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Originally Posted by jajogluck. Send a private message to SunnyDays. The House of Dancing Water Show in At first I folded when there was a bet and then raise and another caller and when you eventually see the cards they just love to gamble and will reload big at will. This is also the only spot where I had to queue, albeit only 20 minutes I hear this can easily extend to 60 minutes.

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Wynn Macau Poker Room

And most of the big tournaments in Macau are gone. It would be sad if Hold'em is another dying game. I think it is because the lack of Chinese players. Poker never really caught on to them. Especially now where with all the restrictions for them entering Macau. All the big Chinese high-rollers have gone elsewhere.

And most mass market tourists would only try their luck on Baccarat. Now all we see are mostly local players and Caucasians. Hopefully that will change in the long run. Because as we know, Macau casinos are sorely in need of gaming variety. During my last trip, I did even see Blackjack getting less tables.

Might be because players are getting better at the game and the casinos want to discourage players from playing. And Bj players are getting less comps. My host actually told me that. And I'd had to mix in my gaming with some Baccarat. Or my player ratings would go down and I can not get free comp rooms. Ouija, your explanation makes a certain amount of sense, especially when extended further. Obviously Macau got hit hard a few years ago when whales stopped going, basically destroying the VIP market in the process.

So all of a sudden way fewer rich Chinese players were playing poker, who ordinarily probably lost pretty big when they did so. Could be wrong though. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2. Send a private message to jajogluck. Find More Posts by jajogluck. Find Threads Started by jajogluck. Send a private message to e1cnr. Find More Posts by e1cnr. Find Threads Started by e1cnr. Send a private message to birdayy. Find More Posts by birdayy.

Find Threads Started by birdayy. Originally Posted by e1cnr If the play is tight, did you make any money? Originally Posted by birdayy Kinda off topic. Send a private message to peterk9.

Find More Posts by peterk9. Find Threads Started by peterk9. Send a private message to PSLive Fred. This would also explain why the largest poker pots ever are to be found in macau, not in the US or Europe where there are far more millionaires and far more disposable income to go around. In fact, in vegas there is an upper limit of k that any person can lose per pot, whereas this restriction does not apply in macau.

Send a private message to TianYuan. Find More Posts by TianYuan. Find Threads Started by TianYuan. Send a private message to BoDiddleyMacau. Send a private message to SunnyDays. Find More Posts by SunnyDays. Find Threads Started by SunnyDays. Send a private message to jameson Find More Posts by jameson Find Threads Started by jameson Find More Posts by Gooner.

Find Threads Started by Gooner. Send a private message to MacauPokerJeff. Find More Posts by Kevzinvasion. Find Threads Started by Kevzinvasion. Send a private message to Charlie Yu. Find More Posts by Charlie Yu. Find Threads Started by Charlie Yu. Since then, several new poker rooms have opened up, and there are now five casinos offering live-dealer cash games, along with the occasional tournament or two.

See, when the game was new, many rich Chinese patrons gave the game a try, and were willing to play at very high limits. When professional players got wind of this, they showed up and cleaned house against the wild, terrible players who frequented this game and were not afraid of chasing their losses. Sadly, those days are gone…sort of.

While there are still games at limits that will make your head spin — some of which dwarf even the biggest cash games Las Vegas has to offer — the play has improved significantly. Here are our picks for the best and currently, the only places to play poker in Macau! Poker in Macau is viewed by the casinos as something of a novelty, and I guess most would rather not have any poker at all.

On my last visit in December there were only 3 poker rooms still operating in Macau. They prefer to play baccarat, sic bo and the other table games that are on offer in the casinos. The player seated beside the dealer cannot smoke, but everywhere else at the table is ok, so be prepared to be playing in a very smoky environment. The majority of the rooms in Macau have a max of tables running at a time.

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