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Zepp January 12, , 5: Inserisci il tuo numero corretto, riceverai offerte speciali. I bet he has awesome hair too! The song came 11th in the contest, scoring points. LW, I feel so bad for you that you said this: Compact 33 stereo singles and jukebox stereo singles with small hole are covered in part 2 of this discography.

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You will be making money it 10 minutes. We simply object to it because it is not wholly stereo. The pattern of releases of stereo disks, as it has come to light, bears out the difference in viewpoints between major and indie labels. None of the majors so far have shown any inclination to rush out with stereo records. This is logical, say observers, in view of the tremendous monaural inventory extant in the catalog of each.

On the other hand, indies, some of whom have or will issue releases soon, have nothing to lose Highly personalized interests of the majors might be interpreted in another way. Those who might conceivably favor the idea of a monaural disk, gimmicked in the control room to produce an impression of a stereo effect, might do so because of a shortage of catalog material actually recorded in stereo. It is known that there is considerable variation in the amount of stereo-cut material in various important catalogs.

Obviously, it's pointed out, those who started recording in stereo longest ago would be most in favor of the "true stereo" concept. Say it isn't so! Here's evidence that rechanneled or fake stereo was present at the very beginning, or even before the beginning, before almost any of the record labels put out any stereo records at all! As far as stereo album releases in late March, , there weren't many: Along with these developments, this week has brought news of additional stereo releases.

Audio Fidelity, which shipped 10, of the four stereo titles released in March, 10 percent of its total March output, has four more ready to go. Urania will have five releases on the market May 1, and 15 others are now in the works. Esoteric and Counterpoint have a new release and it's reported that Hallmark will soon have a low-priced stereo line.

This release reportedly contains 14 titles. But where were stereo singles in the discussion? Not yet, but soon. The disks will be 45 r. The purpose of issuing the buck stereos, according to Bel Canto Prexy Ross Malloy, is to further provide mass appeal to the stereodisk concept by offering product within easy reach of any purse.

The selections are 45 r. Malloy said Bel Canto will await reaction to the buck stereos before crystalizing a releasing schedule of 45 r. In the meantime, the firm is preparing four additional stereodisk LP's for release July In retrospect, the four were slow starters, and nobody was much interested in stereo 45s. That is, until September September 1, , Billboard, Page 3: The unit consists of The article announced that with the new stereo juke box, a package of ten stereo RCA extended play records will be included with each unit.

On page 68 of the same issue: What About "45" Singles, EPs? CHICAGO - With the introduction of a stereo jukebox principle by Wurlitzer, the immediate question raised by the operating trade will be, how about 45 rpm singles in stereo?

Note that the Wurlitzer announcement was for a "principle," not an actual commercial jukebox that was ready at that time. The Wurlitzer S, shown at right, was still a few months of work away.

It wouldn't be long before the idea of stereo singles heated up. In fact, by the next week September 8, , Billboard, Page 1: Bel Canto, a west coast tape label which recently released its original tape product in the form of elaborately packaged stereo LPs, is the first known firm to release stereo singles, for the primary purpose A guarded announcement from RCA-Victor indicates that the company "will release stereo singles in the not too distant future.

Billboard polled the various labels to find out what was planned. In summary, World Wide Records promised stereo singles in three weeks; Imperial planned a Francis Faye single next month; Atco was considering it; Capitol had no immediate plans; Columbia would see if demand develops; Decca and Kapp had no plans; and Dot said "we can convert.

Executives were already targeting stereo singles for the adult markets, but It's also pointed out that teenagers are likely to be gradually "spoiled" to the wonders of the new medium by hearing players belonging to their parents.

They will want stereo, too, it's been said, even if it's stereo rock and roll. A very typical statement by record executives. Remember at this point, rock and roll was still relatively new, and most were betting on it being a passing fad. September 22, , Billboard, Page 2: RCA-Victor was relatively early into stereo singles, and was one of the last labels to abandon them in More stereo singles were issued on 45s by RCA than by any other label. October 27, , Billboard, page Here's Complete List of Stereo Singles and EP's Now Available For the convenience of their juke box operator readers the list was in the Coin Machine section , Billboard attempted to put together a complete list of stereo 45s and stereo EPs then on the market.

On the list for stereo 45s were the four Bel Canto singles, the M-G-M promo single by Joni James released in September, and eight stereo 45s released by Jubilee that month. November 10, , Billboard, Page 2: Actually, that was about as clear as mud, but November 17, , Billboard: Seeburg debuts its own model S stereo juke box, beating their rival Wurlitzer to market with the first stereo juke box.

The same month, Wurlitzer introduced their model S to distributors, with the official launch delayed until the third week in January, Also in the same issue, Page A number of the label's current hottest singles are being released in the stereo versions. November 24, , Billboard: Records invaded the stereo EP field this week with its initial release of 18 disks.

Move was prompted by the juke box industry's introduction of stereo equipment. Material for the release was culled from the label's LP albums. December 8, , Billboard: Results of their survey was that stereo juke boxes are ready for regular releases of stereo singles right now.

The stereo EP features four sides by Eydie Gorme from her best selling albums. December 29, , Billboard, Page 4: Basie is represented by three separate platters, while Rodgers and Glenn each have two singles in the stereo release.

January 19, , Billboard, Page 3: Mercury Records' jump into the single stereo business is an indication of the attention that manufacturers are paying to this potential new market. Up until now there have been token introductions of stereo singles and EP's, with Victor the only firm among majors out with both EP and single stereo disks. On Page 4, another issue that would be around for decades made its debut: Currently there is controversy over whether a stereo record should have wide separation or narrow separation, with some firms favoring one, and vice versa.

Does the consumer want to purchase a stereo record with a widely separated band so that he really makes use of the two speakers in his equipment? Or would he rather hear a good blend on each speaker so the recording does not sound gimmicky? Interestingly enough, that question has never been definitively answered, but seems to depend on who is mixing the records.

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