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I edited out the little girl from the scene http: This is a must see for all Lundgren fans. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I tell you, this is just a total mess of a movie Available on Prime Agent Red. Get to Know Us.

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Who has a psychologist that dresses to the nines and stares wantonly into your face, as does Kate Vernon in this silly role. Boy, therapy has sure come a long way! Thrown in some schmaltzy scenes with a cute little precocious girl of whom he ends up with when her parents die offscreen in another clumsily handled plot development. I tell you, this is just a total mess of a movie One person found this helpful.

This is definitely one of Lundgren's best films. It was a pilot for a tv series. Nevertheless, the action, script and acting are great. John Woo does an excellent job directing as usual. The jazzy score is great. The co-stars add depth to their characters. Lundgren is great, He is sexy, funny and actually has more lines here than probably any other film that he's starred in. He handles all of his scenes well. He doesn't really do martial arts here. There are plenty of well choreographed shootouts and several well shot fight scenes.

This is a must see for all Lundgren fans. This is one of his top ten films. No profanity or nudity. Lundgren and Woo should make more films together. This was not a movie befitting a director like John Woo. I have a feeling this was part of his contract when he came over to Hollywood from Hong Kong, he made some failures because the studios tried too much to control him and they just gave him junk scripts to work with. I highly doubt he would have done this if not for the binding contract.

He gave up filmmaking because he was fed up with studios. The studio for A Better Tomorrow 2 really ruined that story but at least we got some of the best gun fights ever filmed.

Stick to his masterworks and his lesser known Hong Kong films from the 80's. I should've been satisfied with the few clips I found on YouTube of the main sparks in the movie, but stupid me went and bought the movie - it wasn't expensive. This was some of the worst acting I've seen in a Dolph Lundgren movie. His action scenes were terrific, as they usually are. But the lead female, named Cinder, and her ex-husband, were the biggest disappointments, and therefore brought the movie down - way down.

Their acting was begging for mediocrity. Lundgren is a talented actor and can play pretty much anyone with ease, but the poor guy had such horrible leading actors to work with, I don't know how he got through the movie.

Another critic writing for this post named the title, 'What the hell Woo! You can't bring in an actor like Lundgren and expect him to perform the miracle of turning an almost bad script into a great one. The film was intended as a backdoor pilot for a television series focusing on Lundgren's character, Jack Devlin, but it was not successful financially and was not chosen to go to series.

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Good idea editing the girl out. But we just don't share the same taste in music I guess. Why didn't you choose Henry Mancini or something?

Black Jack house fight recut 30 secs of sweetness by Krom on Thu Jun 04, 7: Just the simple fact that it was a backdoor TV pilot directed by John Woo makes this stand out in Dolph's filmography. Is it a quality piece of work? But for some reason I just dig it's cheesy quality.

It really was a change of pace for Dolph with the supporting characters, the costumes, the locales, etc. Has anybody seen the making of?

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