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Though be aware, rarer Pokemons tend have a shorter appearance time so they might despawn. Make sure you are quick and keep an eye on them! We are working on making a highly accurate timer that also tells you when it despawns. So what are you waiting for? Download PokeWhere and start catching now - it's free!

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Support tournaments that have hand histories which record buyin size using commas instead of decimals Import: Address an import error that can occur when hand is imported with the win line in the river instead of summary Import: Compensate for changes in iPoker hand histories to allow Tournament Detection to be triggered after winning Double or Nothings Import: Compensate for Merge client update which broke the import process Import: Comply with multiple Merge hand history changes Import: Improve import when the Small Blind is not dealt in Import: Compensate for recent PokerStars updates to restore Zoom support, and also improve player and table detection.

Improved player detection for players that have VIP badges Reports: Full Tilt table opening update this update is not expected to continue working after end of life is reached TableTracker: PokerStars table opening update this update is not expected to continue working after end of life is reached.

PokerTracker 3 Patch Install over top of v3. March 9, Language: Works with Windows 8 and Windows 8. Which version is right for me? For the majority of people, the stable release is the version that you should download More content explaining stable vs beta.

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