Rather, AIDS disproportionately affects those women who inject drugs, and thereby largely suffer other diseases, poverty, and malnutrition. We want to share the process of discovery and product design. It also hosts the annual Macau Design Biennial in May. Hong Kong dollars are used freely in Macau though not the other way around. September 23, at 2: There are all kinds of sports activities on board.

L'agente di viaggio a casa tua!

Insider Take

My question is related to the application of mesenchymal stem cells, derived from bone marrow, and other information I have found regarding stem cells being unable to survive being added to skin care products. Lindsay, some writers are uninformed. It is not the cells, but what they cells make in the lab, that is applied to the skin. And that is pretty much how your own stem cells work in your body, by creating these same exact molecules. So the products are truly mimicking natural mechanisms of youthful regeneration.

Please write to those authors and tell them about the amazing world of stem cells of which they are unaware. We can point them to many thousands of high quality peer-reviewed scientific publications they can read if they want to expand their knowledge. Are stem cytokines signaling proteins? Whether the source is plant, animal or human stem cells, these cells are living things, which are way too large to penetrate the stratum corneum the outer layer of the skin for topical application, and too fragile to exist in skin care formulations.

These can be valuable for skin that has lost its useful supply of these due to the aging process. The signaling molecules spoken of are stem cytokines. Growth factors are in fact one type of cytokine. So cytokines growth factors are proteins, but not living?

They will still regenerate? So the stem cytokines still need to be from mesenchymal stem cells for best results? I aks because in my research I have discovered a product line called Stemology. They use mesenchymal cells from bone marrow and plant stem cells. Finally, are peptides able to penetrate the skin? For example I am currently using a product that has peptide 38 in it, I think from plant stem cellls?

These same molecules are the ones your body used as it was developing and growing, and for repair and regeneration. They are at the core of regenerative medicine. Plant growth factors do not work, and a botanist or any other real scientist will laugh if you suggest they will.

Plants use entirely different molecules to drive their growth. If you body could listen to the signals, it might grow a leaf or make chlorophyll. The notion is absurd. I would not trust any company that sells plant stem cells because it signifies they know little about science. Its like going to a botanist to have heart surgery. Except the vast majority botanists are not ethically challenged like some skin care companies and would to refer you to the right docs.

Peptides can enter the skin. We welcome your questions. How does this factor into packaging of growth factor molecules and thier effective ability to interact with the skin? Are peptides supposed to work like growth factor? Does it matter if peptides come from plants or humans in order to have an effect on the skin, similar to plant growth factors not working on human skin? Lindsay, like all proteins, there is ample opportunity for degradation, from oxidation to simple unfolding.

Here is how to prevent same — 1. Freeze proteins up until you use them in a formulation, 2. Wrap them in a molecular protective lipid envelope.

We use nanolipid technology, and also hyauronosomes. Make sure nothing else in your formula is hard on proteins acids, some preservatives, and 4. Make sure you have a covering so they don;t sit on the skin surface and dry out there.

That is why AnteAge is a two-part system. I have never heard of Dr Owen, and was a long time ago, and industry mags have a habit of asking non-experts to answer expert questions.

I doubt he knows anything of the above, as much has been invented since Anything you read about plant stem cells working as signals to human skin is science fiction. You can ignore it. Peptide means small protein. Growth factors are peptides. You are thinking of the term peptide as used to describe some actives in skin care.

Most of them are nonsense, unnatural, unphysiologic, no good lab or clinical data to speak of. There are a few like GHK that are proven, but only a few. My question is Can we use estee lauder advance night repair with Ante age serum? What would be an ideal regimen for someone with melasma and combination skin.

I would love to hear from you any product recommendation to use with ante age serum. And please recommend good sunscreen.

Hope to hear from you soon. Yes, you can use them together, in any combination. Use the AnteAge serum first, always. We have seen some superb results with AnteAge for melasma, but we are also working on a radically new product, based on key communications between stem cells and melanocytes, that we believe will truly be a game changer. Our favorite sunscreens come from Tizo.

Medical grade, world class. First I want to say I am not from the US, I am from Northern Europe and as much as skincare and anti ageing is huge there too, there is generally a scepticism for using more invasive products that may come with a bunch of side effects or unwanted effects, like medication so to speak…. Also in my age and with my heritage I have begun developing mild Rosacea, that is highly annoying and experience some hormonal changes. But I always get stuck at the horrors of thinking that anything you may put on your skin might cause you way worse problems like unwanted cellular change and even faster development of cancer that many do suggest EGFs may increase the risk for.

Now to my questions… And I know of course this is a biased discussion. But I still would like to hear you elaborate some in this topic. There was especially one thing that the BFT article touched on that made me wonder a bit. But like the article said. The typical target audience for anti ageing skincare usually is a person who may already have sensitised skin, sun damaged skin, may be in an age when cell changes begin and so on….

Now what are your thoughts on this topic? More specifically, are there people or situations in which it would not be advisable to use EGFs or products like the line you are developing that from the sound of it seem even more potent?

Or is the discussion about EGFs vastly exaggerated? And if so, what makes it exaggerated? Also, would the use of your products also help with skin conditions like Rosacea?

Or are they too active to use on irritated skin? Thank You in advance if you take the time to look into my questions! Our view on all growth factors is the same as our view on all vitamins. We think they are great.

We think sometimes they need supplementing. But if you supplement irrationally, you can cause problems. Witness the legacy of Adele Davis who likely caused the deaths of a good number of people back a half century ago with her whacky vitamin recommendations. DNA mutations cause cancer. Just as with vitamins. It is well established that good nutritional status can feed a tumor. Oner of the early arguments against TPN intravenous feeding in cancer patients in the early days of my career.

Cancers are like the evil empire. Restore skin to youthful levels, but do not take a single GF in obscene doses, summing up to a pharmacologic rather than physiologic effect. No heaping up of nasty plump tissues. As for rosacea — we have that solved. These pictures are of a Danish pharmacist with severe rosacea are 48 hours apart — before and after starting AnteAge.

I love your site! I have become obsessed with skin care recently because I grew up in Miami where I allowed my skin to burn constantly and now I really regret it. I never really had skin problems except for mild breakouts and sun burns, and everyone constantly tells me I look 16 but I am desperate to help it now as much as possible.

But if you look 16 I suspect you are well under 33 the age wrinkles begin. I would suggest find get a high end sunscreen product and use it faithfully, day in and day out.

We are doing one this year for ski resorts — we are calling it avant et apres before and after in French but the daytime product avant ski is a super sun block plus some DNA repair for rays that get through , while the apres ski serum accomplishes both repair and rejuvenation using human stem cell technology. Maybe you could come and work for Cellese! We are skin nerd headquarters. Regarding the niacinamide in AnteAge, does niacinamide inhibit sirtuins?

This confuses me because sirtuins also utilise NAD nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. They are involved in regulating important biological processes such as ageing, cellular death, inflammation and metabolism. Vitamin B3 niacin plays a critical supporting role in sirtuin enzyme activity, as does the amide form of this vitamin—niacinamide—which inhibits sirtuin enzyme activity. But this is far from a simple relationship. Rather it is linked to the energy status of the cell via the cellular NAD: Needless to say, the complex role, effect, and influencers on sirtuin effect on skin is unpredectable.

So why do AnteAGE products contains niacinamide? Because it provides numerous scientifically validated benefits that improve the appearance and health of skin — reductions in fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmented spots, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness yellowing.

In addition, elasticity as measured via cutometry is improved. But I assume that using different ratios of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 would yield different clinical results. Thank you for considering my question and providing such a great website. I look forward to your reply. It is only the GHK peptide that we seek. We rely on the extensive published data on GHK here is a nice recent review rather than Sederma for validation or for dosing guidelines.

Hi,,I am 30 year old,,I do have little bit Milia under my eyes. I used to have really bad breakouts,,Then I used Accutane for 6 month. My skin is totally fine accept that Milia under my eyes. I wants to purchase your product.

Does it helps with discoloration,or with the scares. If yes,,then where I can buy it,,and what is the proper name of it,,Thanks ahead for your timing. We have anecdotal data suggesting it helps with milia as well in some cases. Hi, I noticed there is now an MD version of the Anteage products. How do I purchase them, since they are not for sale on the website. Our reseller census is growing but for some people, there is no one nearby that carries the product.

For those people we can sell product through our research clinic in California since I am the medical director and a licensed physician. You can contact us via barefacedtruth. Also, does the product contact any retinol? I know some researchers believe that the inflammation caused by retinol can age skin further in the long run.

And lastly, does Skinmedica TNS extract similar cytokines from the fibroblasts they culture? You are partly correct. There is no retinol in AnteAGE serum, but there is a retinol in the accelerator.

SkinMedica TNS is based on the conditioned medium of fibroblasts. All cells make the same cytokines its the language by which cells communicate with one another but not in the same quantities or patterns. These stem cells are specialized for growth and repair. Fibroblasts are far more common. Thank you for being so detailed and informative in all your responses. Your blog makes me feel like I attended a physiology lecture.

Have a merry Christmas! Hello, Can AnteAge reverse, or heal, the effects of steroid cream damage? I am 47 years old. I thought I burned my forehead and nose with apple cider vinegar and a dermatologist prescribed hydrocortisone 2. He then prescribed desonide cream with the same instructions. I did not apply the hydrocortisone to my nose, but I did apply the desonide cream for only a few days. I started to notice discoloration on my nose and immediately stopped treatment.

The discoloration is on the area where I previously had rhinoplasty surgery. I consulted with another dermatologist and was informed I was misdiagnosed regarding burning my face and should not have applied any steroid creams. It has been 5 months since I stopped treatment and my nose is not healing, appears to be slightly indenting on the side and the discoloration is slightly worsening. I have included links to images if you feel inclined to look. Thank you for your time.

This is an image of a young man who was treated for seborrheic dermatitis with a steroid cream on his forehead. You can see the steroid induced dermatitis. After two weeks of treatment with AnteAge the dermatitis has disappeared. It never returned, and neither did the seborrheic dermatitis. AnteAGE is derived from human stem cells directly, and does not use recombinant technology.

So the growth factors and cytokines are human and of human origin in the technical sense of human cell cultures. Now, Cellese also has created a synthetic version from its stem cell technology, called Poly-GF. Do you recommend the serum and the accelerator also to seed the process or should I stick with the Biogel for a longer period?

Where can I buy it online or any of the MD line? Was this an intentional or accidental chemical burn i. Certainly, the fact that the skin is healing in a pink color vs. The newly healed skin takes time to for the epidermal layer to thicken, for the keratinocytes to proliferate, and take up the melanosomes produced by your melanocytes.

Unless the melanocytes have been harmed by too aggressive a burn, your color should return, although entirely back to normal can be difficult to predict. BioGel is a wonderful topical occlusive made from vegetable lipids oils vs. Aquaphor that also contains boric acid and TGF-beta 3. What about surgical scars?

Silicone gels and sheets have proven benefits in scar prevention and treatment, the mechanism of action related to improved hydration secondary to reduced water loss, prevention of bacterial invasion, modulation of growth factor expression FGF beta, TGF beta, etc.

A video provided by a California plastic surgeon showed accelerated healing and reduced inflammation when AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution was applied to his own full thickness forehead laceration.

BioGel provides occlusion and anti-inflammatory signals in a plant-based lipid dressing replacing the petroleum jelly used in other products. BioGel is particularly well-suited for larger areas such as following laser resurfacing. This prestigious venue has been voted 1 Medspa in America. We are proud they have become a reseller of our products. Hi Dr George, I am thoroughly confused. I understand the science behind the products so perhaps my confusion will be easy to clear up.

What is the difference between Procell and Cellese? I suppose that would also bring me to the question of: MD versions as well…. Cellese is extremely proud to associated with ProCell — we make their products and love their entire team. I ordered the Anteage renewal and accelerator. The package came today 2 day shipping but unfortunately it was put in the mailbox so it sat in there for 3 hours. The conditions most likely to impact the bio-signals small proteins and polypeptides , in ours or any similar products, are acidic and basic pH and excessive heat.

This would apply to the Serum more than the Accelerator since it contains significantly more growth factors and cytokines. The good news is our packaging has very substantial insulating properties: Finally, the airless pumps have an outer decorative sleeve and an inner pump apparatus, again with a sizable air space between them.

An all day, or multiple day exposure would be a different matter. I have an old facial scar from a childhood injury close to 40 yrs old. It was stitched up after the accident. Are there any photos you can point me to that show improvement of scars that were stitched up that have benefitted from microneedling with Anteage stem cells?

AnteAGE creates biosignals that turn off inflammation while also turning on the proliferation and migration of new cells to heal a wound. This results in scar free healing, without fibrosis, and with well constructed matrix fibers.

The biochemistry is complex, but we have seen abundant evidence of the beneficial effect in all sorts of of wounds, incisions etc. I do a whole lecture on the subject for plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

She does not regularly use any products currently. From what I have seen, your approach seems unparalleled. If you care to order product, write back. We love our BFT readers. Some have been loyal product users for many years. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to your wife!! Can your products be used around the eyes?

I am also using Z O Retamax at night. Can I remove this from my routine and just use your products? Aside from our hero ingredient, conditioned media from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the benefits of which are well described elsewhere on this blog, our desire was to make skincare simple, convenient, and complete.

Again, keep it out of your eyes. BTW, we will be launching a sun screen product this next year as well as products for acne, skin brightening, and other indications.

Exciting times ahead for us. You can watch our progress at anteage. How do we take advantage of this? Melanie, we love our BFT readers and have offered discounts to them on our products for years. I will forward your email to the appropriate person and you should hear from them soon. Thanks for your readership and kind words about our products.

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!! Your advice is much appreciated. Welcome to the AnteAGE family!! I am forwarding your information to our staff to enable you to receive our BFT reader discount. We LOVE our loyal readers and appreciate your trust in our products. I use depigmentation cream, vitamic C serum, retinol and glycolic acid as topical treatment along with the mentioned aesthetic procedures, and yes, the scars look better, they were deep, you can still see them, but are indeed less noticeable.

I was wondering if you think AnteAge microneedling solution or serum could banish them even more to the point where you have to look really really close to see them, what are your toughts?

How long do you think it will take to work? Hi Dr George, Many thanks for the most interesting and informative blog. I love them so much and the results have been astonishing. A refreshed, tight and clearer face to show! Keep the good stuff happening! Donna, I am contacting our staff with your information. They will be able to provide coupon codes to use when you order that will provide the BFT reader discount.

John skewered those claims and saved me quite a bit of cash. I so deeply appreciate this blog and the information shared here. Is there a database or online locator for Anteage MD distributors?

Our website does not yet have a published roster of MD resellers but if you can let us know where you live, we can provide local providers. Heavily marketed with nonsense claims, more than anything they confused the market about what stem cells actually are. Dispelling those notions and educating consumers has been a major mission of BFT.

I just made an appointment to receive microneedling, and the esthetician said she would be using your stem cell product. My main concern are smile lines which are more pronounced than average. Is this worthwhile for someone my age and with my concerns? I also looked into PRP with microneedling, but stem cells seems to have better overall reviews.

Most of the reviews seem to be from older people though. What would you recommend for someone my age? Microneedling is well documented to improve skin appearance. Deep lines like smile lines are the result of changes in the deeper parts of the skin and are more difficult to reverse than fine and more superficial lines.

Use of stem cell based products we think ours is the most scientifically rational has abundant proof of efficacy. There are, however, no stem cells in these products although the major hero ingredient is the conditioned media, the nutrient broth in which the cells have been cultured. The bio-signals growth factors, cytokines and exosomes produced by the cells are in the conditioned media.

Hi, I received co2 laser in oct. The aging rings of crepey skin and brown spots have me in search of a stem cell product. Please let me know. I am anxious to try it. Will these be a problematic combination making the active ingredients ineffective? Therefore I want to know if they will make each other ineffective. Interesting question, but not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

This is a first generation product that dates back almost 20 years; so much has happened since then including research confirming the role played by bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in tissue healing and regeneration throughout all organs.

EGF has issues when used alone there are posts here on that, too , first and foremost the fact that no single bio-signal is produced in normal physiology. All cells produces scores, if not hundreds of bio-signals. We think you may be overthinking this. The lower pH is not helpful in maintaining bio-signals potency. LOVE your site and the wealth of information it contains. So, discovering your site has been like finding a sherpa and a canister of oxygen.

In addition to my heartfelt thanks for your site and the time you take to explain science in terms we can explain, AND for your AnteAGE MD products which I use after dumping my Neogenesis adipose-derived serums and lotions, I wanted to ask…. Are there still plans in the works for a body type product? This year old would appreciate all the help she can get.

Our product pipeline is keeping us very busy. We recently launched a cleanser, a vaginal rejuvenation product for post-menopausal symptoms and procedure recovery, and will soon launch our hair re-growth system, including a professional microneedling solution and home care system, Skin lightening and acne are in the works.

Body care is still on our drawing board and hopefully we can get to it before too long. Like most fast-growing companies, we are dealing with as many things as we can but want each product we produce to represent the most high-science cutting-edge technology possible.

Thanks for the info, Dr. I can certainly appreciate the time it takes to bring a well researched, well formulated product to market. The hair regrowth system sounds quite appealing. The hair restoration system is doing very well in Asia and the Middle East. Our final clinical trial is almost complete. Results I have seen are quite impressive men and women. Is there any way to find out who carries it without having to call around? Thank you for your interest in our science and products. I have not been able to find any Youtube product reviews and the social media pages for the products seem abandoned.

Did AnteAGE re-brand to a different name? Is there an updated website with the recently launched products? I would love to try the products and put out a review so that it can have a more updated perspective on different platforms Such as Facebook and Youtube. I get about 40, hits for each. I just ordered my set of Serum and Accelerator to use as well as the aftercare treatment for microneedle treatment. I have read your website in its entirety and am very impressed with your research and dedication to put out the truth.

Is there any particular face wash or toner that you would recommend to use in congunction with AnteAGE for now? Thanks for your compliment, Kassandra. We recently launched a cleanser which will appear on our website for purchase very soon. Let us know how it goes and when you post your YouTube and Facebook impressions.

Welcome to the family!! This is why hormone therapies are synthetic recombinant. These are, as you say, bio-identical, but not derived from human cell cultures. However, the problem of protein configuration changes e.

I direct you to this paper in Nature Most protein folding problems are genetic disorders, where we make our own unstable proteins. But in may cases our own clever innate cell biology creates a chaperone molecule to keep the protein in the correct configuration until it is utilized. We do the same with our nano-lipid carriers, a type of protein chaperone that also improves skin penetration. Is this true or just a way to get me to buy more products? Makes no sense unless you are experiencing diminishing returns, or you want to venture into new territory because you have gained new knowledge of new technologies, or have some other reason to entice you.

If you are getting highly satisfying results — why change? But to assume some skin fatigue factor is not scientific. Read around BFT to get a feel for what we mean by that. When a skin care product contains herb and fruit pulp or extracts, which the company says contain multiple vitamins and enzymes — is the skin able to use the extracts and make the vitamins [vit A and C] that are contained in them?

What you point to here are claims for skin care products that are basically saying that slathering vegetable matter on your skin provides it with helpful vitamins like Vit A and C.

The essential problem here is the assumption that skin can digest and absorb nutrients from these pulped extracts. This does not comport with known physiology of the skin — which does not have capabilities akin to the gastrointestinal system for dismantling complex carbohydrates and extracting micronutrients.

Skin was not designed as a digestive organ. Rather, it is designed as a protective barrier to keep things out more than take things in. The enzymes contained in fruits and herbs are not the kind of enzymes your gut uses to aid in absorption. In fact some of then can be irritants. Now this is not to say that extracts of botanical sources are not useful. Many species of plants are known to create a fascinating array of chemicals many of those in the flavone class that can affect human skin or scalp in beneficial ways e.

But these extracts are highly refined, such that the therapeutic molecules end up being very highly concentrated, with extraneous plant material left behind. This assures that enough of the good stuff is present.

Even so, many plant molecules are not well absorbed and so skin transport chaperones must be employed e. Unlike some helpful botanical molecules, Vits. Also — in the lab these molecules can be conjugated to make them better absorbed by skin, another benefit. Not all Vit A or C is the same. Again — herbs on the skin not the same as food in the gut — where plant sources can be efficiently processed to extract vitamins what we need, for the most part. Dear drgeorge and drjohn, I am really interested in your products.

I hope that I could find your blog earlier. After reading this article, I decide to give up skinmedica TNS serum. We are familiar with Osmosis StemFactor and are not impressed. Exosomes are produced by ALL cells during culture so all conditioned media based products, including ours, contain exosomes. It cuts a fine figure on the waterfront with its waved design. For sheer wow factor, this is a place to see.

The lobby is deep and wide with reception off to the left backed by huge abstract square paintings in bright splashes and spatters , a sitting area to the right, and a huge red glass chandelier hanging in the centre, created by renowned American blown-glass artist, Dale Chihuly.

At the risk of being excessive, this sight to behold is modelled on a typical courtyard that you might see in Lisbon, complete with faux European buildings, tiled floor, a clock tower, a fountain, real trees, sitting areas, restaurants and a sweeping staircase often used by couples for wedding photos. At its centre is a giant glass bubble packed with exotic wildlife — sometimes fluttering butterflies, other times darting fish and coral.

Rooms at MGM, which start at 48sq m and vary in design because of the curved nature of the building, feature inch flat-screen plasma TVs, Wireless and wired Internet access and possibly any other amenity you could wish for. Grand Suites have TVs embedded in bathroom mirrors. There are also yoga, tai chi and meditation classes, or just pop outside for a swim in the infinity pool.

More wallet-lightening offerings await at the Grand Casino, with around gaming tables with over arm-exercising slot machines and a further 16 private gaming rooms. The Grand Ballroom can host persons theatre-style while assorted function rooms and alcoves for those sound-and-fury board meetings provide versatile space for small meetings or larger conferences. This is another address to mark in your Macau casino hotels diary.

The rooms and 40 suites including a 6,sq ft presidential suite offer Broadband Internet access, inch plasma TVs, and panoramic views of downtown Macau. There are nine eating and drinking outlets, as well as a VIP lounge. The hotel also has an infinity pool, gymnasium, and vast conference facilities, while the casino boasts gaming tables and slot machines.

For something over the top yes, even by Macau standards , this is a worthy contender among Macau casinos and hotels. Just across the road, a great value option is the Emperor Hotel. The four-star underwent a refresh in and offers the option of rooms and suites decorated in Chinese style, Western style bright Portuguese blue and the more subdued Business style.

Apart from the super-convenient location, the service here is very friendly and there is free WiFi in public areas and most rooms. Walking into the lobby feels like stepping back in time to 18th-century Victorian England.

Oil paintings, flock wallpaper, a sweeping marble staircase and ornamental birdcages combine to give the place a cosy olde-worlde charm. Rooms are well lit, feminine, and kitted out with claw-foot wood cabinets, blue-and-white bed linen, free standing bathtubs, and Maxwell and Williamson floral teacups.

Every room has a spacious balcony with sea views, ideal for a romantic sunset dinner with a loved one. Rooms may be dainty, but they come with modern amenities such as inch flatscreen LCD TVs, complimentary Broadband Internet access, CD stereo systems, and large safes. If you enjoy a wee dram of whiskey, check out the British pub and for cocktails with a view, try the rooftop Sky Lounge.

There is also a charming banquet-hall style meeting room which seats up to 12 people. Another attraction along the "Inner Harbour" is the Ponte 16 entertainment and resort complex that includes the mustard-yellow five-star Sofitel Macau at Ponte There is a casino attached, but the hotel manages to distinguish itself from the gaming world with its relaxed ambience and sense of history — the original clock tower from the old pier still stands. Marvel at the big pillars, ornate blue crystal flowers and Parisian bric-a-brac and then head on to the rooms.

Guests in Club Sofitel rooms get access to a lounge, which offers breakfast and evening cocktails, free Internet access, as well as personalised check-in and additional services. A multi-function meeting room has a balcony attached, while the outdoor unheated pool with its blue tiled mosaic and water-spouting cherubs is a fine spot to cool down after work or gaming. Dinner or coffee served up poolside is perfect. There is a ginger-scented fitness centre with a dedicated room for yoga.

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The hotel also sports 11,sq ft of meeting space with the largest room able to accommodate up to persons. This stylish and contemporary storey casino-hotel offers distinct experiences for its guests by creating separate entrances for gamers, residents and diners. The hustle and bustle from the plus high-end gaming tables is confined to the casino resulting in a serene hotel atmosphere complemented by low lighting, endless vases of vivid red roses and floaty music. There are also some tantalising dining options such as Japanese restaurant Tenmasa, which specialises in tempura and has a traditional charm thanks to its grey stone walls, romantic candle-lit walkways and tatami-style seating.

The tranquil theme continues at the 6,sq m spa that includes a stunning infinity swimming pool and healthy juice bar. There are rooms including eight villas each with floor-to-ceiling windows. In-room features include a walk-in wardrobe, inch plasma TV, iPod dock, portable keyboard, complimentary Internet and minibar soft drinks only , posh teas, a long work desk separating the bedroom and lounge area, which includes a corner sofa, a circular Japanese-style bath and separate rain shower.

A useful option for lovers of contemporary style, good food and high-end gaming. Taipa Island has an increasing number of hotel choices. One older stalwart is the Regency Hotel , the former Hyatt Regency. The Regency is an oasis of calm for family or business stays surrounded by thrusting condominiums.

The rooms are well appointed and attractive, several looking onto the bay. Flexing new muscle along the Cotai strip is Studio City Macau studiocity-macau. The hotel features two modern blocks - the Celebrity Tower and Star Tower with rooms in each.

Look out for Batman. From the party isle of Ibiza, Pacha Macau www. Guestrooms are fresh and chic, decorated in soft gold and dark rouge with a comfortable array of amenities, but no extra bells and whistles. The bedside clock that simply tells the time is actually quite refreshing. Several family guestrooms come with cool bunk beds and play areas for the kids.

The Parisian Ballroom can host 2, guests for dinner with flexible spaces for all kinds of Macau conferences and corporate meetings from small to glitzy.

Apres work or play, head to Le Spa'tique for a wellness workout. There are also three restaurants, including signature Cantonese establishment Lotus Palace, plus a glittering casino and conferencing spaces. Parents will marvel at all the kid-friendly touches.

Macau shopping has never been more fun - or distracting. Visitors can also take the express elevators to the top of the Eiffel Tower for views of Cotai, and selfies against the steel girders. Next door to The Parisian is the shimmering and hard-to-miss Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel , which opened in late August and is set on The Venetian is a mega development and serves up one of the largest casinos in the world.

Any Venetian Macao review involves acres of walking. We came heeled in sturdy rubber. The Venetian has its sights firmly set on staying among the best Macau casino hotels around and is pulling no punches in the Cotai brawl. Expanding the empire was the Malo Clinic Spa , which got into its stride in The 85,sq ft integrated wellness centre comprises 58 spa suites, six operating theatres, 50 doctors, and an army of therapists.

Now it is branching out into newer Chinese medicine of scientific bent. The ,sq ft gaming floor boasts about 6, slot machines and over tables making this one of the largest Macau casino hotels around. The place is ranked among the best Macau conference hotels while doubling as a child-friendly escape.

Pick from small meetings or large conventions. There's no end to versatile MICE venues. Bring your team across for inspiration or plan a wedding at the Venetian Macao. And don't forget to bring sturdy walking shoes. The more the merrier in these oversized suites, so invite your mates. As a gaming and entertainment capital, The Venetian rates high though at busy holiday times the complex is totally overrun by Mainland Chinese visitors armed with wheelie suitcases and selfie sticks.

At such times the lobby is closer to a railway station than the pinnacle of Italian refinement. The Conrad Macao , the largest in the Conrad family, opened in March of and brings a classy elegance to the otherwise over-the-top neighbourhood. The rooms feel warm, with contrasting woods, cream furniture, amber and green granite and upholstered closets reminiscent of vintage travel luggage.

In the sq m standard rooms, expect an iPod dock, complimentary Fiji water, large desk, Nespresso machine, spacious bathrooms, and, of course, a golden — not yellow — Conrad duck atop the tub. Those in need of a rubdown will appreciate the Bodhi Spa and Health Club.

The Conrad is a chic, five-star Macau hotel option to note. Attached at the hip is the Holiday Inn Macao opened August Expect floor-to-ceiling windows, rain showers, free WiFi, ironing facilities, laptop-size safes, hairdryers, and a generous workstation with an ergonomic chair.

As with the Conrad, the exterior of the Holiday Inn is not its strongest suit. Both got a ticket to this complex to replace a major chain that pulled out at a late stage where design recalibration was limited.

From head to toe, the tropical-themed resort is brimming with energy. At the special family check-in counters, kids can play on a touch-screen pad and munch on free popcorn while their parents take care of business. Outside, parents can lounge in a cabana while children shriek from pool to pool. Inside, the hotel hosts 33 family suites with bunk beds for kids, colourful bathroom amenities, mini closets and teensy bathrobes.

Grab your magic scroll and cape and engage with the interactive games as you race to save the fantasy kingdom. An entertaining option for kids and team building groups alike.

If you need a break from the packed hallways, head up to the Shine spa and find tailored service and relaxing surrounds. Upon arrival, expect to be handed a personal interactive tablet. The spa menu then details options in these particular categories. Of course, if the evaluation is completely off-base, you can always go rogue and stick to your initial instincts. While not pretending to be a luxury candidate, the middle path Sheraton is clearly an excellent child-friendly Macau hotel choice and can double as a conference hotels pick for mega events or small corporate meetings with zing.

Not an easy feat. The hotels share a bustling casino and the blossoming Shoppes Cotai Centre. This is a busy Cotai shopping area within one of the newest Macau casino hotels complexes. Over the road, the City of Dreams COD complex wages war against the Cotai big boys with an army of dragons and tigers, plus a few million gallons of water.

The action takes place in and around a stage pool, which holds 3. Expect 90 minutes of spectacular high dives, frothing fountains, leather-clad hunks swinging from ropes, a token love story and some amazing but puzzlingly non-aquatic motorbike stunts. A scantily clad cast performs cabaret, flamenco, aerial contortions and other raunchy routines. Discounts are available for those booking both COD shows.

The degree multi-media experience will bring you face-to-face with mighty dragons as they breathe fire and smash through ice in pursuit of the auspicious pearl.

The show regularly sells out so reserve your tickets in advance. Hotel guests can skip the queue by collecting a priority pass from reception. Strangely there is a distant lack of long hair, leather jackets and nose piercings — most guests appear to be cool-looking couples and respectable somethings possibly hoping to relive their misspent youth. The overall feel is fun and funky with facilities including iPod docking stations, free Internet, cocktail kits, cool black and red slippers, tea and coffee facilities for the dreaded morning after and ironing equipment.

The inch flatscreen TV has extra chunky speakers so you can crank up the Hard Rock music video channel and air-guitar till your fingers cramp. Grab your tie-dye sarong and check out the poolside weekend barbecues. This, as expected, is a top child friendly hotels pick. Elegant, contemporary and subtly stylish, it is a refined retreat from the chattering crowds, which pack the neighbouring casinos and shops.

Cool jazz wafts through the softly lit lobby dotted with original Asian art pieces, fresh flowers and ornate gold screens. There are guestrooms all of which offer floor-to-ceiling views of Cotai and include facilities such as complimentary Internet and minibar soft drinks only , walk-in wardrobe, inch plasma TV, iPod docking station, large safe, spacious square bath, rain shower, Vidal Sassoon hair dryer and electronic scales.

For more pampering stroll to The Spa at Crown for a foot massage or for more carnivorous activities, head to Jade Dragon for Cantonese delicacies. There is also an outdoor heated swimming pool and a well-equipped fitness centre.

Last but not least is the Grand Hyatt Macau , which distinguishes itself from the Crown and Hard Rock by setting its sights firmly on business travellers and the MICE market in general. The entire second level is dedicated to event space with 15 individual function areas spanning almost 8, 9,sq m and a huge pillar-less ballroom covering 2,sq m and holding up to 2, people. This is among the top Macau conference hotels choices. The Grand Hyatt comprises two storey towers with rooms in the Grand Tower and rooms in the premium Grand Club Tower, each with dedicated check-in areas.

You may want to draw yourself a little map for those beer-goggle moments. Entry-level Grand Suites in the Grand Tower are 64sq m and sport a classic decor including wooden floors, leather chairs and a muted colour scheme with photos of Macau on the walls.

In fact there are handy power sockets everywhere, plus free WiFi, and a flip-out control panel for transmitting iPod, camera and laptop data through the two inch LCD TVs. Storage is plentiful plus there is an iron and board, laptop-sized safe, a Nespresso machine and tins of Dragon Well and Iron Buddha tea. All rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with open views, in some directions marred somewhat by ongoing construction. The equivalent in the Grand Club Tower is the Club Deluxe room, which is smaller at only 52sq m but has the added bonus of a freestanding elliptical bath and a walk-in dressing room.

An added perk for Club Tower guests is access to the Grand Club across the entire 37th floor. Opened in , this gorgeous lounge filled with contemporary Portuguese artworks offers opulent lounging areas, an open kitchen and a large rooftop terrace. There are also three private dining suites for fancy-shmancy VIP dining. Linking all three hotels is ,sq ft of casino space with gaming tables and 1, gaming machines and an equally huge shopping mall with brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Cartier.

Look out for digital mermaids dancing behind a real waterfall which gamers believe is good luck to touch. There are also more than 20 restaurants and bars ranging from the scrumptious Beijing Kitchen to Food Paradise and its array of treats. This is the very epicentre of the throbbing Macau casino scene. The storey building is encased by a striking exoskeleton steel structure — the first in the world built in tower form.

Along with guestrooms, suites and sky villas, there will be gaming rooms, restaurants, a spa and rooftop sky pool. It has a colonial Macanese feel with ochre walls, cream stone detailing, and hand-made tiles from the entrance through to the main lobby. A 1,sq m spa is on hand with treatments, saunas, ice showers, as well as yoga and Pilates. The hotel offers five pools two for kids and poolside cabanas come with LCD televisions.

High-end designer brand Macau shopping is the name of the game here. Shoppers have three floors of spit-and-polish stores to explore at Shoppes at Four Seasons — ogle Dior, Chanel, Loewe, COACH, and the like — and after that big splurge, recover in one of the three restaurants. At the head of the Cotai strip is the ,sq m Galaxy Macau megaresort opened May As soothing Thai music chimes in the background, settle in at the inviting tea lounge or indulge at the Banyan Tree Spa.

The refuge offers graceful suites and villas in what it says is an exclusive "high-rise urban resort". Suites start at sq m and include relaxation pools overlooking the water or city, his and hers vanities, inch flat screen TVs, iPod docks, daily scent choices, rain showers, Jacuzzis, mood lighting and more.

There are also 10 villas each with private outdoor swimming pools. Meanwhile, the room Hotel Okura is covered in teak, bamboo, stone and sculptures. With its kimono-clad staff and minimalist feel, expect a Japanese-style experience in a classic yet modern environment. Unlike anything else in Macau, Okura aims to capture the essence of the Far East with natural details, simplicity, stone pathways, peaceful water features, signature paper cranes, an inviting sake bar and tea ceremonies in a one-of-a-kind rice-paper hut.

Rooms are designed with subtle, earthy green, beige, brown and lightwood in horizontal lines that seem to stretch the already spacious 46sq m. With windows seemingly dipped in gold and lobby furniture to match, the dazzling 1,room Galaxy Hotel offers an unabashed five-star escape with rooms — some with balconies — starting at 44sq m, with inch LCD televisions, complimentary minibar, Wi-Fi, "stone showers", and bathrooms with volume-controlled speakers.

Of the three sister properties, this is the most lavish choice in terms of design. As with all the grand behemoths lining this glittering strip, the JW Marriott Macau serves up both Muscle MICE - with 2,sq m of event space for conferences, incorporating meetings, banquets and weddings - and splendid family distractions.

As you walk in from the quiet adjoining Ritz-Carlton, the pace picks up immediately in the cavernous but minimalist check-in area with lit-up alabaster counters and a soaring spac-eage staircase rising up towards a host of chandeliers, one like a cloud of tiny pink squares that catch the light. The Lounge Bar just behind is quiter, set in a circle with grey velvet sofas and a low cluster chandelier. A 44sq m Double Deluxe serves up functional and neat surrounds with top-loading laptop safe, iron and ironing board, foffee-maker, large flat-screen TV, pval glass desk with two three-pin international sockets one more is positioned between both beds , plump beds, and a peekaboo glass partition bathroom with an on-off opacity switch.

The bathtub faces the beds. And the potty is a Japanese style electric affair that does wondrous stuff at the press of a button. A 96sq m Pool Suite moves pamperinhg up a notch or two with resorty wooden floors, two flat-screen TVs, a mini powder blue divan next to the bed and a powder desk with mirror, twin vanities, and an outdoor patio with a plunge pool. The JW Kids' Club blends education with entertainment to keep typhoon tykes occupied while parents head off for a spa workout or massage perhaps and, along with a kids' pool, offers access to Galaxy Macau's Skytop Adventure Rapids a m river ride and the wave pool.

Rooms are smart and textured with clean minimalist lines, pastel tones, large flat-screen televisions, and good use of lighting. This aims to be one of the top Macau conference hotels.

The 53rd floor Club Lounge offers in-room check-in, round-the-clock limousine transfers, complimentary clothes pressing on arrival, personalized stationery if required , and flowing beverages and magic morsels five times a day - enough for the most hardboiled of travellers to relent and savour fine views, top dining, and the fabulous ESPA with 10 treatment rooms and three couples' suites.

Best of all, the pool is a huge Olympic size outdoor set-up that catches plenty of rays and breeze. This is a hotel with intimate spaces, almost all in textured white marble with a slab of heavenly blue marble in the hushed high-speed lifts and classic tall black iron grille doors to create a European touch.

The lobby at the entrance is quiet and unassuming with a soaring chandelier. The 51st floor Sky Lobby is equally understated, albeit with breathtaking views.

Expect service on rails here from the moment you step in. Full marks to staff for attention to guests and speedy action, always with a smile. The fewer room keys certainly help and even at full stretch it is clear this is not a bustling railway station casino hotel affair.

The pace is gentle and unhurried and there is time to savour the textures, artefacts, and black trim everywhere like a classy Dior. For CEOs in search of a classy chinwag, there's sq m of meeting space including a pillar-less ballroom for larger events.

In general, expect cream and pastel tones, with Euro flourishes and lounge chairs with stylish black piping. Rooms are classical with ornate marbled bathrooms, deep carpets, large sofas and tall floor-to-ceiling windows. There is more than ample space. Premier Suites start at a generous 48sq m while the Carlton Club Suites start at 98sq m. This is a posh address with low noise levels, great service, and fabulous decor - imagine yourself wandering about in a multi-layered vanilla cream cake with eye-popping garnish, and you get our drift.

The Ritz compares very well vs luxury competitors like The St Regis and Wynn, aided greatly by its small scale and grand views. For more entertainment, the new and neighbouring Broadway at Galaxy Macau showcases Asian and international cultural events at its 3,seat Broadway Theatre. Broadway Hotel serves up rooms with free WiFi and complimentary mini-bar for a one-time pillage.

Pick a Deluxe or go up to a Broadway Suite with degree river views. This is a hotel decked out in bright hues - think gold, rose and woody pastels - with a touch of luxe as well as a roll-up-your-sleeves street hawker market.

Expect reassuring dollops of marble, a private spa salon, scalloped ceilings, Cotai white walls and cream decor with the signature gold hues. Also find three generously large televisions as well as one in the bathroom , a walk-in closet, Jacuzzi, power shower, and a small dresser with its own miniature faucet. Step into this reflective pink glass escape to marvel at the dancing fountains above which a cable car does a lazy photogenic circuit , lobby ferris wheels with ornate floral decorations, prancing horse carousels, floral theme floor mosaics, and more extravagance.

The casino is stylish, feminine, understated, and in cream tones. A creamy Palace Room weighs in at sq ft with Chinese motifs, patterned linen, invitingly plump white bed, touchscreen tablet for room controls, and data port with USB and two three-pin international electric plug sockets. Also take in the inch flatscreen TV slathered across one wall, scented bathroom with twin vanities and Molton Brown toiletries for an evening's perk-up, soaking tub, and a warm potty to give your bottie the heavenly treatment.

There is a power shower cubicle but no rain shower. Wynn Palace Cotai is a carefully crafted Macau casino hotel that is tastefully glitzy and not too over-the-top. Come here for fun with the family, with the boss for a bespoke meeting the Grand Theater accommodates 1, cocktail style or gawp at over designer brand stores in the ,sq ft Wynn Esplanade with everything from Italian shoes to tweed.

Macau shopping for ladies is a doddle. Browse Prada, Cartier, Ferrari and more. This may seem a stretch with keys, yet guests are ensured a degree of pampering impossible at some of the other mega-complexes in the neighbourhood that run well over a thousand rooms. Conjoined at the hip - in a manner of speaking - with the impish and decidedly mid-level Holiday Inn, The St Regis turns its face away, looking towards the Grand Hyatt and the looming dark ruby bulk of the Wynn Palace further down the road.

The St Regis serves up an oddly quiet entrance through a small cube of a lobby with its staircase angling up to reception under an array of undulating bronze-glass rods. At the dimly-lit reception, legions of smiling staff will leap to your aid as you look up at yet another rippling 'cloud' chandelier that creates the disconcerting impression of peeking up a wedding dress.

It's all rather surreal and in good taste, of course. At the same level is the darkly welcoming bar in heavily muted tones with pin points of light and clubby seating, everything focused on a series of glass panels behind the bar in hallucinogenic turquoise, crimson and saffron. The hanging tiara-band lights are a classy touch, and look like illuminated bracelets.

It is a comfortably private setting for sozzled corporate chinwags or an haute couture snuggle to the strains of flamenco or something more chilled out. Elevators are swift and quiet as one might expect and you debouch into broad, well-lit corridors with pale wood hues, not dark mahogany or black marble.

There's a different feel to this place. It's light and airy. A sq m St Regis Suite opens onto a white marble foyer with a side powder room and valet box for quick laundry pick-ups. This leads into a carpeted living room with the same pale wood walls, a round table and large square sofas facing a humungous flatscreen TV. Amid the dozy pastels you'll spot a coffee machine and wall art with flamboyant gold streaks.

The bedroom features yet another huge television facing a plump white bed with a mother-of-pearl head wall. Expect Bluetooth speakers, an Android hookup, press-out reading lights, USB charger ports and a press button arrangement to dim or brighten all room lights.

As in other St Regis hotels, mastering individual lights or setting your own moods is not the easiest of tasks, but it can be accomplished to some extent if you find the foot switches or dimmers for the individual lamps.

For a room of this size, there are surprisingly few electric plug points, just one three-pin 'international' at either side of the bed. Expect a top-loading laptop-friendly safe, bright dressing room mirror, and that de rigueur marble bathroom with an LCD screen in the mirror, power shower not rain shower , hand shower, soaking tub, and Remede Spa toiletries that are worth the wait for that oomph when shampooing your tresses. Some bathrooms have rear-up Japanese potties with all the electronics you could throw at any pampered derriere.

It's worth a dawdle here. Apres-work, head up to the 8th floor where a vast breezy pool deck awaits with Jacuzzi, cabanas, and grand views across Cotai. Also expect well trained butlers, the hotel's hallmark, a top floor Iridium Spa, a sq m ballroom to host up to and a smaller scale by-invitation Dragon's Palace casino for high rollers. Guests have access to child-friendly facilities like Dreamworks characters and events , shopping, dining and nightlife. Expect split-level luxury suites or 'villas' with stained glass marble bathrooms, Roman baths, vaulted ceilings, and baroque artefacts, each palatial hand-crafted residence with direct-entry lift access.

The well-equipped rooms have large balconies with outdoor furniture and vibrant colours. These are extraordinarily spacious at 66sq m and balconies, each large enough to manage a family of four. With 13 meeting rooms, a permanent marquee for elaborate functions, and large grassy grounds, Grand Coloane is also a popular Macau conference hotel both for corporate meetings and company team-building exercises as well as larger events.

By night the hotel doubles as a venue for fashion shows or a breezy Macau wedding dinner. The marquee can manage up to guests. It is, after all, the face of vanishing Old Macau. The Pousada de Coloane , out on Coloane island, another friendly, quieter, traditional establishment, has 30 double rooms with balconies, long run by the same Portuguese family. The once legendary buffet weekends are on the wane but the hotel sports a new contemporary and mod ambience that is refreshing without losing touch with "quaint".

A smart pool will keep kids happy, and there are baby cribs available for the tots. This is a good Macau on a budget hotel for those seeking simple, old-world charm and an escape from the downtown crowds. Good prawn dishes too. Here are some stalwarts with staying power.

Five-star hotels abound with high-end dining choices but for a real taste of Macau head to the side streets and alleys. Dishes to order include African chicken, clams, chorizo and bacalhau, washed down with Portuguese wine. Service is amicable but not speedy. This is not the kind of meal you want to squeeze in just before a meeting. Nearby, Restaurante Litoral tel: The cheque here is a little higher than A Lorcha, but the service is more efficient and the setting more spacious and relaxed than its neighbour.

Let's move the focus of our Macau dining guide, to the offshore islands. For excellent but simple dining, cobble-stoned strolls and relaxed village life, head to the old part of Taipa Village.

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