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If there are, and I got the time and isk for it, I will almost certainly be signing up for it" Cuebick, another early entrant, is also new to high stakes gaming; "This is my first time gambling for such high stakes What was to stop them from buying out all 4 major market hubs and tripling the price of everything? To our disappointment, but in understanding of CCP's legal position, we were obliged to terminate our service prior to that date. Another newer kid on the blok. I'm confused, what does this have to do with spaceships? They've managed to do something very few players ever achieve -- create an almost completely passive but highly lucrative revenue stream. That and all the other bullshit that went along with IWI and Somer.

Record Breaking Poker Tournament Requires 1.05 Billion Isk Buy-in

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As is to be expected, ticket prices are set sufficiently high to ensure the house always makes a profit on every Blink. Despite the odds of coming out of a gambling session with a profit being stacked firmly against me, I actually found myself quite enjoying the whole process.

Rather than having the system put up lotteries for randomly selected prizes, the developers of SOMER. The players themselves decide what prizes go up on the Blink wall. When less than the maximum number of Blinks are running, players can choose a prize from the extensive list and start a new Blink themselves, with the only provision being that they must buy the first ticket before it goes up on the wall.

With a cut of every lottery going to the site's owners and new Blinks being concluded every few minutes by avaricious players, the real winners here are clearly the creators of SOMER. They've managed to do something very few players ever achieve -- create an almost completely passive but highly lucrative revenue stream.

The high frequency with which new Blinks appear on the list has me alt-tabbing back to EVE every few minutes to see if anything I like has popped up. Something about seeing the names of other players who are constantly buying tickets also gives an odd reassuring sense that it's not a waste of time. As the gameplay is essentially just picking a number between one and eight, it's easy for players to get caught up in picking lucky numbers or believe their number is due for a win.

Other players buy up tickets so quickly that it often feels like there's a pressure to get a ticket and get into a Blink. Each one you don't bid in feels like a wasted opportunity, made all the more potent when a number you pass on wins. The site even has achievements that give you bonus credit for entering a certain number of Blinks, winning a Blink or winning certain ships.

I can't deny that the compulsion to keep playing is strong. With many prizes available for ticket prices as low as 2 million ISK, there's a strong temptation to just play a few more games, and before long I notice all my credit is gone. That's when I usually look at the deposit button and have a moment of weakness.

Depositing ISK is a frightfully efficient affair in which players need only click a button to wire the ISK over to a special corporate account. The website takes advantage of this periodic update to get a list of recent deposits and which player made them. For those who can't wait the one hour or less the depositing process takes, a special channel is periodically staffed with players who are able to verify and process payments early.

Although the player's current account balance is listed as ISK, he isn't allowed to withdraw deposited funds. Only winnings can be cashed out, with your bank balance being used exclusively for entering lotteries. When a Blink is concluded, the winner is given the opportunity to collect his prize. The site's owners will then buy the prize from the open market and contract it to him within 24 hours. Alternatively, the winner can decide to sell the prize back to the lottery, cashing it in directly for ISK.

The ISK is then sent in-game within 24 hours, and my personal experience with cashing out saw turnaround in less than one hour.

One of the newest ventures of themittani. It also has a referral program and a chip collection mini game thing. A newer and smaller site than the others on this list. If you have some spare ISK lying around and want to try your hand at some nice ships, feel free to check this out.

The one caveat is that the raffles take a while to finish sue to the small traffic volume of the site. One of the simplest websites for gambling and it also works in the in game browser very well. The name is self-explanatory, though it does have a lottery giveaway based on how much ISK people spend.

Recommended to anyone who wants to try gambling for the first time. Another newer kid on the blok. You can also earn ISK from referring new users. Users are awarded super tickets whwn they bet ISK, they can then use these tickets to buy into raffles for super rare items worth mountains of ISK.

New users are also given 10 Million ISK free as a welcome gift. The only real downside here is that like some other raffle sites, users can only withdraw items they win, and not liquid ISK.

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