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I never recall PHP throwing an error if you use more arguments than needed. You never know though…. I will try to investigate it further. Thanks so much, Lea. I really am excited at the idea of making RGBa work across browsers with something as easy as this.

I want a playground where I can test out fun stuff — not be stuck in the dark ages! Hopefully, if people read through this thread, they can fix it themselves — or you could update the article to explain the easy work around. This is simply great. I am going to use it right now for a site I just finished full of rgba: BTW, great blog with very useful info. Those were truly amazing people! But even the recent ALA survey results http: Might be of use for some of the rgba work arounds.

If you are suggesting that somebody could build a javascript solution for that, your point is valid of course, and such a script would be interesting. However, what happens to this little percentage of users that have disabled js? In most cases where rgba backgrounds are used, the text would be completely unreadable without them.

Fixed the blog in IE! Do you know which script works with your PHP script? PNG alpha transparency in IE6 is probably its most popular bug. Just use any script that fixes it and it should be ok just ensure it works with background-repeat.

Try creating a simple test case with a locally stored copy of such a png and sending it to Drew along with a brief description of the bug.

I wrote a blog post about it: Another workaround could also be to use an. It would also solve the caching issues it has in IE sometimes. Everything was working for a minute, then I refreshed, and now I get this error: I got this to work and I the transparency shows up at first.

However when I did a refresh in IE8, the png image seems to disappear. However as soon as I do the refresh it disappears. I can repeat this over and over. Have you tried navigating via HTTP to that file? As for when it works: Yes the file does display when I navigate to it directly. Your script works the first time. I can help you into debugging it, but I just noticed you commented on the original post and not the version 2 post.

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Go link cuteten nakedgirlfuck com. How do you stack up? I recently turned 25, put myself through school not cheap , bought my own house at 20, and still managed to grow my net worth to over k not tied up in illiquid real estate. That being said, people of all age groups could easily exceed these modest net worth averages by not placing so much value on materialism.

Friends of mine both old and young , have incomes in the hundreds of thousands and some millions per year. Yet have little, if any, saved relative to their income. I love all these 20 or 25 yr old kids who have K or more net worth. Great job in saving that much! But what was your net worth when you were 25? When my mortgage payment loan percent was greater than the bank interest paid me I paid off the mortgage. I paid my way through school while working full time and emerged with no debt.

I spent the time from 21 — 23 working 80 — hour weeks and now support my father, not vice versa. Despite this I am about to turn 24 with a net worth of k. Presumptuous yes… Obnoxious maybe…. Because you are an outlier does not make the statement false, especially since the statistics of this article back his statement up.

Worked my tail off my whole life so far. No one has or is going to give me anything. I had to earn all of it. No, just know the reality of life. Taught by Great Depression mentality of my Father. Always am talking to my kids. They seem sensible about things such as this. Hope they remember these conversations we have. People need more than they think by these charts.

Medical I assume is covered at that time by employer if you are lucky to take you to 67 for Medicare. This will cover all taxes, insurance, food, utilities, clothing, auto repairs, little bit of travel but not much, and other sundries.

Anything able to be gotten above that is gravy. Once you hit 62, Social Security can kick in and help out, and the outlay from the K-1M initial can start to be built back up from prior withdrawals, hopefully to the point that it becomes self sustaining with positive cash flows into instead of out. Wish all well and hope those that need to save start doing so as soon as they are back on their feet from this terrible economic situation we are in now.

Anyone my age expecting social security when they retire is in for a real bad surprise and should be saving more than current experts suggest. Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme by a gentler moniker! They want you to think it will be gone. The ruling rich class does not want to pay you a dime, they want to work the life out of you and throw you away.

As long as regular folks stick together and demand benefits nobody will ever take them away. Im not talking socialism either, I am talking about a society that demands for a reasonible effort to take care of its retired and disadvanted individuals.

Over half of retired Americans find S. S their major source of funds. I believe over half of them find it their ONLY source of funds. Age bias as a consultant is not as prevalent as a consultant vs.

Cutting to the chase: We need to remain where we are in the north east due to client presence and a great amount of electronic equipment and a small machine shop in my square foot basement. I am pretty much in the same boat as you are. My husband, 61, and I, 59 are retiring this year.

We are hoping that we will be able to subsist without having to draw from our savings for our retirement. Do you think we could do it? It is true that pensions are going through a major overhaul.

We just had major changes that will affect our overall pension funding. Meanwhile, I have to save balls to the walls, as taking the lump sum option would grossly minimize my benefit, even with the 72t option. I will retire right before my 48th birthday with a three legged combined income stream of about 65k the initial year and COLA after that. I will have to be careful to look at my contingency place — which is to take the lump sum option should I have to, and invest that while I live off of my funds.

Hopefully i can make my income work for me, no matter what the case and move over to open a job for someone else. Would never be able to get that deal in the private sector. Been a while since I last wrote. Quite a few scenarios out there. Looks like the public employees are steam rolling over anything the average working person can ever hope to retire with.

I took a good beating since I last wrote with investments and house value. Still figure to be OK though since almost everyone has also been hammered. Current investments much more solid. Most in my field do. Add K minimum for paid off house. Keeping risk low now until post election. Good for you, Daniel. It is not easy, but has been rewarding for you and the others with similar stories in similar positions, I hope.

People may find it difficult to believe how it is possible to be disheartened with such nice savings levels right now, but the last four to five years have been nothing short of devastating and confidence shaking for people like you who worked really, really hard, felt they did everything right, and got caught in the flash crashes, general market down turns, and mortgage mess, a sandbox we never played in.

The idea those people with some wealth built up this way should be taxed or should lose their promised retirement perks from the government are appalling.

Congress needs to turn the mirror to itself and resolve to solve what they can of this mess to restore confidence while not killing the progress we are making so far. While most of the idiots in the army waste their money, buy big trucks, or pop out a dozen kids, I save my money. My net worth is over k. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Take a look at the unemployment rates for high school grads compared to college grads?

The mistake kids make is that they think college has to be a six figure cost. Community colleges or commuting to 4 year schools can make a big difference so you are not saddled with debt. My retort to your ignorant comment is that im 25 and i went to college and i make k a year.

Why dont you not give advice to those whose minds are not quite developed. Maybe if kids started learning math and science in this country we wouldnt have to ask china to pay our bills. The army is a place for people who dont belong in jail. I agree many young americans waste their time and resources attending college, and maybe they shouldnt be there, but dont preach your bullshit if you dont know what kind of opportunities higher education can provide since the military is not equivalent.

But I make K a year. I have a net worth of 6 million. Not to burst your bubble but a pharmasist salary is great to start but you will be making about the same money in 15 years.

I can absolutely believe this. I just turned 39, never had the opertunity to attend collage and have a net worth of over 10M. It took the most time to get the first million, even through the great recession growth was still much easier then my start.

Just my 2 cents. Good for you Jack. Teach others what you do and make them understand why it is important to look out for yourself like you are. Keep getting educated though. You will need it. One day you will leave the Army and will likely need more than what a retirement check from Uncle Sam will give you for 20 years service. First off let me say many of the people here who have commented are doing a great job on there future retirement goals.

I for one have been a saver and took it further by realizing that it is not what you save but how much you spend. I realized in a foreign country like Thailand where I reside now I can live off my savings very easily. My cost of living has gone down to one forth what it was in the U. I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath luxury condo on the 19th floor with views that stretch out to the horizon and a beautiful lake at my feet with every imenity you could want eat organic foods the best health care and insurance transportation is provided cheap by taxis everywhere at my beck and call.

The beauty of this is my savings are not being depleted like you would imagine because the interest from my investments go so much further than they ever would in the overpriced hype of the U. I am interested in knowing what the net worth of people in Los Angeles Beach cities are, such as Redondo Beach. Yet house prices are sky high. I suspect people are thinking that real estate is their retirement plan. And I am nowhere near retirement.

I would be bored! Not sure if I want to own a house anyway. I started working by mowing lawns and working as a caddy when I was As soon as I was old enough to work I had a summer job. I paid for my own cell phone, own gasoline, and own car insurance. I will contend that my parents loaned me their 11 year old used car to use while I was in high school. However, upon my entrance to college they sold the car. I am currently going to college on full academic scholarship for 4 years to study civil engineering.

This salary will help me pay for my meals, books, and allow me to pay off a new car before graduation. I think it is very conceivable for a self made man or woman to achieve the numbers that have been mentioned in the previous comments.

Not to mention, I feel that the people who actually understand financial matters and care enough to look up these topics online, typically are the ones who are financially ahead of the majority of Americans who are head over heels in debt. And there really is not a difference between being given a full ride scholarship and having mommy and daddy pay for you, the point is your wallet is not taking the hit. Which further solidfies the point that the poster you are replying to made.

By the way my story is the exact same as yours, same degree, same employment offer…. Difference, I paid for my school. Kids be very careful of the whole college trap. I am 45 years old net worth 2. I got into construction right out of high school!

I make K or more a year, but my body just cant do the hard labor any more! So without a degree i would be lucky to make 30k doing something that doesent hurt my body! I have a nice net worth as well.

So you have made a lot of money in the trade. It might be time to use youre experiance and money and become a manager, trust me the phone is lighter than a hammer and seams to make a lot more money! Long time Mike, sorry to ruin your day but this liar made over 2 million on a real estate deal last month!

Step up and make me prove it! Or you could do another bong hit! Hmmm…is that Cliff as in Cliff Claven? At first you made k or more and now you make k.

No, I know plenty of guys who went into construction. I have witnessed it all. In my personal experience, guy did horrible work. Invested all his money into his little estate and the foundation cracked. He has to go out of state to land jobs. You do good work. But at the same time you get burned. I just got burned 60k yesterday.

Hopefully I will earn it back within the next week. I am know make over k in my construction job this year with government contracts. I even did this with obamacare stealing for the good working citizens. I am sick of all of all you people taking my taxes. You should all work for me if obamacare and socialists are no longer. You sound like a fucking tool. It seems having ones own successful business is the only way to feather a nest than eat like the birds.: Harry, you drive a Camry and you have not made your wife cum in years.

You think you have a great job but you dont! You shop at Wall Mart! You sit your fat ass in front of the TV every Sunday and watch football! You might even have a fantacy team! Yea i cant spell for shit, but i nailed you and i am rich!!!!!!! Stop pretending to be a baller.

One can get a very good quality education at a community college and finish the other two years at a state university. I do recommend people to finish their masters degrees too because unfortunately a Bachelor degree these days is as common as a high school diploma was thirty years ago. You have to work harder to stand out and earn the big bucks. I recommend working on your MS degree while you are in your professional field after your BS degree.

By going to a state university, you save yourself from the enormous student debt and you gain wealth faster than the graduates of the snobby schools. A smart graduate would start a k and Roth IRA right away. The Ivy league graduates will be too burdened by debt to fund a k or IRA.

You get a jump on them and will retire before them with lots nice cars and a nice house. I am a financial advisor and think these figures are well represented for the population as a whole…Many people spend as much or more than they make.

This in turn precipitates into the low money syndrome where most people are short on cash. At the end, it is you who have to look at in the mirror when you retire. It pains me to see the same thing happening over and over again…some families taking financial advise from their broke relatives perpetuated by the global media. It was over k before the stock market went to the dumpster. Most of mine is in cash, but some in my house.

I am the sole bread winner in my family. But k around where I live can buy you a nice new sqft home which in CA would cost well over 1 million dollars. Education does help if you get the right degree. Although my parents did pay for my education, my net worth was the result of my hard work and no-one elses. My goal is 2 million by the time I retire.. Cash will not take you there. Over the hill, I agree with your advice. I am one of those prodigious accumulators of wealth. While I do use credit and it amounts to 0.

One should take indulgences though. I am 19 and I have already saved 3k in my k. I have in my savings account, in my checking and a paid off credit card with a dollar limit. I have my college paid for through my work, I think I am definitely off to a great start. Vince, I agree, you are off to a great start! I did not start investing until age You will never regret starting investing in your teens.

I regret NOT starting investing earlier than I did. I am 52, married, with two kids left to put through college. A million dollars net worth is great by the age of You and your wife would be grossing 65k a year in a foriegn country like thailand that would be equavilent to k a year in the USA your life would be anything that your heart desires living like royalty for sure.

So I have a million dollar net worth at age 52, and my retirement choices will be to either live on a rice-farm in Thailand, or a trailer-park in the US. Steve, perhaps you are being overly negative.

If you have saved up a million dollars, with your peak earning years still ahead of you, that is great. Stop encouraging more farangs to go to Thailand Steven! Thailand is not as cheap as it was 20 years ago. Probably a lot more. But it is still a lot cheaper than retiring in the United States. I would honestly say that a single person over 50 years old who has a retirement visa in Thailand could live on 24k a year about k baht.

This is for someone that eats like the locals baht or 1. It would also include a monthly rent of about dollars a month for efficiency studio or one bedroom in Bangkok.

So if you add in another dollars a month for entertainment, soap, shampoo, travel, laundry, etc. For most people with golfing as a hobby, and other things to stay active, I would say that between 3k to 4k usd is more accurate. Buy an annuity with your 1 million dollars and get dollars a month and you are set for life.

If you can wait another years then interest rates will go up and you will be able to get to a month with an immediate annuity. But rates must go up a lot more than the present. So there it is folks, Thailand retirement for those with 1 million dollars.

Live like a king in the land of smiles. Your figures are pretty high for expenses. Better to live just outside the city in the Suburburbs, this way you can get much cheaper housing, much quieter and cleaner air to breath without all the crowds. I have never spent a month here and I live like royalty.

I usally spend about 16, dollars U. I think it would be useful to slice and dice by where a person lives ie based on city size. Really puts things into perspective. Very interesting, love the stats too. I thought the numbers would be a bit higher to be honest. But I guess net worth excludes primary home. So I think I am in the ballpark. I have a wife and two daughters with college bills ahead of me and a new business to start.

I embrace the opportunity and the challenges ahead of me in these difficult times. I live within my means have never owned a luxury car and love each day that I get to spend on this beautiful earth. Money is important but it is not everything. Doing the Millionaire Next Door thing, although I will treat myself to creature comforts from time to time. My only upset is that my extra-curricular entrepreneurial ambitions have borne little fruit. How do I have 50K at 25?

I spend lots of time planning budgets and goals on spreadsheets and reading websites like these. No fancy smart phone, no cable that never has anything good on anyway , almost never pay full price for anything. That said, take a girl out now and then. You sound smart and funny. Atributes a real women would be looking for. While your living, disposable income is a better measure of wealth than net worth. How much you have to spend outside your basic needs is real wealth. You need to keep things such as a home and car.

When you die or have a financial emergency then net worth assets such as a home, property, etc. You, or your heirs, can turn it into disposable income producing assets or use it to pay off debt. The differences between living on a coast and in the middle of the country are huge when you consider things like rent or mortgages, insurance, and other cost of living items.

You can find details at earlyretirementextreme dot com. I started my career as a high school teacher in the Bay area which has a relatively high cost of living making less than 40k a year. My wife and I were able to save and invest 20k my first year of teaching, and as our salaries grew we kept out spending levels at roughly the same level.

Now that we are both 32 we have saved a little more than k we do not own a house and have no debt. We got a late start because we had to pay off college debt — if I had been smarter and had gone to community college first then transferred, we could have shaved a couple more years off of our retirement or if you prefer, financial independence date.

Hold yourself to a higher standard. Figure out what your freedom and time are worth, and go for it. Do you really need to eat out every day? Do you really need to own all the latest high-end electronics and games? Do you really need to buy everything new? Do you really need to buy that book or movie at all? I agree that many people spend their money on stupid things. Just as many people would look at me and say…. There is more to life than saving money at every possible corner of life.

I have no choice but to live with it. The bulk of my worth is in paid for real estate and mutual funds. The problem with retirement would be current income in my case so I guess I will just keep working. Will you networth protect you from the economy? The economy is non-linear. Non-linear equates to chaos theory. Chaos is one of Physics Foibles — non-predictable. Butterflies may cause tornadoes!!! Married once and still married. Only real estate I own is my home.

No other income or major assets. If you can fund yourself through age 67, wait before taking your social security. At age 58, it will still be there for you. It is the 20 and 30 year olds who may see their taxes rise or their retirement age pushed back. Andy, k is not alot for a house in many places. I detect that you are resentful and jealous and the same time. God bless the world!!

Doing more calculations my wife will collect SS at 62 and I will delay mine. If I die first my wife will collect my larger SS check. Personal finance was something I had to learn on my own.

Max out your K, live in a house you can afford, pay of all CCk, stay married and never buy a new car. Took a bit of a hit in the housing and stock market, but nothing like some folks. Drive a 7 year old paid off car when I have to, but only drive on the weekends. Zero credit card debt. Zero student loan debt just paid off. My biggest mistake is buying a home when I did.

It needs work and the value has dropped at least 20 percent. To make up for the loss I put, at least, an extra towards my mortgage every month. Needless to say, those plans are mostly on hold. At least 10 to 20K lost on those already. If I was renting still I could arguably save another thousand dollars a month between mortgage and repairs. My pay will likely take a hit in the coming years with the anti-government sentiment reaching new highs.

Unfortunately, professional staff who are underpaid for their experience and education will go down with the overpaid, uneducated state workers. I hope to sell my home in and move to a state a little more progressive than Ohio where jobs and pay are better. I will be renting wherever I end up. If it is any consolation, I was in your shoes in when the housing bubble burst last time. After 15, they went crazy again and I sold. You are doing a lot better than most year-olds, and if you stay the course, you will easily have a seven-figure net worth by the time you retire.

My one regret was adding on to and improving my home. I sold the home to a developer at the height of the market, and it all tasted the same to the bulldozer. A lot of other people are counting on Social Security which will be a rude shock when benefits are cut in or thereabouts. Otherwise, retirement will be a rather bleak and sad existence. And yet, many baby boomers are slated to retire in the near future, and 1 out of 5 has bubkis in the bank.

We had to close our store in due to the economy and the tremendous debt run up to keep the business going as long as we did. We had to file Chapter 7 personally and for our business.

Unfortunately, it will take winning the lottery or a large inheritance to see us through our retirement years. We plan to work til we die!! I am sorry toy hear that Drew.

Make your own booklet not difficult. You could do this from home part time or full. Whatever floats your boat. I know this guy that is doing K in his basement doing what I just told you. These numbers really do not surprise me at all. The under 25 category speaks for itself. This does not take into account inheritance. Boomers will inherit the largest sum of money in human history… bar the Romans…. This is silly, I am 25 and have over k.

They are saying the average for 25 year old is 8 k? My wife and I decided when we married 38 years ago that we had no intention of working into our sixties. My wife retired at age I retired when I reached Today we have a net worth close to two million dollars.

We were able to amass this amount by investing, rather than buying every new gimmick sold by advertisers. Today we travel around the world for up to three months a year. The one thing I have learned about those who seem to own all the newest items which come on the market. I am now 60 and my wife is So our net worth is well above the average for our age group.

If we were able to start with nothing and be where we are today financially. Thinking I should invest in real estate, what other investments might be a good idea?

And it does not say if these value are the sum of the account value in the range divided by the population or divided by the number of accounts.

Some people have no account. So if you divide by the total population, then you get a low number, however the average or median value of each account is much higher!

However, fretting over status, and become obsessed with mounting an oblivious pile of money critical Mass you are still a slave to that, and might as well be in debt, because you are never satisfied. A true measure of a man is not how much he makes , but how he spends it. Enjoy life and spend it well before you have a heart attack worrying about it. I am 58, invested in single family homes. Waited till the market boomed it cycles about every 7 years , then refinanced one and paid off the rest.

Did this a few times until I have a dozen homes with rental income along with my salary. I pay my ex a large amount every year, and have to watch out for female predators! Listen to the sage advice of people who have been through the tough times. Life can, and is very good here in the U. These are statistics and they do not lie! Most Americans fail to realize cars, houses, cloths, furniture do not count as an asset and only liquid funds do.

We live in a very ignorant society!!!! The home is most certainly an asset. The mortgage is a liability. I am currently 19 years old, and the career I am planning to go into will make around k per year. Problem is, by the age of 30 I need to accumulate close to k of wealth so that I can write my parents a k check so I can buy them a home in their dream country Japan. Btw, currently I have 15k saved up, and next summer I should be pulling in another k, so I should be graduating college with at least 20k.

I work closely with these wall street crooks so I can give u some good stock advice. Stocks are a scam. U only make money if u know the game is rigged. Crystal was built for Californians! Dude, this is the right line for you. We try never to use this site to take away business from those readers who enjoy a relationship with a professional consultant.

Readers who wish to work with us must fill out an application and we try to make certain the fit is mutually comfortable. We can operate with transparency because there is no shortage of upscale travelers who wish to work with us on a complimentary basis. This site's primary purpose has nothing to do with the solicitation of our readers. We have received some amazing pricing from Emerald Waterways.

There are better options. But off-season travel still has great appeal to us provided you are willing deal with the cold and rain and possibility of water level issues.

Emerald is the lower-priced, non-inclusive, arm of highly rated Scenic. It is an Australian operation with really modern touches and a somewhat younger crowd than one traditionally finds on the rivers. They compete with Viking River and represent excellent value if you are not looking for an inclusive experience. Would August or September present issues? Which month would be a better choice to avoid flooding or drought issues? Regarding your overall ratings, would you recommend the Crystal Ravel 7-Day cruise Vienna to Budapest or the day Vienna round-trip on the Crystal Mozart.

Thanks for your assistance. A - We do not recommend that you make a decision based on likely flooding or drought. It can happen at any time - and has.

More relevant are the likely heat levels along your route in August. If you stay outside of that time frame you are increasing your chances of weather-related issues. The choice between the two Crystal programs is difficult. We like the ten-day itinerary better on the Mozart but the Ravel is a gorgeous, new ship that is setting standards within the industry.

Let's say that the biggest rookie mistake when it comes to booking river cruises, other than being price-obsessed, is the "SIWLT" Syndrone Seeing if we like it. You will love it - stats show that - so opt for something in the Day range. If you are concerned you won't like it and want to just try it for seven days, don't go to Europe at all.

Visit the in-laws in Secaucus. Whatever happens makes for an adventure. But lately we have discovered river cruising. In Europe we tend to be the couple that "does their own thing" but we are branching out to countries where we may not be able to see the "real" country by car. We just returned from an Avalon Mekong river cruise and I have to say it was very well done.

Very diverse activities, knowledgeable cruise director and guides, beautiful boat, wonderful food. Very diverse passengers which we LOVE by the way. Out of 34 guests, we Americans numbered 5. Still, I am curious if the water is clean enough for showering? Meaning, should you be careful with orifices? Any information would be appreciated regarding the water on-board. We plan on many future cruises in areas like the Mekong. I know, this was an unusual question but I am very serious.

Wondering if one could pick up an infection due to the shower water not being clean enough if you are meticulous with getting all body parts washed. A - Unfortunately we have let our orifice consulting license expire.

But, off the record, cruise ship shower heads are not normally equipped with bacterial filters and the water is often treated but not purified. The best way to describe it is storage tank water. We think that the water would produce high bacteria yields if tested in a proactive manner so we would urge caution in terms of shower use.

The truth, of course, is that yours is the first question we've seen on this delicate topic. We do advise using bottled water, as you did, to brush your teeth in Vietnam waters. But the majority of river cruises are passing through Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Hungary, along with rivers in France and Portugal.

In western Europe, water is generally safer and of a higher quality than your municipal water supply in the United States. We think you should be far more concerned about the contaminated storage tank water used to make coffee and tea on aircraft not to mention the water served in coach class on most airlines. If you ever take a trip along the Volga River in Russia be particularly aware that the water from taps will make you quite ill.

Many travelers to Russia are unaware that they are in a "Red Alert" country as concerns the water supply. Our girls are great travelers and they are curious and we want to take them on a river cruise in April or May. They would have to miss school but, with the right program, I think that exploring the towns along the Rhine would be wonderful for my girls and my husband and I really need a break.

But from everything we read, we'd love a river cruise, but this is a vacation for AARP subscribers? Is there anything close to what I am looking for - including adjoining cabins.

The thought of the four of us sharing one of those Monk cells on a river boat turns me off. I'm really interested in what the girls might be able to do to make this a special trip and we would be eternally grateful. So run, don't walk, and contact someone special to set this up. We want you to travel in May - always avoid April on the Rhine. The boat does have adjoining cabins - perfect for your family. There are all sorts of Disney-style activities for the kids led by on-board Adventure Guides.

Then there are canal boats in the Strasbourg area, canoeing on the Ile River, and horseback riding in the Alsace region. Perhaps best of all, you are certainly guaranteed to have other kids on-board as these sailings will be heavily booked. There will be a Junior Adventurers table in the dining room, so you and your husband will be able to enjoy dinner most evenings in the company of adults.

We really appreciate your question because we find that most of the families we turn on to this new Disney River Cruise partnership with AMA are unaware that it existed.

Q - We have never cruised, used a travel agency, or done a river boat cruise. So we're novices and looking for your excellent counsel. To get the most out of our time in Germany, along the Rhine, we would have a particular interest in Jewish history.

We will be traveling in the summer of next year and were wondering if there is a particular program you would recommend. We like the fact that you are willing to "name names" so please name us a name. Sailings will feature tours especially created for the traveler interested in Jewish culture and special on-board lectures on the Jewish history of the region will be offered. This replaces and improves a previous version of this program on a different Rhine-Main itinerary offered in Non-Jewish guests will still be able to choose more traditional tour offerings along the route.

This is likely to be the best available program for the kind of focus you are seeking. And welcome to the world of cruising. There are untold pleasures ahead. We would want to take our time, perhaps a year, docking and staying in towns along the way. But I am not finding much on the internet to get me started and am wondering if you have any suggestions? A - We would first contact a company called Le Boat. They are quite large and should be a good place to begin. Le Boat is based in West Sussex, England and easily reachable at www.

That will start you off with the basics. The big issue, of course, is where will you and your boat be in the winter months. But hailing from Alaska, we know you'll work that one out. Our travel agent felt we were right for Viking because we're kind of conservative mid-westerners and, although we drink, we don't like the idea of paying for other people's drinks on the boats where the liquor and beer is free-flowing all the time. Those cruises sound more like party cruises when we're more interested in the history and culture.

As the largest, most successful line, I would imagine they have things pretty well worked out? A - Yes, you are so right. Those river cruises on Crystal, Scenic, and especially Tauck are all drunken bacchanals. You just have to step over them. And the parties - fugettaboutit. You are going to be much better off being nickel and dimed for every drink you take outside of dining hours. Actually, Viking has a reasonable drink policy.

Beer and wine is included at lunch and dinner and during certain shipboard events and tastings. At other times, wine, beer, and cocktails are available for sale at prices that are close to what you would pay in a nice restaurant at home.

Some guests on Viking from the evil drinking states along the east and west coasts order Viking's Silver Spirits package which offers unlimited drinks at all hours.

The general rule of thumb on this kind of package is that it makes financial sense of Mr; and Mrs. You will see some of your fellow guests purchasing drink items ashore and keeping the necessities in their in-room fridge. The notion that an all-inclusive river cruise means you are paying for other people's drinks has some validity but, in the scheme of things, it really means that one more on-board "spend center" is eliminated and must be included in the fare.

That can also include gratuities, as well as shore excursions that are often sold at additional cost despite the line's promise to include shore excursions. The top three lines in our ratings, for instance, do not even offer more expensive, additional cost tour options. The non-inclusive lines like Viking do. With all these "spend centers" removed, the top three or four lines must charge significantly more than the bottom three or four lines in the ratings.

That is hard to talk about in print but it comes up often. The fact is that the more expensive lines attract a different core clientele than the entry-level, river boat lines with add-on, a la carte pricing practices. We want you to be excited about your cruise and we think you are going to love Viking. Their ships are beautiful. Q - We have a friend who sees himself as quite the travel expert. He says that the new Crystal Mozart, which you rave about, is actually too fat to do a normal Danube itinerary and he thinks that the ship may, someday, be slimmed down.

He also says that is why Crystal came up with this Vienna to Vienna round-trip itinerary that no one else uses. Their "fatty" is just too big top fit in most of the Danube ports. As we are strongly considering sailing this ship, based entirely on the recommendations on RBR, we wonder if you have a reaction.

Our friend lives in Saskatchewan so he could be wrong. Thank you for your entertaining question. From purely a marketing standpoint, we would use different wording to discuss the lady's girth. The Mozart is almost twice as wide as other ships plying the Danube.

She is a full 75 feet across. This width actually is quite an advantage and is the reason why the Mozart does the Danube with an over-sized sundeck with a retractable bar, an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, a larger than normal gym, and four restaurants. Your friend has only a slight point. The Mozart really can't navigate up the Danube on the stretch of river above Passau. But the idea of sailing round-trip out of Vienna has proven extremely popular and all of the major sites along the Danube like the Wachau Valley and the Melk Abbey are still available to Mozart guests along the most beautiful section of the river.

The fact is that the Mozart may have initiated a new, as yet unheralded. This ship could be a serious game-changer. The AmaMagna will be the largest river ship in Europe with staterooms that average square feet. The ship will be placed on the Danube will have alternative restaurants, al fresco dining, and an aft deck with kayaks and jet skis. Due to the height of bridges along the route, and the ever-present concerns about water levels, the new ship will be wider than usual not higher than usual.

The larger boat will jump up the AMA guest count on its typical ships from to guests. While not quite as large, the Viking River Long Boats have also contributed to the birth of girth on several of Europe's rivers.

Many industry observers will keep their eyes on the AmaMagna and its booking trends. Could it be that, when it comes to river cruising, size really does matter? Q - Our travel agent is holding a tentative deposit for a trip with Pandaw from Laos to China. This sounds as though it is a really deluxe company but we would appreciate your take on it before we pull the trigger.

We've done eight Crystal cruises, one Tauck river cruise and now we're looking to see some of this part of the world. We figure we'll see a lot as the trip is two weeks. We love photography, history, and being away from "fake news" for two weeks. Our agent knows we are contacting you. A - We're sure that your agent is thrilled with that news. She may not be thrilled with our response. Noting that we don't know you, have never spoken to you, and there are many questions we would want to discuss first, our reaction is that this is a trip you ought to carefully re-consider.

Pandaw is deluxe relative to many of its competitors. But many Americans don't see it that way. They have 16 boats with no more than 60 guests and each boat is a replica of a traditional colonial steamer. This day itinerary operates between Vientiane and China's lovely Yunnan province. It is a new, rather adventurous journey and you will see lots if jungle and some stunning scenery. But you won;t cover much territory and we think, for your first trip, there are better ways to experience more in two weeks traveling on a specially designed group tour with some day river cruise components.

We have found that their river cruise product is superior to their on-ground planning services. This one should be carefully researched before putting down a binding deposit. It will be nice getting away "fake news" stories. In Laos all newspapers are owned by the State - so no problems there. Q - I've read all of the brochures and marketing swill put out by the travel industry about cruising on the river in Europe. My wife wants to joins friend who only know the Danube - I believe they think it is the only river east of the Mississippi.

I just found this site and feel confident in asking you if I should just go with the river flow or if I should fight for the Duoro.

I love good wine as does one-half of the other couple. I'll let you figure out if it is the wife or the husband. We've been to Europe twice our friends have, I believe been on one Globus Tour. We're in our mid-sixties and price is not really a major issue. Enjoy reading your material. But we have a soft spot for the lesser-known Duoro and since fifty percent of your small group enjoys wine, that would seem like a battle worth waging.

The Duoro starts in Northern Spain and winds its way west through Spain. Where it hits the Atlantic it serves as the border between Spain and Portugal. But the really navigable section of the river for tourism purposes is a beautiful stretch in Portugal. In fact, the beauty of this area might best be understood when considering that the entire Duoro River Valley has been designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

It appears to be the men against the women in terms of your itinerary choices. Have a nice time on the Danube. Q - We went online to book a cruise and got totally confused. Then we called an agent, at your suggestion, and got really confused.

We're trying to book the Tauck Sapphire from Paris and the room descriptions are all screwed up -nothing seems to match what is in the brochure and online. We're trying to book a cabin on the Ruby deck. I just don't understand how this could happen with a company with such a great reputation.

It is making me feel that we should be looking at Viking River. At least the cabins on their web site match the cabins described by the travel agent.

Is anything going on at Tauck that we should know about? Have they sold their ships? This is quite common among river boat companies. Viking River does own its own boats and is an exception in that regard. What you are experiencing is the crossover as Tauck has redesigned your ship, as well of all of the older river boats in their fleet. In fact, the Sapphire was gutted. The biggest changes have been made to the Ruby Deck where 30 sq.

There are still fourteen sq. So your confusion, and that of some of the folks you have been dealing with, has to do with Tauck's ongoing process to eliminate cabins on all of its ships and to enlarge many of its mid-range cabins substantially. The number of guests aboard the Sapphire, for example, has been reduced from to just Does any of this have to do with Crystal's appearance on Europe's rivers with near five-star ships?

It is more than a coincidence. Tauck is not a company that likes to settle for second-best. Q - We are extremely excited about our first riverboat cruise in France on the Uniworld Joie de Vivre. It sounds fantastic but we wonder if you have any additional information on our ability to dance. You know, the Hully Gully and the Twist? Our agent thinks they will have dancing. The idea of dancing as we sail out of Paris is just so appealing. Are we going to be able to cut a rug on this cruise?

A - No, we're sorry, dancing with be limited to the Watusi exclusively. You are referring to the Club L'Esprit, a new venue that will be a juice bar and pool by day which will transform into a supper club at night.

The dance floor will sit atop the retractable pool cover so keep the Hully down a bit least you fall through into the water. Claude's will be a supper Club with live music. It won't be opened every night - the current plan is to serve small dishes with a French flair with Claude's operating about three nights per cruise. This is an experiment - let's give Uniworld credit for trying.

We are a bit concerned that the dancing may be a bit more tame than what you are expecting. But you can change that! Even Tauck has cabins that are square feet and "Loft" rooms where you have to go up some stairs to actually look out at the river. For those of us who appreciate room and comfort, while avoiding river boat steerage, are there any boats, now or planned for the future, that will provide some really nice space for their occupants?

A - To date, the jury is still out on the largest suites afloat. Some go unbooked because of cost issues. Will a river boat be built that is all-suite? Our guess is that a true all-suite river boat is too risky a financial gamble for most but we will see such a boat launched in Asia or South America.

For now, the largest suite is the two-bedroom aboard the Crystal Mozart at sq. All of the lines "Rhine Class" new-builds will have top-suites of sq. The Scenic Royal Panorama Suites are sq. It stars going down from there. Crystal has the largest suites on Europe's rivers by a wide margin. Forgive my ignorance, but how do these river boats handle the ocean waves given their low draft?

A - They don't. They are not equipped to do ocean cruising because killing your passengers at sea would make for a public relations headache. The fact is that Viking has launched a new cruise line called Viking Cruises. The initial inspection reports have been quite favorable and we think that VC is a viable option for many budget-minded cruisers seeking a reliable product with lots of contemporary Scandinavian vibes. Some in the industry describe Viking Cruises by what it does not have - on-board photographers - casinos - art auctions.

It is described as an "inclusive" cruise experience because, as with three river boats, the cruises include basic shore excursions and they have promotional air programs. They seem to be legitimate. We are looking for a line we can take to both Europe and France in the next couple of years. We are not drinkers and, to be frank, we are on a budget. So I guess what we are asking for is a recommendation.

We like contemporary versus a more traditionally-furnished boat and, if possible, a younger, more energetic crowd we're in our late 30's.

Are there several lines that jump out at you or one that seems most appropriate? But the line that we think might appeal the most is Emerald. They are a less-expensive division of Scenic, the top-tier Australian river cruise line. Beer and wine is included with meals, some excursions come at an additional cost, and the decor is rather minimalist. But the ships are lovely, sleek and modern, and Emerald Waterways is attracting an interesting mix of younger North Americans and retirees from down under who are on a bit of a budget.

Their boats feature an indoor pool on the upper deck that transforms to a cinema at night. Tips are included and there are enough "C-Bikes" to go around. Three new ships, each built specifically to fit through local locks and under bridges en route. Q - We read all of your web sites with great pleasure.

Now, finally, we are planning a river cruise for that will allow us to maximize our interest in visiting sites of interest to Jewish travelers. We have, for rather painful personal reasons, an interest in the historical sites of World War Two. For this trip, of about two weeks, we would really like the best available although we would not necessarily be booking the best cabin. But we are interested in what you would recommend in terms of itinerary and cruise line.

Thanks so much for what you do. A - The itinerary we would recommend is actually new in and, as these things go, rather unknown.

Our highest recommendation would go to Tauck's Royal Danube: You start with three nights in Berlin followed by a seven-night Danube cruise. After visiting several towns in Germany including Nuremberg, the cruise calls in Vienna. At the end of the cruise you are transported to Krakow where guests have the opportunity to visit Auschwitz and Kazimier with their poignant memories. There are other day tours in several ports on this Night journey that will include sites of Jewish interest in Bavaria and Austria.

Q - We have been looking over your reviews and, given our philosophy that we would rather take two river cruises than one ultra-deluxe river cruise, we are leaning toward Viking. We notice that you warn people that Scenic has mostly non-Americans on its ships.

We wouldn't want to run into that situation on Viking. Can we count on Viking attracting mostly people from the good old USA? They show all kinds of ads on TV but I do notice the announcer is not American. Also wondering if you would agree with our travel plans to do two trips for the price of the ones you seem to be pushing? A - Oh, where to begin? We don't "warn" people that Americans are in the minority on Scenic.

Many of our clients feel that is a real plus as it makes it a more international experience and dinner conversations tend to be elevated. Besides, Scenic's guests are mostly from Australia and New Zealand, and as of 9: Now we want to warn you, that could mean that actual Canadians will be sailing on your ship but feed them a Tim Horton mini-muffin and they will leave you alone.

We don't know what passport the announcer on the Viking ads is holding. We do feel he is well-spoken. You could be correct - he might actually be British.

Or, perhaps, he is just another well-educated Bostonian. They are all over the place. Finally, we are sorry you feel we are "pushing" the better lines simply by identifying who they are. We think you would be much happier securing your information on a site like "CruiseCritic". We do think your philosophy has merit. The flaw, however,m is that less expensive river cruise products require far more on-board spending so the true cost really does narrow between the "best" and the "not even close to being the best lines.

Q - On the recommendation of our agent, who says she knows you, we are looking at a cruise on a ship called the Misr in Egypt. This is going to be a Day trip from Aswan to Cairo and we've already worked out all the silly safety concerns etc. We live in Baltimore, we don't frighten easily, and we've always wanted to experience an authentic Nile Cruise.

Our question is the boat itself. Any information would be helpful. We do realize there may not be many, if any, Americans on-board. And we both have black belts! A - Well the black belts are really going to be useful as you travel throughout Egypt. Leaving bodies in your wake as you go from port to port should make for an enjoyable vacation.

The ship is called the MISR and it is catalogued as a luxury steam cruiser first commissioned in This was a luxury yacht used for years by Egypt's Royal Family.

The country's last monarch, King Farouk, used it for his birthday celebration. That is not small thing as Farouk liked to throw nice parties. We credit him with throwing the most expensive private party in travel agency history when he had the grand ballroom of the Savoy Hotel in London flooded and he had real gondola's and gondoliers, flown over from Italy for a "Venetian Night" theme party.

Guests were boated across the ballroom to stop and disembark at various food stations set up along the way. They did extensive renovation on the vessel. The boat is classic and lovely with fine China and a guest ratio. You cannot see Egypt if you have not sailed the Nile. It has, in our opinion, the most beautifully furnished staterooms and suites in the entire universe of riverboat accommodations.

My wife and I have booked our 4th cruise for 1 Aug. We have cruised with Uniworld twice and Viking and were happy with both lines. In August we are scheduled with Tauck. I expect we will not be disappointed with our choice this time either.

Every cruise is different, in both itinerary as well as service and passengers. The reason we chose Tauck this time is their great reputation, and the promise of tours that go beyond the norm for the industry. I happened on your site as I was researching for our upcoming Rhine and Moselle trip. I wish I had discovered it before the last 3 cruises. Not that we would have changed out cruise line or itinerary, but because we would have better understood some of the hiccups along the way. Our first cruise ended one lock short of Basel, so we were bused to our final destination because of a labor issue with the lock operators we were told.

On our third cruise we had to bus around a low water level on the Rhine and switch ships. That was handled very well, but it would have been more palatable had we been forewarned. You come across as an individual with an unusually forgiving attitude toward changes along the way. We thank you for sharing and for your kind words.

We suspect you are going to have the background to allow you to fully appreciate Tauck and the way they approach their "guests". Q - My husband and I are on our mid 70's and still active. We are more nature-oriented travelers and love hiking and national parks. We dd one cruise with National Geographic up the Columbia River.

My husband is Slovakian and is interested in a river boat that visits Bratislavia. We are looking for the line with the longest stay and a private tour guide so we can get the most out of the stop. WE have done some genealogy studies and know something about this families in Slovakia and their immigration tot he USA in early We live in Florida and would like to do this trip sometime in August-September-October next year.

We are more casual people and we don't know if the dress up in the evening on some of the lines will be too much for us? Any advice for us would really be appreciated. It is, essentially, one full day. It may be possible for you to book a private guide in advance through your travel consultant. Ideally, you would prepare a careful document two months prior to your departure outlining the places you want to see and things you want to do during your day in-country so the guide can adequately prepare for your visit, perhaps even arranging for family visits.

But we want to urge you to think seriously about spending a week in Slovakia. It is a surprisingly beautiful country and your husband will not feel rushed. He needs to visit some of his family still there. You can do a week int he country with private guides for about what it would cost to do a river cruise of the same length. The dollar is strong right now against the Euro, the currency of Slovakia.

We are concerned that your husband will just feel that a day in port is totally inadequate to get a feel for his heritage and a real sense of place. This should be a custom-designed vacation. If men are not willing to don a sports jacket in the evening while in Europe, they should stay home until they mature enough to travel. Q - My wife and I could be considered seasoned land travelers. We have been to Alaska and the Caribbean on cruise ships. We came tot he conclusion that we are land lovers.

Too much time on the ship. Our main interest is photography and we found the photo ops are limited on a cruise ship. Just not enough time in port.

Recently, we have been looking at river cruise on the Danube, River cruising seems to allow more free time? We love to explore on our own. Are there any river cruises for photographers, preferably on the Danube? Budapest to Prague would be our choice.

A - This really is an interesting question because, while many of us still love to shoot actual pictures with actual cameras, the assumption of travel suppliers is that true Photography is a dying art.

We have a culture where everyone is now a "photographer" and billions of photos are uploaded to sites like Instagram every 3 minutes fake new statistic. The idea of someone carrying a bag filled with real photographic equipment is becoming a rare sight unless the person works for Breitbart or one of the other really serious news organizations. It strikes us that you should try a river cruise because you will not have more time in port, but you will likely have better quality time in port because the boat will be docking in the center of town.

The one economic reality here is that river boats always include shore excursions so if you walk away and do independent kind of stuff, like using a local restroom without the help of an official guide, you are going to be under-utilizing something you have already paid for in the price of your vacation.

Many people have a hard time with that. We don't - and we suspect you won't. We'd like to offer some specific recommendations: Do the Amsterdam to Budapest Route.

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