you? Brad Bernard recently posted.. Similar thing happened to me in Thailand, Niece was travelling to new Zealand to be a nurse.

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