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From here, the tour continues with a walk through the arts and culture city of Maastricht. Later, in Belgium, you visit the picturesque abbey Val Dieu in Aubel. Aachen Vaals Three-countries point. Have you ever been in three countries at the same time? The forum M, which has been established by the Mayersche bookshop and is equipped with the most modern technology, shows the history of the Aachen spa with a multimedia presentation.

Additionally, you can see excavation finds and collector pieces. Add a visit to the forum M to your guided tours. Go on a trip to the countryside! For this trip, the path is the goal the tour leads you through the beautiful countryside of the wooded Eifel region.

Do you fancy a trip to the countryside? The treaties of Maastricht laid the foundations for Europe and made the city well known. However, Maastricht has so much more to offer: Go on a bicycle tour through Holland s Switzerland! Cycle on old smuggler routes to the west of Aachen and cross the green border into Holland.

The trip goes through fields and fruit orchards to the Limburgian arts and culture city of Maastricht. You will only need some sporting spirit and average fitness in order to go on this 20 miles bicycle trip full of experiences.

The Cathedral of Aachen is one of the most famous examples of occidental architecture. It is the coronation church of more than 30 German kings, burial site of Charlemagne, major pilgrimage church and cathedral church of the Aachen diocese since In it was the 1 st German building to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. A guided tour is therefore an essential part of any visit to Aachen and a must for anyone who loves historic buildings and churches see guided tours page 4.

To book a tour for groups please call tel.: From American pop art to current trends collections, changing exhibitions, events, and museum educational activities convey a lively picture of art production of our days. Guided tours for groups: Free guided tours sun, h Please ask for the attractive offers of the educational department and the artist programme: Various exhibitions can be organized at the same time.

Guided tours sun wed Further: A fascinating variety of high-quality furniture is on display, as well as fine chimney pieces and Italian stucco work. The Couven Museum also houses the Adler-Apotheke in which chocolate has been produced for the first time. Guided tours for the public sun, h. It houses sacral art treasures from the late Antique, Carolingian, Ottonian and Staufian epoch, among them some unique exhibits like the Cross of Lothair, the Bust of Charlemagne and the Persephone sarcophagus.

These and all the other exhibits document the importance of the Cathedral of Aachen as a place of the medieval treasury. Individuals are invited to explore the treasury on their own with a small guide, available at the cash-desk. On its foundation they built the gothic town hall, which was converted into a baroque building in the 17th and 18th centuries. The town hall was seriously damaged in the two fires of and as well as during Second Wolrd War. Inside of the town hall visitors can take a look at the Coronation hall with its famous Rethel frescoes dating from the 19th century and copies of the Imperial Crown Jewels as well as the gothic and baroque furniture of the building.

Every year the town hall is the location for the Charlemagne Award. A tour of the museum may start with the modern times and it finally leads to the Middle Ages. The main emphasis is put on the excellent collection of portraits and sculptures from the late Middle Ages and the paintings of the 17th century.

The museum was founded in Meanwhile there are more than issues, mainly first editions, jubilee editions and final editions of the international press. Apart from the permanent exhibition the history of press till today the museum offers continuous changing exhibitions, and partly international newspapers.

Guided tours free of charge by appointment. Documents relating to Carolingian Aachen, the city s medieval development, pilgrimages, its role as a spa resort and 19th century industrialization. Furthermore the museum houses a collection of craft items, a cabinet of coins and studies in oils by Alfred Rethel of Charlemagne s frescoes in the town hall.

Guided tours sun, h. Open-air theatre in summer. The Computer Museum describes the development of computing and data-processing from the abacus to the personal computer and explains a step-by-step history of data technology in layman s terms.

The museum reveals mammoth-size computers dating back to the earliest days of data-processing as well as modern-day PC s or pre-war calculating machines. The original machines, replicas and models provide an easy-to-understand history of electronic data-processing.

The Abbey consists of purchases of the recent 50 years sponsored by the ministry for urban development and housing, culture and sport. Various exhibitions are advertized in the local press. Guided tours out of the business hours by appointment Admission: The Theater Aachen offers a diverse and accomplished range of productions in all artistic genres: The programme includes both traditional works and productions aiming at confronting with present-day problems.

In addition to a highly varied programme, ranging from farce to the critical contemporary drama, regular guest performances by well-known artists and popular stars also await the visitor. For people who want to be entertained at a demanding level and who want to experience theatre closely the Grenzlandtheater is the place to visit.

Performance starts at h. Aachener Kultur- und Theaterinitiative Gasborn tel.: Free guided tour by appointment. The following list consists of the members of the Verkehrsverein Bad Aachen e. There is also an automat to change money. Sparkasse Aachen Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz tel.: At the centre of this worldwide campaign is the desire for integration of all the different groups of society via tourism.

The idea of tourism for all implies that every person should be able to travel independently of any disability they might have without disadvantage or restriction of access to sites of interest.

The aachen tourist service is happy to support you in planning your trip to Aachen. We will help you with booking your accommodation and advise you on day trips to the surrounding area, supporting programmes and conferences. Haus des Gastes Burtscheider Markt 1 -Burtscheid tel.: Postfach D Aachen tel.: For an overview of the current event guide, please see Ticketshops in Aachen: Avantel Ticket-Center at Kaufhof tel.: Indeed, royals of all epochs have visited Aachen.

Charlemagne and Casanova both bathed here, and the large number of royal guests has lent Aachen the name Spa of Kings. This tradition still continues today. Contemporary and ultramodern, the spa facilities are available to ease the aches and pains. The spa of Aachen has no season ; the health-giving spring flows all year. Come and give it a try! Suitable for spa cures. Cure methods The springs are used for spa cures, in particular: The hospital treats inflammatory-rheumatic diseases, injuries of the soft tissues and bones and joints as well as ailments due to wear an tear of bones and joints, soft tissue rheumatic pain syndromes and spine syndromes.

Other specialists work in the areas of physiotherapy, physical therapy, ergotherapy and psychotherapy. The hospital is equipped with beds incl. Therapeutic and diagnostic facilities include: Rehaklinik An der Rosenquelle Rehabilitation hospital Supporting organisation: Catholic Foundation Marienhospital Aachen Kurbrunnenstr. The hospital is particularly experienced in the treatment following artificial joint replacement operations knee and hip endoprostheses.

Further special features of the hospital are: This new oasis of wellness lets the year-old bathing tradition of Aachen revive. Thermal world An attractive bathing area with numerous attractions invites to stay in the peasantly warm mineral thermal water. Sauna world Oasis the baltic sauna world and oriental world of baths impresses by its extraordinary manyfold offer in an absolutely beautiful ambience.

Spacious log cabins with view of the sauna lake, beach chairs in the sauna garden, pleasant fragrances in the steam bath and a varied offer of infusions make every visit an unforgettable experience. Beauty world Experience a full day in the desert in the Karawanserei or spoil yourself with a portion of extra-sun in ultramodern solariums.

A wide offer of massages takes the guests to the world of well-being and relaxation. Gourmet world Three different areas of gastronomy spoil the guests palates. Duration of stay without sauna with sauna up to 2,5 hours 9,00 17,00 up to 3,5 hours 11,00 20,00 up to 4,5 hours 13,00 23,00 full day 15,00 26,00 Alterations reserved; current prices are at the point of going to press Multi-storey car park: Jessica Ramirez Editorial staff: Katrin Becker Anna Grevelding Layout: Let me show you around 9 von 26 Where are we now?

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Foundation of the German Empire in Versailles , Bismarck is at the centre in a white uniform. A miner is a person who extracts ore, coal, or other mineral from the earth through mining. Freiburg Miner, stained glass window, Bundesarchiv Bild , Bergmann mit Spitzhacke. Miner in a gallery Potosi pixinn. Coal miner spraying rock dust. Goods station in Lucerne , Switzerland. Typical loading platform in goods station in small country town abandoned.