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Despite the state laws and crazy banking stuff, the objective of California blackjack is the same as traditional blackjack. Player-Banked Casino Games Professional gamblers seeking the profits of banking player-banked casino games in California and other states have run into unfair competition from the big player banking syndicates. I bet all of us have always wished we could have all the free slots in the market available in one place , a chance to play whatever we want, whenever we want. Free spins have 3-day expiry and are available on selected games only. The exact opposite happens when the player wins the bank back. With all 6 decks having a Joker included, the total number of Jokers involved is 6. Absolutely insane to say the least.

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Absolutely insane to say the least. But there is a way to beat the game, and being a player has nothing to do with this premise. You must be the bank, the one with the wad to make money in the Indian blackjack scene. To get an edge, you must possess the bankroll and be able to set the minimums and maximums.

Setting the minimum bet is the most important, however. In order to overcome the table rent, you must be in a higher limit game. You will be getting 1.

Of course, some players bet larger, but the Indian casinos are full of soft players who flat bet. But at these higher limit games, the players are not flat betting, to say the least. Not at all bad! The high minimum is a psychological barrier that excludes many potential bankers because of the heavy bankroll requirements which I will go into next , and thus a syndicate can dominate a game for long periods at a time.

House rules are that the banker can hold the entire shoe, and if someone wants to bank, it goes to the next player. At this big table, there were no other takers. Daddy Warbucks, a big businessman with a mind for numbers, quickly saw the profit potential of such a venture, but he and I also saw how the game was controlled. Jerry Erico, shift manager, told Warbucks and me that when the casino opened, they were approached by some very big operations out of Nevada who offered to bank the games.

After a visit to another Indian casino in San Bernardino, I found something that made me suspect that something like this may be happening there as well. In San Bernardino as well, there were dominant bankers on the big minimum games.

And since I do not believe in coincidence, there must be some coordinated effort to dominate the banking at both of these casinos. In the San Bernardino casino, I managed to get a look at the top manager of the syndicate as he held a meeting with several of his shift bankers at an empty table right out in the open. They made no effort to conceal their action from either the players or the house.

Take caution and do not bump heads with the big boys. There is, however, some profit potential at the Indian casinos. In San Bernardino and Morongo, when players appear, the house opens more high-limit tables and they openly seek bankers to keep these games operating.

You have to be there early in the afternoon to get on the list. At all the Indian casinos, the tables fill and play starts to pick up after 5 p. Bankroll requirements for these games are heavy. Expect expert players, as they are not excluded by the house.

In fact, you can openly operate a blackjack computer without the shift managers or the house dealers blinking an eye. You could have a bad run and fluctuate down several thousand over several shoes, so you need the money to stay in the game.

Do not look for many smart players at these games. Should the hole card form a Blackjack, it is immediately revealed to the other players in the game. You are permitted to split your hand into 3 separate hands, when opportunity presents itself, and a double after splitting your cards is also permitted. Each deck contains a Joker, which accounts for the 53rd card. A total of 6 Jokers are used.

Standing at this point is mandatory. If you have any combination of natural cards, you must mention it right away. Otherwise you will both lose your bets. Once again, keep in mind that the rules may vary from one casino to the next. For example, some casinos treat the joker cards as 2 or 12 points. All players have the opportunity to be the banker , as the banker position moves around the table in a clockwise direction every 2 hands.

Being the banker is an option; not a requirement. Should this aspect of the game be of some interest to you, and you want to participate, there are some things you shoud know. First, yu will need to be certain you have a large enough bankroll to support a minimum of 2 entire rounds. Besides, as the banker, you can only win as much as you have to bank with, despite whether or not the players lose more than that.

You will both equally split all the wins and losses. Free spins have 3-day expiry and are available on selected games only.

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